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Full Basecamp Time Tracking Software Review – All you need to know about Basecamp


Are you looking for an effective time tracking software to monitor all your work-related activities? Look no further with Basecamp.

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Business organisations in different industries face challenges every day on how best to monitor the time taken by their employees to complete tasks assigned to them. Some of the best offices practices like single project management and chat application when implemented seem to have no effect at all.

Furthermore, not all tasks in the workplace are always duly assigned to the right person at the right time. Since there are no ways or methods of taking into accounts what needs to be done to manage both employee and project perfectly well, the company run into problems.

Needless to say, most of the problems teams face during project management is how well to sort through the task given to them in order to beat the deadline. Besides, business organizations experience problems due to issues such as communication gaps, disagreement, preventable emergencies, running behind schedules, etc.

On the other hand, streamlining work-related process brings relief to both project managers, employees, team members and the whole company as a whole. Different business solutions can streamline project management processes; however, but not all business software can be as impactful like time tracking software.

Implementing a time to track software in a work environment not only tracks time spent on task but it also helps in streamlining the overall project management process. With a time tracking software such as Basecamp, you can monitor the time taken to complete a particular task within your business environment.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp, formerly called 37signals is a simple online project management solution that assists companies and individuals to effectively handle their project or related tasks. This cloud-based time tracking software allows users to create projects, assign tasks to members and set start and due dates on the platform.

basecampIn addition, Basecamp is reputable as a time tracking software most especially by typical users such as freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses. Besides, Basecamp tracking software is an efficient communication software for keeping all members of a team on the same page.

Furthermore, Basecamp allows project managers to invite unlimited members to participate in a particular project; therefore, only invited members can see the project they are being invited to. Also, Basecamp allows users to prioritize tasks along with due dates thereby ensuring prioritization of tasks related to a particular project.

Basecamp time tracking software is used by popular customers with over 3 million users across different industries. Moreover, Basecamp comes with an intuitive user interface with three homepage options namely Project HQ, Team HQ, and Company HQ.

Nevertheless, Basecamp time tracking software also comes with mobile applications for mobile devices such as iOS and Android. The mobile application comes in three versions i.e. Basecamp 1, Basecamp 2, and Basecamp 3. With any of the mobile applications, users can streamline project management processes without issues on-the-go.

By implementing Basecamp as a time tracking software for your business, your employees can create, manage, and track time taken on projects from any platform whether mobile or desktop devices.

Benefits of Basecamp Time Tracking Software

Easy to Use

No technical knowledge is needed to utilize Basecamp time tracking software. Basecamp facilitates effective project assignment; therefore, team members can easily know what task they have to complete and the deadline for the assigned task. Moreover, project managers or administrators can effectively monitor the time taken by each employee related to available business projects.


Basecamp not only keeps track of your project but also allows you and your team members to communicate effectively on the platform. For instance, Basecamp allows team members to ask questions related to an assigned task. Nevertheless, Basecamp time tracking software enables virtual communication across business environment thereby leading to enhanced team chemistry.

File organisation

basecampWith Basecamp time tracking software, you can streamline your document management process so as to focus on other important business aspects. Basecamp comes with a centralized storage for storing project related files thereby providing users with easy access to important project files.

Saves time

Basecamp eliminates time-wasting due to project management activities, unlike redundant project management techniques. This time tracking software is built with advanced technologies which facilitate real-time task monitoring and project progress reporting. With Basecamp, you can easily track progress made on each task right from your dashboard.


With three superb versions, Basecamp time tracking software just seems to be getting better and better. Basecamp allows users to easily switch from one version to the other on the platform. Nevertheless, data entered on the platform are not altered after switching to a different Basecamp version.

Excellent support

basecampBasecamp offers one of the best after-sales support for its users in the time tracking field. Users can easily reach the technical support team via phone or email. In addition, they run a technical assistance centre which guides users on the setup process of Basecamp software.

Key Features of Basecamp Time Tracking Software

User-friendly interface

Basecamp time tracking software utilizes a simple, visual user interface which helps users to efficiently manage personal or shared tasks and projects efficiently. This time tracking software comes with a comprehensive dashboard which provides the user with a visual overview of all their to-dos, discussions, events, files, documents, etc all in a single glance.

Project Tracking

basecampBasecamp Time Tracking Software comes with project tracking tool which works together with time tracking in order to provide users with an effective project management platform. The progress tracking tool tracks all the progress made by every invited member working on a task and records it. In addition, this tool also tracks time spent on completing an assigned task.

