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Full Asana PMS Software Review – All you need to know about Asana

Asana PMS Software

Are you interested in a tool that will help you to effectively collaborate with your teams online and more importantly manage your workflows?  Have no worries because Asana PMS software is available to help with your online team collaboration as it specializes in workflow management and also handles the ups and downs related to task management. However, you must not confuse the Asana system with a fully packaged project management software regardless of its new timeline feature.  The software lacks native time tracking and other advanced tools that you expect from full-scale project management applications. Importantly to note, the tool is effective and flexible in managing workflows and tasks. Asana PMS software is among the leading productivity and collaboration tools for editors and teams.

In order to understand why Asana is not a complete project management software, we need to know what to expect from a full-scale project management software by learning what a project management software is.

And so, what is a project management software?

A project management software is a tool or application that helps project managers and project team members to collaborate and attain goals within schedule while effectively managing costs and resources. Some of the functions provided by project management software include time tracking, task distribution, resource planning, budgeting, and team collaboration among others.

Because the main function of a project management software is to manage tasks, it is also referred to as a Task Management Software or Project Portfolio Management tool.

Project management has grown in complexity over of the years. Due to this complexity, big projects, especially those involving information technology are often completed past schedule, over-budget, and usually yield a lesser return on investment than initially predicted.

In this case, project management systems are continuously emerging for the purposes of helping business professionals to oversee multiple project management activities. Similarly, corporations can easily mitigate risks as they can use project management software to identify the failing aspects within a project and use its time-tracking feature or a time tracking software to schedule completion dates for each stage of the project.

Asana system will be highly effective for workflow management and team collaboration and if you are interested in a full-scale project management system, you should consider other applications such as Zoho Projects, Projectmanager.com, Clarizen, and others.

What is Asana PMS Software?

Asana system

Asana PMS software is a team collaboration and workflow management tool which you can primarily use in managing tasks. It is different from other project management systems mainly because it lacks structure. Asana system provides several predefined and custom ways to use it. Being open-ended is one of its best aspects.

As a project management tool, you can use Asana to improve your task management and team collaboration. Asana PMS software will automate some complex collaboration and communication tasks.

Asana PMS - design requests

Companies that are satisfied in using this application sight time-effectiveness and accuracy as its major advantages and they are also satisfied with the capabilities that the application offers when it comes discussing tasks in real-time and tracking those tasks.

Asana PMS software- tasks due today

After you have commenced using Asana system, whether the premium or free version, you will have to forget about email communication in your office. This is because the developers of Asana PMS software understood that users have to communicate in workflows from the same platform in which they were created and thus they empowered the platform with notes, combined tasks, groups, and followers.

Another key thing to note is that Asana PMS software will immediately notify you of all the changes that could affect your project.

Asana team collaboration software - visualization

Being a cloud-based task and project management solution, corporations and add agencies can use this platform for managing and organizing projects and tasks and also for communication and team collaboration. The software is helpful for teams and enterprises that are interested in handling multiple projects at a time and it can be used by businesses of different sizes.

The features that make Asana a project management software include task management, automatic notifications, collaboration tools, reporting, a client portal, mobile application, dashboards, task assigning and document management. With its Inbox feature, you can capture all the automatically generated updates from the software.

This team collaboration tool is accessible using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Both iOS and Android smartphones users can access the application. The free version is provided for up to 15 users and after that pricing is quoted in relation to the number of users within a company. The application can be integrated with several applications including Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, HipChat and Sunrise. It allows a maximum limit of 100MB for every attachment.

Asana - integration partners

Asana system is among the most popular project management or team collaboration tools that are available in the market today. Once you have created tasks or projects, you can follow their progress using different devices and browsers. A team member can then be added to tasks or projects, files can be shared, and communication is also made possible.

Asana System - multi-device

Asana PMS software simplifies the process of sharing notes, uploading files in different formats, and organizing tasks and eventually, this reflects on time-efficient delivery and streamline workflows.

As part of its advanced features, Asana PMS software allows you to relate tasks, follow and search public tasks, manage change, and prioritize completion. The most important quality of Asana team collaboration tool is that it allows users to effectively manage their workspace, prioritize and organize tasks the way they prefer, delegate duties, upload files, and do their reporting in an accurate and clean manner.

Finally, when it comes to support, Asana has a brilliant technical support team that you can communicate with in different ways. Their technicians operate with speed as they possess the knowledge, skills, and the willingness to help, and they can also help with quality onboarding for current and new integrations.

Benefits of Asana PMS

Asana PMS software offers several benefits to users and businesses and they include the following.

Asana system supports project prioritization and segmentation

In its Focus Mode, businesses are able to focus on tasks that are productive and avoid those that do not align well with their strategy. After projects have been broken down into tasks and subtasks, the team collaboration tool ensures that even the simplest assignment is accompanied by a name and deadline and the progress of the task is also tracked. For every task, a user will be able to upload a file from the local device, Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox.

