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Full Bizagi Rapid Application Development Software Review – All You Need to Know About Bizagi


What is Bizagi?

Bizagi (which means Business Agility) is a privately-owned organization run by expert software entrepreneurs who are in Business Process Management. It was launched in the year 1989 to offer support for improving the business processes continuously and for providing a powerful but a simple business collaboration platform, which can connect the organizational silos.

More than 350 global customers have opted for Bizagi for automating their business processes that can provide results such as operational efficiencies, business agility, and shorter market time. The customers can gain an improved competitive advantage by streamlining the critical processes and the mundane daily jobs within a matter of a few weeks.

Bizagi has delivered successfully some of the demanding BPM projects all over the world and has served global brands such as Adidas, GE, Old Mutual, and many more. From the implementation of the single financial services across several languages and continents to thousands of cases in healthcare daily, it offers a robust and proven BPM solution. The team of Bizagi works alongside SAP, IBM, and Oracle.

Digital transformation is happening at a breakneck speed. It cannot be said a technology, but it is a race that can help the organization to reach a good destination: engaging, agile, and a connected digital business. When you operate in the complicated global operations, the digital world seems to be unreachable. Change cannot occur fast, but the conventional roads lead to unpredictable returns and lost time. Bizagi wraps the existing legacy systems for transforming the organizations that are present today to a digital business. For the customer, time is digital these days.

Bizagi Benefits

Bizagi works with processes, knowledge workers, data and devices for accelerating digital transformation. It brings extensive business process management and also makes automated processes more rapid and efficient than ever. It offers security, flexibility, excellent customer service, raid development, and a tremendous cost-to-benefit ratio.

One of the most significant benefits provided by it is bringing the business process management to an enterprise level. It digitizes the operations and arranges the business processes in a better manner. This way a company can gain a competitive edge over the other providers. Some of the benefits offered by Bizagi are as follows:

Reuse. The BPMS data layer allows you to share the business object and the relationships with multiple processes so that the business processes can be built quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Virtualization reduces the number of connectors significantly and eliminates repetition cluttering BPMS.

Quality. This solution aligns IT and business with a simple and elegant business process that can be created and changed easily. Data is not replicated but virtualized, and after that, it is linked through the smart web services.

IT and Business Collaboration. The business processes speak one common language. It can capture the requirements, alter the processes and align BPMS with the business objectives. It connects the dots between IT and business.


Rapid Results. Processes forms, templates, and widgets, these are reusable, thus enabling to build as well as replicate the processes in a fast manner and can share the assets in the business. With unique data architecture, the customers can provide new workflow solutions very quickly.

Easy Maintenance. It interprets the models without writing a single code line. Entity virtualization significantly reduces the interfaces that are required for the external systems.

Clarity of Roles. The layered architecture puts the business people in the driving seat to process management and design, and IT has complete control over configuration, data, and integration.

Consistency. The digital business platforms offer data transparency. It eliminates damaging and redundant data structures, which can develop in the legacy systems with time.

Inter-Operability. It offers connectivity to the heterogeneous system, right from the cutting-edge applications to the legacy and the databases systems.

Case Management. It encourages processing or data view of any platform that depends on the application. The data-centric system is the basis of case management, and it is done by Bizagi quite well.

Mobility. You can design it once but can run it everywhere. It has superior mobility feature that can deliver optimal user experience on any kind of mobile device. It can build and also extend new components in a very compatible manner.

It works with a flexible approach that makes the implementation very easy for the small and the large projects. You can take its benefits for a prolonged time period and you can use it for long-term success. You can model a documented process, fix a critical issue, and reinvent a business with advanced transformation. Regardless of the complexity, size, and your business scale, you can implement it and optimize the business process.


Features of Bizagi

Bizagi is a digital business platform that helps the enterprises to welcome changes by removing the operational inefficiencies and improving compliance. It bridges the gap between business and IT. It empowers people to receive the results that they want.

The platform of Bizagi connects applications, people, information, and devices for providing engaging experience demanded by the digital customers. Enterprise love using it because it has helped IT and business to come together. Some of the key features include the following:

Process modeling– It covers almost 99 percent of the attributes of process modeling. This is significant considering the fact that the other business process management average is 91 percent coverage. It is a perceptible benefit for Bizagi.

Security Management– It covers all the functions and features of security management. This offers the software a great lead over its rival solutions that offer 88 percent of the functionalities. Bizagi is a great option in the domain of security management.

Process Collaboration– It has the characteristics of the process collaboration. The other BPM solutions that are available in the market accounts for 70 percent coverage in comparison to Bizagi’s 76 percent. It means that this software has a perceptible but minor advantage.

