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Full BLËSK Network Monitoring System review – all you need to know about BLËSK Network Monitoring System


What is BLËSK?

BLËSK is a progressive network monitoring software that consolidates with leading open source technologies and trends to offer integrated services and solutions to it users.

With the assistance of BLËSK, business organizations are offered with a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage the activities that happened in the network and to authorize other connected devices. So, this kind of analyzation can be more helpful for knowing the network’s capability and instantly apply any kind of remediation procedures in case of any outages.

And, implementing BLËSK’s reliable architecture and resilience are so advantageous to its users. They can be capable of performing complicated actions in a simple way, acknowledge to alerts, apprehend with performance information, review the real-time flow of data into the network and protect the data. Furthermore, it also helps in generating and securing the event documents and getting adhered to the functional budget limitations.


BLËSK stands as great support to its users as because of its beneficial and appropriate results. The benefits that are offered by BLËSK are listed below. Let’s go in detail on these benefits.

A comprehensive network management tool

Whatever, the environment is either physical, cloud-based or virtual, BLËSK holds the capability of monitoring entire aspects of the network and provides a hassle-free solution for organizations. So, with this benefit one can surely decrease their operating investments and look whether the network is running in a smooth way or not.

A companionable platform

BLËSK has a moderate and considered learning support that allows IT professionals to know a greater number of tools and technologies in a very short period. In addition to this, the services offered by BLËSK are more translucent and in dependable, so the deployment can be done in a quick way and incur any kind of disruptions to the enterprise activities.

Easy updating of applications

This platform engages in continuously checking out product developments. On the other hand, these rollouts are of so restrained and will not impose any disturbances to the network. With the support of these enhancements, business organizations are more assured and can be easily adapted into their dynamic architectures.

Immediate repetitive actions

This network monitoring platform engages in monitoring multiple of tasks where it takes lot of time either it may be monthly, weekly or daily. To have a substitution action for this, BLËSK is integrated with a tool that easily helps for these repetitive tasks for IT administrators to concentrate their actions. With the engagement of this tool, people can invest their valuable time on other activities like the progress of income-generating operations.


Embedded with various monitoring capabilities, BLËSK is widely recognized as the best network monitoring software. To know the features supported by BLËSK, let’s have a look on the below products

Enhanced application monitoring

It is a very common issue that the organizations may face problems where there is no one’s presence. So, one will be really worried of what action to be implemented. One must wait for more hours and this involves waste of both time and money. Reducing this effect, BLËSK offers you with Application performance Monitor (APM) that permits your organizations to instantly find out the bug, analyse and process it and take quick remediation action to erase user’s downtime in the enterprise.

APM is supported for Windows, UNIX and it is web adaptable monitoring tool. It provides enhanced availability of services, servers and for applications too. Ensures for immediate detection of errors and any protocol interruptions. Quickly find out service outrages, processes and various jobs.

Detailed network performance monitoring

One may face many issues regarding the network’s speed and your IT crew is overpowered and in a disturbed mode they may not know the correct solution for the problem. They may also don’t know why the issue is occurring.

So, to facilitate this scenario, BLËSK is powered with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) that accumulates and monitor the device performance information to know network capability and resolve the disruptions. With the assistance of Open Source Cacti tool, NPM enables your professionals to get rid of these ineffective services at regular intervals and note down the delivered results.

Provides you with a clear performance dashboard. Wireless network management and detailed monitoring. Will offer a clear path on monitoring of the entire network. Monitor catastrophe and latency in multiple subnets. Can easily find out where the problem occurs and how it degrades the network performance. So, NPM will ensure for strong health of the network.

Network traffic investigator

Coming to the scenario of analysing your network speed, users will denounce their problems and it may result in degradation of the organization progress. It become across you or not that your network site users are avoiding your firewall limitations to access the website which is not supported by the enterprise.

To make you stand away from all these scenarios, BLËSK Network Traffic analyser (NTA) permits you to evaluate data consumption in real-time that is what amount of data utilized in the network. The data that is collected can be shared as per the requirements of the research that is tackled. You can also know the detailed information about the network utilization like

  • What are the frequently used protocols?
  • What kind of devices are more communicated?
  • Who uses the large amount of bandwidth?

With the clear information collected from this tool, one can categorize network traffic as per different requirements. Monitor real-time traffic and the most active hosts. Can be able to generate long-term documents based on the network related parameters. As per the network visualization, you can address live streaming, network and application dormancies and other. You can also collect traffic details and store them which may be required for future activities. Go with localization and exhibit hosts on various geographic maps.

