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Full BIMx Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About BIMx


A lot has happened in the digital world since the inception or introduction of the smartphone.

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The rise of mobile apps has increased the ease of doing things, and decreased the cost of getting the same things done or actually trading in different commodities.

There’s no doubt that the technology in these mobile devices has advanced as their use has risen with billions of smartphones sold over the years.

Apps have also moved from being just fun things to interact with to useful ones, even essential business tools, and now, architects, engineers and construction professionals are now using them as they’re integrated into their daily workflows.

The applications used in AEC industry are mostly in the Building Information Modeling software sphere, and these help save time, collect data from sites, access digital models, and also learn more about architecture in the process.

Among these BIM software that are giving AEC professionals huge and added benefits to their work and businesses is BIMx.

BIMx is a communication tool that sets new standards for presentation and/or communication in the AEC profession. Let’s look deeper into how this tool works as we explore its benefits, powerful features, and how you can implement it in your business or career.

What is BIMx?


BIMx, or Building Explorer, is an interactive and innovative tool for communication used by designers in order to set new standards for presentation and communication.

It works with Windows and Mac operating systems and workstations as well as platforms for mobile including Android and iOS devices.

Today, BIMx provides access to a full project information set which includes 2D and 3D models as well as any other data that is non-geometric, and incorporated in a BIM workflow.

Among the data that is incorporated in the BIMx and BIM workflow include:

  • 2D and 3D Content
  • Hyperlinked 2D & 3D
  • Real-World-like Experience
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • All-round 3D Cutaways
  • Zone Info Display
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Custom Per-Element Info Sets

You can explore and communicate Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects on handheld devices. The technology allows users to navigate an integrated drawing sheet and 3D building model. It also presents comprehensive building component information.

It is recommended for use during presentations or when sharing your architectural designs to your clients and/or contractors. Its navigation is easy and keeps costs at a minimum especially with the freemium version, and doesn’t compromise on capabilities.

The app is better for viewing on tablets and mobiles, and Android or IOS platforms are available in the free app as well, allowing architects to share designs with others who have the app, plus share and present to clients and contractors easily. You can also view the models in virtual reality (VR) from an iPhone where it supports Google Cardboard.



With BIMx, you can take your designs with you, from your desk to onsite coordination, wherever you go. Specifically, there are five major ways BIMx can support your work and daily BIM communication overflow:

  • Access Everywhere
  • Smart Measure
  • Synced Updates
  • Virtual Reality
  • Team Collaboration

BIM Data Access Everywhere

BIM models have large amounts of information, so you can choose from different information sets to publish them in your hyper-model, which are packed in each building element and each zone tag.

Smart Measure

BIMx gives you precise data from its 2D plans in BIMx PRO and 3D model. This feature is great for productivity and building professionals or onsite coordinators need to use it especially if they have to know their numbers.

Synced Updates from the Cloud

If you have iCloud or Dropbox, it can be linked to BIMx, plus, downloading and opening the models from BIMx is seamless. BIMx has a Model Transfer service that makes sure you have secure and effective sharing for projects.

Experience BIMx in virtual reality

BIMx is compatible with Google Cardboard VR, so you get a rich and an immersive building design experience on smartphones with the iOS and Android platforms. Check with your local GRAPHISOFT dealer for a custom designed Google Cardboard VR and begin your VR experience.

Team Collaboration in the Cloud

With the GRAPHISOFTBIMcloud infrastructure, you can collaborate with your team in the cloud and fulfill tasks such as team messaging, attaching photos or redlining, in a bid to bridge the gap between the onsite professionals and design office for a more real time and continUous workflow in BIM.

Present your ideas on the move

With BIMx, you get a selection of graphical renderings and ultimate design exploration that has layer, gravity, hydrocodone online prescriptions without membership control, egress recognition, and fly-mode as well as pre-saved walkthrough options.

BIMx Simple navigation

You can walk around a model and explore each project, or you can go straight to the specific parts of the same model via layout sheets, gallery snapshots, or even markers in the 3D environment.

Drawings and documentation in context

BIMx PRO offers context-sensitive information overlay and smooth transitions that let drawings and data for buildings be viewed from inside the 3D model context. Among the things you can view include published layouts, schedules, drawings, and other documentation. There are also 3D cutting planes with which you can position drawings in the right 3D space.

BIMx – drawings and documentation in context

With BIMx, you can communicate BIM data. It makes the filtering and querying of parametric BIM object information available immediately you need it as building components keep their intelligence. You can tap on an element or tap on a zone to see the relevant BIM data, and you can export from the ArchiCAD model things like geometry, product codes, ID numbers, finishes, and web links.

