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Full Azendoo Social Collaboration Software Review – All You Need to Know About Azendoo


What is Azendoo?

Azendoo is a cloud based work tracking solution that allow teams to collaborate, plan, and share tasks easily. It was created on the precepts of helping individuals get the best out of their time and efforts. More than helping your team communicate better, Azendoo include several other task management and project management tools that simplify project realization. It organizes tasks and helps synchronize data for an efficient work.

Azendoo is a very agile software that can maintain your company’s To-do list and various other time consuming tasks. The software was developed to unify every aspect of your team’s performance and create a solid work tracing application that can increase team productivity.

With tools that allow users to streamline documentation, simplify file sharing, save time on project planning, and synchronize teamwork, Azendoo proves to be one of the most effective and budget-friendly tool. It can also effortlessly connect with many other cloud storage applications including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Office 360.

The software allows users to communicate real-time and on demand for activities and tasks the need thorough collaboration. It also includes sharing tasks, syncing projects and interacting with the entire team. The main features of this program are managing tasks and projects, as well as collaboration with other team members.


The platform offers a snooze feature and allows prioritization of high-priority ‘assigned’ or ‘marked’ tasks. Users can track their agenda on-demand which undoubtedly helps to improve time management. The time tracking feature captures time spent on projects by different collaborators, which in turns helps to calculate billable hours.

Azendoo solves much of the existing problems faced by organizations running several tasks and projects. It allows users to take control over their everyday workload and encourage them to transfer from a simple chat conversation to a complex and productive workplan, leading to task accomplishment. The discussion board is also highly customizable which makes team collaboration quite simple. Anyone can regroup each element which is normally linked to the communications board from chat, documents, and action items. The software saves you time from going through several channels to achieve a certain goal allowing you to save time and devote yourself to essential tasks.

The software was developed by Azendoo SAS, a private computer software company based in Bordeaux, France. The initial project was launched in 2010 with CEO Greg Lefort, President Ben Droulin, and Product Manager Chris Gagin spearheading company operations. Azendoo competes with several other task and project management programs, but what makes the software stand out in the market niche is its ability to promote team collaboration and project and task management at the fraction of the cost. Through crowd sourcing, the developers has also created a centralized platform for groups which allow for a simultaneous assignment of tasks, sharing of files, and staying in sync.

Azendoo assists a wide range of businesses and is the ideal software for teams working in marketing and design industry. The software is also suitable for project managers and marketing agencies in need of a simple task and project management tool. Well-known companies using the software include Pentagram, MasterCard, Intercom, Adobe, Kissmetrics, Netflix, Riot Games, HubSpot, Evernote, Box, and Coca-Cola.

Azendoo Benefits

Project managers and people working on several tasks can benefit a lot from using Zendoo because it lessens the drudgery of going from one software to another in order to perform tasks. It also assists people become more productive because of how it initiates an email-to-task strategy. Zendoo is a perfect tool for multi-department task management and work collaborations. As one of the leading tools that promote productivity, Zendoo offers a unique and user friendly solution. It lessens time spent switching between applications as the software can manage to perform multiple tasks and provide insights at a glance.

Team collaboration is one of the strongest points of using Azendoo. It has an intuitive user interface that has been beautifully crafted to make project management more interesting. The software allows proper management of tasks and streamlines real-time activities between teams. Azendoo is a reliable tool that helps your business get the most out of every project and keeps your business stay focused on the outcomes.

Azendoo helps unify the very aspect of your business with its powerful approach to task and project management. It synchronizes three important components of project success including task management, project management with the help of Azendoo’s collaborative tools. The software also tries to envision a modern approach to collaboration with its unique set of tools to boost your team’s productivity and creativity.

Task Management
  • Azendoo teamwork application offers an interface where the users can view all their jobs all at once. Users can set priority on their assigned tasks while keeping track of progress on all the pending and complete projects of each member in the group.
  • Details on the lists are accessible for users who need to accomplish a set of task before the deadline.
  • Every member can directly collaborate with each other through comments and file attachments.
  • There are dashboard discussions for every member of the group which management can organize it into one accessible site. Other messages can include real-time monitoring with reports for each task.
  • Activity feeds give live updates without inquiring for any progress reports from employees and managers.
  • The software has a robust document management centralizing communications within a group.
Document and Task Organization
  • Azendoo permits all users to save and organize their documents in one central cloud-based repository. It improves planning per tasks and project while allowing users to access files on-site.
  • All the members can share web links, files, photos, documents, and other possible attachments directly obtained from the cloud storage app.
  • A search feature helps find target files, tasks, messages, documents, etc. across the platform.
  • The messaging area also show other members who among their colleagues are active on the site, saving time for using another platform (email or SMS).
  • Users can upload or share all types of files, whether located on local drives or integrated in cloud servers.
Group Discussions
  • Azendoo has a centralized communication pattern the focuses on three important areas of project management – Topics or subjects being discussed, Tasks being disseminated, and Direct Messages from across the board. This direct approach to team collaboration dramatically cuts down time spent on sending and receiving internal online messaging or email exchanges.
  • Diversified ways to make collaboration interesting including the use of gifs, enriched messaging boards, and individual or group surveys. It strengthens team cooperation and helps facilite for a quick tool adoption. The software also allows users to share files, links, documents, and even videos within a specific conversation.


