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Full Bookeo Online Booking Software Review – All you need to know about Bookeo

Bookeo Scheduling Software

What is Bookeo?

Bookeo Software is solutions for online scheduling and appointment management that is provided for a variety of businesses and individual users. It was originally designed to be for small businesses and individual users and quickly expanded to include every business type. They cater to Photographers, therapists, yoga instructors, guided tours, charters, escape rooms, cooking schools and so much more.

Bookeo Software was launched in 2010 and has customers in over 120 countries. They were a team of IT experts who were dedicated to wanting to save you both time and money. They understood that appointment management can be frustrating and so they designed a set of online scheduling and online reservations that can be done by your clients. It is a way to streamline your appointment management so that you can spend less time doing administrative work and more time focusing on clients.

They have booked over 33 million online reservations with over $2.7 million dollars in processed payments. That equals to over 39 thousand users. This scheduling software is made for either individuals or large enterprises. It can be adapted to any appointment management process you already have in place and will help you by letting you focus more on increasing your revenue and less time on the phones. Their goal is to help you save money and time while boosting your efficiency and your customers satisfaction.

Bookeo Software Benefits:

When looking for a scheduling software that will meet your needs, you want to be sure that it will cater to your unique company. You know what you need and it is important that you get what you want. Here is an overview of the benefits offered by Bookeo.

  • They have 3 different forms of appointment management tools that are uniquely designed according to industry type.
  • There is are sets of online reservations and appointment management solutions that you can use to help simplify your business.
  • It automatically removes double entries and other potential errors.
  • This scheduling software will help you to decrease the number of no-shows a, cancelled appointments and messed up bookings.
  • Bookeo will help you by opening many doors for your business to increase in opportunities as well as partnerships with potential third-parties.
  • It can be integrated right into whatever applications you are already using.
  • Bookeo Software is optimized for all devices and types so that you can use it seamlessly on technology you already have.
  • You can embed Bookeo into your already established websites and social media pages.
  • It is easy to use so that your clients will have no issues filling out the simple online reservations forms.
  • It is set up to work internationally in a variety of languages so that you can seamlessly use it in other countries than your home.
  • This scheduling software will connect seamlessly to any other software solutions you use in your business.
  • There is the option for a free trial so that you can test it out before committing to use it.
  • It will sync automatically with your calendar so that you don’t miss appointments.
  • There is a complete security standard that will protect you, your clients and your business from data breaches and intrusions.

Features of Bookeo Software:

Bookeo has developed their scheduling software to include a few different types of appointment management tools. It is separated into three categories. They have Bookeo Appointments, Bookeo Classes & Courses and Bookeo Activities and Tours. Each of these three types have online reservations and online scheduling that you can utilize. With this, their main features are the same for all three with minor variations. Here is an overview of these features.

Keep on top of your schedules and staff.

Through this scheduling software you will have 24/7 access for both you and your staff. You can access your calendar everywhere and view all online scheduling that has been updated in real-time when clients book appointments and make online reservations. This will also enable you to set what each member of your staff is allowed to have access to and what is only for you. This can be done both in and out of the office and on any device you choose.

Reduce no-shows and missed appointments.

You have the option with this tool to be able to set up text and email reminders that will be sent out to your clients who did their online reservations ahead of time. It will automatically remind clients of booked times and up date according when there are reschedules or cancellations. You also have the option to send out reminders to your staff so that they remain up to date on any changes to their schedules.

Make your calendar work for you.

Through the unique customization tool in Bookeo Software, you have the option to personalize your calendar. You can color-code it according to services and know at a quick look what is being booked. You can also set your specific hours, days and even customize schedules for your staff. This feature also enables you to print off your calendar if you are wanting to share with other staff members as a hard copy.

Know your business inside and out.

Through the option to make customized reports, you can keep track of all your online reservations, online bookings and all other aspects of your appointment management process in detail. You can export reports that can be done according to no-shows, cancellations, by service, by staff, by customer or even by day. You will have an in-depth view into what is working in your company and what isn’t. This is a great way to also track payments and up-coming payments as you can see reports based on financial activities by day, week or even by month.

