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Full bpm’online studio Business Process Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About bpm’online studio

bmp'online studio
bmp'online studio

What is bpm’online studio?

bpm’online studio is a business intelligence platform that is designed to help businesses accelerate by streamlining and improving business processes to make way for faster, better, and bigger growth. It is a unique business intelligence solution as it does not just provide generic analytics and process management, but combines top-tier business process management solutions based on the best practices in the industry. With state-of-the-art case management solution, this BI tool allows users to improve business processes and maximize the best outcomes.

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bpm’online studio features intelligent design and technology to maximize the efficiency of your business processes and operations, reducing wastage, cutting costs, and improving productivity. The business performance management toolsets itself apart from the rest of the competition by providing an intelligent, powerful, yet low-code business intelligence solution that helps users, businesses, and organizations perform at maximum efficiency.

bmp'online studio
bmp’online studio

They can do this even without the too much technical know-how relating to the Business Intelligence tool. With bpm’online studio, users can create, manage, and formulate process management solutions tailored to their specific goals and business needs. They can do this even without the help shadowing the help of IT administrators or outsourced developers. bpm’online studio caters best to the needs of medium to large enterprises, as well as professionals and technicians engaged in systems integration and software development. People such as those, who need a business intelligence solution to implement unique processes and other needs not catered by other business intelligence platforms.

The processing tool is a flagship product of world-renowned global software developer bpm’online. bpm’online studio serves as the company’s most advanced business process management solution that comes packaged with powerful case management functionalities. The company has received numerous awards for bpm’online studio and its other products. They have received various accolades for software solutions that are aimed at customer relationship management, sales, marketing, and customer service. Bpm’online was named a G2 Crowd Leader in Business Process Management in 2018, a Gold Stevie Award for Best Relationship Management Solution in 2014, and many more.

bmp'online studio

Their flagship, bpm’online studio is a business process management solution that is trusted by thousands of business and organizations around the world. Software users include the biggest names in different industries such as Bayer in Pharmaceuticals, L’Oreal Paris in cosmetics, Adidas sportswear, Heinz (the ketchup), and even widely-popular and internationally-loved ice cream company, Baskin Robbins. With its reputation and repertoire of satisfied customers, bpm’online studio proves itself to be powerful, flexible, and most importantly, an effective process management solution that helps streamline your business inputs to maximize your outputs.

The software is deployable via the cloud or an on-premise installation into your own servers. Either way, you choose to deploy, the product or its features are available in an all-in-one package for monthly subscriptions.


bpm’online studio is used by the biggest players in the biggest industries to improve their business processes and maximize their business outcomes. bpm’online studio empowers its users by providing them with the means to:

Manage and design business process

With bpm’online studio, users can manage and design their business process to ensure that everything in the company is working at maximum efficiency – like clockwork. With bpm’online studio, a business can automate all of their internal processes, and facilitate projects ranging from the approval of documents to the collaboration of different teams on large, complex solutions. bpm’online comes with a digital tool suite to manage everything about your business process, from process planning to execution, evaluation, and analysis.

Monitor and analyze processes

You can keep track of process performance with bpm’online studio’s integrated process analysis and monitoring features. Users can monitor the most important process metrics to identify the duration of the process, execution time, and compare minimums and maximums so you can make process decisions that are based on and add to a business model that encourages efficiency.

Dynamic case management

Utilize the high-end of business intelligence with bpm’online studio’s integrated dynamic case management functionality. With bpm’online studio, users can be flexible in how they manage unstructured data and processes. It comes with adaptive solutions that are based on derived patterns and trends to dynamically identify the most efficient process and arrive at an intended outcome. You can optimize your business processes with dynamic case management. Also, you can simulate use cases in real-time to help you identify which process will help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives optimally. bpm’online studio is built-upon an engaging, intelligent, and action-driven concept that allows users to focus on the specific measures needed to achieve an optimal outcome.

bmp'online studio

Make intelligent decisions

Use bpm’online studio to give you the facts, information, and insights that you need to make smarter, better-informed decisions about business processes. With intelligent decisions leading to the best outcomes, users are empowered to drive their company’s success. bpm’online studios is an intelligent solution that lets users make intelligent decisions for their business organization.

Work right out of the box

The core configuration of the software is powerful enough, flexible enough, and easy enough to use. Unless you’re a developer or a systems integrator, you’ll never have to pop open the hood. bpm’online studio works as soon as you get it off the shelf for deployment. It seamlessly integrates with your business process management platform. Right out of the box, bpm’online allows users to solve almost all of their business-related tasks and processes, including organizational structure management and various other operational processes.

Technical know-how (optional)

With its low-code development design and architecture, users don’t need to be technical gurus, IT administrators, software developers, or other such code- and programming-oriented job specifications just to be able to maximize the gains. You don’t need to hire developers or pass the work to your IT Department. Bpm’online studio allows users to build and integrate applications and intelligent solutions faster, more easily, and with the less technical know-how needed.

