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Full BeerSAVER Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About BeerSAVER


If you’ve tried running an effective dining or bar establishment, one of your main concerns is control of expenses.

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According to BeerSAVER, the number one draft beer flow metering system classified under restaurant management software, theft occurs for reasons such as:

  • Waitstaff and bartenders selling drinks without recording transactions in the POS
  • Staff charging customers regular pricing on drinks, then ringing them in as specials that are lower-priced, and pocketing the difference or getting larger gratuity
  • Employees reversing and voiding transactions

All the above leaves about 25 percent of shrinkage in the system attributed to poor management of the bar, as well as issues like over pouring, spills, giving away free drinks, or incorrect accounting.

What’s essential to a bar’s bottom line is portion control as it also maintains the correct costs of beverages, and overall profits for the bar.

With BeerSAVER, a well rounded draft beer and wine level monitoring system for restaurants and bars, you can be sure each keg in your business is full and each line of feeding is clean.

In this way, you get to enhance the experience for your customers and comply with safety and health standards. Additionally, even if the bar has numerous taps and multiple locations, BeerSAVER still helps you to track them. This is because BeerSAVER can monitor over one thousand taps at the same time in one location.

If you have problems with your internet connection, BeerSAVER assures you of the safety of your data, which is made possible by its capability to store information in its system, and send that automatically to the cloud once the web connection is restored.

With BeerSAVER’s advanced flow meter technology, the restaurant management software system tracks what is actually rung up on the customers’ POS system, versus what is poured in real time. This keeps staff accountable over all the inventory by the minute.

What is BeerSAVER?


US BeerSAVER is the number one draft beer flow metering and restaurant management software system in the hospitality industry.

Popularly known as US BeerSAVER Beer and Wine Control System, the software monitors over pours and unaccounted pours by tracking each draft beer or wine ounce poured from each tap.

BeerSAVER monitors both the volumes of beer and other beverages, and is the best draft beer control system in the industry, for drinks dispensed from every tap. It then reconciles the sales rung in real time from the POS system.

Among its powerful features include reliable and accurate monitoring, complete inventory management for multiple locations, deterring theft while reducing losses, real time alerts, reports, and notifications among many others.

Founded in 2007 in New York, NY, BeerSAVER now has offices in other locations including Vancouver and Hong Kong.

As the number one draft beer and wine controls system and innovation, BeerSAVER is backed by its mission of being an innovative leader in offering the best control systems for beverages worldwide, while offering customer service that’s outstanding.

BeerSAVER allows customers to pour their own wine and beer what with its SelfTAP system.

BeerSAVER’s draft beer monitoring system is web-based you can access it from any device, from work, home, or any other location via the BeerSAVER App.



Tracks actual amounts of beer/wine poured

Its online system for operators and owners allows them to track the actual amount of beer and wine poured, vis a vis what is rung in to eliminate theft and waste, in over 600 locations.

Offers information to reduce slippage and increase profits

The BeerSAVER system also offers information that helps operators increase their profits while reducing slippage. It also acts as an inventory management system, and you can get real time access to information whether you’re at the office, restaurant or home, and from any device whether its a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Reduce services downtime

With BeerSAVER, your lines get to stay supplied for longer while empty kegs are replaced without having to disrupt your service. This means your peak hours will see frequent keg changes using the kegSWITCHERS.

Eliminate beer waste

When you automatically switch from the primary keg to a back up one, the beer lines are kept full of beer every other time thus it reduces the wastage of beer in between keg changeovers.

Scheduled tapping of kegs

During off peak hours, BeerSAVER lets you keep both your backup and primary kegs tapped to be prepared for the rest of the day.

Reduce service downtime

BeerSAVER also eliminates the need for refilling and priming the line after you re-tap a new keg. Your restaurant or bar’s bartender can immediately pour it out once a keg is changed.

Eliminate beer spraying as a keg empties

BeerSAVER’s FOBs are set to shut the flow of beer immediately before the lines are filled with air. This gets rid of wastage of beer when a keg blows and eliminates foam spraying.

Maximum keg yield

FOBs increase profits for your bar or restaurant as they keep the lines of beer full while the keg is changed, and you get to maximize your yields with each keg, while the subsequent loss of profit and waste is eliminated.

Unique customer experience

With BeerSAVER’s SelfTAP system, you get to drive talk value, increase sales, and create a buzz around your business.

Faster services

Customers get to refill at their own leisure without necessarily waiting for service from staff.


BeerSAVER offers a self service system and gives customers the option of sampling different beers or wines in the restaurant.

Less beer wasted

Let your customers scan their SelfTAP cards before you pour out each drop of beer to ensure everything is paid for.

Helps figure out the discrepancies in your bar

BeerSAVER’s draft beer and wine control system allows you to see everything, whether it is cooler temperatures, and other information, so that your bartender, owner, or manager gets to see in real time everything that is happening. Additionally, the restaurant management software allows you to know where the discrepancies are in all the beer poured, or ounces that are detailed in your POS systems. Together with this, BeerSAVER connects more than 30 POS solutions that let you track your variances.

