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Full Avatax Tax Software Review – All You Need to Know About Avatax


What is Avatax?

Avatax is tax compliance program and one of the business solution system developed by Avalara. They developed different types of software for every specific aspect of your business. Avatax was specially designed to be an efficient and scalable solution for tax compliance and sales automation. The software’s features are superior and genuinely innovative and effective for bringing value to different sizes and types of businesses. Some would likely expect Avatax to be just a mere tax computing software, but in contrary, Avatax has so much more to offer rather than being a very simple and meek tax calculator.

Avalara’s Avatax is a full package in terms of tax compliance and computations, it has numerous pointers and compliance standards to answer to the requirements of every aspect of your business transactions. The software itself has a variety of very useful integrations and functions. It also has a very long history of being dubbed as one of the sales industries favorite automation product and has served hundreds of prominent companies.

Avatax had helped thousands of clients in accurately calculating their taxes and sales based on the latest data. The software provides integrations with a number of 600 programs that are commonly used in businesses such as CRM, Billing, E-commerce, POS, ERP and more. They also handle GST, VAT and other taxes for services and products across numerous tax jurisdictions. Their system can also support a hassle-free connectivity to different applications with a vigorous developer toolkit. AvaTax is also a cloud-based software which means it has a better accessibility and security, plus, the interface of the system is very easy to use and can be implanted immediately so that you will get your return on investment in no time.


Avalara, in general, is a company that specializes in business tax compliance, so you can guarantee that choosing Avatax would really support you with your tax obligations. They offer effective and clear-cut solutions in enabling your company or business to fulfill and comply with their requirements in terms of tax requirements in a correct and timely manner. It doesn’t matter what type of business tax your company is trying to comply.

Whether it’s state tax obligations or local tax obligations, Avalara has the best set of programs for you. Every year, Avalara is happy to serve customers in different industries by processing and automating millions to billions of different tax transactions, and files more than millions of tax return transaction, has managed to process millions of tax exemption certificates and other files and documents for compliance. Their main headquarter is located in Seattle, but they also have offices around the world such as in Belgium, U.K, Brazil, India and across the US. The system installs in a total of 30 days, covering 1,800 trades per second, and handles a number of 4 billion trades to fully answer the needs of huge companies equally with small businesses.

Avatax Benefits

 Achieve Accurate Calculations

 Accurate calculations can be easily achieved if data on hand only consists of numbers that needed to be computed using common and easy methods and formulas. However, that is not the case in the accounting world especially in tax computation that is loaded with a long list of numbers that needs to be adjusted at different rates. But how can AvaTax exactly transmute tax calculation and compliance in an easier work?

Well in the past few years, companies need to gather and fix information from different systems, and upload rate tables and search DOR manually so that they can skip noncompliance and delays in delivery. Additionally, resetting the tax requirements in the traditional way is so prone to human error and really slow. Avatax has showcased its capabilities by transforming the old conventional way of computing in an easier and efficient process.

The software proved to be really beneficial and handy in this field by setting interconnection only once, and by applying the applicable rate for every transaction without any mistakes. A built-in feature which is geolocation and address-verification scheme is also added to Avatax is added to make data more accurate, accessible, visible and it also offers a set of smart reporting feature to make taxation translucent and less intricate.

And the most exciting part is that users can summarize payments in a scheduled way, which is an extraordinary feature compared to other programs that offer the same service.

Easily Integrate

The idea of integration between software is very beneficial and delivers outstanding user satisfaction to its users, as well as gaining more profit on their own. That is basically true even if we would compare that to non-software related services. Service providers would sometimes integrate with other services to attract more customers and potential clients. That idea of integration is most used especially in Software as a Service (SaaS) market. Avatax has absorbed that idea in the most efficient and effective way possible.

As most of the customers of Avatax has pointed out, this forceful end-to-end deals automation system covers acquiescence needs impeccably, which is clearly evident in implementing pre-built integrations with almost 600 programs. This idea was intended to make Avatax functional and usable for different software infrastructure, lessen the human interaction and automatically flow information seamlessly by connecting Avatax to ERP and POS systems.

Some of the noticeable firms to be seen and can be used for this integration is NetSuite, 3rdcart, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Magento and Intact. Aside from the list of integrated programs, they also offer an open API that is available to their users and clients to connect Avatax to literally all programs that perform parallel functions. With this innovation, users can easily work on different files and methods using such integrations.


Accord with Taxation Rules

 Every business has their own variety of puzzle to deal with, but one thing is in common. They all deal with tax computation and making sure that it is ultimately precise. Tax is one of the most sensitive aspects of a business, wrong calculations could lead to disobedience and in compliance to government issued rules and laws that could also lead to a bigger law related problems. And we all know that always relying on law firms to win company cases should be a big investment.

