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Full AvantLink Affiliate Marketing Review – All you need to know about AvantLink


The goal of a business is to maximize profit. A rule that applies to all kinds of businesses.

But you only make a profit if people seek and buy your products. So, welcome to the world of advertising. Today, you can reach millions of potential customer on one platform. And also engage them more intimately than ever imagined possible.

But getting that scale of reach is the real issue, and that’s why affiliate marketing exists in the first place. Its workflow is simple.

One party focuses on developing a stellar product. The other party works its brows off to make sure those products are sold.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of one of the best affiliate and entrepreneur-friendly platform available. We’ll talk about AvantLink.

What is AvantLink?

AvantLink is an online affiliate marketing platform that unites marketers and businesses. They have a little over ten years’ experience in the industry. But that doesn’t take anything away from their achievements.

In their short stints, they have managed to secure a rating as one of the fastest growing online businesses. They also have recognition for a top 500 – 5000 business by Inc.

So, they know their onions.

Their platform also provides some of the best tools any marketer would dream to use. And they offer customized services depending on your needs.

How Does AvantLink Work?

While AvantLink is into affiliate marketing, it isn’t your regular affiliate marketing platform. This means if you are coming from another network then the first few moments using the app will be a learning experience.

First off, the app accepts registration for two types of account. The first is an affiliate/publisher account. The other option is to sign up as a merchant.

Affiliate Account

An AvantLink affiliate uses their own online outlets to promote the platform’s merchant listed products. If you choose to register as a merchant, then you will be subjected to some verification processes.

First, you must be able to prove that you have the outlet to reach the type of customers AvantLink wants. And this means you have to have a popular platform.

AvantLink isn’t picky. They accept websites and social media accounts. As long as these platforms have the volume and quality of traffic that they seek, you’ll get approved.

Next is to prove that you own the sites you are proposing to use to market the products on AvantLink.

AvantLink for Normal Websites

The platform will ask that you upload a code snippet to a specific section of your site. Then they proceed to verify that this code exists under your domain.

That way, fraudulent websites or unauthorized access to a website is caught and removed from the platform.

AvantLink for CMS platforms like WordPress and Blogger

The verification is a little different. You’ll have to create a blog post with some text AvantLink generates for you.

This text will serve as a homing beacon to track your claim of ownership of the site. Once completed, the system automatically checks and verifies your claim of ownership.

AvantLink for Social Media Accounts

Because you can’t access the backend, AvantLink will ask that you tag them using your account. Once you do this, send them an email, so they can complete your verification.

As soon as you are verified, you gain access to the rich network of merchants who are mostly top companies with excellent products. You’ll never tire of promoting them

Merchant Account

True, you don’t get to go through all the numerous steps affiliates have to complete to begin the platform. But AvantLink still attempts to verify your business. They do this through a detailed registration form.

Upon registration, you’ll have to supply the essential details of your business. And how you intend to use the AvantLink network. As soon as you’re done, AvantLink will contact you for final verification.

You can now post your goods in the marketplace.

Why Your Account Wasn’t Approved

Many Affiliates find that after submitting a registration form, they get bounced. And they wonder why. Well, we’ll examine some of the reasons why this happens and how you can avoid it.

1. Your Website or Social Media Account Don’t Qualify

The affiliate platform plays host to many first-rate companies and manufacturers. These merchants want to see results for what they are paying for, and hence AvantLink accepts only the top websites.

Check your website ranking on Alexa before you attempt to register your property with AvantLink. If your site sits well among the top 3 million globally, then you have a good shot.

2. You Failed the Verification Process

If the system detects that you used a false identification or filled any false information, you’ll get blacklisted. This applies to those who attempt to fill in popular websites or social media accounts that they don’t own and pass them off as theirs.

3. Your Platform is New

If your social network account or site is new, the chances are that you are yet to get the volume of traffic that AvantLink seeks. You have to wait for a little and build your traffic base. Once you hit their threshold, you’ll get called up.

Overall, AvantLink focuses on quality and not the number of affiliates. That’s how they’ve been able to build such a formidable business.

Feature of AvantLink

The affiliate platform focuses on delivering stellar service to their merchants. This they do while keeping their affiliates satisfied. That’s why they offer some of the most dynamic and robust tools in the affiliate marketing industry. Some of them are:

1. Merchant Ads Generation

For affiliates, this is a life saver tool. It allows you to create custom ad links, banners, and text for your different merchant product for free. In addition to that, it allows for customization. So if you don’t like that font or text color, you just ahead and change it.

Another good part is the affiliate links are encoded automatically. The affiliate tracking links get inserted too.

2. Affiliate Link Encoder

That you only got to know of Avanlinks recently is no reason you can’t monetize your old content. AvantLink allows you to encode affiliate links in a sitewide fashion. That way you can still monetize popular old content.

The platform does this by creating anchor links to specific keywords in your content. These links will point to keyword that you are promoting. It is automated too.

3. App Market

Developers create custom tools for affiliates and merchants on this platform. The App Market hosts these tools get posted, and anyone can access them.

The tools market improves the robustness of the AvantLink platform. With the tools, you can solve specific problems without the hassle of writing any code yourself.