Form Management– It has almost 100 percent characteristics of Form Management. This is a great coverage because it surpasses all its competitors, whose average is 87 percent.

Workflow Portal– It supports almost all the functions and features of workflow portal. This is significant as the other BPM solutions cannot offer this much support.


Management and monitoring– It has 98 percent of the attributes of Management and Monitoring. It is a noticeable advantage over the other competing BPM software packages.

Process Analytics– In the process analytics aspect, it has a robust coverage that supports 87 percent of the features. The average support provided by the other BPM software is just 74 percent. This provides Bizagi a considerable advantage in the area of process analytics.

Product Technology– It supports the functions and features of Product technology greatly. It has a decent coverage that outnumbers its competitors and this software has a significant advantage.

Bizagi offers a wide range of training courses that can reduce the learning curve and also help the clients to manage the BPM journeys successfully. According to the feedback of the customers, they have expressed highest degree of satisfaction regarding the value of this platform in comparison to its competitors.

It outperforms the BPM solutions most of the time and it is a leading option for the buyers of software who want to find out the best software for their company. It should be considered that this kind of analysis may not reflect the points that your organization has set regarding every functional area. This can definitely affect your buying decisions. The potential buyers should, therefore, conduct an internal assessment and make their decision based on that prior to selecting Bizagi.

Bizagi finds its uses in process modeling, business process management, business transformation, process automation, case management, and low code application development. It offers a vast e-learning process that is highly useful for the small as well as the large enterprises who want sustainable growth.


Pricing Plans

While deciding on purchasing Business Process Management Software like Bizagi, it is necessary to not only study the feedback provided by professionals and technical experts but also observe the experiences that real-time customers have faced upon using such service. This will help to gauge the usability and the significance of such a product for your business needs.

Alongside, it will also help to understand the specific pricing plan that will be suitable for your enterprise. There are solutions that cater to the needs of a wide range of customers and provide feature-rich products, but they often come with a significantly high price tag. This makes it necessary for you to make yourself aware of your business requirements so that you can choose an optimal pricing plan.

But this is not so when it comes to hiring Bizagi for your enterprise needs. Bizagi features a range of pricing plans keeping in mind the usage requirement of the different class of users. It provides services for both personal and professional use and segregates its plans into Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Engine.

While you can get the Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Modeler products for a free trial, you need to subscribe for a cost to the Bizagi Engine plans. You can always go for a free trial of their plans so that you can estimate the possible services it can provide for your professional needs.

The Bizagi Engine Plan is segregated into two different types depending on the type of license that is required, one being the Bizagi Engine perpetual license and the other being the Bizagi Engine for one year license.

The perpetual license comes at a cost of $800 for a single user license plus an additional amount of $134 for maintenance purpose. On the other hand, the one year license is priced at $311 for one user per year including the maintenance cost. While the former is most suitable for medium and large-scale enterprises, the latter can opt for business enterprises of any size.


Technical Details

Bizagi is known to act as a connecting platform among applications, devices, people and data to provide quality and engaging output desired by every digital customer. The risk-free adoption and ease of use are what makes this solution preferred by more than 500 enterprise customers in over 50 countries. It supports devices of all types such as Linux, Android, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Windows mobile, Mac or any other web-based technology.

It supports English language providing services in 56 different nations throughout the Globe, including but not restricted to Insurance, Manufacturing, Utilities and Energy, Healthcare, Financial Services, and the Government. It can be deployed on any Cloud, Saas or web-based application.

The technical functionalities of this software make it suitable for use by enterprises of all shapes and sizes, be it a small or medium business enterprise or a large one. As far as the pricing plans are concerned, it features the free use of some of its products, monthly pricing plans, one-time payment options and plans with annual subscriptions.


Support Details

With Bizagi, you won’t have to worry anymore about slow and interrupted online operations of your business. They ensure that their precious customers get the best out of its services and emphasizes on developing a long-lasting relationship. For this, they concentrate more on providing direct customer support so that any grievances and queries relating to their services can be addressed on-spot and the smooth and efficient functioning of the online operations remains uninterrupted.

Adequate training to potential users in the form of Webinars, Documentation, Live Online videos and in-person assistance are provided. They extend their support services in the form of phone calls and tickets. Users or any interested party can directly get in touch with their representatives 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to get their queries addressed.

No matter what your business size is or what business activities you are engaged in, you can still optimize your business processes with the help of Bizagi to get higher returns on investment. So, make your job easy and flourish your business with Bizagi.