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Full Assemble Insight Building Information Software Review – All You Need To Know About Assemble Insight

Assemble Insight

As much as building owners don’t directly use building information modeling software, they are overtime and increasingly coming to recognize the value of BIM on their construction and/or engineering projects.

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A report published by McGraw Hill Construction dubbed “The Business Value of BIM for Owners, revealed several key trends, one of which was related directly to BIM’s perceived benefits. Some of the top BIM benefits owners shared, from the report, include:

  • Better understanding of design using BIM visualization
  • Less construction problems from deficient coordination or documents
  • Well reasoned designs that benefit the impact of the project’s schedule due to BIM analysis

The report reaffirmed what is now being witnessed in the client base for the AEC industry, as owners become more involved actively throughout the building or construction project lifecycle.

Thus, contractors today have turned to technology for management of this evolving relationship.

Assemble Systems created Assemble Insight, so that AEC professionals can implement technology in their workflows, thus make BIM data accessible to all team members of a project including owners, and easy to digest.

What is Assemble Insight?

Assemble Insight

Assemble Systems, the creators of Assemble Insight, is an Autodesk Company (after its acquisition) that provides a SaaS solution, acting as a hub consuming BIM models, point clouds and drawings.

Assemble Insight is a cloud-based solution for data management designed for use by AEC professionals. This building information modeling software unlocks the power of BIM to create intelligent building information that’ll be used across the whole project’s lifecycle.

Assemble Insight also delivers information and speed needed in business to make work with models viable from pre-construction phase down to handover.

It is enhanced with model federation for immediate delivery of value to its customers, empowering teams to visualize the overall project, while quantifying changes across multiple iterations of the models.

The solution helps professionals in the construction industry to query, condition, and connect data to key workflows such as estimating, bid management, project management, site management, scheduling, and finance.

Today, the BIM software is used by more than 170 companies including a quarter of ENR 400 customer list, and on more than 1000 construction sites and offices globally.

The web-based 3D solution allows you to add coding, extract meta data, connect and collaborate such that project personnel make better decisions and deliver projects in budget and on time.

Project teams can analyze, access, condition, as well as share building information that is model-based to improve preconstruction/construction processes like takeoffs, design reviews, estimating, value engineering, change management, and schedule management.


Assemble Insight

Publish models in minutes

Assemble Insight allows you to publish models in minutes after extracting model information from authoring tools, which send the data to the cloud so your team can use and access it from a web browser. The Add-in for Revit and AutoCAD make this possible plus you get to visualize the model, the model’s quantities and other information critical to the mission, whether you’re a BIM expert or not.

Manage data sets

Assemble Insight provides advanced capabilities for data management to streamline BIM activities with greater accuracy and efficiency. You can access, organize, edit as well as manage construction and design data sets throughout the lifecycle of your project. Your whole team for the project can add intelligence, access model data, and condition BIM data into information that is actionable.

Define and share

With the Assemble Insight cloud-based solution, stakeholders and team members of your projects can access the BIM data needed, when they need it and from any location or place they work from. Versioning also makes sure your team members work on the same information, while defining and sharing specific data sets in file formats that are common.

Benefits to users

General contractors

Assemble Insight gives instant access to BIM data that helps in streamlining business processes for improved efficiency, productivity, safety, and quality on projects. In this way, the BIM software helps building owners:

  • Stay competitive as BIM deliverables are required, and more top contractors use BIM for winning work and productivity
  • Collaborate with project stakeholders by allowing contractors to mange and share model data with stakeholders such as owners, architects, subcontractors, and engineers, thus the entire team has project information for improving efficiency and communication
  • Improving workflows as project teams can access, quantify, analyze, condition, organize as well as share model information any time and anywhere. Assemble Insight gives access to model data to improve AEC processes, BIM workflows, and predictability of projects
  • Enhance pre-construction and construction processes by streamlining a variety of data workflows during preconstruction/construction processes such as takeoffs, design reviews, estimating, value engineering change & schedule management.
Instant access to BIM

Contractors can manage more BIM projects and become leaders in the AEC market. Assemble Insight increases collaboration with data-centric reports and gives the BIM to the whole team so they get quick access to information for data-driven and timely decisions.

Manage and visualize data

With Assemble Insight, general contractors get to visualize data in the model’s context for a better understanding of the scope and identifies changes early enough so as to make informed decisions. They can also validate subcontractor bids, quantities, and model changes in a few minutes.

Improve model quality

Contractors can access and examine model properties for quick identification or incorrect or missing information. You can manage and modify model properties for better information organization while assuring quality for specified downstream BIM workflows.

Perform rapid model takeoff

Contractors can extract quantities in just seconds based on the most updated and accurate data in the BIM model and break down costs by scope easily so as to quickly validate quantities for subcontractors.

Improve change management

You can access all changes between model iterations instantly as you visually highlight model updates plus associated quantities such that users dig in quickly and understand scope and budget implications from the project’s changes.

Improve project outcomes

You can also identify problems much earlier in the process of building and reduce expensive rework during construction. Teams can mitigate risks to the bottom by letting all stakeholders access model data that is consistent, current, and accurate through the whole project for better decision making.

