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Full Boolment CRM review –  all you need to know about Boolment CRM

Boolment CRM
Boolment CRM

These days, it is essential for each and every enterprise to deliver an exceptional product line and/or services when it comes to garnering popularity in the market. Whenever that happens, it also becomes an honorable duty for each and every employee of the company to resolve the queries of the customers and provide them with the best form of after-sales service so that they not become popular, but also win hearts of each and every customer they cater to.

Modern times have enabled each and every one of us to resolve the things with ease with the assistance of developing technologies. Customer Relationship Management abbreviated as CRM is a vital utility for companies and enterprises which serve in the market every day. The CRM software aims to reduce the number of hassles faced by the companies in order to nurture the customer relationships by the provision of an effective and efficient software medium. The information stored in such kind of software can be easily accessed by any specific department of a company like sales, marketing, customer service, training, professional development, performance management, human resource development, and many more. The core motive behind the creation of such software category is to vastly improve the services provided directly to the customers and utilize the data stored by such software for marketing and sales purposes.

What Is Boolment CRM?

Boolment CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) categorized software that aims to provide solutions to small to medium scaled businesses and freelancers. The client has a multi-functional ability which easily helps to manage leads and your enterprise contacts. It also has a quite vigorous nature of rightfully organizing the products you offer, the customers you serve and the prospects you cater so that you can improve your services to your audiences hence build a strong beneficial relationship with your consumers.

Boolment CRM also assures the clients of meeting the prospects they aim or the goals they look forward to especially when centering to the topic of Support. For the same reason, Boolment CRM offers a dedicated customer service management module that supports your company’s associates in addressing doubts, queries, issues as well as inquiries. Boolment CRM also incorporates a supportive self-service portal for quick and easy information access. Boolment CRM also caters to the facility of serving as a document and file repository so that you can seamlessly access your business, product, customer and service data whenever needed. This enables for a faster approach to client questionnaires as well so that the brand representatives and associates can easily derive information from the software.

Benefits of Boolment CRM

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Boolment CRM has acclaimed a big name across the market as of the special features and benefits it offers to the clients and enterprises it serves. Being a robust application, Boolment Customer Relationship management software allows you to cover different aspects of your business. Its features are briefly discussed as below:

  • Simplified Products, Quotes and Order Management.
  • Better Invoicing.
  • Electronic Signature Support is enabled.
  • Recurring Billing feature is enabled too.
  • Payments Management system.
  • Reminders utility.
  • Profile & Contact Management system.
  • Customer Activity Reporting and syncing.
  • Service Requests & Orders management.
  • Contract Administration utility.
  • Complaints & Cases Management system.
  • Escalation Workflow pattern portrayal.
  • Employee Management presence.
  • Service Planning & Analytics utility.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal.
  • Sales Forecasting.
  • Incentives & Commissions Management.
  • Opportunity Management.
  • Pipeline Analysis.
  • Document Management.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Lead Management.
  • E-Marketing.
  • Trade Promotions Management.
  • Marketing Planning & Analysis.
  • Statistics Dashboard & Reports.

Features of Boolment CRM

Contact organization

Boolment CRM helps you in significantly for managing your contacts orderly. Boolment CRM enables to store information about your customers, partners, and vendors. Such a feature quickly allows you to access at any moment when you need them.

Data organization

Boolment CRM also supports file and document storing by serving as a repository. It even supports the association with your contacts, leads and related customers so that you rapidly import the right information whenever you need it at the flick of your fingertips.

Sales Pipeline Management

The Strengthened sales module present in the Boolment CRM allows you to direct your leads to the right places at the exact moments. Such an advantage allows you to easily convert the opportunities into the prospects of paying customers.

Detailed Reports and Dashboards

Boolment CRM with the help of its detailed dashboards easily allows having a better yet quick overview of your crucial business information. You can also the specified data category you want to display on the basis of pertinence so that you can easily have a look at the vital statistical information you need. The Reports generated by such kind of data collection and display can also be significantly used to improve an enterprise’s products, services, business strategies and so on.

Client Self-service portal

The integration of the client self-service portal into the platform ensures that customers get a swift resolution. Such a feature enables the clients to self-update their profile details whenever they need. Such feature gradually decreases the traffic on the contact of the customer centers and empowers your clients to have a full control over the data they register.

Different Communication methods

On the basis of your preference, you can easily connect your Boolment CRM with any set of different communication mediums you prefer the most by using a specific set of stepwise procedures.

Workflows and approvals

Creation of the Effective workflows is now at ease with the help of Boolment CRM. Setting it up will allow different teams of your company for conducting several utilitarian tasks without the need of task definition.

