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Full Archibus Building Operations Management Building Information Management Software – All You Need To Know About Archibus Building Operations Management

ARCHIBUS Building Operations Management

Building information modeling combines 2D/3D models of equipment and building with data needed to manage these assets properly.

BIM empowers both staff and management to drill right into asset data by finding it on a model, clicking on it, and then discovering relevant information on it.

Users also click an office to discover its assignees, while tapping into MRI machines to find out maintenance histories or accessing lease data for specific buildings. In essence, BIM is the ultimate facilities and real estate management data visual interface.

What is Archibus Building Operations Management?

ARCHIBUS Building Operations Management

As a company, Archibus is known as a leader, globally, in streamlining management of real estate, facilities and infrastructure. You can centralize data, operations and planning in a single seamless platform backed by more than three decades in innovation and the top largest support network in the world.

You also get to enhance sustainability while reducing costs and thereby creating a better work environment as you transform how you connect with places, people and processes.


Archibus Building Operations Management

Unparalleled innovation

Within all applications in Archibus Building Operations Management is its platform that offers profound benefits that are unmatched by alternative BIM solutions.


Archibus Building Operations Management can scale up to the needs of very large organizations such as governments, corporations and multinational companies.


Archibus Building Operations Management is designed to integrate data seamlessly with other systems, plus with leading data modeling technologies like CAD, BIM, GIS and others.


Archibus Building Operations Management allows for easy interface configuration, as well as configuring portals and menus to suit your workflow’s unique needs.


Extra steps are taken by Archibus Building Operations Management to protect your data so you have the peace of mind that you have an air-tight system.

Strength in community

The Archibus Building Operations Management community of providers, users and developers is an exceptional support, growth and collaboration resource. Here, you can share best practice, experiences, forge relationships for business, and keep updated on industry trends. You can attend in person or connect online for conferences and user groups respectively.

Service anywhere, everywhere

The Archibus Building Operations Management Providers network is global and can provide service locally in more than 190 countries and more than 30 languages. It has consultants who are experts in specific technologies, sectors and organization types. There’s always someone close to help you with your experience and where you need help.

Central Database

All Archibus applications use one database so you can update data in one app and a similar update happens in relevant fields in other apps.

User friendly

Archibus Building Operations Management adapts to goals, roles and functions to give you the information you need, and its just a click away.

Integration connectors

Connect existing legacy and ERP systems to Archibus Building Operations Management such that the data you enter in external systems updates your central repository automatically.

Instant reporting

You can track KPIs from strategic dashboards while backing up your plans using instant reporting with hard data.

Streamlined workflow

With Archibus Building Operations Management you can automate all things from work orders down to approval processes, while being agile with the Archibus mobile framework.


Archibus Building Operations Management

Automate, Analyze, Optimize

There’s a difference between effectively maintenance and ineffective maintenance strategy, which affects all things from your budget to anyone else that relies on the good working of your organization’s offices, buildings, furniture, equipment and infrastructure. However, there are processes involved in operations and maintenance that are mixed into a web of incomplete excel sheets, point solutions, and complex processes of approval that hinder resources from getting to their intended places where they’re needed. In this case, deferred maintenance snowballs, work orders go unanswered, and budgets are off the rails. What ARCHIBUS Building Operations Management does is untangle the web using applications that are targeted and collaborate in a single system to streamline maintenance with hard data, digital communication and automation, which organizations really need for creating effective and lean strategies.

The apps that optimize building maintenance and operations in Archibus Building Operations Management include three apps namely:

  • On Demand work
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Condition assessment

These three apps work as one system using data fields that are standardized and update across other applications, each of which is configurable to match your unique workflow. Let’s look at each of these three applications and what they offer, issues they solve, how they collaborate, and benefit your organization to use less and do more.

On Demand work

This application lets you react with precision and speed. It digitizes and streamlines management of corrective work orders, so its easier to file, track and/or close the orders. It helps organizations react effectively and quickly for problems that are unseen. Its benefits include:

  • Simplified mobile work orders – you can assign internal and external staff work orders via a mobile app that lets them update and close work orders rapidly and directly from the field.
  • Create SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and automate everything else – avoid confusion and save time using automation of processes. SLAs can be defined upfront and the system can assign and track orders automatically based on the person responsible for approval/work, expected time of response, and other variables.
  • Use Central View of work orders to enhance transparency – you can check work orders statuses from a centralized location and do away with redundancies while keeping everyone on one page. Work orders can be viewed by type, personnel tracked, and labor schedules followed
  • Inform labor with work history – here, each asset’s work history is documented such that staff get to identify patterns while informing maintenance with useful information from past efforts
  • Learn and improve using Business Intelligence – On Demand work lets you track trends while evaluating results using analytics. Costs can be tracked by building, month, type of problem, and teams. Labor hours, response times, and performances can be tracked using simple dashboards that ease identification and investigation of outliers by managers.

