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Full Arthur Real Estate Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Arthur


What is Arthur?

The demand for property rentals over the years is increasing. Business owners and even mere property owners are grabbing the opportunity to cater to the needs of the growing number of individuals looking for properties to rent out. The effect of the collapse of the housing bubble opened the minds of Americans that buying a house is a sure win investment. In fact, more individuals nowadays find renting more beneficial.

A RENTCafe analysis revealed that there was a 28 percent increase in the number of renters who are over 55 years old from 2009 to 2015. They are more willing to rent out homes instead of apartments especially if the package offers them convenience, comfortable living space, quality lifestyle, and a place to exercise and socialize. The millennials are also prone to renting a single-family rental.


They are still undecided in terms of taking roots because they are more interested to travel and committing to a specific area is not an exciting option for them just yet. They are also still paying their students loans and would, therefore, rent a home than buy one. Data from statista.com showed that in 2017 alone, approximately 43 million housing units are occupied by renters in the US. The homeownership rate which is the proportion of owner-occupied households is in decline since 2004. In 2017, it is only 64.2 percent. This means that there is a bigger market for helpful and friendly property management software that can help property managers to instantly respond and solve problems.

Arthur property management software is the best platform to offer just that. It is a cloud-hosted property management software that can cater to the needs of the property owners, the property managers, the tenants, the contractors, and the agents to manage social housing, student housing, private rental, and commercial properties for rent. The number of user groups that can interact in just one platform makes Arthur a revolutionary application. One sector need not log out of the system to communicate with another group. The platform allows expedient collaboration among the people working or involved in the property management industry.

The Arthur property management solution is also an accessible option for the property management industry because of its accessibility through mobile and computer devices. This allows for working anywhere and anytime giving the users the freedom and the flexibility they need in managing rental properties regardless of their location. It is a functionality-rich mobile application offering additional mobile interfaces. It promotes unparalleled efficiency and transparency in the property management industry. Some of its notable features include work order management, multi-unit management, property financials, dashboards, tenancy management, online tenant portal, and online showing tracking.

Arthur Benefits

Arthur property management solution is a powerful software built specifically to help manage a portfolio of house rental. Its benefit starts from the initial showing up to tenancies. It automates tasks and communication processes with the use of ground-breaking technologies and algorithms. The unique property management system makes it convenient to manage blocks of flats, multi-let properties, a house in multiple occupations (HMOs), and mixed-use properties. The hierarchy system of Arthur allows you to efficiently and accurately handle a single or even multiple units simultaneously.

Arthur also includes an online messaging platform enabling communication among the stakeholders easily and rapidly. The exchange of conversation is done in one platform and the messages are kept secured. There is also an option to post messages or to send it out in groups. All messages shared in Arthur are visible anytime, anywhere and from any device. This enables users to efficiently receive messages and to promptly respond to any concerns. The software is also supported by a powerful search algorithm that enables users to search for particular messages using keywords.

Arthur is also a convenient software in streamlining the organization of viewings up to the point of tenancy. The software enables the user and the letting agents to add viewing schedules to units. Once the schedule for viewing is added to a particular unit, all interested parties are notified via email. The viewing can easily be converted into a tenancy with the approval of the proposal of the property owner since communication can be conveniently done in the same platform.

The property financial module in the Arthur property management solution enables the user to effectively manage tenant agreements and payments. It facilitates on-time payments. With the ease of access and transparency, everyone can be easily updated of any changes in the tenancy agreements. Arthur is equipped with tools to accomplish basic financial tasks, tenancy financials, recurring billing, remittance, or setting up of tenancy statements.



Arthur Features

  • Property Management. Arthur property management solution smoothly manages your portfolio using the unique property management software starting from initial viewings through closing the agreement for tenancy.
  • Tenancy Management. Automate the aspects of tenancy management like sending out numerous emails and transferring data from one system to another with the use of Arthur software. Free yourself from these tasks and spend more on other aspects of the business.
  • Multiunit Management. Use Arthur to manage different types of property rental with its unique property management hierarchy. Conveniently manage multi-let properties, HMOs, mixed-use properties, and blocks of flats individually or several units at the same time. Easily check the status of your portfolio even on the go with the Arthur property management software.
  • Work Order Management. The algorithm of the Arthur software is capable of creating and tracking work orders to completion. Ensure on time and within budget completion of work orders. The cloud maintenance management system of Arthur allows contractors to access all the information they need.
  • Automated property management. The automated events engine of Arthur is a vital part of the system. It enables the property managers to automate tasks, reminders, and communication to save time. The platform can be fully customized to reflect even the branding of the business.
  • Document Management. Arthur provides a cloud-based property document management system allowing the tenant, the property manager, and the contractor to upload as many documents necessary to the property manager’s account.
  • Online viewing tracking. Property managers, as well as their invited letting agents, are allowed to add viewings to the property. Also ensure that everyone in the team, including the viewer, is reminded and kept updated through the automated communication capability of Arthur.
  • Property Financials. Manage the financial aspect of property management including the tenant and client accounting. Conveniently manage the rent reconciliation up to the tenant closing statements. Complete the whole package with the add-ons to Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Pricing. A property manager can invite several users to the account in the Arthur property management software. Allow the members of the management team, virtual managers, accountants and bookkeepers, and other user groups to efficiently manage the business and to promote further transparency.
  • Online messaging platform. Send messages to any contact through the web or mobile interface. The property managers are afforded the capability to contact others by SMS or by email. All correspondence is safely saved for future reference.
  • Online property reports. Property managers, letting agents, owners, and contractors can create relevant reports with the powerful cloud-based tool for reporting.


