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Full BookedIN Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About BookedIN


The BookedIN software is a powerful appointment scheduling solution that you can use to manage your property and business. The tool sports excellent features to help you schedule, manage and optimize client time and appointment.

The tool was inspired by the founders who discovered that conventional appointment booking processes were inefficient. Hence they set up to build one that solves most of the problems of the industry.

Today their software is used by a number of different businesses including barber and hair salons as well as dentists and chiropractors.

The ease of using the software and its flexibility is also an additional selling point. This way you don’t have to struggle to maintain an excellent relationship with your clients.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the benefits, cons, and features of this software. We’ll also discuss its pricing details and technical requirements. BY the end, you’ll know enough to decide if it is worth your time.

What Is BookedIN Software?

The BookedIN software is a powerful solution to help customers save time and optimize their schedule. The software helps you to organize your business appointment and manage client expectations. It is a full-featured appointment tool and is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The numerous features of the tool make it a sound appointment management solution. It sports a robust appointment scheduling interface. This interface allows you to schedule appointments according to priority and time frame.

The numerous integration features let you link the app to other essential web services. This helps you retain control over numerous apps from one place. The team account lets you have staff accounts with limited access levels. This makes it easy for you to create a team for your business to manage client interactions.

It also features robust email and text reminders for you to contact your clients about their blocked time.

Overall it is a well-thought-out tool for appointment management and client scheduling.

How Does The BookedIN Software Work?

The software is an online solution for appointment scheduling and management. All the tools and features are hosted on a cloud server for access by users. To use the software, you must register on the company’s website.

The company automatically signs you up for a free 30 day trial upon registration. You don’t have to input your credit card details. To complete the registration, you have to create the account with your name, email, and password.

Once your signup is complete, you gain access to the tool’s backend and can begin to tweak the tools for your business.

You can invite the rest of your staff on the software if you operate a big business. If not customize the tool to suit your taste.

Benefits of The BookedIN Software

1. Powerful Customization Features

The software feature a robust and customizable interface. This lets you create a consistent brand identity for your business in the tool. You can add your brand image, logo and colors to reflect your identity. You can also customize other features like your calendar and payment options with ease. All this is offered by a robust and intuitive interface.

2. Ease of Use

The software is a cloud-hosted solution. This means it is available online for access from both your end and by your customer. This dramatically simplifies the use scenario as you cloud service syncs you available time periods in real time. Also, appointments created on the mobile application syncs with the web application. This ensures that no client books the same time spot twice.

3. Responsive Support

The support for this software is responsive and also very speedy. You can send your support requests to the support team and expect a response very speedily. The company also provides detailed FAQs and help guides to help you troubleshoot your problems with little or no issues.

4. Payment Integration Tools

The software integrates with credit cards and debit cards portals to facilitate payments in real time. The integration tool also lets you include links to your payment portal on other sites or blogs where you are featured. The software also includes support for PayPal hence you can receive payments from global clients.

5. Optimizes Your Time Allocations

The tool optimizes your time allocation by allowing you to limit the number of no-shows or missed appointment. It achieves this by the powerful reminder tools to let your clients know when the time for their appointment is approaching. This helps them stay on track, recall and plan to meet the appointment.

6. Robust Automation

To avoid time wastage, this software includes a powerful automation tool. This tool provides a means for you to track and record your financials and reports. You can also set it up to book routine appointments and send reminder emails and texts to your clients. All these get done without your intervention.

Cons of The BookedIN Software

1. Lack of Color Codes To Categorise Appointment Types

This handicap doesn’t impact the usability of the software greatly, but it is still an issue. There is an absence of color codes for the tool to differentiate between the different types of appointment and their reasons. This makes it difficult to glance at your schedule and get an idea of your workday. It doesn’t help that this feature is available similar applications.

2. A Timezone Feature is Needed

Some services businesses involve a great deal of travel time. This is not provided for by the BookedIN software. So in cases where you cross time-zones, you may have appointments booked by your clients at weird hours. Especially as they are not aware of your current location change.

Features of The BookedIN Software

1. Online Access To Customers

The software is available 24/7 for customers to book and manage their appointment with your company. They can make these bookings online on your website or through your social media handles. The portal also processes and updates these appointments in real time. So you don’t have to worry about clashes.

2. Customization Tools

The customization tools available to this software ensures that you can take charge of you to account in totality. The customization features cut across the functionality customization and the look of your account. You can create a highly branded account complete with your brand image and logos for your clients to see. You can also customize your workflow and access role for your staff hence optimizing your entire appointment booking process.