Stay connected to your BPM solution anywhere 

bpm’online studio can be accessed via the bpm’online proprietary mobile application that delivers seamless connectivity and powerful. With the software’s mobile application users can track, monitor, change, and manage every single aspect of their business process to ensure that no matter where they are, or where they go, they have the power to drive their organization’s success forward.

Secure administration of data

Reduce risks and eliminate threats of exploitation with bpm’online studios’ strict security and compliance protocols using the latest security regulations for cloud-based software. bpm’online takes pride in its security protocols and features. Just some of the security features that bpm’online studio provides are the administration of access rights, support for WebSSo technology, integration with LDAP, and activity monitoring of log server use.

bmp'online studio


The software comes with a host of features that define and power its superb, outstanding performance. One of the top business intelligence platforms geared towards providing the best, bpm’online offers the best in the industry. Bpm’online studio is powered by functions and features such as:

Process Designer

bpm’online studio comes with a powerful and feature-rich built-in process designer with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Users across your entire organization can add to or use bpm’online studio to improve specific processes and cater to specific needs. The process designer provided by bpm’online studio allows users to automate structured processes with the latest in business process management technology. It features process modeling with custom and easy-to-use preconfigured elements.

BPM Engine

The software also comes with an in-house engine built specifically for business process management. With bpm’online studio, users can experience significant boosts in efficiency and output. It provides operational teams with the tools they need to drive results and streamline processes and arrive at the intended operational goals in less time. The BPM Engine simultaneously executes multiple processes while it maintains a high level of system performance.

Process Library

While bpm’online studio is highly configurable and customizable, most users won’t need to go into more complex solutions with its extensive built-in library. The Process Library includes processes and solution that are tailored after and inspired by the best industry practices and come with several business templates which can cater even to the most complex and intricate business specifications and needs.

Analytics and Process Monitoring

Monitor your processes and how well they perform with data visualizations and customizable dashboards that are provided by bpm’online studio analytics and process monitoring. With this powerful set of tools, users can keep track of key performance indicators and process metrics, and have access to intuitive and informative visualizations of their data so that users can be empowered to make the right business calls when it comes to their processes and operations.

bmp'online studio

Case Engine

bpm’online studio comes with its own built-in dedicated case engine running dynamic case management simulations in real-time. Users can have free-reign over these process testing and evaluations. With the case engine powered by dynamic case management technology, you are provided with an in-depth view of every step in every process. So it is easier to identify areas that can be improved or streamlined to deliver maximum outputs and optimal results.

Case Analytics

Compare and contrast process use-cases with the bpm’online studio case analytics solution. You can figure out which of the operational processes available to you and your organization are the best and which are the most capable of meeting specific business goals and objectives.

Section Wizard

bpm’online studio’s Section Wizard is a feature-packed tool that allows users to have complete control over their dashboards and user interface. Featuring an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users have full control over dashboard sections in bpm’online studio. They have the power to change or manipulate data fields, data locations, and other details pertaining to process analytics.

Business Rules

bpm’online studios are flexible and powerful enough that it can incorporate different sets of business rules and logic systems. Users can fully customize section conditions and filter certain values from any number of data fields. With the ability to incorporate business rules, bpm’online studio’s interface becomes much more customizable, so you can have access to only the most important and most relevant metrics.

Mobile application

With a powerful and intuitive bpm’online studios mobile application, user data and process management are always within reach. The mobile platform affords users the power to access, manage, and maintain their business processes on the go and whether they’re online or offline.


bpm’online studio implements a subscription-based pricing system that follows an annual billing process. bpm’online studio and all of its features and functions are available to businesses and organizations for $25/month per user. This is billed annually at $300/year per user.

The subscription comes with the basic support package and 1 GB of data storage. Additional support features such as training and more in-depth technical support can be purchased alongside your annual subscription. The available support packages are for the Business Support Package with an additional cost of $700 per year. The Premium Support Package comes in at  $14,000 per year.

bpm’online studio also offers several add-on services. Users can purchase additional data storage for $13/GB per year. Weekly database backups are available for $800 per year, including additional data charges. For other additional services, you may request a quote or refer to their additional data center services here.

bpm’online studio is available on a free 14-day trial, interested parties can download the software here.

Technical Details

bpm’online studio has been extensively tested for support and system specifications over the following platforms:

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Linux OS
  • Mac OS
  • iOS (Latest versions)
  • Web-based Browser support for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari

As of writing, bpm’online studio is only available in the English language.

Support Details

Customer and Technical Support for bpm’online studio is extensive, but the level and degree of support you receive is based on the support package you are subscribed to. In any case, bpm’online studio provides customer support via the following platforms:


Users can contact bpm’online support via email at support@bpmonline.com or receive product information or send queries at info@bpmonline.com.


bpm’online studio support can be reached via telephone in the US (USA: +1 617 765 7997), the UK (UK: +44 20 3384 0040) or Australia (Australia: +61 261 452 888)

Live Support

Bpm’Online also offers live chat support for fast and easy issue resolution directly from their website.


Higher level support packages also offer intensive training resources and support to aid in the use, management, and maintenance of bpm’online studio. Full details are provided on their website.

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