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Full ArchiCAD Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About ArchiCAD


BIM or Building Information Modeling is the hype word in the construction industry today, and with good reason.

BIM has transformed the AEC (Arcitecture, Engineering and Construction) industry by enabling all the players in this industry to work seamlessly and flawlessly on all the projects they are involved in.

Building Information Modeling is not just another software invention but is rather a game changer when it comes to the construction industry.

BIM integrates all the processes, people, material and any other component involved in a construction project on to one platform and at the same time it enables all those involved in the project to have access to this digital platform, make notes, hold discussions and make changes where and when it is deemed necessary.

With Building Information Modeling (BIM) construction companies are now able to improve on growth and productivity rates, meet cost targets on a project and in some cases even reduce the costs, able to save on waste of materials, able to avoid re-work, cut down on unproductive activities and even reduce or avoid safety issues and events that usually happen at the job site.

There being so many BIM products which have come up in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry we seek to make it easier for you to choose the best option by far in this industry.

ArchiCAD is the foundation stone upon which the Building Information Modeling skyscraper was built. BIM was invented in 1984 by GRAPHISOFT through their ground breaking BIM software ArchiCAD.

By researching and analyzing ArchiCAD, we will show you why this is the best BIM software that’ll help you with your business and/or professional career if you’re in the AEC industry.

What is ArchiCAD?


ArchiCAD is an award winning platform that offers 2D and 3D, it also offers visualization tools and all these and many more components are designed with designers, planners, architects and the rest of the construction industry in mind.

With ArchiCAD Architecture, Engineering and construction companies can rest easy because it assists in the whole construction process from conceptualizing to planning all the way even to asset management.

It’s an inventive tool tailor made to take on the demands of contemporary architectural 2D/3D designs. ArchiCAD is deployed via cloud based options and also.

It is a user friendly tool on other devices such as mobile devices and also works well with the Windows software and on Mac devices.

ArchiCAD’s most ground breaking features are expression based properties, façade design, productivity and workflow enhancements, parametric custom profiles, and also quicker 2D navigation.

ArchiCAD also offers various other features within its suite such as BIMx which is a powerful mobile app for BIM visualization, EcoDesigner STAR which is an entirely BIM-integrated design solution for designers in the construction industry and a BIM cloud within a real-time BIM collaboration atmosphere.



Increases experience and enhances information sharing among teams

ArchiCAD was designed to increase Building Information Modeling experience and enhance the sharing and conceptualizing of information among construction teams which it still continues to do till today by constantly making improvements, changing features and creating new features which are suited to the ever changing modern day workplace. With a BIM server and its affiliation to Mac technology, ArchiCAD is able to excel with this benefit.

Helps users work proficiently

It assists users to work more proficiently and ultimately accelerates the design process and this is a very ideal solution for the modern day architectural workplace.

Helps teams meet timelines

With its many features ArchiCAD enables architects to be able to meet timelines with their drawings and models. Not only did it help to replace the paper, pen and rubber, it also increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole design process and with this minimized errors and if any errors are detected an architect does not have to draw the whole diagram again but with ArchiCAD he/she is able to make the changes quickly without having to restart the whole process.

Save favorite features for faster access

The ArchiCAD platform also allows for the frequently used features to be saved in a favourites category for faster access and it also offers a clean workspace where only the widely used functions by project members are shown.

Facilitates real time editing and communication

With ArchiCAD, facilitating real-time editing and communication is an easy and quick process making model scrutiny and coordination more efficient, effective and timely. For example if a drawing on ArchiCAD has been found to have an error, the project member who notices the error can make the necessary changes and at the same time communicate with all those in the process as to why this change has been made and with this be able to save time. Time will be saved because the team members will not have to use other medium for example e-mail to communicate back and forth, make changes, forward the drawings after making the changes etc.

Provides a smooth and responsive experience

Additionally, ArchiCAD’s performance enhancements focus on presenting a smooth, highly responsive 2D panning and zooming experience for all projects irrespective of the complexity of any project. This just shows that ArchiCAD is built to handle a vast array of challenges and the developers of ArchiCAD had this in mind because they had the experience of working on very complex projects and thus factored this in while designing ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD allows users or project members to influence logical expressions to generate new properties and standards based on the boundaries of the element.

Automates workflow and improves Information in BIM

It helps to automate workflow, improves the information (the ‘I’ in BIM), permits project members to compute a rule to be the property value in a corresponding element and be able to update it without the error prone, time consuming challenges of engaging in manual data entry. The façade design workflow enables project members or users of ArchiCAD to develop, design and in detail of hierarchical order be able to curtain wall systems easily by using the modular patterns. The ArchiCAD design uses natural graphical inputs in the design surroundings by using 2D or 3D elevation.

