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Full bookatonce Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About bookatonce


Bookatonce is a pretty fluid online solution for businesses to handle their hotel management needs. The tool features a robust set of online and offline features to help organize core operations of the hotel.

The company behind this tool have been in the industry since 1994. They have since honed their property management solution to reflect modern practices today.

Today the tool offers its services to over 11,000 hotels, schools, and businesses. It not only works as a full-fledged hotel management solution but also as a property management tool too.

With its robust cloud solution, the tool places industry standard solution in the hands of businesses. It is particularly tailored to the small and medium hotels who can’t afford expensive solutions.

In this article, we will be reviewing the benefits, cons, and features of this tool. By the end, you’ll know enough to decide if you need it for your business.

What is Bookatonce Hotel Management Software?

The Bookatonce Hotel Management Software is an integrated property management solution for businesses in the service industry. The tool offers cloud installation for companies and businesses. Currently, they provide over 4,000 businesses with a full-featured hotel management solution hosted on the cloud.

The tool is an all-in-one solution for hotel management. It is capable of handling all customer requests from the point of reservation to check-out. It lets you create a customized experience for each customer by segmentation tools. This way you can profile each customer and tailor your services to their taste.

The tool also handles payment and invoicing remarkably. You don’t have to worry about all issues concerning payment processes anymore. To help you keep an eye on your business growth, the tool provides a powerful analytics feature. You can use it to monitor all activities within the hotel for a given period.

How Does Bookatonce Hotel Management Software Work?

The Bookatonce Hotel Management Software tool is a Software-as-a-Solution tool for businesses. The tool provides numerous features and functionalities to aid you in managing your hotel business efficiently.

To use the software, you have to sign up on their demo page. The Demo account allows you to set up a full backend for managing your hotel for free. You also don’t need to enter any credit card details. You will need to fill a form about your business though. Once you finish and submit, the company will set you up with your account.

Once inside your account, you get access to the numerous features of the tool. You can register your hotel staff and assign roles. It also lets you organize your hotel reservations and booking processes. Customer profiling tools are also available to customize your services per customer.

Benefits of Bookatonce Hotel Management Software

The cloud service that they offer allows you take advantage of powerful online tools to help improve customer experience. You can expect to render robust services and have satisfied customers every time.

1. Tailored for Small and Medium Businesses

The solution is tailored to help small and medium businesses automate their hotel businesses. The software avoids the verbosity of features that small businesses may never use. They provide only essential and critical tools that are fast to deploy. This simplifies the entire process of use and makes it well-adjusted to small and medium businesses.

2. All Hosted On Cloud

You don’t have to provide any on-premise hardware to use this tool. This reduces the running cost for the software for your business. All you need to provide is your account details and subscription fees. The company handles your data security, hosting and uptime for you saving you a lot of overhead.

3. Free Plan is Perfect For Small Businesses

The free plan is very optimal for small businesses looking to take the platform for a spin. It allows you to host up to five guests and provides core hotel management features for free. You also have access to basic analytics. This helps you plan better and optimize your services around your customer tastes.

4. Mobile Support

The tool provides excellent mobile support for their customers. You can use their software to manage your hotel account just like you would on a computer. It also lets you segment and organizes customer information on the go. This tool makes sure you can manage your hotel business even outside your office.

5. Very Gentle Learning Curve

The solution provides only essential tools for hotel management. This simplifies the learning process and lets you master its use cases in no time. Unlike other bigger hotel management software, you don’t need numerous training and help guides to use the tool. A little bit of playing around with the interface is mostly sufficient.

Cons of Bookatonce Hotel Management Software

1. Too Simple For Larger Businesses

While this is an advantage, it can prove to be a handicap for medium businesses that are expanding rapidly. The toolset available is too simple for larger businesses. This greatly limits the user base, and the software is mostly seen as an interim solution. Companies who are growing will eventually have to seek more powerful solutions.

2. Website is Poorly Organised

The organization of the website is very shabby. It takes a patient customer to navigate the poorly arranged menu and links. Not only is this a turn-off for potential customers, but it is also a terrible first impression for any visitor. The website pages and the user interface is in dire need of an overhaul. Its current user experience is woeful.

3. No On-Premise Solution Available

While the cloud solution is quite handy, an on-premise option can do a lot to boost the software appeal. Internet connection is not very reliable at every hotel location. And the ability to serve customers without it can be a severe need at that point.

The company can invest in developing a simple offline solution so hotels can manage their customers even when the network is down.

Features of Bookatonce Hotel Management Software

Some of its features have been discussed earlier. But in this section, it’ll be easily identified.

1. Dashboard and Reports

The dashboard tools feature a powerful online monitor for all activities happening in real time. You can choose to investigate you hotel operations and track all customer and staff performance from the dashboard reports. This tool is especially handy when you are not in your hotel location.

