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Full BPM’Online CRM Software Review – All you need to know about BPM’Online CRM Software

BPM'Online CRM analytics

It’s very easy to manage leads and sales once the company is a start-up or small. However, the company will grow even sooner than you expect it.

What can be painful problems for some companies, other companies use them to their advantage with the help of CRM software.

It’s pretty standard in the sales business to need help to stay organized, focused, and track everything from sales to customers.

BPM’Online CRM is a software that does exactly what a mid-sized or large company would need. Accelerating marketing, sales, and service has never been simpler than with the help of BPM’Online CRM.

It’s worth to mention that BPM’Online CRM has won the Great User Experience Award in 2017 which only shows how easy yet efficient the whole software is.

But to learn what else can BPM’Online CRM do and how valuable it is to companies, stick to the article and find what’s this software all about.

What is BPM’Online CRM?

BPM’Online CRM is one of the agilest software that is precisely designed to help midsized and large companies and enterprises.

It’s designed to accelerate sales, marketing, service, operations, and communications with the clients.

It’s an award-winning software that serves as a better connect with digital native customers and a rapid adapting process to generate more sales.

BPM’Online offers everything from marketing, sales, and service aspects to have everything a company would need right at one place. Therefore, everything you need is waiting for you inside only one software.

Personally, I really like the way BPM’Online CRM works and the way it helps companies with out-of-the-box capabilities and intelligence packed inside one user-friendly interface.

Along with that, cross-functional orchestration makes the interaction between the applications and between the front and back office simple and effortless.

With the help of useful functions, BPM’Online CRM offers a solution right in one package that is suitable for any midsized or large company or enterprise.

Benefits of BPM’Online CRM

It’s needless to say that BPM’Online is full of features that benefit the companies directly or indirectly.

BPM’Online CRM did really well putting a software together that contains everything salespeople would need. Benefits only followed and here are some of the most common ones.


This software offers a complete set of tools that allow users and companies to customize and set the software up to their needs.

Add objects, fields, links, or anything else without a single code line. Everything is managed in a drag-and-drop way with no coding skills necessary.

You can use the features to change business logic by simply implementing new features.


BPM’Online CRM might seem like a software that has everything necessary in one place. However, if you feel like you can’t do something inside the software – there’s a simple solution.

Integrate it with other software and applications. Integration is made simple and easy. With the help of a developer on your side, users will be able to rebuild, tweak, and extend modules and functionality with the help of the latest web-based technologies.


It’s easy to notice how flexible BPM’Online CRM is thanks to its customization and integration abilities.

This software is made to accommodate to the companies policies. There is an on-demand platform which offers CRM updates and technical support.

Companies are flexible enough to basically create their own version of CRM they’d like to use.


Even though this is a CRM software, it has a CSM benefit. Customer Success Manager can help companies to enable their clients to maximize their CRM software capabilities at no additional cost.

BPM’Online CRM is full of marketing sales and customer service features inside the software. They’re specially designed to connect between the dots and connect marketing, sales, and customer service all at once.

Engaging Interface

BPM’Online CRM feels like a social media platform, and it’s really simple to learn how to use it.

It makes the work feel like it’s not an actual work, and it offers fun, pleasure while it requires a low amount of energy to learn your way around the software.

Whether you’re using a desktop computer, mobile phone, or a tablet – this software has you covered.

Features of BPM’Online CRM

BPM’Online CRM is full of wonderful features. It wouldn’t be the same without some crucial, yet beneficial features inside this software.

This software is full of features to that point it has even more than a salesperson could ask for. Meaning, companies won’t need any other software along with the BPM’Online CRM.

Business Process Management

In this software, a powerful engine is powered to automate almost any internal business process no matter how complex it is.

BPM’Online CRM comes with pre-built best practice processes which direct the users through the most efficient steps in order to achieve the best possible results in the shortest period of time.

Great thing is that it requires minimal human involvement. Salespeople and companies can now focus on more important tasks while having the easiest yet time-consuming business processes taken care of for them.

Lead Management

BPM'Online CRM lead management

Inside the software, you will find a professional lead management tool. It’s a tool that’s specially designed to help users capture and track leads efficiently, no matter the quantity.

Then, the leads are qualified based on the sales and they get automatically assigned to the agents or salespeople.

On top of that, the easy-to-use dashboard is there to identify the most productive leads or simply analyze the statistics.


BPM'Online CRM analytics


BPM’Online CRM is equipped with the most modern analytics tools simply because statistics and analysis are very important nowadays, especially when it comes to leads and sales.

Analytics feature of this software will keep any business’ performance in check in the required time and period.

The customizable dashboard helps the managers to track the most important indicators and even compare them to the previous indicators.