Ensures systems observe procedures

Another benefit of ArchiCAD is that it also ensures the curtain wall systems observe the local listing and documenting procedures and that they are also structurally flawless.

Workflow and productivity improvements

Even of great benefit is that ArchiCAD comes with it many workflow and productivity improvements. The improvements help project members in delivering intuitive construction designs, precise building documents, precise cost estimations and schedules.

Clearly defined workflow for faster decision making

With workflow clearly defined in ArchiCAD decisions are made quicker, consultations are handled efficiently and thus time is not wasted by finding out who is dealing with certain issues but rather with ArchiCAD roles are laid out clearly and this improves productivity in that members are able to query, consult, decision make and act on the decision made in a very short time span.



3D Modeling and 2D drawing

3D modelling enables architects, engineers etc. to design, create and able to consult when creating models using 3D. Some platforms do not support 3D and hence users have to make 3Dmodels using another platform then transfer it. With this feature ArchiCAD ensures all aspects of the construction industry are in house. 2D drawing simply enables users to create and edit drawings speedily and with accuracy.

Faster and smoother 2D navigation

This feature helps to save time, make changes where necessary and improves efficiency and effectiveness of the whole construction process.

Façade design and Manufacturing design data

These features help to develop and design by using modular patterns for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries.


ArchiCAD enables construction companies to show their current clients or potential clients the work they have previously done. In the case of a current client, ArchiCAD enables the company to present its final model to the client and hence the client is able to view the completed project even before it is started.

Parametric custom profiles

This ArchiCAD feature enables a construction company to stand out from its competitors and also gives it brand equity.

BIM modelling

This ArchiCAD feature assists AEC professionals by enabling all the players in this industry to work seamlessly and flawlessly on all the projects they are involved in from planning, designing, constructing and even maintaining of the asset after construction has been completed.

Expression based properties

This tool greatly assists all the project users to carry out their duties while increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Comparison view

With this feature project members are able to compare and contrast to make sure everything is as it should be.

Productivity and workflow improvements

With ArchiCAD, all those involved in the project will be able to share and report on work or actions accomplished in a timely and organized manner.

Proposal management

This feature enables companies to be able to manage the whole process from proposal research, writing and sending out of the proposal to potential leads and also being able to follow up on these leads.


This helps in starting of the design process. With this feature users of ArchiCAD are able to draw and correct drawings until they achieve what they achieve what they had targeted and it also saves a lot on materials that would have been used in the drafting stage as it was in years gone by.

Mobile integration

This is another key ArchiCAD feature that makes it easy for ArchiCAD to be accessible on other devices easily.

Custom graphical labels

Model integration is a feature which enables users of ArchiCAD to be able to use models made from other platforms or software seamlessly on the ArchiCAD platform without having to purchase add-ons to use the model.

Design project management

The design phase of any project is a very crucial stage because if something is misquoted or omitted or added when it should not be then this will lead to the project having multiple mistakes at every other stage and this comes at a very high cost in monetary terms. With this feature management of the design phase is handled with a lot of care and also ensures costs are saved and mistakes which need to be rectified are.

CAD integration

CAD integration is also another great feature of ArchiCAD. With this feature, users of ArchiCAD do not have to worry about not being able to use computer aided design in collaboration with ArchiCAD.

Collaboration tools

These simply ensure that liaising is efficiently conducted.

Graphical planning

Graphical planning assists AEC users to achieve set targets.

Collaborative work space

This is simply a feature which enables everyone involved in the project to be able to access the same data as everyone else involved in the project and hence does not have to communicate with anyone so as to get a certain document.

Graphical user interface

This is another added feature that assists users of ArchiCAD.

Project workflow

With this tool, you can bet there will be no breakdown in distribution of information and communication in and around a project i.e. within team members and also with external stakeholders such as suppliers.

Data import and export

This feature which enables the sharing of data with other software applications on different devices with ease hence saving time in liaising with other project members.


ArchiCAD does not publish its pricing structure or plans in public and so for an Architecture, Engineering or Construction company to get a quote they would have to directly get in touch with ArchiCAD.

ArchiCAD also offers a free trial for its clients and this comes with the benefit that a credit card is not required.

Technical Details

Pricing model: Quotation based.

Devices Supported: Android, Mac, iPad and iPhone, Web based, Windows.

Types of customers: Small and Medium businesses (SMEs), Freelancers.

Languages Available: Chinese, English, Swedish, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.

Deployment: On premise and also Cloud hosted.

Support Details

In case of any queries or issues clients can contact ArchiCAD help centres via phone or email available on their website and one can also engage with them via their social media links.