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Full Asana Collaboration Suite review – all you need to know about Asana Collaboration Suite

Asana Workplace Collaboration Software

What is Asana?

Do you suffer from hectic situations in maintaining project management software for corporate environments? When this is the scenario, then Asana is the approved software system that is currently synchronized with the market situations.

So, facilitating the complexities in team engagement and cooperation, Asana is the more engaged project and task governing application. Asana helps for organizations in implementing and creating projects and accomplish for completion of projects in a scheduled manner. Also, it enables to review the development of tasks among different browsers and devices. Along with these, it is the integrated platform for allocating team members to the required projects and tasks, share files among them and communicate with them accordingly.

Asana helps as a consolidated approach for correlating the entire work that your workforce engages in. So with this approach, everyone can know what tasks are allocated to whom, who’s answerable in its submission and when will b it’s due?

Once done with the installation, registration and login processes, Asana throws out the requirement of other third-party applications in handling team collaboration. Shared work schedules, attaching several formats of documents and the management of tasks is done in a more efficient way. This automatically gets reflected in the outcome of modernized workflow architectures and on-time delivery. If an immediate update in the task is to be done, the users of Asana application get automatic notifications regarding the update and they are asked to review, like, follow or comment the update. Moreover, you can also grab the attention of users by remarking their names in the update so that they can ensure that they are also engaged in the task. As this is the fundamental scenario, the same procedure is applicable to various activities in the project management. So, Asana offers a balanced environment for both on-time project deliveries and communication.

Coping up with the current market features, the users of Asana are recommended in task relating, searching and moving the subsequent public tasks, calculating completion and in change management. In the context of users, one of the most appealing things that drive Asana to be in the top position is how the application handles the himanshi.businessnetworking@gmail.commanagement of their workforce, workplace locations, assign and allocate tasks. So, one can consider themselves get involved in the upload of documents, represent their responsibilities and at the end submit them in a more perfect and precise method.

In an extreme way, Asana is a reliable software which got acquiesced with huge customer satisfaction, as it holds an excellent technical crew where you can get in touch with them in multiple ways. Technical professionals are more knowledgeable, available to help at any time and can also provide more effective onboardings for the contemporary and present integrations.

Asana can be accessible for both the smaller and large group of members. Every person engaged with Asana can gain productive outcomes.


As mentioned, the underlying secret that lies in Asana’s effective growth is because of its unique consolidation of project management and association of tasks that ultimately results in reducing the complications in convoluted workflows in large enterprises. By eliminating all those, the other benefits of Asana are as follows.

  • Utilized often in the creation, classify, organize projects, schedule daily requirements and enhance concentration with the help of Focus Mode feature.
  • Reduce the difficulties among teams by collaborating all its workforce and engaged in handling email notification.
  • From the time task assignment to completion, Asana permits its users to track their task related schedules that deliver outstanding and accurate progress reports.
  • The most captivating feature of Asana is it’s “Smart Box”. Using the smart box feature, users are able to receive only important emails and notification regarding the update rather than receiving unnecessary, unwanted and boring messages.
  • To capture the user’s attention, Asana is integrated with multiple tools such as Google Drive, Slack, Zapier, Jotana, GitHub, Usernap, Wufoo, Harvest, MailChimp, WordPress, and many other tools.


Asana, the easiest way of managing your team projects and tasks will accord with everything you desire which is in synchronization with the organization, move with the deadlines and reach your ambitions. Some of the appealing features that Asana comes up with are

Shared communication

For the timely and quick submission of projects, every user who was involved in the project can exchange their views on project enhancement and let everyone know what their views are. All the applicable and relevant discussions are stored in Team pages, that is the most creative ideas generally comes from. This further helps organization development also.

Unified Portal

A comprehensive platform for managing the various project and task-related activities such as uploading diverse file formats, share and discuss with your crew without the assistance of emails and any other third-party application media. In addition to these, tasks and projects can be marked or starred as important and favorites so that the client won’t face any issues in searching the project in the database folder.

Modernized Smart Box

Asana Product Screenshot

A diversified enhancement in Asana is Smart box – which stops your inbox from receiving unwanted and scrap messages. He/She will receive only important updates and automatically converts them into performable tasks. Furthermore, meetings also hold great importance mainly in the situations of solving bugs, accomplish to generate leads or providing employment for an applicant. Based on the responsibilities and permissions as allocated by the admin, meetings can be addressed by partners, associates, and many other external collaborators.