BeerSAVER helps identify slippage and confront dishonest employees

With BeerSAVER, you can remove the guesswork out of holding staff accountable on their pours of beer or wine. The reports generated by the software are easy to navigate and understand.

Cloud-Based Access

With BeerSAVER as a cloud based app, you get to log in to its system from any location in the world. This allows you to access teh reports generated by any of the locations of your business so you can stay on top of any issues or updates tat arise, and act on them.

Gentle Learning Curve

Because BeerSAVER is based on the cloud, it is not only easy to access but also user friendly, and designed in such a way that it makes it easy for new, non-tech savvy users, to work with it. This enables even the newest team members to use BeerSAVER with little or no help from others who know it well.

Live Notifications

BeerSAVER offers alerts and information to you as events unfold. You can rest assured that it keeps you updated of any unaccounted pours or similar activities plus other problems related to the site. You can thus act instantly on problems even when you’re not on site.

Beer Levels Monitoring


Each drop of beer has a cost attached to it so innumerable unaccounted for drops can cost you big in terms of money. BeerSAVER helps you keep track of all the beer levels that you offer, and helps you save money plus keeping your kegs full to satisfy the thirst your customers came in with.

Clean Lines Assurance

Ensure you make certain that your beer lines are clean in order to comply with safety and health inspections. With BeerSAVER, you can do this by showing information like how well the lines are polished and when they were last cleaned.

Run Your Business Well

With installations such as Pour my beer self taps, you can run your restaurant and bar business much better as this helps you shift your focus to other areas of importance, not just the beer kegs. This ensures successful operations in your business and increased profits. Besides that, you get accurate stock takes for the bar, and know the performance of your business.

Eliminate Source Of Shrinkage

A beverage control system for beer or alcohol eliminates loss of beer due to normal losses or over pours. This in turn gets rid of the shrinkage directly from its source. When you complement this system with a precise beer management system software, you get to manage costs, set pars, and also identify the product or brand that’s most popular, besides knowing how much stock and what you have in hand at the moment for better planning.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Majority of the customers for BeerSAVER software increase their revenue by more than 10 percent and have an ROI of more than $50,000 in the first year of business. Once they install the software, they get to recover their costs for which they spent on installing the system in the first month.



Variance reports

US BeerSAVER Beer and Wine Control System monitors over pours and unaccounted pours by tracking each draft beer or wine ounce poured from each tap, and sold on the POS.

User friendly interface

Employees are able to learn using the BeerSAVER system quickly without needing extensive training.

Online access

You can sign in from any location in the world and get report summaries on different locations.

Real time information

Use the timely information offered by BeerSAVER to stay updated and apprised of any variances and unaccounted pours.

Inventory management

As you know your current, and at hand levels of inventory, you can manage and more efficiently control your inventory.


BeerSAVER notifies you of problems immediately through messages whether you’re on or off site, so you can take necessary actions. its alerts are effective and can see where the losses happen and determine whether the system, changes not made for line IDing with POS and staff errors, line cleaning, or off pours happen.

Automatic emails

Alerts and reports can be emailed to you automatically without you having to log in to your BeerSAVER account.

Automatic Printing

Automatically print daily reports without having to sign in to your BeerSAVER account.

Line cleaning reports

BeerSAVER reports show when the beer line cleanings were performed last, and how well they were cleaned.

Time stamped transactions

Sales and pour data are time stamped in BeerSAVER.

Monitor Over 1000 Taps

With BeerSAVER you can monitor more than 1000 taps simultaneously in each location.

BeerSAVER control box

Each box in BeerSAVER is able to monitor up to 24 taps.

Internet Failure Protection

With BeerSAVER’s control box, information is backed up for up to seven days and data is sent to its server once the internet connection is restored or re-established.

Backup Battery

With more than two hours of battery power available, BeerSAVER records every event even when there is a power failure.

PCI Compliant

BeerSAVER is payment card industry (PCI) compliant.

Data Backup

All sales and pours data are backed up on the BeerSAVER server.

Web based

BeerSAVER’s draft beer monitoring system is web-based thus can be accessed from any device, through your computer, at work or at home, as well as through the BeerSAVER App.

Flow meter technology

With the BeerSAVER advanced flow meter technology, the system is able to track what is actually rung up on the customer’s POS system versus what is poured in real time, and keeps staff accountable for every aspect of your inventory down to the minute.


Although the BeerSAVER site doesn’t publish the official pricing plans and details, its payment plans are three, and include the monthly, semi-annual and annual payment plans. You can pay for the subscription using MasterCard or Visa – they’re acceptable as payment forms with BeerSAVER.

Technical Details

Devices: Android, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages supported: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment

Customer Type: Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • FAQs
  • Live chat
  • Social media:YouTube,Twitter,Facebook
  • Online form
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