Collaboration Tools

Communication is as important as the leads, therefore, you will be able to use the extensive communication between the team members, but also between the clients.

Managing your calendar, planning work and assignments, setting up the meetings, sharing personal documents with the group – almost anything can be done.

The greatest thing is that this is all inside the software, therefore, you won’t need to use any other software.

360 Degree Overview

BPM'Online CRM 360 degree overview

One of the most popular features in the CRM software nowadays is the 360-degree overview.

Therefore, it’s one of the best features in BPM’Online CRM as well.

It’s a feature that allows the users of the software to have a clear overview on the customers, leads, and opportunities. These factors can result in an amazing customer experience.

Needless to say, an amazing customer experience will result in more leads and more sales. It’s important to pay attention to every single factor when it comes to the business – and that’s what this feature helps with.

Document Flow Automation

Working with the documents can be a time-consuming hassle. Not with the BPM’Online CRM.

This software can actually help you to significantly improve and simplify work with the documents.

The system itself has a way to set relationship between the documents, categorize them to orders, leads, opportunities, and even clients.

For any help, there are professional document templates available within the software.

Contact Center

Right from your home, customer service agents can manage the daily tasks and activities right from the contact center.

Keeping track of the employees and assigning the tasks to different groups of employees has never been simpler.

Managing the workload of employees has also been a bit of a problem until CRM software has been introduced. Now, those problems aren’t something you should be concerned about.

You can clearly see what any of your employees are working on and to whom can you assign the new tasks.


The BPM’Online contains 3 different packages. Sales, marketing, and service.

You can decide to choose one package, but you can also integrate all three of them to get everything from the software.

Sales Module

Sales module has three different packages available.

  • Team Package – $25/month
  • Commerce Package – $30/month
  • Enterprise Package – $50/month

Every one of these packages offers a bit different settings. The better and bigger the package you choose – the more features and users can benefit from the package.

Marketing Module

Marketing module has two different packages available.

  • Active Contact Package – $27/month
  • User License – $50/month

These packages differ in the number of contacts per month, a number of emails per month, and available licenses.

Service Module

Service module has only two packages available, just like the Marketing module.

  • Customer Center Package – $35/month
  • Service Enterprise Package – $50/month

These two packages differ in the on-site users limited per month and in the main purpose of the package, therefore, you’ll have to have a better look to decide which package resonates with the needs your company has.

In case your company would benefit from all three packages, you won’t need to purchase them separately.

You’ll have to contact the vendor to check with the price of integrating all three modules into your business.

I’m pretty sure that the price is going to be worth it.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

BPM'Online CRM analytics

BPM’Online CRM supports almost any device available.

You will have the ability to use it on desktop computers, mobile phones, and even tablets.

Systems that are compatible are Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and a web-based app accessible through a browser.

Pricing Model

This software offers one of the best pricing models so far on the market.

Companies can choose between monthly payments, one-time payment, annual service subscription, or even a quote-based pricing model.

This way, no matter the size of a company, anyone will be able to find the right fit.

Customer Types

BPM’Online CRM isn’t suitable for start-up companies and small businesses which is a pity, however, it works the best with medium businesses and large enterprises.


BPM’Online CRM is cloud-hosted but it’s also available on premise. That’s suitable for enterprise businesses.

Users will be able to access the software at any time from any device and still have the insight into the statistics and their information.

Support Details

This software isn’t hard to use, but it even comes with the training provided for the new users.

When you are stuck, BPM’Online’s professionals are always more than happy to help users solve their problems.

There is more than just one way to contact them, which is super convenient.

You can decide to choose between email, phone, live support, or even open a ticket.

No matter for which module you opt-in, you will get the same quality support as any other user. That’s something I personally really like. You get the full value for the price you pay.


For a mid-sized or large company or enterprise, BPM’Online CRM is one of the best software to start with.

It’s worth to mention again that this software has won a Great User Experience award in 2017, and it has one of the easiest CRM interfaces when compared to rivals.

For the new users, necessary training is provided along with the unlimited support by professional agents, however, it only takes a few minutes to set up the BPM’Online CRM and you can even have a free trial to see if it works well for you.

This software covers all aspects of digital marketing which is online marketing, sales, and service in one.

No matter which package you opt-in for, you will get the valuable feature that will results in benefits you couldn’t have imagined before.

Whether you’re looking to improve one aspect of your business, or simply have a bit more of control – you won’t regret the choice.

Considering the price and everything that BPM’Online CRM offers, this is more than a valuable software.

It’s a way of managing something important and having everything ready in one place.

Clutter and distractions are things of the past. Using the computers to the fullest is a thing of the modern age.

BPM’Online CRM is something you should definitely give try if you’re struggling with the management, sales, and tracking leads.