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Full Base CRM Social CRM Software Review – All You Need to Know About Base CRM

Base CRM
Base CRM

What is Base CRM?

We often look for the best software that can be used for multi-tasking purposes. Because of the emergence of new technology, companies are trying to build up different software. And this software is sold to over thousands of companies. They sell it worldwide to establish more connection with more organizations.  Furthermore, a software that has more than one function been truly beneficial.

Enterprise Software is used mostly by organizations to gratify their needs. It is also known as Enterprise Application Software. The types of organizations that usually benefit from this software are as follows: schools, user groups, clubs, charities, businesses, and even the government. It is mainly because this kind of software is created for large industries. This is also one type of software that most companies are creating nowadays.

There are different business-related tools that are serviced by an enterprise software: enterprise forms automation, online shopping, interactive product catalogue, enterprise content management, online payment processing, automated billing systems, security, customer relationship management, human resource management, occupational health and safety, collaboration, business intelligence, project management, Business Process Management, It service management, enterprise resource planning, and manufacturing.

Base CRM

Base CRM is a private type company that is based in Mountain View, California. It was established in 2009 by Uzi Schmilovici, Bart Kiszala, Pawel Niznik, Ela Madej, and Agata Mazur. Cloud computing, Mobile enterprise, CRM, solutions, and Sales Intelligence are the services that this software offers. Basically, it is under the Enterprise software industry.

Base CRM is a web-based platform that offers tools for phone dialing, pipeline management, email, reporting, forecasting, and a lot more. Although it is based in California, they also have a branch across the country at Krakow, Poland. The company has over 7000+ happy and satisfied customers. With the continuing success, they have raised a capital of $53 million dollars. Tenaya Capital, Index Ventures, RRE Ventures, OCA Ventures, I2A, and The Social+Capital Partnership are some of their investors.

This company has created a sales platform that helps businesses increase in a scalable, repeatable, and measurable way. The all-in-one solution has truly helped in increasing the data capture and rep adoption rates among all devices. It also has the capability of analyzing large data trends in real-time. Thus, providing leaders of sales with the most quantifiable and actionable insights for accelerating performance.

According to some sources, Base is rated as the number one sales and CRM mobile application. It is available for Android and iOS devices. The recorded up to date number of downloads of this application has now reached a quarter of a million. Blue Raven Solar, Cisco, Groupon, Dow Chemical, and Cook Chemical are some of the 7,000 companies that they have helped around the world. It is in their goal to help these companies take their sales to an approach that is scientific.

Base CRM Benefits

If you are not yet using Base, now is a good time to consider it. Acquiring the software will benefit not only you but also the people you work with. As mentioned above, Base CRM benefits large industries better than the small ones. However, when you learn to use it, you will know how each feature will function. Listed below are some of the benefits that this software has to offer.

User-friendly interface

When you navigate through the dashboard, you will see how neat the interface looks like. Basic computer skills can already help you go through the website easily. Everything functions intuitively. All the features are familiar even to first-time users. This is to help users gain their profit rates without the hassle of using the interface. Also, it is easy to connect the system through the help of third-party services and applications in exporting or importing data.

People behind the software are all experienced

No need to worry about anything that can go wrong with the software. The team behind the creation of this software are all experienced. Wells Fargo, Micro-Documentaries, Cisco, and Xerox are some of the companies that are responsible for the positive reputation of Base. Moreover, their innovative products are all based on the recommendations of their customers.

Outstanding Integration

Connecting Base with third-party applications is never a problem at all. In fact, integration is one of the fields that make Base an outstanding software. You can link it with your social media accounts. It is also possible to connect it with your email service provider.

Base CRM

Do business wherever you are

Worried about bringing your laptop when you must run some errands? Worry no more. There is a mobile application that you can download on your phones or tablets. Through this, you can keep track of what is happening in your work. Your work progress will automatically be synced to your mobile application. Just enter your account and you are good to go.

Support Team is very responsive

When you open the website, you can see a chatbot (Basebot) at the lower right of the screen. It is one of their help desks to give your assistance. You can also send them an email or call them through their phone number. They are very much willing to respond to your needs immediately. The support team is not only there to help you with current issues. They are also doing their best to get a quick fix for future problems that may occur.

A lot of unique features to enjoy

To make it stand out, it is necessary for the developers to add features that are unique. The uniqueness of the software makes it more attractive to more clients. And it is one of the best strategies that is used to gain more customers. These features are also beneficial to make the software be more productive.

Base CRM

Base CRM Features

To have a further understanding of what this software has to offer, the features are classified into three—All-in-One Sales Platform, Sales Acceleration Tools, and Implement & Integrate. Each of this three also have their own sub-features.