Avoid budget overruns

Contractors can identify and/or propose changes to cut on cost while maintaining functional performance and quality.

Increase owner satisfaction

You can keep owners in the loop as their vision is activated using improved communication. It also helps retain clients while improving relationships in the business. Your team can be empowered to deliver projects on time and within the specified budget.

Pre-construction Estimating Teams

Accurate estimates can make all the difference between losing or winning work and Assemble Insight helps you make this possible by letting preconstruction teams:

  • Stay competitive to win more projects while leveraging BIM for creation of more accurate estimates
  • Immediately quantify design changes upon visualizing them, through the preconstruction efforts that impact schedules and costs
  • Automate quantity takeoff by freeing estimators from the tedious tasks of counting objects manually. Assemble Insight lets you visualize quantities easily in 3D to understand complexity, scope and design intent while spending time on high value work.
  • Work smarter, faster, and with more accuracy to bid more jobs and win more as well

VDC/BIM Managers

VDC/BIM managers get instant access to BIM data so as to visualize projects, increase productivity, while sharing data with the team without knowledge of Revit. Specifically, its benefits help VDC/BIM managers:

  • Access and examine model properties easily and quickly to identify incorrect or missing information while assuring quality of data for collaborative BIM activities
  • Organize project data by giving instant access to complete inventory for projects so they can organize project data easily by user-defined parameters like WBS, bid-package or work activity codes
  • Condition model for advanced workflows by adding, managing, modifying and syncing model properties easily to condition model information for specified workflows. It helps them create change reports for validation of data accuracies as models develop
  • Extend limited VDC and BIM resources by simplifying implementation of BIM for non-Revit users while sharing model data with the team for better decision making
  • Flexible organization of model inventories by bid package, breakdown structure, or assembly type. You can also group and filter model data using any property for an increased insight into the project
  • Instant BIM access whether you’re an estimator, owner, superintendent or project manager, such that the VDC/BIM team can empower stakeholders regardless of their experience with BIM to access, analyze and share data for better outcomes
  • Increases owner satisfaction by offering model insight to owners during design and preconstruction. Budget visualization enhances decision making, so its faster and communication is more transparent
  • Manage changes and automate quantity takeoff by increasing bid accuracy upon extracting quantities in seconds based on the updated and most accurate data in the model. Teams can also visualize and quantify model changes quickly between model iterations in minutes
  • Manage custom parameters for Vico, Synchro or Timeliner syncing back to Revit model for easy update scheduling or phasing. Data sets can be integrated with the model via Ms-Excel for quantities to be associated with scheduling, procurement, or logistics

Assemble Insight

Rapid Model-Based Takeoff

Assemble Insight lets you extract comprehensive visual inventories while gaining insight into each model parameter whether shared, custom or project-based in just minutes. For quick insight and verification of budget and cost implications, you can add unit costs.

Visual Variance Reporting

Find changes in models faster using the Visual Variance tool. Each new model, you can run variance to show model deducts/adds and quantity changes graphically and track changes on any model property such as area, cost, weight and length.

Web browser

This gives the team instant access to BIM while collaborating to support real time and data drive bid, design, and construction decisions without having Revit skills.

Conceptual Estimating

This supports early budgeting based on your unit cost database, while projects are still in design. Together with variance reporting, the conceptual estimate tracks project trends quickly, as you publish out new versions of models.

Organize Inventory by Color

Assemble Insight lets you add color to the model to communicate to team members that they need the information, or manage work breakdown estimates, structures or schedules.

Level of Development Tracking

LOD Tracking helps you clearly understand progression of the model during design. You can edit or verify LOD accurately and quickly, then send it back with Sync feature, or visualize objects easily based on a specific LOD.

Create Precise Data Sets

Views lets you organize information as you or your team needs to see it. You can use multiple parameters and additive/subtractive rules for advanced filtering, and create more precise data sets.


This lets teams update critical model information while adding intelligence in the Revit interface that is easy to use. You can sync information back to the Revit model for reduction of redundancies and building of robust models.

Export/Import to Excel

Custom data sets can be exported to Ms-Excel for customizable, fast reporting and analysis. Excel Import facilitates the easy uploading of data to Assemble Insight and with Sync, it streamlines your ability to modify and add large model information amounts with better accuracy and efficiency.

Export to Navisworks Search Sets

Assemble Insight integrates with Navisworks for visual dimension to tabular data in the inventory. Custom data sets can be exported to Navisworks search sets for easy view of identifiable graphic selections.

Secure Access on AWS GovCloud

BIM data can be accessed and managed in a highly secure environment that meets security requirements of federal government.


Assemble Insight pricing plans aren’t published on the official Assemble Systems brand website. For more information, contact Assemble Systems and request for an enterprise pricing quote.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Quotation-based

Customer Types: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud-hosted

Integrations: Autodesk Revit, iSqFt, Autodesk Navisworks, Microsoft Excel, Procore, IFC files

Support Details

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Support forum
  • FAQs
  • Getting Started guide
  • Request form (online)
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