Asana team collaboration tool provides project history and permissions

Another important advantage that has been highly mentioned in Asana’s reviews is that all tasks and subtasks are made available in the Activity Feed from where you can tag users and groups who are supposed to use this information.

With the powerful search filter included in the Asana system, you will be able to easily locate tasks and also tag them as favorites for the purposes of keeping them at close sight. When it comes to permissions, the administrator will be allowed to manage them separately for every project.

Asana PMS software has customizable dashboards

Asana team collaboration application provides users with a customizable dashboard from where users can separately track the progress of each task, while the status of every participant is also displayed in the dashboard. The dashboard can be used for group chats too since it is the first place where notifications on changes will appear. Furthermore, the dashboard also helps in tracking leads, job applicants and customer queries.

Asana team collaboration software - dashboard

Asana system provides a communication portal

Using the smart inbox provided by Asana system, you will be able to transfer all organizational communication without the need of third-party applications or services. Large businesses appreciate the fact that Asana PMS software has neatly catered for important project communication as opposed to a situation whereby you rely on email inbox.  This portal keeps every user connected and thus they are able to chat one on one or in groups. They can also share files from their local devices or Dropbox, Google, and Box accounts.

Asana team collaboration tool offers unique views

In relation to views, Asana PMS software is a great choice since it provides you with prioritization list plus automated notifications and this can be browsed using a powerful search filter for the purposes of locating the necessary files. Therefore, you are the one to decide the pending tasks and the most important tasks by choosing them from the Asana calendar.

Asana PMS software offers a secure storage

Because Asana PMS software understands the sensitive nature of your project and corporate communications, the system has complied with the highest security standards to protect those communications. Also, the software blends into your software infrastructure since it perfectly integrates and partners with several applications and services.

Asana system is great for small teams

Asana PMS software perfectly serves the needs of three to five users by providing insights into the tasks and projects of each individual.

Asana has a great interface

There have been improvements for Asana team collaboration tool in the last three to five years and this has resulted in it having one of the best and user-friendly interfaces among project management tools.

Asana team collaboration tool provides task tracking and progress reporting

Asana PMS software makes it possible for users to track projects and tasks up to their completion and then generate progress reports that are amazing and detailed. The software also allows users to attach files of different formats and share project documents among your team members without needing to use emails or third-party communication tools.

You can also rate or tag projects and tasks as favorites so that users will not have trouble locating them from the database.

Email notifications eliminate the collaboration challenges faced by large teams

Large teams can effectively collaborate in Asana PMS software through email notifications. To ensure timely and easy viewing, project members can discuss the progress of a project as it is going on, comment on it, share it, upload a file, or simply let each person know about the change. The highly relevant communications are saved on team pages and this is where the most innovative ideas originate.

Asana allows employees to have a group or private conversations

Asana makes it possible for employees to have a group or private conversations and as a result, they can exchange opinions and be involved without leaving the office or the system.

Asana system provides effective support

The company shows that it cares for its customers because it has a premium support team that is always there to prioritize your ticket in the event of an inquiry and they offer assistance right from the first time you choose to deploy the product.

Features of Asana system

Asana team collaboration application incorporates a number of features that make it an effective tool for project management. These features include the following.

  • Activity feed
  • Task dependencies
  • Real-time updates
  • See the tasks and priorities of team members
  • My Tasks list and Focus Mode
  • Project Sections and Search Views
  • Automatic updates to email/inbox
  • Project and task creation
  • Add assignees, attachments, and hearts to tasks
  • iPhone support, HTML5 mobile site
  • Set goals, priorities, and due dates
  • Gantt Charts (Asana has Timeline)
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Track tasks and add followers
  • Email bridge
  • Get notifications and reminders
  • Set project permissions
  • Create custom views and calendars
  • Comment on tasks
  • Kanban support (Asana has boards)


Asana has three pricing plans.

Free Plan – supports up to 15 users.

  • Unlimited projects, tasks, and conversations
  • Basic Dashboards

Premium plan – pricing starts at $9.99 per user per month and billed annually. However, the costs could be reduced for large teams. The plan includes:

  • Private teams and projects
  • Customer Success Program
  • Unlimited guests
  • SSO & SAML
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Centralized administration
  • Data export

Enterprise Plan – is available to offer more control and support and is priced by quote. If you are interested in this plan, contact the company and share your quote details.  With this plan, you will be able to do the following.

  • Manage project members with the help of advanced admin controls such as SAML and service accounts
  • Get effective and efficient customer support in the shortest time possible
  • Strict control over your security and data.
  • Custom branding.

Asana - pricing

Asana’s demo is available at asana.com.

Start a free trial at asana.com.

Technical Details

Asana team collaboration software can be accessed from devices that support Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Web-based, and Windows mobile. The language supported by this software is English only. The pricing model for Asana system is free, monthly payment, and annual subscription. Customer types served by this application include small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and freelancers. Asana PMS software is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

The vendors of Asana system offer their support through Email, tickets, and training.

Facebook: Asana

Twitter: @asana

Guide at asana.com.

More support at asana.com.


Contact Asana’s sales team through asana.com.