Of all other features, AvaTax is offering detailed statistic determinations and recognizes the prerogative jurisdiction based on the exact location of your business. Consequently, it can come across even the most amalgam of rules that should be applied to your industry. Once the location is confirmed, the address is validated within and the system will intelligently associate it with a specific taxation rule.

After all, that process is completed, your concluding rate can be automatically calculated. Additionally, a more detailed summarization of the taxation activity of your company would be available in a specified period of time. And since there are several rules in terms of tax calculations, Avalara is also offering an add-on for scheming international taxation rules such as Avalara Returns, Avalara CertCapture, AvaTax Excise and many more.

Secured and Updated

 Taxation rules are ever-changing and not constant, so should as tax computing system. It’s not fair to purchase a tax computing software that doesn’t automatically update rates and rules. Aside from this matter, it should also ensure to prepare a safe environment for your company to share financial information.

We have discussed the uncompromising ability of Avatax to have an accurate computation. So it’s easy to say that in terms of security, the software should be expected to work interminably. That generally means that you can trust Avatax in storing your sensitive business data in their cloud-based system. In terms of up-to-date tax computation rates, you can heavily rely on Avatax in rule updates and real-time updated rates.

The software is specially designed to respond to a number of 12,000 taxation prerogatives and jurisdictions and100, 000 taxation rules. And once inside the system, company information is greatly supervised under the highest security standards.

Exceptional Costumer Amenity

 One of the most chased benefits from every software or Software as a Service provider is a fully responsive customer service. Of course, the software itself could still work perfectly fine after it would be installed, and clients could still benefit from its high-end features, but nothing could ever beat a responsive customer service.

Some of the Exceptional customer services Avalara could provide are: being able to contact their experts through phone or keep in touch with them directly on their website, join their customers’ community to share thoughts and ideas, absorb some of the finest product related practices they have provided and more.

With this exceptional Customer service, even employees who have little to no familiarity about tax computation could expertly drive beside an expert accountant. With you and Avalara working together, you could expect noticeable progress in your business.


Avatax Features

Returns Reporting – You can easily manage reports of financial returns, a money made or lost from different investments. Checking the probability of business gains for future investments and more.

Sourcing Rules – Offered by many inventory managing solutions, Avatax gives its clients to do sourcing rules or replenishing organization, company inventory items and many more.

Product Taxability – One of the basics of sales tax, Avatax can precisely compute the tax rates for each specific products and ensure that it coincides with the specific tax jurisdictions and rules.

GeoLocation Technology – One of the best and leading feature of the Avalara’s Avatax. Using the geolocation technology, Avatax can determine your companies’ branch location and gathers data for adjusting and applying proper and precise tax jurisdictions and rules. You can also include add-ons to calculate universal tax rules.

Built-in Integration – Avatax offers a long list of software that can be fully integrated to Avatax. You can easily work with different software and at the same time uses the functionality of Avatax in the process.

Customize Tax Rules – The nature of Avatax is to determine your location and apply the most proper tax rules, but the software also allows its client to use custom based tax rules for a distinct purpose.

Unified Tax Management – Avatax is proven to be effective in all aspect of tax management and computation, it unifies and organizes your taxes in one location so that you can easily make comparisons and business strategies.

Standard Reporting – Easily work with standard reporting to state the nature of your business institution through your financial statements and avoid having wrong financial impressions.

Management of Sales Tax Exemption – Manage and organize the tax exemptions of your dealings and sales activities easily for gaining more specific calculations of financial gains form tax exemptions.



Avalara’s pricing of services is designed to fit your business size and scope. They provide a free trial for Avatax so that business could fully apprehend the usefulness of the software in their business. The starting price is $50 per year and it’s suited for starting or small to mid-sized businesses. After that, the next pricing plans can vary in different factors such as:

  1. Number of Business – refers to the number of different businesses handled by the owner
  2. A number of Back offices – refers to the number of back-offices that handles back-office works of an individual
  3. Number of Transactions per month – refers to the volume of sales transactions handled by the company every month.
  4. A number of jurisdictions and States – refers to the number of the tax jurisdictions that the company should apply to their sales transactions.


Technical Details

Avalara’s Avatax is deployed through the installation process or can be cloud-based. It is fully compatible with different devices that run operating systems such as, Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac OS. The software also supports the English language and is suited for different business sizes.

Support Details

The system of Avalara is fully supported by their dedicated teams that aim to help their clients accomplish full reliability in their software. They provide a 24/7 chat and phone support, live supports, and ticketing system in handling different product related inquiries and questions. Aside from that, they also offer a dynamic training environment for their clients and users.