  • Property manager portal. The unique dashboard provided by Arthur to property managers provide them a snapshot of what is currently going on in his or her portfolio. It also controls who can have access to the software through the permissions capability which is available for the Enterprise package. It also automates the day to day transactions of the business. It also allows the property manager to design the portal with a logo or customize it with the colors of the business to provide the branding of the business to the tenants.
  • Online tenant portals. Invite your tenants to use the Arthur software and increase their satisfaction. This enables them to have an overview of their tenancy like the rental amount, contract dates, supporting documents, and payment details. It also capacitates them to raise and track any issues they may have with their contract or their rented property. Their access can either be through the web or through a mobile app.
  • Online contractor management. Allow the contractors to have access to Arthur and enable them to receive new job orders on the go through the app. With the use of Arthur, all necessary information is made available for them to complete the requests.
  • Letting agents. Have the capability to invite letting agents participate in your property management endeavors. The invited letting agents gain access to the platform and view available units and other supporting documents.
  • Online property owner portals. Invite the property owner to participate in the Arthur platform. Invited property owners gain access to the management of their properties. They gain access to information like the workflow, the documents, and financial statements.
  • Data security. Data security is a serious concern for the Arthur software. Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and GDPR Policy are set in place for the information and guidance of all users.
  • Mobile apps. Several mobile apps are available for the use of property managers, contractors, tenants, and property owners through the PlayStore and AppStore. Arthur is capable of collaborating with the following software:
    • Accounting Platforms
      • Intuit QuickBooks
      • Xero
    • Digital Inventory
      • Imfuna
    • Digital Signature
      • Signable
    • Portals
      • Rightmove
      • StuRents
      • Zoopla
    • SMS
      • Fastsms
    • Tenancy Referencing
      • Advanced Tenant Referencing
    • Workflow Integrations
      • A Developer API
      • Webhooks
      • Zapier
  • Pricing. The district pricing packages of Arthur enables property managers to choose the right package for their particular business. Arthur does not charge for set up fees and there are no restrictions on the number of devices, users, or stored documents.
  • Training and support. Arthur provides an unprecedented amount of training and support to ensure that property managers and other users of the program are making the most out of the system.
  • Arthur Store. The property managers are capacitated by Arthur to connect their accounts with other software that they currently use. They can also integrate Zoopla and RightMove.



The Arthur property management software provides enterprises with a flexible pricing model through its four pricing plans; enterprise, professional, standard, and a free plan.

  • The Enterprise Plan:

The price of an Enterprise Plan is as low as £75/month. The services included in the package are the following:

  • Available for 60 units
  • Permissions
  • Applicant matching
  • Bespoke tenant app
  • Relationship manager
  • The Professional Plan

The price of a Professional Plan is as low as £40/month. The services included in the package are the following:

  • Available for 40 units
  • White label
  • Tenant on-boarding
  • Reminders
  • Support
  • The Standard Plan

The price of a Standard Plan is as low as £15/month. The services included in the package are the following:

  • Available for 20 units
  • Unlimited storage
  • Suites of apps
  • Multi-account dashboard
  • Report and statements
  • Free Plan

The Free Plan is still under development and will be offered soon.

A free trial for 30 days can also be used by interested clients. The standard package will be provided with full access to all the features of Arthur. Customer support will also be available to help you in your use of the software.


Technical Details

  • Devices Supported

The devices supported by the software Arthur are the following:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Web-based
  • Language Support

The language mainly supported by Arthur is English.

  • Pricing Model

The pricing model of Arthur is the monthly payment made flexible by its four different pricing plans.

  • Customer Types

The target customers of Arthur are the following:

  • Large properties that offer blocks or commercial rentals
  • Medium properties offering social housing or student housing
  • Small properties offering single let or HMOs
  • Deployment

The software is available for hosting in a cloud or on-premise.

Support Details

Arthur property management solution provides support to clients through email, phone, live support, and tickets. The office hours of Arthur are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm for weekdays and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. Any queries sent after office hours will be responded to the following working day.

They also provide a starter guide and a tutorial for a more efficient use of the software. They also offer training days for their clients to avail of higher functionality training, namely:

  • Advanced Functionality Course AFU 1001-LON
  • Advanced Financial Course AFI2001-LON
  • Early Adopter Functionality Course EAFU1001-LON
  • Early Adopter Financial Course EAFI2001-LON