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Full Aspec Sales Automation Software Review – All You Need To Know About Aspec


The digital era has brought with it many changes and opportunities. It has allowed companies and customers to interact and never have to meet face to face.

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It has opened business opportunities not only locally but globally. Customers can interact with companies far away from their location and still access their products or services.

To take advantage of these opportunities however, companies need to have the right tools. Without these tools they will most likely loose on adding these new sources of revenue to their portfolio.

They unpredictable nature of customers has also forced companies to adapt to keep up. To stay relevant companies have had to embrace the new customer preferences.

Because consumer needs change every day, companies need a solution that is able to identify these changes and help management to always steer their company every time the customer needs change.

To deliver an exceptional customer experience, companies need to use integrated solutions.

A solution that helps to minimize time spent on manual tasks so as to maximize time on converting more sales is what is needed. A solution that makes work easier and still achieves more productivity.

Sales automation software is the solution. It helps to automate the selling process and even generates leads to be followed up. It helps sales teams keep up with the changing sales trends performs the tedious administrative tasks to allow sales reps to concentrate on improving sales revenues.

ASPEC, a sales automation software, empowers your sales teams with opportunity management and sales tracking while equipping them to meet their targets.

What is ASPEC?


ASPEC stands for Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer. It is a unique CRM platform that also performs the role of a sales automation software.  It empowers sales teams with opportunity management and sales tracking abilities.  It helps combine all CRM details with sales processes and methods to better equip sales teams to meet their targets.

It simplifies the work of a sales person by streamlining the many sales opportunities available to them into a manageable workflow. It analyses individual opportunities through its algorithms to compute probabilities of pursuing certain opportunities. It allows sales reps to focus on opportunities that will yield more gains and over a long period of time.

Its features also help save time and resources within the sales cycles. These features are; import and export, customer information, powerful filters, integration, notifications, forecasts and many others. It can be deployed by businesses of all sizes and even freelancers. It works best with the Microsoft and iOS operating systems.



Combines CRM and sales

Companies in most cases tend to deploy separate systems to handle sales and CRM functions. Rarely, do you find a product which combines both functions. ASPEC combines your CRM platform with its sales-centric capabilities. Companies are able to use a powerful engine comprised of vital information and sales processes. This guarantees success through increased sales volume hence generating more revenue.

Strategy design and execution

Sales teams are able to craft leads and sales methods from the information shared through the CRM. Equipped with all the information contained within the CRM, sales teams are able to get various insights. These insights show how to best position their products and services to consumers. This guarantees increased productivity and generates reliable and consistent strategies.

Centralized workstation

The software gathers all the leads and sales opportunities and centralizes them into a singular location. This leads to increased communication and collaboration among sales teams because of the access to the shared workstation. It also makes working on projects much easier and quicker. Sales leaders are also able to keep tabs on all their workers from one location. It also clearly indicates which sales agent is dealing with a particular lead or sale opportunity. This helps to avoid sabotage among the sales staff by snatching clients from other sales reps.


A centralized workstation upholds transparency among the salespeople. This is important especially when handling projects. Everyone is able to view how work has been allocated and to whom. It eliminates the blame game among employees and promotes accountability and responsibility.

Minimal user input

Users may tend to back off from an application because of its algorithms and technical details. With ASPEC, there is no need to fear as the software performs its computations requiring minimal inputs from users. This emphasis more its friendly user experience.

Custom templates

ASPEC allows its users to create their own templates. This helps in gathering information on opportunities to allow the system to analyse it. This is useful when generating reports. Sales teams are able to customize their own reports depending on the feedback they are interested in.

Reduced administrative tasks

By automating most tasks sales reps have reduced administrative duties and are able to concentrate on increasing revenues. An example of this would be the CRM capabilities of ASPEC. Users are able to perform quick data entries and do not need to replicate this data on multiple forms. ASPEC adds this info on to its platform within minutes. By providing a search feature sales agents are also able to find particular data quickly and perform edits on it. These edits are automatically updated within the system in a matter of seconds.


This is provided through the built-in sales coach. It provides guidelines and offers recommendations throughout individual sales cycles. This ensures there are minimal mistakes. It also takes sales reps through the whole sales process and identifies any errors and provides recommendations for the sales person.


Due to its probability models and algorithms in determining sales, ASPEC is able to guarantee profitability through increased revenues. It helps to maximize on all the major opportunities and eliminates downtime caused by following on leads which will not bear results. Sales teams will only pursue what opportunities that will guarantee a positive ROI.


Sales teams deal with a lot of sensitive information concerning customers and their sales processes, methods and procedures. They regularly share this information within the organisation and this creates risks. To protect companies from such risks ASPEC provides tight security measures to make sure no unauthorized users view the data. This is especially so within projects. Team members may want to share information with only certain individuals and this is possible through provision of log-in credentials.

