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Full AutoCrit Grammar Checker Software Review – All you need to know about AutoCrit Grammar Checker Software

What is

AutoCrit is the web-based fiction manuscript editing software. It is for the indie writers.

This software also assists the authors to simplify the revision and editing process with the tools. It highlights concerns in above 25 areas.

Then, these are guided by this software step-by-step. It makes sure that they actually make some changes to the core elements. This software also makes their content more attractive to publishers and agents.

With the AutoCrit software, the authors could even compare manuscript to the published fiction works. So, they can see how they will stack up against these.

It offers them with the insight regarding different writing styles that are famous among readers. Hence, they could take a cue from these & emulate them for improving their writing.

AutoCrit is the cloud-based software that runs in the web browser. It has its pros and cons. You do not have to worry about its installation process. Also, your work would be easily accessible on your device with the internet connection.

What is AutoCrit?

What is

AutoCrit is the editing software for the fiction writers. It is not a substitute for the services of some professional editor.

However, it could aid you to see the areas where your content can use improvements. This tool is specifically good in identifying the little tics & common style problems in your writing.

You need to select your genre. There are several options such as young adult, generic fiction, short story, movie scripts, sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and romance.

The AutoCrit can also compare your content to some sample of the published works. Thus, it suggests several changes which might enhance your writing.

The AutoCrit software is much more than a grammar and spelling checker tool. Plus, this includes a tool to identify the homonyms which you may have missed accidentally.

To start, either you can paste the chunk of your content into its editor, or just upload the content file from the desktop. You can split the large works into several manageable chapters.

This cloud-first approach also works well. It enables you to continue your work across several devices.

Benefits of AutoCrit


It is an excellent application for the fiction writers who look for a hand with line-editing the manuscript.

There is no software that could identify plot issues, but the Autocrit does not try to.

Instead, it is to aid you in identifying the small issues that would jar the readers out of your story.

It is just a shame that there is no integration along with the word processors and cloud storage services.

Six-Fold Analysis

The AutoCrit analyzes different manuscripts that are according to 6 categories.

They include dialogue, compare to fiction, strong writing, repetition, word choice, and momentum & pacing.

Every section has some particular areas of analysis which assists writers to edit their content for an amazing outcome.

No Guesswork Editing Required

With the AutoCrit, writers could instantly find those areas which they want to edit.

This application highlights and analyzes the exact sections and words for review.

It saves their time in the process & allows them to be quite productive in the analysis.

Progress Tracking

For the authors, this is crucial to know about how far they’ve gone in the editing of their manuscripts.

That’s why the AutoCrit also comes with Fingerprint and Score features which show the writers how far they’re in polishing the work.

Dynamic Summary Report

Along with the AutoCrit, you do not need for the writers to pore over anything from the starting of your manuscript.

This software also analyzes the whole content. It gives a summary which tells the writers where they must start doing their editing. This also gives them some precise recommendations.

Published Fiction Comparison

The AutoCrit software allows veteran and new authors alike to just compare the manuscripts along with some published fiction writings of other writers.

This software got a proprietary algorithm. It lets authors select a genre with which to assess their story.

Word-by-Word Analysis

The AutoCrit assists authors to make sure that the stories have some nice flow word-wise. It means that the tool points out the excessive use of specific words. This also suggests that how many repetitions should be eliminated to decrease redundancy.

Crush Excess Adverbs

The AutoCrit would show you not just how many adverbs you have used. Rather, it will also identify whether you have used so many as compared to the published books in the genre.

Features of AutoCrit


Let us look at some of the AutoCrit’s core features:

Weed Out Cliches

The AutoCrit can spot the clichés. Hence, you could make sure that your content is original. In case you have defaulted accidentally to some phrase that you have used before. Then, this software would identify it hence you could keep the prose fresh.

Well Organized

The AutoCrit tool is well-organized software. It also provides a lot of info in the clean interface.

This software also reveals the excess of passive voice, generic descriptions, and so many initial names, pronouns, and “ing” words. The software can detect the “ly” adverbs if writers use them excessively.

The Reports


There is a lot that is going on in AutoCrit software editor. There’s a summary that is also called Fingerprint. This goes over the copy as a whole and thus it gives a broad rating.

So, there are some other categories as well. They are all actually broken down into a few subcategories.

Plus, for each of these subcategories, you’d run a bit more particular report. It would show you results on the actual document.

When you do run the latest reports. Then, you might click through some other areas of the improvement to see these advanced reports as well.

No Automatic Changes

Probably it is the best feature of the AutoCrit. It is that this software does not do.

This does not make any changes to the work as acting as the tool knows much better than you as the author.

In case this had done that. Then, it would not be something extraordinary than other tools available on the market.