Management of multiple switch ports

It may be somewhat a complicated task that deciding on what port the network is running and what kind of device is related with the task. It will be more complicated when IT team does not hold required tool to manage the scenario. But, with the advantageous tool called Switch Port Manager, it becomes more simplified to know which device is connected to the task and find out whether the device is connected by Wi-Fi or another network. So, one can easily determine the switch port and regulate the connection with the device.

BLËSK Switch Port Manager (SPM) enables you to facilitate all these actions. You can find out the device by typing the device name, its IP address, and MAC, so that SPM results the accurate port connection in just few seconds. Along with this, you can also completely monitor the network connection with SPM. It provides the benefits of

  • Interconnections between multiple switch ports and switches
  • Ports that are maintained in half duplex
  • Ports that have been inactivated and are not used
  • Maintain all the firmware that are installed on all the switches
  • Find out a machine either by IP or MAC address and show the related switch port
  • Easily transfer the switch port or modify the VLAN or PoE state of the port
  • Search for the network either by vendor, model or operating system
  • Complete monitoring of the network

Event Log Manager

You may face the situations of employees working on various devices from the internal network either from a remote location or office. But one cannot find out whether the employee’s account is hacked into and his system is communicating from other country even he is operating from his office.

So, BLËSK is supported with Event Log Manager (ELM) which can quickly and easily search for the distrustful connections from the syslogs it relates to. ELM is the most efficient and flexible tool that helps in the storage of large amount of log events. With the collected data, you can filter and organize the data in a more detailed way. ELM can support with a lot of required and necessary information.

Integration of ELM’s tools such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash will be more benefited for administrators to know about breaches that are in the network. This feature holds the benefits of

  • Creating various and unique dashboards and tables and other
  • Can easily collaborate various kinds of data like geo, structured, unstructured and metric
  • Can analyse different terminologies and trends in your information
  • Evaluate and modify your data in a straightforward way

Network configuration manager

BLËSK Network Configuration Manager (NCM) helps in automatic saving of the configuration for your equipment and the related backups are archived without imposing any kind of limitations. Immediately sends alerts and notifications to the connected IT crew whenever they find any change, modification in the present network configuration.

NCM has Open Source tools such as CVS and Rancid where they assure for enhanced security to the network. Some of the benefits supported by NCM are as follows

  • Connects to every device in the routing table
  • Work on different commands to save the information
  • Modify or remove the advanced information
  • Email the dissimilarities between present and previous configurations

Accelerated network protection

A virus named as Trojan has been authorized to network or firewall of your organization. The IT team of your organization will be not aware of this disruption as because no alerts are sent to them. One may not quickly respond to these changes and it may result in huge damage to the network.

But, BLËSK Network Security Monitor (NSM) goal is to act like as protected camera and provides a complete visualization for the network to find out unauthorized actions and suspicious activities.

NSM implements Open Source tools like Sguil, Snort, OpenVas and Barnyard2. With these, the software helps in performing real-time traffic monitoring and recording of packets across the whole IP network. Enhanced protocol analysis. Detailed content search capability. Checks for any attacks or probes. Receives, review and evaluate the data to determine and resolve the intrusions. Inquiries and controlling of multiple vulnerabilities.

Complete Asset Life Manager

To assure for the validity of the organization’s licenses, your IT team has to release a explained document of all your supporting licenses without investing more than 3 days on the task. BLËSK Asset Life Manager (ALM) offers you with complete overview of both the software and hardware assets maintained in your organization. Also maintaining complete IT inventory helps to know what kind of versions are used and the total number of licenses that are present.

Collaborated with GLPI tool, asset Life Manager supports many of the latest features for the asset and inventory maintenance. The benefits offered by this feature are

  • Complete log of every asset modification
  • Management of every operating system such as kernel, license, edition, version and name
  • Complete handling of installed software’s and internal equipment
  • Maintains network components like IP, VLAN, network jack, MAC and other IP addresses
  • Controls all the maintenance of data center’s such as rooms, PDUs and boxes
  • Certificate management


BLËSK is a collaborated network platform that is embedded with widely supported open source technologies. Business organizations those want to implement this software can request for a demo and know the enterprise pricing information from the sales department.

Technical details

The supported OS for BLËSK is Windows.

Supported languages of this network monitoring software are English and French

Available pricing options are of quote-based and it is designed for all large-scale, medium-scale business organizations.

Easy IP is deployed on on-premise environment.

Support details

The support required for enterprise regarding this network monitoring software can contact the professionals or administrators through phone, email and through live training session


Any of the network management software those are available in the market may not completely satisfy your requirements and needs. So, it is the option that to go initially with the reviews, customer feedback and other comments and then choose the one as per your requirements. But, BLËSK tries to accommodate all the corresponding features and benefits to stand as unique among from its competitors. This platform also supports multiple services those are accessible by users in a more simple and straightforward way.