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Full BIM Track Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About BIM Track

BIM Track

Over the past few decades, the construction industry has experienced a significant decrease in efficiency that is ironically, inversely proportional to the growing number of means of technological communication.

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Information is shared in various formats today, plus various locations and software programs, thus it is hard to find the right info in time, at your fingertips.

The challenge has been that professionals in the management of construction projects are faced with a fuzzy and expanding repository of the latest information, sparking chaos of communication, and they have to face this every day.

A significant number of people on some of these projects are needed to track communication and ensure the information lasts through the project’s lifecycle and is shareable until they resolve the issues.

Building information modeling, however, promises improved coordination and better deliverable quality for projects and is proven to be disruptive owing to the variety of technologies it comes with.

Unlike traditional construction management software which is far easier to use for most AEC professionals, it isn’t as efficient as BIM software, owing to the nature of tasks associated with managing projects from start to finish, and procedures involved.

This is why cutting edge BIM platform solutions such as BIM Track, which is based on OpenBIM was created, as it is a web-based issue management platform and BIM software that provides visuals to reduce tasks from many to just one.

That one tasks is to describe the process so as to solve the issue among other information including screenshot and geospatial location, which are automatically collected from the BIM model.

What is BIM Track?

BIM Track

BIM Track is a collaboration platform that is web-based and has better coordination workflows for empowering your team. It offers a central coordination information hub from design down to construction.

It gives you information at your fingertips which enables you to gain access from any location and time to your data and from a mobile or desktop device.

Graphics and charts help your management performance while understanding data through precise metrics. It promotes OpenBIM solutions for workflow as it supports BCF and IFC formats.

The building information software has all the info, issues and communications your team needs, as it is all in one central place, plus it is easy to use, intuitive, and ensures onboarding is done quickly with little training for all types of users on different levels.

There’s only one single truth source in BIM Track, so updated information is easy to locate in this central yet trackable hub. Exportability to the open standard at the project’s end ensures traceability.

BIM Track is designed to maintain a link through using BCF, to BIM software, for a better issue solving approach in its original context. Optimized workflow is thus made possible using open standards as firms generate more value through reducing time wasting in the course of the project, and increasing efficiency.

It makes information accessible in other software for stakeholders involved in the same project, and you’d need a unique number for identification to track an issue.

BIM Track also offers a way of storing issues while managing and tracking them over time by offering issue definitions (data deficiency, clash, modeling method), assigning issue metadata (priority, location, raised date), taking issue status changes through a lifetime journey, managing stakeholders’ comments, defining who should solve issues, keeping all information together while developing the model, and it can be accessed by the whole team regardless of platform used, or their experience.


BIM Track

BIM Track is drive by five principles which offer the overall benefit of driving its development and improving its clients’ bottom lines. Below are some of the key benefits of using this BIM software.

Easy communication

What do you do when you find clashes and QC problems in your models? With BIM Track, you get basic information needed for resolving coordination issues, who should resolve and when it should be fixed by. Team members can also comment on issues directly from their daily used software, and any of them can view issue contexts.

Maximum context & interoperability

BIM Track data is yours, as a customer, so the job of the software is to help you in finding ways to visualize and/or share the data outside of the BIM software, because if it sits in silos, it wastes time and money. BIM Track can be used directly in Navisworks, Autodesk Revit, the browser-based BIM Track platform or Tekla Structures. Its open API enables exchanging of bi-directional data, while exchange of issues can happen across platforms, using BCF format. Data is also allowed in as IFC models are imported so you can see issues in full context using the web viewer.

Accountability & transparency

Both teams and individuals are accountable to each other, and to the stakeholders of the project with BIM Track. Nothing can be deleted in this BIM software whether it is comments or issues. All the truth is contained in the platform, but, there’s a strong team access notion, thus you can resolve issues internally among fellow teammates.

Spend time on value-added tasks

BIM Track lets you, in a simple click of View In Model, get taken directly to location of an issue in Navisworks, Revit, or Tekla Structures. This is a time-saving philosophy applied in everything done by BIM Track.

The right information for the right decisions

BIM Track prioritizes project management, so it measures coordination progress without extra work because it can have issue data like zones, teams, priority and many others.

Instant Collaboration & Communication

As a data-driven BIM software, its approach, which uses cloud for instant collaboration, allows stakeholders to work with the most updated issue data, simultaneously.

Accessibility & Transparency

BIM Track’s web-based platform allows you to invite all stakeholders to projects while facilitating access and collaboration of information, and witnessing the issue resolution process’ evolution so as to understand your projects’ statuses.

Reduce Issue Management Time

You need not wait for printed reports and coordination meetings, Save time and find things faster, without searching for the proper issue view or one email.

In-context Workflow

With BIM Track, you never have to leave your working environment. You can create, view as well as resolve issues straight and within the BIM software with add-ins available for Navisworks, Revit and Tekla Structures.