It solves your issues instantly by highlighting the potential problems to your attention.

Tailored Customization

Whilst it is a relative feature of less importance that is tucked under the Word Choice report section. You could use the AutoCrit to aid you in eliminating the words that you generally tend to abuse.

For instance, you abuse a word that is “just.” Then, you could add this to your list of the “personal words & phrases.” So, you have the AutoCrit wag its virtual finger at you if you overuse it.

Plus, this feature is just available with your Professional-level membership.

Quick Processing

You must have much of the testing for the review that involves running flash fiction via AutoCrit. The good timing is when the review request comes in right while you need to revise a few pieces for your new flash fiction blog.

Its reports take almost no time in order to load. You will especially notice this thing with your stories of just a few hundred words.

You can test this further as well. If you paste in almost about 50,000 words from your novel’s 1st draft. Then, to your surprise, the AutoCrit will process your reports on this so quickly.

Simple to Use

You will get 2 menu levels. The first one is that you select the area of your content that you would like to work on. It includes Pacing and Momentum, Repetition, Dialogue, Word Choice, Strong, and Writing.

Also, you could select to compare the writing material to some published fiction.

So, there will appear a sub-menu pop-up. This pop-up allows you to select the report that you need to run.

For instance, under the Strong Writing, you will find Redundancies, Adverbs, Clichés, Passive Voice, Telling vs. Showing, and Unnecessary Filler Words.

Areas for the improvement are also highlighted in the text. It is on the left of the screen. Your right panel also lists them. Hence, you could see all the problematic areas quickly.


You could easily print or even email your documents directly from the AutoCrit. Users can also save them to the desktop. However, it is a shame that there are no integrations with services like DropBox and OneDrive.

When your writing is in place then you get a suggestion to run the summary report. There is also an overall score, although it seems a bit arbitrary. It is the comprehensive reports.

They provide the most helpful information. This software also encourages you in working through the manuscript of your line by line. The application considers your word choices as well.

In case you are going to implement all of your software’s suggestions. Then, it may leave the work feeling like strangely stilted. However, it is totally up to you that whether you actually act on these or not. The Autocrit also does not make any specific changes automatically.

Autocrit subscription is a bit expensive that is at US 29.97 dollars (almost about 20 pounds or AUS 40 dollars) per month. Hence, we would not recommend investing in until you are ready for comprehensive line-editing. You could get a sample analysis as well by just pasting a little chunk of the text into its homepage.

The AutoCrit software offers unlimited access to the features to its members for only 29.97 dollars per month. Also, there are not any closed subscriptions or enterprise pricing contracts, and the users could cancel anytime.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The AutoCrit software is quite compatible with all devices which are available on the market.

Plus, this characteristic makes this software easily accessible from everywhere around the globe.

The AutoCrit checker tool supports Windows, Mac, and web-based devices.

Language Support

AutoCrit software supports only one language that is English.

Pricing Model

The pricing plan of the AutoCrit tool is very simple to understand. There is only 1 main pricing package available and you will love it while using it.

The writers can easily buy its monthly payment model. You must keep this in your mind that its monthly pricing model has several features. This software does not offer any free plan.

Customer Types

In case you look at the features of its monthly pricing plan that the AutoCrit software provides. Then, you would know that the AutoCrit tool is suitable for the specific type of customers.

The application is appropriate for the Freelancers. So, there is a pricing plan that would most likely be a perfect fit for the freelancers.


The AutoCrit software is typically versatile in terms of deployment. It uses the cloud-based hosting.

Support Details

The team of customer support service of the AutoCrit tool offers essential help. It solves its customers’ issues & guides them via different communication channels. Its communication channels include email and phone.

The professional customer support team of this software aids in troubleshooting and conflict resolution. It provides essential help by focuses on the particular issue.

Its customer team also goes beyond aiding its customers to solve a particular issue. The team also exchanges ideas & assists the users to get more advantages out of the product or service which they have bought.

AutoCrit software offers a professional team to aid their customers at any time.


The AutoCrit software aims mainly at the writers of fiction. It may also be helpful for the editors of fiction. This software claims to check the repetition, dialog, word choice, writing strength, and much more.

Also, this compares the manuscript to some other works of the fiction. Thus, it makes you able to see how yours actually stacks up. Plus, you could take a small tour & find its features.

The AutoCrit also lets you check the writing sample online. However, it would not give a complete report unless you make your account for the monthly subscription that is 29.97 dollars.

And, you could cancel that at any time & get a complete refund within the very first 14 days of its use.

If you want to view what the complete report includes then just sign up. Then, submit your short fiction story, if you are interested.

Analysis of the AutoCrit is quite interesting. Though, this software is a bit difficult to run, but this tool discusses every area on the individual web page.