3. Client History and Multiple Calendars

If you have a lot of repeat clients whose history you’d love to study, you can use this tool. The client history tool stores all their booking and appointments with your company from the very first record. You can use this information to decide on discounts and price cuts for these loyal customers.

The multiple calendar feature lets you have more than one available calendar for booking appointment. These calendars may be for your fellow professionals or staff of your business.

4. Availability On Mobile Applications

The software provides powerful and robust mobile tools for you to access and review appointments. The tools also let you block your time periods for personal reasons. It allows you to move and reschedule appointments as well as contact the clients concerned in a jiffy. All the actions you take on the mobile application are also synced to the cloud. So clients viewing your available time periods always see the most current information.

5. Web and Social Media Integration

This feature improves the visibility of your business to potential clients. The software provides integrations for your web and social media accounts. You can include your links for booking appointments and making payments directly on this platform. The integrations are secure too.

6. Reminders Tools

The reminders tool is part of the automation tools provided by the software to help you manage your time more efficiently. You can either choose to customize the way the tool works or activate it manually. The tool also lets you set a reminder to intimate clients of their scheduled appointments or for changes made to them. You can also choose to send these reminders via text or email.

7. SEO and Online Visibility Tools

The SEO and online visibility tools help you to create a powerful online presence for your business. The SEO tools help you optimize your business for easier customer conversions and revenue growth. The visibility tools help you rank well on the search engines for greater customer outreach.

8. Payment Integrations

The payment integrations of this software allow receipts of payments from credit and debit cards. It also supports PayPal integration for international payments. The payment tool also lets you schedule and send payment requests to your clients. You can also create special payment discounts for your regular customers.

9. Security Tools

The security tools provide enough tools and features to prevent attacks on your business account. The tool allows you to schedule backups of your accounts to prevent any losses. The security tools also let you assign roles to members of your staff to ensure full monitoring and tracking of their activities. The cloud tool is also protected by world-class security software to avoid data losses and hacker from gaining crucial information of customers.

Pricing and Price Models

The pricing model for this tool is tier-based. In this case, the features of the tools are split between different plans suiting different business scales. At the moment, the tiers available for customers for this tool are:

1. One Calendar

In this plan, the tool provides all the necessary appointment features and allows you access to its interface. You can schedule and onboard as many staff as you want, but you are restricted to only one calendar. It comes at the cost of $288 annual fee or $29 for monthly payments.

2. Five Calendars

Just like the previous plan, you have access to all the features of this tool. You are however limited to a maximum of five calendars. This means you can have between 2 – 5 calendars available for appointments. The cost is $468 yearly or $49 monthly.

3. Ten Calendars

In this tier, you are allowed to list a maximum of ten calendars on your account for appointments. It allows a range of six to ten available calendars. The pricing is as follows: $648 yearly or $69 monthly.

4. Unlimited Calendars

This plan allows you access to all the tools features and benefits. You can host as many calendars as you want on your account. The cost for this plan is $828 yearly or $89 monthly.

Platforms Supported and Technical Details

The tool is an online solution and offered as a cloud-hosted web application. This means you don’t have to provide the server infrastructure or the memory hardware to required to run the tool. All you need to do is register for their services and access the backend.

Accessing The Tool

You can access the tool like you would any other web application. You have to have a modern browser installed on a supported computer to access the software. The tool currently supports:

  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux OS

Mobile Support

The software supports a range of mobile applications. It allows access from mobile tools both for the customization and appointment scheduling. The two mobile operating systems that it supports are:

  • Android OS
  • Apple iOS

You can download these tools from their respective application stores.

Customer Support

Customer support for this application is impressive. The customer agents are very patient and intelligent. They’ll work with you to resolve all your complaints speedily and without grouse. They are also very quick to respond to queries and submitted tickets. You’ll have no issues with them whatsoever.

Channels Available

The support agents are available to attend to your queries on a number of channels. They are:

  • Emails
  • Support Tickets

You can contact them at any time of the day and expect a speedy response.

Help Center and FAQs

The company provides a lot of resources to help you understand the tool better. These are available on the support page. The resources contain a lot of helpful articles that provide in-depth information that you can use for self-help and troubleshooting.

Wrapping Up

Booking appointments and schedules are one of the most crucial tasks for businesses in the service industry. Other professionals who have their time scheduled for their jobs are not left out too. The BookedIN software with its numerous features and modern tools helps to bridge this divide with ease and little to no hassles. You should try the tool out if you feel it meets your needs.