BIM Track

BIM Track’s features can be broken down into five main parts:

  • Communication
  • Web platform
  • Software integration
  • Analytics
  • Reporting


With BIM Track, you get issue tracking features that are easy to use and help your team get work done much faster, as it centralizes BIM coordination information in one hub while doing away with inefficient email use. You can accelerate collaboration, increase understanding across board, while aligning each team member’s work with the software. It offers the following:

  • Early management of issues
  • Issue tracking that is location-based for discussion in-context so you can see all model issues
  • Associates model elements to issues without burdening models
  • Issue tracking, bi-directional workflows
  • Communication across platforms
  • Real time system of notification
  • You can mark up issues from models/plans on smart screenshots retrievable in 2D/3D

Web Platform

This is a workspace that’s browser-based and where all real time issue information of your projects are easily accessed by your team. The web viewer lets you import, display as well as navigate a number of IFC models from different CAD/BIM authoring software for a federated model. 2D plans can be imported from PDFs and overlaid with the models, so select users can access the full context of an issue in a model including details like person assigned and due date among others. No more expensive software needed. It is suited, ideally, for those who are GCs or PM or experienced owners on a project. Users can drill down to specific information on an issue, and its easy to organize and prioritize issues using its user-friendly issue list that has classification features so you can engage with more people in the process. In the web viewer, model management happens with all models and plans revisions in one place, so you can open any and see its state at the time or evolution of issues in different versions. On the go, the viewer can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device with internet connectivity and no need to install or buy software, or even have complex IT deployment to start.

Software Integration

With BIM Track, you can stay in your daily BIM software and track issues directly in clash detection and industry leading design software including Navisworks, Revit, and Tekla Structures. The software’s issues are coordinate-based and save time by taking you directly to the issue even with its data. The software also helps support standard open file formats like BCF and IFC. You can also ensure your data is safe and not lost using the API so you can connect software programs and custom systems with BIM Track. Features include:

  • Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, and Tekla Structures add-ins
  • BIM Track API for custom integrations
  • Solibri integration with BIM Track’s buildingSMART BCF rest API* (to be availed soon)
  • Compliance with buildingSMART’s BCF to connect to popular platforms such as Aconex, Trimble Novapoint, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD, and DDS-CAD
  • Verity integration* (to be availed soon)
  • Compliant with buildingSMART’s IFC format for model exchange with many software platforms and programs


With BIM Track you can access sophisticated tools for data analytics and graphics that are easy to understand to enable you make better decisions. You can improve your coordination workflow in BIM, manage resources more effectively, and get insight into the possible pitfalls in your project with KPIs. Features include:

  • Average open issue age
  • Number of open vs closed issues
  • Average time to close an issue
  • Interactive pie charts for issue attributes


BIM Track keeps data in one place so you can reduce reporting time by creating BIM coordination reports that are customized for any regulatory body, stakeholder, or purposes of governance. Features include:

  • Configuration of report formatting
  • Creation and reuse of report templates
  • Printing of coordination metrics and reports
  • Exporting issues in BCF or Excel files

Hub management page

In this page, you control assignments for your project while managing information related to the hub and how it is used. Unlimited projects can be controlled in a hub, and user grids are available for you to control and visualize your hub members.

Profile Management

In this section, you can set your personal info while customizing notification settings, plus change application language, password and notification preferences.

Project Dashboard

Here you get to see a detailed overview of the latest activity in your project, the issues that are on time or due, and users in the project plus when they joined it. Its tools include activity timeline, due issues, and user activity.


This lets you use the functionalities in BIM Track directly within your daily software, and use information from BIM Track from any location and time. It is freely available to everyone, is easy to use with access to most functions in the web interface, and is complete with documentation and support information to integrate it into your software. You can find, create, or edit your data in BIM Track and the team uses it to develop something useful.


With BIM Track, you pay as your team grows. It offers Standard and Enterprise pricing plans, but they’ll soon offer a Premium pricing plan.

Standard plan: $6.95 per month, per user

  • Notification system
  • Issue metrics
  • Export to Excel
  • Project dashboard
  • Issue tracking addins
  • Saved views
  • Unlimited storage
  • Basic issue management
  • Advanced navigation tools
  • Standard support
  • Measure tool
  • API access
  • 99.5 percent guaranteed uptime SLA
  • BCF file-based workflow
  • Reporting
  • Federated IFC files online
  • Navigation by room

Enterprise plan: Custom quote

  • All features in Standard plan
  • Enterprise portal
  • Custom implementation, free training, mentoring, and process auditing
  • PDF drawing overlay with model
  • Free custom integration
  • Model and drawing versioning
  • Publish model online from Revit
  • Scheduled report automation

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Language: English, French

Pricing Model: Monthly payment; quotation-based

Customer Types: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted; Open API

Support Details

  • Help center
  • Demos
  • Toll free line:1-844-246-6631
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