Intuitive user interface and cloud-integrated workflow

The intuitive user interface in BIMx, as well as the cloud-integrated workflow make it easy to manage projects for AEC professionals working with BIM models, as well as architectural documentation. BIMx also lets you access the full 2D project documentation in the 3D model structure. It makes communication smoother and faster right from design, to onsite coordinations, and much more. Everything is shared with architects, and other professionals like real estate developers, site managers and clients.

Fuse building element information to models

BIMx helps fuse the elements of building information to each part of a model. A designer can also control which person or user gets to see specific quantities, database entries, and web links using per-element info tabs.

Element info tags

BIM models have large amounts of information which are easily displayed in BIMx element information tags. These are identified as emails, hyperlinks, phone numbers, or even addresses so you can get direct links to the mobile apps for each. Designers can also get to share information that is specific to stakeholders’ requirements like external web links, model element quantities, and manufacturer product sheets.

Interactive All Zone Stamps on Floor plans and Zone labels

With this BIMx feature, you can tap an item to access the zone information tags, while adding more details related to space and room finishes, among other specifications.

Smooth transition and context-sensitive information

BIMx is designed to be easy for professionals and non-professionals to use. It also provides context-sensitive information overlay, and smooth transitions so that its users can move much more easily in between dimensions.

BIMx PRO features

This version has additional features for a more extensive and open info hub and system of communication. The advanced capabilities let users pick out and solve more issues.



3D building models

BIMx presents 3D building models interactively like you’d see in first-person shooter video games. Whether you’re a client, a consultant, or a builder, you can virtually walk through the 3D model and make measurements without having to install ArchiCAD. It also has a real time cutaway function that helps in discovering the details of the construction from the displayed building model. You can also access documentation for 2D construction directly from the BIMx hypermodel 3D model views, while providing extra information that is detailed, about the same building.

Hyper-model technology

The multi-award winning BIMx software has the Hyper-model feature, a unique technology that’s used in building project navigation for integrated 2D and 3D. It helps to bridge the gap that exists between the construction site, and the design studio.

Seamless handling and quality

The latest BIMx version provides seamless handling and high quality performance for projects with extensive 2D documentation and complex 3D models. It lets team members get access to full documentation of construction of buildings and has extensive functionalities at your convenience as they’re available on mobile devices anywhere and at any time.


This feature is new and lets designers as well as clients experience buildings in a more organised way and more immersive way as well. Designers in ArchiCAD are able to handpick the most expressive views for 3D models or drawings, and arrange them into a presentation that’s animated on their tablets and smartphones. It works with one on one project discussions and can be the main highlight of a presentation when the smart device like a phone or tablet is connected to a projector or a TV screen. You can also switch to a continuous loop so as to run the presentation automatically in the background during your exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

Explore architectural designs interactively

BIMx lets explore architectural designs through the BIM model, interactively, via iOS and Android mobile devices. The ‘BIMx Hyper-model’ navigates the integrated 2D drawing sheets as well as the 3D BIM models.

BIMx Pro

AEC professionals can use BIMx PRO as it gives them access to productivity tools exclusively, and turns the app itself into an open and powerful information hub, as well as platform for communication that helps to bridge whatever gap exists between the construction site, and the design studio.

BIMx desktop viewer

The hyper-models in BIMx are created using the Graphisoft ArchiCAD and are able to be shared with whoever has a mobile device, or anyone with a desktop computer. This feature is a native app in Mac or Windows, and allows AEC professionals to interactively explore architectural designs using the BIM model on notebooks and desktop computers.


BIMx pricing plans for small and medium businesses, as well as enterprise are as detailed below.

Free version: $0

This is meant for clients and provides free access to 2D and 3D views of BIMx building Hyper-model. Also available are in-app purchases so that you can access or share the BIMx PRO functionality across platforms as well. Specifically, it provides:

  • 2D and 3D Content
  • Cloud Storage access
  • Hyperlinked 2D & 3D
  • “Real World” -like experience
  • Custom Per-Element Info Sets
  • Smooth transitions
  • All-round 3D Cutaways
  • BIMcloud Integration for team messaging
  • Zone Info display

BIMx PRO: $49.99 (paid once)

AEC professionals get access through BIMx PRO to powerful productivity tools that make project collaboration and coordination enhanced and better. Specifically, it offers:

  • Presentation
  • Integration with external Databases
  • AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
  • Inter-App Communication
  • Smart 2D and 3D Measure on iOS
Technical details

Supported devices: Android, iPhone/iPad

Languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish

Pricing: Free; One-time payment

Customer Types: Small and medium businesses; large enterprises, freelancers

Deployment: On Premise

Support details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Training
  • Help Center
  • Product guides, videos and articles
  • ArchiCAD community talk
  • Support through worldwide reseller channel.
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