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Best Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review 2019

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting
Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Best Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review 2019

Dedicated Hosting is among the best option for huge companies and organizations. This type of hosting service lets you rent a whole set of servers in running your cloud-based database or website. The flexibility that you can get in dedicated hosting is the most renowned benefit that you can get.

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Moreover, dedicated hosting can guarantee the maximum speed and efficiency as the servers are only used by your company alone. Shared web hosting, on the other hand, is shared through multiple users, which means that each individual servers caters and hosts multiple domains. The main disadvantage with this is that speed is sometimes unguaranteed and there are lots of limitation that is chained with your plan with Shared web hosting.

There are lots of pros that are offered with dedicated hosting. The first that is mentioned earlier is flexibility. Dedicated web servers are capable of alterations depending on a clients need. For instance, disk space, RAM, and CPU can be customized by the client. There are also plenty of tools and applications that they can integrate and use with their domain such as Website builders, e-commerce tools and other essential applications.

Another benefit of Dedicated Hosting Services is the optimized security and performance. Since dedicated Servers are only used by your company, there would be a guarantee that you won’t have any problem with the huge traffic that your website or domain receives. This would result in a satisfied site visitor or customer.

Security wise, dedicated hosting provider could implement the highest security with the servers. Data centers would be constantly checked and servers would be updated every now and then. Moreover, IT support is also given by Dedicated hosting providers to ensure that you could reach them easily in case of technical issues, ensuring a mutual benefit for the provider, your company and your client.

Although shared web hosting services are commonly cheaper than dedicated hosting services, the latter on the other hand can be very cost efficient for companies in the long run as they would experience a care-free scenario with their database or websites.

Through the course of reading this article, you would receive important details of the dedicated hosting service that Bluehost provides, as well as the benefits and general features of their service. If you happen to search for a dedicated hosting provider that would suit your companies need, they might as well continue reading this article up until the concluding part.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is among the top performer and renowned cloud-based web hosting providers. Renowned for its flexible pricing plans and easy-to-use control panels, Bluehost has been anticipated by many individuals and companies. They provide all the available options in hosting domain and websites, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Server or VPS, Reseller Options, and of course Dedicated Hosting Plans.

The interface of Bluehost is loved by most of their clients as it’s very intuitive and easy to use. As stated earlier, pricing plans that are offered by Bluehost are significantly cheaper than most competing providers, which makes them a practical option for individuals that are looking for a reliable and cheap web hosting solution.

But don’t underestimate Bluehost with its price as they still have managed to provide the most advanced features with their servers. What users like with their pricing plans are that is it contract based, which means charges are properly stated to avoid future discrepancy with their payments.

Bluehost was founded in the year 1996 by Matt Heaton. However, he mainly created 0catch.com and 50megs.com as his first web hosting service before finally transforming them into one single provider name which is Bluehost in the year 2003. In 2009, Matt Heaton together with their team released CPU throttling feature. This feature reduces CPU usage with a particular which uses too many resources from the server which could affect the performance of the domain that is shared through particular servers.

That feature was then widely implemented by other providers to have a fair usage policy. In 2010, the company was acquired by Endurance International Group. In the following year COO Dan Handy has taken over Bluehost as CEO and founder Matt Heaton has stepped down from his position and announced in his blog that he would focus more on technical structure design and platform design.

Currently, the appointed CEO of the company is Mike Olson and has managed to have multiple data centers and offices surrounding the US particularly in Provo, Utah with 700 employees maintaining the facility, and hosting a number of 2 million domains together with its sister companies, iPage, FastDomain, and Hostmonster.