Handle all your marketing and promotions from one easy place.

Through this scheduling software, you can set it up to send out promotions via email or text to your regulars so that they can see what new offers you have. You can also arrange to have marketing materials sent out via email to anyone who has visited your site and has signed up for newsletters or cancelled appointments with you. This is a great tool to help you generate new revenue, bring regular customers back and award them with incentives and even to offer special event promotions. Everyone will always know what is new in your company.

Pricing Details of Bookeo Software:

This scheduling software was designed to help specific industries by developing three main types of online reservations and appointment management tools. As such, their pricing structure is designed to have several SMB and enterprise pricing packages.

Bookeo Appointments:

Solo – This is $14.95 per month and it includes 1 consultant, 1 staff login and 200 bookings per month.

Small – Is priced at $29.95 per user per month and it includes 3 consultants, 3 staff logins and up to 1000 bookings per month.

Standard – Costs $39.95 per user per month and this one includes 20 consultants, 20 staff logins and up to 1000 bookings per month.

Large – Is the costliest at $79.95 per month per user and it includes 40 consultants, 40 staff logins and up to 2000 bookings per month.

Bookeo Classes and Courses:

Standard – is $39.95 per month and includes 20 teachers and rooms, with 20 staff logins and up to 1000 bookings per month.

Large – costs $79.95/month and includes up to 40 teachers and rooms, 40 staff logins and up to 2000 bookings per month.

X-Large – is priced at $119.95 per month and it has the largest support of 60 teachers and rooms, with 60 staff logins and up to 3000 bookings per month.

Bookeo Tours and Activities:

Standard – costs the same as above and it include 20 guides and vehicles, with 20 staff logins and up to 1000 bookings per month.

Large – costs the same as above and what is included is 40 guides and vehicles, 40 staff logins and up to 2000 bookings per month.

X-Large – the costliest at $119.95 and there are 60 guides and vehicles included with 60 staff logins and up to 3000 bookings per month.

Bookeo Software Technical Details:

Bookeo is a scheduling software that is cloud-hosted. Therefore, it can be used on a variety of systems regardless of their operating system. The only independent system it does not support is Linux. However, there is a web-based version that can be used anywhere, anytime. It is also fully supported on smartphones and tablets.

Languages supported: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian

Support Details of Bookeo Software:

When you are looking at online scheduling and appointment management tool you want to be sure that you get the right amount of support needed to keep things going.

Here are the support options:

Email: You can email in anytime and get a response in a fairly reasonable time frame.

Phone: There is various support numbers you can call from 3 different countries. One is in North America and one in Australia. There is another that is located in New Zealand.

Tickets: You can go online and create tickets in a help desk style setting that will enable you to get technical support in order of a queue.

Training: There are a variety of training options you can choose from that will help you to learn all the basic and advanced details you need to know about Bookeo Software.


Regardless of your business size, this software is ideal for a variety of industries. It works best for any industry that requires appointments, classes of some sort or tours. You will be able to benefit from all the advanced features that will make online reservations and online scheduling a breeze for you and your clients. The various languages that it supports makes this scheduling software especially versatile.

When you are looking to have an advanced scheduling software for appointments management, this one is ideal. You can make use of the customization options that will enable you to have it suit your current business process. There is also the ability to integrate this software with various other platforms that includes WordPress, Facebook, Quickbooks, MailChimp and many more.

The online payment options that include credit cards, online deposits and money transfers makes it convenient for all your clients to pay up front, make online reservations with a deposit or pay in full for services offered. You also have the ability to print off reports through any accounting software you currently use.

Overall, this scheduling software is ideal in many ways. It is easy and quick to use and set up. Your staff can be on top of schedules, calendars and events easily and efficiently. You get to cut back on tedious administrative duties while allowing everything to be automated. It is worth looking into.