2. Website Booking Engine

The Bookatonce hotel provides a robust website for you to showcase your hotel and its features. The site also allows you to provide an online booking facility for your customers. It automates the process and sync with your reservation tools to ensure that no room is booked or reserved twice.

3. Booking Calendar

The booking calendar allows your visitors and customers to view your hotel reservation status. They can view all the rooms that have been booked and reserved and for how long. This way, they can plan their own reservation to coincide with free days for their choice rooms. This tool is handy for customers planning a vacation in your hotel location.

4. Reservations Management

The reservation management tool lets you view and update your hotel reservation status in real time. It also integrates with the booking calendar tool to help your customers reserve their choice rooms in your property. The tool provides a secure portal that stores customer information and provides access to only qualified admins.

5. Daily Rate Control

The Daily Rate Control tool lets you optimize your earnings from your property. The tool lets you calculate the optimal amount to charge for a rental per night for your customers. It also lets you implement marketing strategies to up-sell and cross-sell reservations options to customers. This option greatly improves overall hotel profitability and customer service.

6. Packages Creation

You can create multiple packages for different customers and sell it to them separately. The package creation tools help you do that. It works with the guest profile tools to understudy customer needs. And then tailor your packages to address them accordingly. This tool also works well with your marketing plans and goals.

7. Guest Profile Creation & Management

To help you personalize your services the tool provides a robust guest profile feature. Here you can store their information and booking details. You can also use this guest history tool to monitor their booking patterns. This information can help you estimate their reservation tendencies. That way you can preempt their reservation dates and make sure their choice rooms are available then.

You can also export your customer data for safekeeping or further study if you wish. The Guest profile tools are powerful enough to help you maintain control over your customer experience.

8. Automatic Invoicing

The invoicing tool automatically generates payment documents for your customers for their reservations. It also provides numerous editing and customization options for your business. You can also split the invoices among multiple customers. This feature is very helpful during joint booking situations.

Pricing and Price Models

The Bookatonce Hotel Management Software is offered on a tiered pricing plan. In this plan, all the features are divided into smaller chunks to suit different business scales. The company currently offers two plans for their tool:

1. Free Plan

The free plan is the simplest plan on offer for this tool. It aims at small businesses who are interested in managing their hotel online. The features present in this plan include:

  • Reservation and Room Management
  • Booking Portals Integration
  • Websites Booking Engines
  • Guest Management
  • Rates & Packages Control
  • Invoicing
  • Basic Reports

You get a maximum of five rooms for your business and can only have one user though.

2. Business Edition

The business edition contains enough tools and features for a small hotel to function efficiently. It sports all the tools in the personal plan plus many more. They include:

  • Customer Data Export
  • Nationality Statistics Analysis
  • Reservation Types Analysis
  • Travel Reasons Analysis
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Custom Confirmation and Invoicing
  • User Rights Management

You can get a maximum of 14 rooms for your business and have multiple staff on your account. This plan costs €35 for the basic tools. It costs an additional €2.50/room/month if you want to have above fourteen rooms on your account.

Enterprise Edition

This isn’t an official tier, but the option is available. In this tier, you can use a blend of features that best suits your business model. You have to contact the customer agents to get a quote for this plan.


The Bookatonce software features a powerful mobile solution that provides equivalent experience on mobile. It is available as an iPad/iOS application at the moment. You can get this tool for an extra €8.99 for iPhone app and €33.99 for iPad app.

Platforms Supported and Technical Details

The software is available as a cloud service for businesses to manage their hotel and service properties. This means you don’t have to provide any server or storage hardware to use the service. The Bookatonce company handles the server and other related infrastructure. They are also responsible for protecting your information on the cloud too.

Accessing The Software Tools

You need a modern browser installed on a computer to use this tool. The tool connects to the internet, and hence you must have a powerful internet connection to use it. Currently, it supports the following Operating systems:

  • Mac OS
  • Linux OS
  • Windows OS

Mobile Support

The tool features a robust mobile solution for both iPad and iPhone operating system. The solution allows you access to the tools and features available on the web platform.

Customer Support

Customer support for the software is impressive. The customer agents are responsive and smart. You should see your issues resolved in no time.

The customer support is available on multiple channels. You can contact them via email or through the telephone. Either way, you can expect a speedy response and resolution to your queries.

They also provide a reasonable volume of help material in their FAQs section. Although it isn’t full-featured documentation, it can be helpful for basic troubleshooting.

Wrapping Up

The Bookatonce hotel management software is a handy tool for small and medium businesses in the hotel industry. Its features and tools make it easy for businesses to handle their businesses online. It’s customer-focused features lets you serve their customers better. Although their website and help pages may need quite a bit of work, it is still a great tool for what it does.