Moreover, Bluehost has received multiple awards and is part of the top 20 largest web hosting providers. The next section of this article tackles the features that Bluehost provides to their clients.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Features:

Basic Features

  1. Extreme Speed – All the servers of Bluehost are guaranteed to perform well with the highest speed as each of them are designed by professional engineers integrated with the open source technology, and state of the art technology.
  2. Fast Provisioning – Unlike any other dedicated hosting provider that takes weeks to configure and prepare the servers for the client, Bluehost can prepare the servers with the suited configurations in 24-72 hours of time so that you can work your way sooner.
  3. Raid storage – Storages of the servers are powered and wired with RAID level 1. This ensures that your data are completely safe and protected. This feature is exclusive and could not be found on most other providers.
  4. Storage Upgrades – With the cPanel, you can enhance and expand the storage of your servers as you need it. Moreover, you can do such action in the panel without requiring any additional admin requirements.
  5. Root Access – A root access with the servers so that you can enhance your experience and control with the cPanel
  6. Dedicated Support – A dedicated support would be at your side to help you solve technical issues or to answer you’re important questions and inquires.

Advanced Features:

  1. Unmanaged – Users that would prefer a full throttle of the servers can opt to have an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan so that they can implement alterations, upgrades, and customization with the operating system and even Apache.
  2. Improved cPanel – the panel that is given by Bluehost which is cPanel has been improved to provide a very easy to use interface so that you can manage your domains, emails, websites and resources in one location and with ease.
  3. Muti-Server Management – If you have an existing dedicated server account with Bluehost, you can easily add another hosting type such as shared or VPS, or add an additional dedicated server depending on your needs.
  4. Access Control – You can control how your servers would be accessed by adding passwords. Each password and would equate with a corresponding access account which could be server administration or ownership information.
  5. Advanced Capabilities – all the servers that are developed by Bluehost are flexible enough to compliment your needs. For instance, it supports Secure Shell Access, file access for logs, server-side includes, web-based file storage, and manager for emails, files, and databases. Moreover, you can modify your own .htaccess files, jobs, cron, and even PHP.imi
  6. Database Management – You can easily manage and organize your database and websites directly unto the server with Bluehost’s custom-made database manager.

Optional and Add-on features

  1. Scalability – When your business grows, you can opt to add advanced configuration with additional cost, but would greatly improve your server’s performance.
  2. Domain Privacy – You can additional security with your domains and database by masking your personal information that is associated with your unique domain name. This would ensure that the servers would be free from identity theft, phishing, and spam.
  3. Sitelock – Bluehost can add additional powerful tools and programs to maximize the security of the servers and detect possible threats before it causes a huge problem.
  4. Spam Protection – Spam protection offered by Bluehost is powered by Google. It filters out unwanted and harmful tools, application, messages and content before it arrives in your inbox and could possibly spread viruses. The harmful content would be quarantined and would be waiting for review.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting


Benefits of Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting

Uptime Guarantee

The first thing you should be checking before actually paying a subscription from a hosting provider is their uptime guarantee. You could search for websites that could show the ping and responsive of websites hosted by different providers. You should also check that the data center in which your servers are kept are well managed and has power backups available. This would ensure that your website would be very responsive with users search query or interaction with your website and avoid the scenario of your website being down.

Dedicated server provided by Bluehost are all guaranteed to produce a high uptime guarantee as it would be your company that would solely use the server. It has a 99.9 % uptime guarantee with its dedicated servers.  Moreover, all servers have power backups given by UPS, which you can opt to pay in order for your website to be up and running in case of power outages.

Specs that offer Unlimited

If you are part of a huge company and is searching for the best Dedicated Server hosting. You may want to consider what unlimited specs that they offer together with your package. Some would offer features that are not very essential for your company, so you should seek other providers that offer unlimited features that would suit your company’s needs. For instance, unlimited domain, bandwidth, and storage are among the most wanted unlimited feature that companies and individuals are searching. Having these features would greatly give you an edge with your websites performance and efficiency.

The good news is that Bluehost offers all these unlimited together with your package in a dedicated server hosting plan. It comes with unlimited bandwidth and even storage with some of its plans. Some offer limited of those features, but still huge enough to give you advantages. Whether you are hosting multiple websites or has a pretty huge database, Bluehost ensures that they would provide the necessary options for you.

