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Full Areitos Collaboration Software review – all you need to know about Areitos Collaboration Software

Areitos community management software
Areitos community management software

What is Areitos?

Today, internal employee communication is a challenging job for big organizations. This is where internal social network comes handy.

Using social media network, each team member will have a platform to exchange ideas. Users will have a central platform through which they can send emails. They can even plan about the tasks.

Areitos is an internal social media network. It helps an organization create their own private network. Employees can use this network to communicate with each other. It provides business and organization an easy to use the software. This makes collaboration easy.

Users are able to create their private communication network. The network is optimized for both web and mobile apps. The network is customizable. Users can customize it according to their preference.

The application supports English and Spanish language. It also offers APIs that helps user integrate the application with other apps. Few apps in which Areitos can be integrated are LinkedIn, Facebook and Udemy to name a few.

Areitos Benefits

Few of the benefits  are:

  • It is user-friendly. Areitos is also very easy to use
  • It makes team collaboration easy
  • It provides full company branding. Users can deploy their own app
  • It provides advertising. It can be internal or external
  • It is customizable. A user can customize it  according to their needs
  • It is available as both web-based and mobile application
  • It provides developer APIs. Users can use these APIs to integrate it with their own application.


Internal Communication

Users send push notifications to the other team members on their cell phones. This is to tell them to have a look at their system. Using their own private social network, users can share information. They can also make comments and ask questions. As a result, users can interact with other team members in an efficient manner.

The feature is very useful while collaborating with other team members. All the information is stored in their private network. Users do not have to keep the record of the information shared between them. Users can go back and check the information. This way they know exactly what was discussed and what needs to be done.

The information exchanged between the employees is kept confidential. As a result, users do not have to spend extra time or money to keep their information safe.

Mobile Apps

It provides a mobile app that the users can use from anywhere around the world. It provides apps on both IOS and Android platforms. Users download the app from their respective app stores.

This way the user can do their task on the go. The user does not have to wait to get back to the desk. The app can run on any modern smartphone which has a basic configuration.

Internal Mobility

Users can view the internal jobs posted on the social media. Once the job and its description is posted on the company’s job page, it gets posted on their media network.

As a result of this, users can apply for the job through the app and in an hassle-free manner. Users also have the feature to ask questions about the position and can comment about the system.

Talent Acquisition

Areitos is a social media network. As a result, an organization can post about the positions that are required in the company. Interested users can then apply for the position using the app.

Once the user applies for the job position, the app notifies the recruiters about the same. They then plan the process and keep track of the employees who have applied for the job. This saves recruiters lot of time and investment.  As a result, recruiters carry the process in a hassle-free manner.

Product Review

Users can post information about the product. As a result, consumers and vendors can interact with each other. Consumers and vendors post a review about the products. This keeps the consumer engaged.

Users are also sent notifications on their mobile phones. This keeps them updated about the product news. This way there is always a constant link between the consumers and users. This helps users improve the application depending upon product reviews.

Connect and Celebrate

Users communicate their achievements with each other by posting news. They can also post updates on the wall.

This keeps users engaged. As a result, users are able to communicate better with each other. Users celebrate their achievements with other team members using the app.

Professional Branding

Users are able to customize their private network.  They also have the feature to promote professional branding in an effective manner.

Connect and Communicate

Users are able to send push notifications and alerts to other team members. The team member then accesses the application to know what the alert is about.

This way users can connect and communicate with other team members. They can also share their idea with the other team members using the application. This makes team interaction easy.

Professional Profile

Users can save their professional information in the app. The organization has access to all the user profiles.

The organization when needed, views the user profile and depending upon their technical knowledge, assigns the project to the user. The organization does not have to maintain a spreadsheet of the employees. This saves lots of time and money.

Affinity Groups and Department Pages

It supports employee resource groups. It also supports affinity group activities. As a result of this, users can promote and market their business units.


Company Events

it is a private social networking app. As a result, an organization can use it to plan and organize events. Informing all the users about the event is a tedious job. Areitos makes it easy.

The organization needs to update about the event in the app’s wall. The users are then notified about the same. Users can then plan the events accordingly. The event can be inside or outside the organization.

Professional Development

The organization can promote and offer on-going employee improvement programs. Areitos has a separate section in which the employees can view the ongoing courses. They can view the course duration and other details.

The users are suggested few courses relevant to their technical knowledge. The users can then enroll in the program and improve their technical knowledge.

Policies and Procedures

Each organization has its own rules and regulations. Keeping the employees updated on it is not an easy job. But, Areitos simplifies the task.

The organization posts about the policies and procedures of their company in the app. This information is visible to all the users.


It allows employees and community members to connect with other professionals. Users can seek advice from their mentors. This way employees get the best solution for their queries. As a result of this, mentorship becomes easy.

Web-based access

Its web application can be used by the user from around the world. It can be accessed from any modern day browser. Since it is cloud-deployed, no software needs to be downloaded by the user to use the web application.


No Integration with Microsoft Suite

It does not provide the feature to integrate the app with MS Suite. Microsoft is one of the most used software. Users use Microsoft products like MS Excel, MS word in their day to day life. Yet, it does not allow the integration.

Offline Mode

it requires an active internet connection. It has no feature that allows it to run in offline mode.

Inability to turn features off

It lacks the feature that allows the organization to revoke some features. Sometimes the organization is very specific to the feature that they want to use. Due to this, they want to block certain features. This makes the turn off feature very essential. Yet, it is missing in Areitos.

No option to export data

It does not give the user the option to export data to other spreadsheets. Users might want to export their data to spreadsheets and share or edit data. But, there is no such feature in Areitos.

Limit Notifications

It does not give the user the right to limit the alerts they receive. Sometimes the user is interested in receiving only a  few notifications. But, Areitos lacks this feature.


Areitos provides quote-based pricing scheme. You’ll have to contact their team to get the enterprise cost information and other details.

Technical Details

It provides both web and mobile-based access. This makes it easy for users to manage their work on the go. The mobile app is available in both IOS and Android platform.

Apart from this, it provides an excellent security feature. This ensures that the data store in the app is protected.

  • Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based, Linux, Android
  • Language: English, Hindi, Spanish
  • Pricing Model: Quote-Based.
  • Customer Types: Small and medium businesses
  • Integrations: LinkedIn, Indeed, Udemy, Facebook,  APIs.
  • Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, On-premise

Support Details

It has an excellent support team. It provides an email feature through which the user can solve their query. The support team makes its the best effort to make sure that the query is solved. The support team provides the best possible solutions.

Or, there are other methods like technical documents, online videos. The user can use these to have an answer to their problem.

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support
  • Training
  • Tickets.
  • Customer online support
  • Technical FAQs.
  • Self-help learning: Product tutorials, Technical documents