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Full Booker CRM Software Review – All you need to know about Booker CRM Software

What is

If you need a source to book the appointments automatically then make use of Booker. It is a perfect application for the clients and business owners to have in their enterprises.

It provides you a smooth platform to create the customer base upon reliability and safety. The software is secure to download in any device and you can use it instantly.

You do have to register and for the business owners, they can purchase the plans accordingly. Upon purchasing the plans, it allows them to get multiple advanced features for client management.

For the client’s end, it plays a wonderful part as they can book themselves for the appointments. They do not have to rely on anyone due to this application. You can book the appointments from any website through this software.

It is integrated with MapQuest, Facebook, Yelp and other websites. The customers have multiple options to choose from when it comes to the booking options.

You can also sell through e-commerce, sales and gift card items on this application.

What is Booker?

What is

If you wish to access the business management system anywhere then Booker is the best software for you. It has a friendly interface which is convenient for everyone.

The solutions for management are there with Booker along with providing instant solutions. The powerful software operates well with the businesses no matter where you are.

You can access the application from the laptop or smartphone anywhere you are. If you have a good internet connection, the access it here for 24/7 services through Booker.

The access for the companies is easy through using this application as well. They provide a great platform to the clients and employees to interact. It let them do the work by themselves without any supervision.

The autonomy is given to them through this application which makes their work good. They can book the appointments and use it by connecting to the social media networks.

The applications work great with any device whether it is during the office hours or not. The cloud-based hosting service is there to keep the data management strong all the time. It is one safe and reliable software for the business owners and clients to use.

Benefits of Booker


With Booker, there are multiple benefits along with it. When you get the access for this software half of your business problems will end.

If you are facing any client relationship problems then know the benefits here.

Filling Gaps

Booker fills the gap for the companies by knowing the reality of its nature. The insight is real-time with knowing the current situation of the company.

It makes the appropriate changes which are required by the business. The activities within the business are relative with the features in the application.

Easy Software

 You can get a deep insight into the sales with the help of this software in your system. You also have access to the reports with this software.

Reach out to the clients with the promotional activities to create the base of the customers.

The reach of the businesses is high when they have this software in the site, it helps them in getting the bookings of various places at the same time. They are able to connect with the partners through the clients.

Whole Network

There is an entire network behind this software which can be beneficial for the firms.

Booker is a flexible software to work it. No one needs proper training for its access as the features are easy to understand.

Everyone can customer the interface of the application according to their need. There are various alternatives to the software to utilize the application.

Immediate Performance

It helps in booking immediately wherever you are. You do not have to be in the office but even if you are traveling you can book through this application. Even if you wish to book in advance for two months, you can use this application easily.

The information in this application stays safe and secure without sharing it with any third party. The cloud service allows you to access it from any device you want.

Instant Logins

The data is under the login system of yours. You have to enter the login and then access your saved data in it. Even if you do not have a computer, you can access it through the application on the phone.

Customers can reach the staff immediately when they face any problem within the application and get the assistance. They guide you thoroughly with making sure that the client is satisfied and happy in the end.

Features of Booker


Booker is the application which every business should have in their system. It works great with small or large businesses.

There are multiple features within the software which businesses can utilize. It increases their profits and brings clients to them without much hassle.

But it can also help you reach at the top in the competitive market shortly. It can bring revenue to your business with just little investment each month by selecting the right pricing plan.

Here are a few features which you can relate to:


The business information stays secured with Booker. It keeps the business activities encrypted and no one can reach them. The access to this application is not location restricted.

You can access it no matter where you are. For the business owners, it is a great feature to access. They can look at the performance of the employees and know that the business is running.

They do not have to worry about the information because of the application. Every update is there regarding the operations and the main tasks of the business.

No Misleading

No one can mislead you as an owner if you have this information with you. It provides you the flexibility to use it through phone, tablet or computer easily.