Time Tracking
  • Azendoo was developed with a built-in time tracking tool that allows users to track time spent on individual tasks and projects.
  • The time tracking tool can be set to trigger calculation of logs the time spent per task and activity.
  • The Tracking Dashboard and Time Analytics help managers determine effective time planed, gained, and overtime spent on individual tasks.
Team Projects
  • Azendoo tasks are organized based on subjects. These are all relevantly organized based on a project, group discussion, comments, and client portfolio among others. They are also considered as Workspace sub-groups, which is the best way of organizing the User-Interface.
  • Depending on discussions, information can be gathered and shared across various subjects being presented. Task and conversation tagging is a strategic way of sharing multiple information with just a single click. Highlighted subjects can be gathered and used for various other means including project templates and project duplications.
  • Azendoo has a robust way of helping individual across organization. It allows users to work anywhere they need to without compromising confidentiality and data security. It also has a role-based login access for allowing guests access to limited information.
Active Dashboards and Reports
  • Azendoo has a real-time reporting tool that allows managers to quickly view their team performance and personal activities. Reports can be easily generated, exported, and shared to managers or clients for insights.
  • The dashboard and reporting tool also helps managers understand their team and how they are faring with their work. It allows them to oversee every aspect of an individual’s performance and learn who needs more supervision.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other cloud-based data centers such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google, and Zapier.
Enterprise-grade Data Security
  • SAS 70 hosting (Type II)
  • SAML Authentication


Azendoo Features

Azendoo is a robust work tracking solution created for various customer types. The collaboration software enables teams to focus on their projects while at the same time taking full control of tasks and the workloads involved. It has a powerful way of encouraging individual members of a team to use their time productively with the use of chat conversations and taking it forward into actions. It has a wonderful notification board that simplifies task updates and integrates seamlessly with third-party applications.

Some notable features of the Azendoo Collaboration Software include:

  • Team chats and private messaging boards
  • Task approval and polling
  • Templates for various tasks and projects
  • Customizable task views (Calendar, List, Board, etc.)
  • Group and personal task lists
  • File attachments
  • Adding assignees and followers to deliverables
  • E-mail-to-task project collaboration
  • Auto-reminders and task notifications
  • Activity reminders and real-time updates
  • Goal and priority settings
  • Deadline setting
  • Subject permissions
  • Task commenting
  • Seamless integration with Box, Google Apps, Office 360, Dropbox, and Evernote
  • SALM Security Authentication (Single Sign-on)
  • SAS 70 Type II Hosting
  • Restricted guest access
  • Time tracking
  • Customizable reports
  • Smartphone support (Android and iPhone)




The Azendoo collaboration platform allow users to select their preferred package from the simple pricing plan: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. The developers follow three pricing models including: the Monthly Payments, Annual Subscription, and a Quote-pricing Plan for some of its additional features. They also offer a 14-day free trial where users can later adopt the per user/month subscription plan.

Team Plan – $9/user per month for the monthly billing or $7.50/user per month for an annual billing

  • Azendoo Collaboration features
  • Projects and teams (Unlimited)
  • Seamless integration with more than 400 apps
  • 5 GB Storage/team member
  • Live Chat Support (In-app)

Business Plan – $14/user per month billed annually

  • Azendoo Collaboration features
  • Projects and teams (Unlimited)
  • Seamless integration with more than 400 apps
  • 10 GB Storage/team member
  • Voice and video calls (will be implemented on the next upgrade)
  • Online education
  • Invoice billing
  • Email and voice support

Enterprise Plan – Request by quote

  • Azendoo Collaboration features
  • Projects and teams (Unlimited)
  • Seamless integration with more than 400 apps
  • 50 GB storage/team member
  • Voice and video calls (will be implemented on the next upgrade)
  • Document exports and dashboard reporting
  • User provisioning
  • Team migration
  • Guaranteed SLA Uptime
  • Assistance for On-site onboarding
  • On-site education
  • Invoice billing
  • Email and voice support

Time-tracking Add-onAdditional $5 per user per month included to the annual billing

  • Time per task (Schedule and Accumulations)
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Desktop, mobile and browser available
  • Exports and reporting (Customizable)


Technical Details

Supported Devices

Azendoo is a web-based platform that works on devices running the latest OS versions. It works perfectly with smartphones running on Andoid and iOS. The software also runs on the latest versions of Windows and Mac.

Target Market

Azendoo was developed for marketing teams, project managers, marketing agencies, team leaders, and teams working for organizations in different types of sector including design and freelance works.


The software is available in several languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, and Swedish.


Azendoo has a cloud-hosted deployment which securely makes your data available in any device. It has an open Application Programming Interface (API) that lets you easily connect with other business tools.


Support Details

For questions about the product, its features, and pricing interested parties can contact the Azendoo Sales Team at sales@azendoo.com or contact their hotline number at +1 888-269-3795.

An online form is also available for those who has enquiries about the software. You can fill out the form here.

Azendoo also has a downloadable Getting Started PDF file for companies trying to integrate the software into their existing platform. The FAQ and Learning Center is also available on their webisite for quick references.