4. AvantLink API

Some Affiliates would rather connect to their AvantLink accounts on a different platform like a mobile app. The reasons for this is not far-fetched. Mobile is the new king.

To allow for this fluid transition into the mobile-first trend, AvantLink provides superb APIs. These APIs let you create and develop your custom applications. They also work with all popular programming languages.

5. Robust Data Management Tools

Do you need data to inform your next affiliate move?

Or you just want to know how well your advertising is doing?

Either way, there’s a robust analytics tool for you. For most affiliates, this is more than enough for them. The devices also give you the option to monitor merchant promotions. This can help you improve how much deals you snap up in real-time.

6. Product Content Widget

In AvantLink you can create a product content widget for the products that you are advertising. The product content widget can feature a lot of customizable options such as images and text.

You can also choose your widget display format; show multiple product side by side or just show one product at a time. It’s all up to you. Note that you don’t have to add the tracker manually for the links too. AvantLink takes care of it all.

7. Custom Link Builder

To avoid your affiliate links looking like a spam bait, AvantLink provides a perfect link formatting tool. The tool allows you to modify the links that you intend to share on your platform to potential customers.

A link modification tool helps protect your reputation and win the confidence of your visitors in your offerings. AvantLink tracks these links automatically.

Pros of AvantLink

You can monetize old content and AvantLink fosters a very transparent environment. The platform also gives you the advantage of using third-party tools to boost your marketing efforts.

1. Monetizing Old content

If you don’t yet know that some of your old articles can be better used to generate income, then better get with the system. AvantLink understands this truth and they’ve provided a way for bloggers to make money from old articles without having to go through inserting the links manually. This feature is not only convenient but effective also as old articles do pack a traffic punch these days.

The flexibility of this tool also allows you to specify keyword you want to link. So when you post an article that contains this keyword, it’s automatically linked to your product.

2. Transparency

AvantLink easily wins the transparency price for both affiliates and merchants alike. For affiliates, before you get to work with any merchant, you will get a detailed overview of them.

These details are so that you can make an informed decision about wanting to work with them or not. Also, merchants with mediocre review stats are forced to upgrade their contract because fewer affiliates would want to work with them

For merchants, you get to see all your products as they get bought or sold across the network in real-time. This way you can be sure no affiliate is cornering your earnings in stealth mode

3. Robust API

Of all the benefits of AvantLink, this is the most impactful. It allows affiliates a broader reach to potential customers. Now instead of relying on one network, they can leverage other platforms like mobile phones to bring in more sales.

And of course, earn better commissions. Same applies to merchants – who ultimately benefit from this feature.

4. Powerful Brands and Products Available to Market

It’s no news that AvantLink is the affiliate network of choice for many top companies and entrepreneurs. This means as an affiliate you’ll get the chance to work with many top brands and businesses while on the AvantLink network.

You also, get to promote many top products and can expect to never run out of options for what products to promote

5. Third Party Tools Make Marketing a Breeze

For affiliates, they aren’t limited to the tools that AvantLink provides. They can also use custom apps that get posted to the AvantLink app market. These tools help you gain better insight into your marketing and advertising strategies. So before you conclude that it isn’t possible, check AvantLink’ app market first.

Cons of AvantLink

AvantLink has some drawbacks. First, it’s choosy who it lets in on the platform. Let’s explore all the downsides you might face here.

1. Very Few Affiliates Get Accepted

The verification process for AvantLink is one of the most stringent in the industry. And while merchants don’t mind, affiliates sure do. Especially young ones.

The structure of the verification process and its requirements; makes it very difficult to get accepted. This limits the number of affiliates who can tap into their rich network and make cool revenue.

2. Customer Support Could Be Better

Many AvantLink affiliates and merchants have had a run-in with the shabby customer support offered by the service. The platform doesn’t support real-time customer support. And this can be a pain because the robustness of their platform means users will run into issues once in a while.

Price and Pricing Model

AvantLink uses a flexible pricing model. Here, you get to pay for as many features as you need.

For merchants, you can request a custom quote from AvantLink to know how much it would cost you to use their platform for your business.

Affiliates get paid on a commission basis usually negotiated with their merchants. AvantLink does regulate these negotiations to ensure no one feels cheated though.

Who Can Use AvantLink

Although AvantLink uses a quote-based pricing model, the access fees are still considered steep. So if you are a small business or a start-up, you should consider some other cheaper options.

For Medium to Large Businesses, this platform is excellent for the value it provides.

Platforms Supported

AvantLink supports all mobile and PC platform. It is a cloud-hosted web application. And you can access it from any suitable device with a decent internet connection.

Customer Support

Customer support is a bit poor on this system for the quality of service they offer. But if you run into any problems while setting up your account or creating campaigns, you can reach out to them. They’ll help you sort it out. Contact them by submitting a support request.

Wrapping It Up

AvantLink is a quality focused affiliate marketing platform. This is understandable given their top-tier clientele.

What stands out for this platform is their advanced tools offer that would whet any affiliate’s appetite for marketing. Customer support could use a little improvement, but overall, it’s a reliable network for affiliate marketers.