Asana is more trustworthy as because the software is more protected and private. The website is hosted by TLS 1.1 and greater and we move on with the security prioritized methodologies. The software is authorized in a secure SSAE 16 reviewed data centers through Amazon in the US. Also, we collaborate with other supporting security processes and scanning methods which eliminate the vulnerabilities to a great extent and fix all the security breaches in your data. Apart from those, if you encounter any other bug or issue, Bounty Program will reward the accountable disclosure of those issues.


As we know that any software’s those are developed are not designed to display projects in a spreadsheet. You are supposed to import your files into Asana and then the service helps you in creating actionable timelines that will assist you in reaching your deadlines and requirements.

Moving ahead from these features, Asana engages its users in other captivating and effective activities those are

  • Diversified workspaces
  • Enable project permissions, create deadlines, priorities and due dates
  • Easy compatibility with iPhone support and HTML5 mobile site.
  • Set up customized calendars
  • Real-time updates
  • Enhanced tracking options
  • An easy approach to like, comment and share any important updates
  • Automatic email and SMS updates, notifications
  • Gantt charts (timelines)
  • Kanban support (supporting boards)

Engaged with all these unique features, Asana comes up in the market by synchronizing with the latest technology trends and updates.


As a boost for many small organizations, Asana provides its accessibility as a free plan for teams which are below with a workforce of 15. With the free plan of Asana, one can go with the features of

  • Infinite tasks, project discussions, and projects.
  • Essential and basic dashboard interfaces

Then comes the Premium Plan which will be accessible for somewhat large teams. The pricing starts at $9.99 per member when paid per month in an annual subscription. Subscribing with this plan, the software allows its users to access the features of

  • Infinite guests
  • Infinite dashboard interfaces
  • Data import and export
  • SSO and SAML
  • Comprehensive administration
  • Client success programs
  • Individual teams and projects

The software is also available with Enterprise Plan which provides great authority and support over the application. The pricing details of this plan depending on the organization size, handling projects and located positions. You can get access to

  • Governing team members with the sophisticated admin regulations like service accounts and SAML.
  • Accessibility for white glove treatment with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Plus, get guaranteed support within 2 business hours.
  • Accelerated and protected control over your data covered with the features of provisioning and de-provisioning and cross-regional supports.
  • Put your logo front and center. With custom branding, you’re able to customize Asana with your own logo

Technical Details

Being accessible for all users, teams in either large-scale or small-scale organizations, Asana hold its technical details as below

Supporting devices

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web Based
  • Windows mobile

Language Support

  • English

Pricing availability

  • Free plans
  • Monthly payments
  • Annual subscriptions

Accessible enterprises

  • Small-scale
  • Medium scale
  • Large-scale enterprises
  • Freelancers

Deployed environment

  • Cloud-hosted

Support Details

As Asana is supported by many organizations, it offers easy access and shared communication with its clients through the email, training and ticketing media. So, with these supporting communications, the cloud hosted software gains more return on investment and enhanced sales.


In contend to various requirements and market solutions, Asana is the top most recommended Project Management software that fits with your enterprise needs. It can support any business sizes, various clients and employees and even detailed niche that they require. Whether you suffer from basic issues or complicated issues, Asana serves those in a straightforward and detailed manner. Be in engagement with Asana and get an organized enterprise structure, stay on track and hit the deadlines in a very short period of time.

Coming to the end, Asana helps for organizations in their success and development. Each and every member engaged in this project management software will be in availability at any time in prioritizing your tickets and solving them in the first moment. So, a comprehensive, effective and cloud deployed solution that serves as a genuine blessing for employees, admins and for corporate businesses and furtherly satisfying the user requirements.

Although Asana is having a tight battle with its competitors such as Basecamp, Wunderlist, Wrike, Workfront and Trello, Asana stands as the strong competitor for these software’s because of its unique and great client experiences, pricing scenarios, supported integrations, detailed reporting, and enhanced features.

Asana teaches you the moral as invest less time on assumption working and do more on great and productive work.