Task History

All task assigned to a particular employee or member can be seen on past record archived by the platform. Basecamp time tracking software highlights the task history as one of its key feature which enables project managers to monitor and track the past history of the task already assigned thereby preventing problems such as re-assigning the same task to the same person. With the task history, project managers or administrators can efficiently evaluate team members’ capabilities in related to any assigned tasks.


basecampBasecamp time tracking software comes with a scheduling tool for streamlining task management process on the platform. This tool allows users to schedule tasks by setting parameters such as ‘start date’ and ‘due dates’ for each task. In addition, the scheduling tool also allows users to schedule tasks based on time duration which then expires after a particular time.


Basecamp comes with forum feature which allows team members to communicate easily in relation to the same project on the platform. Team members can ask questions concerning a particular topic and get replies to questions asked on Basecamp.


Basecamp time tracking software comes with an autosave feature which automatically saves work done or entered data on the platform in case of an interrupting event. Users can easily access their current activity on the platform after events such as web browser shutdown, system crash, internet service disruption, etc.


Basecamp time tracking software provides users with different templates for any type of project in order to kick-start a new project. The templates library consists of customizable project templates which are applicable to all kinds of projects. Therefore, project managers can customize available project template based on their preference.

Mobile Applications

Basecamp time tracking software comes with Android and iOS mobile applications which replicate similar features of the Basecamp web version. Nevertheless, the mobile applications allow you to monitor the time taken for assigned task or task progress, discuss on forums, send instant messages, and many more.

Other features of the Basecamp Time Tracking Software include:

  • @mentions
  • Activity management
  • Agenda view
  • Assignment management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Basecamp API
  • Chat functionality
  • Client projects
  • Commenting
  • Deadline Tracking
  • Document management
  • Email Invitations & Reminders
  • Emoji
  • Employee profile
  • Event organization
  • File & document sharing
  • File management
  • File storage
  • File upload
  • Google integration
  • Group discussions
  • Group discussions
  • Group summary report
  • Messageboard
  • Permission management
  • Productivity reporting
  • Project management
  • Project notes
  • Role-based permissions
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Search Functionality


basecampBasecamp time tracking software is applicable to all team-based organizations such as midsized business, large enterprise, or even NGOs.

Basecamp time tracking software offers a flat rate pricing option for business users irrespective of their projects or team members. Therefore, intending business users can subscribe to their pricing plan without having to subscribe for individual team members.

Intending users can also test out Basecamp features for a period of 30 days at no cost. Regardless, here is the pricing plan for Basecamp time tracking software:

Flat Fee – $99

  • Automatic check-ins
  • Documents
  • File storage
  • Messages
  • Real-time Chat
  • Schedules
  • To-do lists


Basecamp offers free accounts for students & teachers as well as massively discounted pricing for non-profits organizations.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone/iPad

Locations serviced: Australia, Canada, China, India, Latin America, United Kingdom, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

Pricing model: Quote-based, Monthly payment, Annual subscription

Supported Languages: Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Finnish, English, Dutch.

Customer Types: Professionals, Small business, midsized business, Non-profits, large enterprise

Integration: Akita, Asana, AssessTEAM, Automate.io, Calamari, ClickUp, CoSchedule, Cyfe, DNS Check, Doorbell.io, Dropbox, Easy Insight, eazyBI, Eventbrite, Everhour, Evernote, Float, Formstack, Freshdesk, Ganttify, GitHub, Gmail, Google Calendar, Gravity Forms, Harvest, Hub staff, Instabug, JIRA Software, JotForm, Klipfolio, Lucid Meetings, MangoBoard, mediatrigger.io, Minterapp, OAuth.io, OmniFocus, Pipedrive, Pivotal Tracker, pocket, Project Buddy, Proposify, Resource Guru, ScrumDo, Slack, Slickplan, SupportBee, TaskClone, TestLodge, Tick, Time Doctor, TimeCamp, Todoist, Trello, Unito, Unito.io To-Do Sync, User back, Usersnap, Usersnap Classic, Work Bins Outlook Plugin, Workbooks CRM, Workstack, Wufoo, Wunderlist, Ybug, Zapier, Zillow

API Availability: Yes, Basecamp comes with an available API for use

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

Basecamp time tracking software offers the following after-sales support:

Email Support: email@basecamp.com

Phone Support

Online or Ticket Support




Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

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