All-in-One Sales Platform


One of the basic features of Base CRM is to help increase the sales of pipeline visibility, team’s processes, and productivity.

Through this, you can improve the pipeline visibility. The user-friendly interface diminishes the friction coming from deal updates. It is to make all representatives and management have easy access every time. And, to easily collaborate and analyze relevant and up-to-date data.

This feature also makes your customers into advertisers. As you establish a good relationship with your customer, they help you advertise your product. It is one of the goals of Base—to maintain a healthy communication with their clients. A positive reputation is very important when you want your business to grow better. It is also necessary when you are working with large industries.

You can never go wrong with the team of mobile sales. The mobile application also gives a user-friendly interface that is outstanding. It is easy to comprehend and making sales through mobile application will never be complicated. Base only provides the best mobile experience they can ever give to their customers. They provide only the best because the customers deserve only the best.

With Base’s full-funnel analytics, your sales team can stay fixated on keeping the highest value deals and leads. It is done by automated scoring rules. The full-funnel analytics prioritizes leads and opportunities. It is because not all opportunities and leads are made in equal.

To fully monitor the sales, Base insights lets you expand your sales process. It provides a quick access to all the levels of the organization. Monitoring your sales becomes easier with this feature. You will know if you are making a progress. You can also monitor if there is a need to change something on your sales. It can help as well in delivering leads to the sales team.

The All-in-One Sales Platform provides you the present status of your business. You get to see the data point given to each customer. And use them as cutting edge to bring an approach that is scientific for analyzing your business. Through this, you can also predict the future of your business.

Base CRM


Communicating with your networks will never be tedious anymore. With the impeccable tools that you can use by Base, you can connect with them easily.

Your customers are always more important than the tools you use. Communicate with them via email without the hassle of switching applications. With Base, you get to spend more time knowing the concerns of your customers.

There is also a built-in dialer that you can use so you can make faster calls. Calls will be recorded and logged automatically to easily analyze it. Also, to make adjustments in the approach done.

Comprehensive email intelligence lets you know what is going on when you are not online. It notifies you the activities done while you were gone. You will also be notified with what your prospects are thinking about the business.


With the robust integrations and API by Base, you can connect with the tools you use often.

Out-of-the-box integrations are created to generate immediate results. You can use it to connect with the tools you use a lot. Thus, extending the benefits of Base all throughout your business.

Base APIs and SDKs creates a foundation that will lead to the success of your integration project. Work with it whether you are planning to build a major integration or just working on a side project. You’ll surely enjoy it when you use their sync services. Additionally, there is a pre-built code library that you will love using too.  

Base CRM

Sales Acceleration Tools


This tool analyzes over millions of data which points to your sales activities. It helps in unlocking the right way to increase your sales. Moreover, you have an interactive feed where you can see insights that are presented to the executive or sales manager. It creates transparency between the customer or the client.

Each progressive goal can be provided with insights. They are explored individually to see the raw data. Furthermore, recommendations can also be given to see which part needs immediate action.

The health data of CRMs are enabled for viewing by the executives and sales managers. It is to see the percentage of data that are already completed. If they see that it has a low percentage, then they will do something about it immediately.


As sales leaders, you need a productivity tool that will help you monitor your team.

Pipeline coverage and lead flow notify you the summary of your team’s performance. You’ll be the first to know if there are changes that will occur. With Close, you can relay important messages regarding the sales progress. Simply ask them and the data can be easily posted to the conversation. You can also create group calls in case there are problems that needed solving.


Looking for possible prospects? Reach can make it a lot easier.

Simply increase conversion to have more prospects coming. Create a list of target prospects and identify which are the proper professionals that you will need. Reach can also help you enhance your productivity. It ensures that your data are complete and updated. You can also discover more opportunities with the millions of connections that Base has all over the world.

Implement and Integrate

Base provides several categories that you can choose from for your integration. Choose any inspiration you want and get started.

Your success is important with Base which is why they provided a 24/7 support. There is hands-on assistance with whatever you will be needing for the success of your business.

Base CRM


To experience Base CRM, you need to prepare for possible monthly fees.

  • Starters – $45 per month; annual billing; includes Basic Sales Tracking and Customer Management.
  • Professional – $95 per month; annual billing; includes Complete CRM and Reporting for growing businesses.
  • Expertise – $145 per month; annual billing; includes Core Sales Platform for Data-Driven Enterprises.

Technical Details

It is supported by almost all kinds of devices—Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. When it comes to language support, the English language is used for international purposes.

Support Details

For customer support, you can contact them via email or phone number. They also provide a training or demo on their website to have a better comprehension of the software.