Historical Data Access

Boolment CRM easily stores the data regarding previous transactions and communications with contacts, prospects, and customers. This feature easily allows representatives representing sales, marketing, and customer service departments can easily log back in to the history calls to have overview of the old data allowing them to make the decisions regarding the further communication initialization from where it previously concluded and the observations to observe and conclude as to which marketing approach works the best. The older details can also be used to analyze the trends for building a tougher stronger business model to variably improve the enterprise operations.

Sophisticated reporting

Boolment CRM has been designed to capture different types of data and using the collected can provide highly detailed reports to users right at the moment when they need them. Also as of its better support with various tools, the solution can offer visual reports that are easily understandable. Aside from that, it can also generate spreadsheets based on the information gathered from the dashboards. With such a heavy amount of information, managers and key personnel members of the enterprise or company can review their team’s performances on multiple aspects and use these insights to train their members so that they can gradually improve their services.

Performance monitoring

Managers of the company can easily monitor the progress and performance of their sales team with the assistance of Boolment CRM. The application also integrates sales department of your company with the marketing one so that the sales department is offered a complete transparency into the marketing campaigns brought up by the marketing department and stay well updated about when to close deals while offering the manager and top key positional enterprise leaders better insights into their actions.

Automation Capabilities

Boolment CRM has been designed keeping tedious tasks of the employees and several other people in the company in mind so that they can easily cater to the service their company offers. The automation capabilities which are baked right into the software easily allow the users to simply reduce the amount of time spent on tasks like sending follow up communications and defining quotes thus greatly reducing the administrative responsibilities of any employee in the company.

Varied Offerings

On the basis of the industry you belong to, Boolment CRM offers a variety of specific solutions classified on the basis of the industry you choose. The list of offerings includes CRM solutions for Energy, Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Transport categories.

Better Analytics

Boolment CRM offers a variety of functionalities such as statistics reporting, PDF creations, dynamic statistics dashboard and decision making business intelligence. All of this is achieved using the Advanced CRM Analytics module which the Boolment CRM offers.

Powerful Integration

The sales CRM module incorporates specifics like sales forecasting management, incentives commission management, opportunity management, pipeline analysis, customer management, quotes and order management as well as document management system.

Eased invoicing

The business CRM module integrated into the Boolment CRM platform enables a plethora of features which includes Products and quotes management, order management, invoice management, invoice non-materialization, automatic invoice delivery, Electronic sign support, recurring billing, payments management, reminders and contact management.

Better Administration

The customer service CRM module includes solutions for a variety of services like service order, service request, contract administration, complaint management, case management, work paradigms, and escalation level management, Employees Workforce management, service planning, and analytics, customer portal self-service client area.

Intuitive Marketing

The marketing CRM module catered right into the platform allows you access several powerful features like campaign management, customer segmentation, lead management, E-marketing, trade promotion management as well market’s planning and its detailed analysis.


For the services you need to cater to and the resolutions for which you need to offer your services, Boolment offers a variety of custom packages. All you need to do is to seek to them by contact regarding the same. They can be contacted easily by Phone, Email or web form.

Technical Details

The Technical specifications of the Boolment Customer Relationship Management platform are briefly discussed as below:

  • Cross-platform support (Windows, and web-based).
  • The platform is offered in two premier languages: English and Hindi so that you can easily cater to your customers in your preferred language.
  • Quote-based pricing model assures that you only pay for what you use.
  • Built to cater small to medium scale businesses as well as freelancers.
  • Cloud Hosted application deployment ensures quick platform updates and bug updates.
  • A multi-classified existence like Analytical CRM, Collaborative CRM, Operational CRM, Strategic CRM, Retail CRM, Real Estate CRM, CRM call center, Open CRM, Cloud CRM and CRM for SME.
  • Keeps servicing by offering its presence in the form of a Software As a Service (SaaS).
  • Support for third-party solutions like ERPs, HRMs, inventory managers and more.


boolment contact us

Boolment offers a variety of assistive methods. You can easily reach out to them by following the set of choices they offer:


Boolment offers a better level of assistance by utilizing the email client approach for better understanding of the query you have.


Boolment also offers right away support by the help of the cell contact stored right in your hands so that you can quickly resolve the queries you have.

Live support

The live support enables you to quickly resolve the queries you have right away with the help of the live assistance provided by the Boolment team.


Even if you find this CRM platform difficult to understand, Boolment offers a variety of approaches to resolve your queries and drastically improve your learning of the platform through interactive training mediums.


The support is also provided in the form of tickets to improvise on the learning part.


If you are in the search of an all-around platform which not only suffices your Customer relationship enhancement needs but also caters to your sales, marketing as well as administrative needs then look no further. The Boolment CRM caters you all of it in a single package with powerful features like Automation capabilities, varied offerings, performance monitoring, self-service portals for clients and so on.

Boolment has also won awards in several categories like “Top 500 CRM software”, “Great User Experience-2018”, “Rising Star-2018” signifying it’s strong presence in the market. It has also been awarded a significant score 8/10 awarded by Finances online.