Money Back Guarantee

Some web hosting companies are offering a free trial to entice customers to try their service before actually deciding to pay for it. In this point in time, they usually maximize the performance of their service to convince a client to build their decision. Of course, this is a valid business strategy, but sometimes an opportunity for companies to drag customers in tying with contacts. When the customer experiences a scenario with their domain that is in contrast to what they’ve experienced with the free trial, they couldn’t do anything since they are tied in contracts. And they could pay some dollars if they wish to discontinue the service.

To avoid this troublesome scenario to happen with their clients, Bluehost provided a 30-days money back guarantee. In which you can opt to have a refund if you think the performance of their servers do not match with what they advertised on their website. But of course, Bluehost ensures that you will love your experience with their dedicated server that would lead you to continue your subscription.

Flexible and Easy to Operate 

Flexibility is among the most renowned benefit that you can get from a dedicated server. Not only the provider would give you the power to add some tools necessary for your business, but it also lets you customize some of the features of your servers and your domain easily as well.

In the same manner, Bluehost gives you plenty of customization and add-on options. For instance, you can add site builder tool in for improving or creating domains. Moreover, the cPanel that is included with all plans is easy to operate and very intuitive. The central panel lets you hover through your multiple domains, email and other contents in one place. Making it easier to access and add a modification to your websites if necessary.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Technical Support

Bluehost provides almost all known customer support available.  They offer a 24/7 customer support to help you answer your concerns. The first that they offer is contacting them through a toll-free phone number, you can freely call the number they provided to ask for important inquiries. The second option that you have is reaching them via live chat and email. And lastly, they provide a knowledge-based portal that is loaded with FAQ and simple troubleshooting articles and media files.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Pricing and Plans


  • $79.99 per month
  • With 4 cores and 8 threads
  • 2 GHz of CPU power
  • 500 GB mirrored storage
  • 4GB of available RAM
  • 5 TB of available bandwidth
  • 1 domain included
  • 3 available IP addresses
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL included with the plans


  • $99.99 per month
  • With 4 cores and 8 threads
  • 5 GHz of CPU power
  • 1TB mirrored Storage
  • 8GB of available RAM
  • 10TB of available bandwidth
  • 1 domain that is included
  • 4 available IP addresses
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL that is included


  • $119.99 per month
  • With 4 cores and 8 threads
  • 3 GHz of CPU
  • 1TB mirrored of available storage
  • 16 GB of available RAM
  • 15TB of available bandwidth
  • 1 domain that is included
  • 5 available IP addresses
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • 27/7 customer support
  • Free SSL that is included

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting Review Summary

Bluehost is a company that is known for its flexible and cheap pricing plans. With their dedicated hosting, you’ll get the benefit of customizing your servers and your panel. The dedicated server is also trusted to have a very reputable uptime guarantee as all the servers are properly maintained with the state of the art technologies. Moreover, they provide a plenty of options for add-ons that you can use to better improve your business and your website. The money back guarantees that Hostgator is also beneficial and existing customers love the fact that the provider has given such opportunity. In terms of the panel that you would use in giving some alterations in your domain, it is easy to use and intuitive, you will find yourself enjoying the process of working with your multiple domains as it is placed in a central and accessible location.

Pros: Budget friendly, Excellent Support, Moneyback Guarantee, cPanel, reputable provider, excellent speed.

Cons: No SSL certificate, there is no free domain migration

We had also listed the top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting providers right now.

  1. In Motion Hosting
  2. Go Daddy Hosting
  3. HostGator
  4. Bluehost
  5. HostFav
  6. iPage
  7. DreamHost
  8. Namecheap
  9. InterServer
  10. 1&1
  11. iPower
  12. HostDime
  13. Host1Plus
  14. YesUpHost
  15. HawkHost
  16. XLHost
  17. ServerHUb
  18. Acenet
  19. Host Sailor
  20. Liquid Web












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