Saves costs

Companies are able to cut on costs because ASPEC combines both CRM and sales functions. Most companies deploy different systems for each function and this usually costs the company more in the long run. ASPEC’s cloud based services also ensures costs are saved because there is no need for extra hardware. Cloud hosting also eliminates the need for having regular maintenance schedules which always come at a cost.



Consistent sales workflow

ASPEC uses a 5-step process for all workflows so as to enhance and maintain consistency. This also ensures a high quality print on all sales projects carried out. The five steps are; Collect, Value, Prioritize, Work and Question.

Analytics and reports

The platform monitors all statistics and generates reports which are displayed on its dashboard. It helps in knowing the current situation of a company and its sales portfolio. It offers valuable information critical in building strategies.

Import and export

The software allows its users to import and export data to and from other platforms. For example, sales reps can transfer forecasts calculated by ASPEC to Excel for further analysis. This shows that the application integrates with other systems allowing for sharing of data.

Multi-level account structure

A feature that allows sales teams to organize accounts using different criteria. This criteria may be regional, territorial, departmental and many others. ASPEC gives its users flexibility in deciding how to structure accounts so as to suit their needs.

Integrating google maps

Sales reps are able to locate accounts quickly and easily through this feature. It also helps them to plan their journeys, search for new opportunities and perform other mapping functions.

Customer information

Stores all information relating to customers and can be accessed at any time by all who have log-in credentials. Information can be updated at any time. Also ensures these details can be viewed on mobile devices.

Easy to use and powerful filters

This helps users to locate information quickly and easily. ASPEC saves often used criteria to quicken search results. This helps users to be more efficient when searching for particular data.

Sales opportunity management

Users can apply new computer modeling technology to the selling process hence adapting easily to technological changes. By using a workflow to guide them through sales cycles, probability computation and sales reps own experience, ASPEC ensures improved productivity. This is by using all its tools to maximize on all possible opportunities.

Built-in expert sales coach

This feature studies the sales environment and provides direction to sales teams. It challenges users to think through all aspects of a sale, providing various scenarios. It guides sales agents through a sale providing them with all the relevant information and training to successfully close the deal.

Automated sales funnel prioritization

ASPEC helps sales teams to arrange deals in terms of focus, attention and priority. The list is crafted through various metrics arranged from top to lowest priority. This helps sales agents to work to close the most urgent deals. Meanwhile, they continue engaging with the leads who are not yet buyer ready. This allows them to maximize on all available opportunities in the short term. Also ensures follow up continues on long term leads. ASPEC regularly and automatically updates this list as opportunities change.

Ad-hoc and automated notifications

The software uses notifications to prompt sales agents about meetings and appointments so they do not forget. It allows users to create their own notifications depending on their schedules. Ensures no opportunities are lost due to forgetfulness.

Computer modelled sales cycle

The software is able to create and use sales cycle to keep sale reps focussed, use the best sales tactics. It automatically updates the sales cycle when any changes are made while still prioritizing opportunities.

Enterprise hierarchy support

ASPEC allows information to be shared within departments, teams, regional branches or any other category. It also protects sensitive data from unauthorized users.

Accurate and consistent forecasts

Because of its ability to combine both sales and CRM, ASPEC is able to deliver accurate forecasts consistently. This is by drawing on the information contained in the CRM to strategize and implement sales tactics best suited to all customers.

Automatic probability computation

ASPEC relies on a simple yet unique algorithm to perform calculations and assess opportunities. This is done mainly to measure the probability of the identified opportunities. This is performed through rating of the buyer’s intentions and progress made in the sales cycle. ASPEC is able to use this tool to determine which deals are worth pursuing and which ones should be dropped.

Configurable page layouts and fields

Users are able to create their own pages and fields especially when designing items such as submission forms or questionnaires. These customized templates can also be stored within the platform.

Interactive and informative graphical interface

ASPEC has an easy to use interface that guides users and provides recommendations on the next move. This allows sale reps to learn quickly on how to operate the platform. It also saves the company resources that would have been allocated in training employees on how to use ASPEC.


Customers have to contact the vendor to get a quotation based on their requirements. The vendor also allows clients to submit requests a for free trial period.

Technical Details

Devices: Web-based, Windows and Mac

Languages: English

Pricing model: Quotation based

Customer type: Freelancers, Medium and Small Businesses and Large enterprises

Deployment: Cloud-hosted

Support Details

  • Telephone
  • Tickets
  • Email
  • Training: Webinars, Documentation, In person and Live Online
  • Social media: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus
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