It also brings activities enhancement over the time when people are looking for appointments. The response time is short which makes the client happy about it.

Appointment Booking

The app runs smoothly with the clients. It also responds faster for the clients and they get the booking done instantly. People used to wait for the calls to get the confirmation of the appointment.

With Booker, you get the instant confirmation on the email and SMS that you have an apportionment. There are also reminders for you before the date of your appointment so that you do not forget. You set up the time according to your needs nada schedule.

Reliable Service

It is a fast performing application with understanding your needs.

The business which has this application tend to be successful in the market because the client loves such ease.

It also keeps the record of the employee’s payrolls and their performance. You can rewards the employees on the performance through this application.

Check on the performance of the employee and see the reviews of the clients. You can see the consistent results and decide who is more deserving. It also becomes the main reason for the promotion of employees.

One Big Package

The application serves as one package for the entire organization. There are marketing plans n this application to present to the market and attract new clients.

You have to promote your business and spend extra on the advertisement. Well, with this application, you have to make the payment for pricing plan and then you have all the necessary tools.

The tools help you promote your business online and get the clients base ready.



The good thing about this software is that it offers you the free trial. You can utilize it to know about the features of the software.

It will help you realize that whether it is compatible with your business or not. Before investing in the software, it is better that you try the free version to have a clear idea.

When it is about payments, then there are three plans for you to decide. Here are some of the pricing models for you to look into:

Basic Plan – $85 per month

This plan includes the features of unlimited logins along with booking the appointments for the whole month.

Along with that, there is the option for notification and alerts on your mobile phone instantly. The record of the customers is visible easily for the employees to recheck on their information.

There is a proper management system for the packages and series attached to it. Along with that, the processing time minimizes with the add-ons.

Standard Package – $135 per month

Every feature present on the basic plan is present in this plan as well. Along with that, you can have the storage unlimited.

With the management system and the confirmations for the appointment on the email and SMS.

Plus Package – Quote Based

It depends what features you want for the business or not. Those are in the plus package. The price is not set for this package as it will depend upon the need.

However, you can utilize all the features of the standard package. Alongside, you have the option for API access, IP lock, and the custom filling option. It also lets you sign in at multiple accounts at the same time.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Booker supports all kinds of devices such as Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPad. You can use it in either of the operating systems without any hassle.

You do not have to change your mobile set because everyone has either one of these systems in the devices.

Language Support

This software supports the English language only.

Pricing Model

The pricing model for this software is in two ways. The first one is through the monthly payments.

Another option is through the quote based system which is dependent upon your business needs. You have to contact the representative to know how features and pricing works side by side.

Customer types

Whether you have a large or small business, you can get this application services with your business. It helps you in setting up the system in the best way for optimal usage.


The deployment of this software is cloud hosting service where it is accessible anywhere anytime.

Support Details

To get the support from Booker representatives, you have multiple options to choose from. You can call them directly on the phone to sort out the problems.

Another way is to email them your queries so that you can find solutions. However, if you wish to contact them through live support, that is also there.

You can also get the training for this software if you do not understand the features. The professionals set up the time slot for you to train you over the features so you can make use of this software. It helps you in learning a lot about it for your business purpose.

Along with that, there is a way through ticketing to address your problems with the application. All the ways get you instant interacted with the professionals to find solutions.


With this amazing friendly application, the platform is clear for the customers. It allows them to conveniently book themselves from anywhere.

Even if you are thinking to get the appointment, you can check the available dates. It helps you in point of sale along with managing those employees.

You can set up the inventory management through it as well.

The data of customers is there to handle along with tracking tools. You can also keep the track of the employee’s performance through this great software.

It helps in processing the payments quickly and you get the reports instantly as well. Along with that, it helps you in retaining a relationship with your clients by providing good service.

You also get the timing right by being responsive to them when they have a query. The solution based customer experience is there for you when you face a problem with the application.

You can utilize the services and get the ultimate results through this software for your business.