On Demand work optimizes unforeseen and urgent work orders, but preventive maintenance lets organizations implement long term and cost effective plans.

Preventive maintenance

This feature in Archibus Building Operations Management helps solve issues right before they happen. It is costly and takes up a lot of labor to wait for assets to break, in fact, repairs cost more than scheduled regular upkeep processes, while breakdowns are untimely and disruptive so it ultimately costs more and damage multiplies when waiting for something to break. The result is wasted resources, operational failures, and added labor hours. With Preventive Maintenance, you get a digital planning, automation and refining tool for schedules and regular upkeep and maintenance to prevent issues before they happen.

It offers a transparent workflow, fast mobile framework, strategic performance analytics/metrics, and automation. It also offers extra tools for planning that help organizations be more proactive to do the following:

  • Reduce operational failure using automated schedules – you can decide the frequency with which you want different work in maintenance to happen, ensure critical assets are attended to and coordinate regular schedules for maintenance
  • Create schedules that reflect priorities while improving outcomes – you can manage preventive maintenance using an interactive planner for labor and work. Work can be reorganized based on priorities, while optimizing maintenance and budgets for labor; set up labor schedules according to the available labor
  • Enhance decision making using operational and financial data – you can view metrics for evaluation of maintenance work based on response time, cost, and time period, labor hours, criticality to operations and much more. Maintenance trends can be tracked for projection of future needs, while benchmarking labor performance and maintenance then adjusting the plan accordingly

Condition Assessment

This feature helps you evaluate your needs as it offers the tools to assess the condition of your equipment and buildings. Effective maintenance will depend on an informed understanding of what kind of assets will require attention. It avoids work that isn’t necessary, while identifying pressing needs through collection of condition data, and making it accessible within your system.

Condition assessment aligns – with real needs – both preventive and on demand work which are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Identifying deficiencies before they snowball to limit wear and tear, while extending lifecycle of your assets.
  • Get updated condition information at your fingertips as surveys collect information quickly based on asset condition so that updated condition data is centralized and analyzed
  • Demonstrating needs using hard data by justifying resource requests using accurate and objective data on assets’ conditions. You can show how the costs are related to the corrective measures taken
  • Reducing legal exposure and compliance risk to assess what equipment meets the standards for operation condition, and adjusting maintenance schedules to lower risk of non-compliance and legal exposure

End to end optimization of building ops

With Archibus Building Operations Management, you can react quickly using On Demand work, use Preventive maintenance to budget and plan, and Condition Assessment to assess needs, while centralizing data in one maintenance strategy that is cohesive. Information gets shared over Archibus Building Operations Management using reports that help develop maintenance programs that lessen cost, time, and maintenance labor. These applications help connect stakeholders while ensuring that your maintenance workflow happens with accountability, transparency, and speed. For further cost reduction, you can optimize productivity and real estate with Archibus space management.


ARCHIBUS Building operations management

For pricing plan requests, contact Archibus to know more about its BIM software product, inclusive of enterprise and basic pricing plan details, and other software.

Upgrades and Updates

Archibus Software Subscription is tailored to let you work in the knowledge and confidence that you’re using the most updated of productivity tools and features that are available. Ensure you have the best tools available by having periodic upgrades and updates to the software.

Special rates

Holders of Archibus subscriptions receive discounts on its services such as training or reduced rates on software.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Mac, and Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Quotation based

Customer Types: Small Business, medium business, and freelancers

Deployment: Hosted on the cloud

Support Details

  • Training
  • User Groups
  • Consultation
  • Online contact form
  • Phone
  • Social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Resources: brochures, whitepapers, glossary, success stories, and videos

Archibus Building Operations Management support plans are in two forms: Unlimited plan and Limited plan. Whatever you select, individuals authorized by you to communicate with tech support staff using the Archibus Building Operations Management website, phone, email or other channels. Archibus In.c offers support during normal business hours. A local trained specialist can also provide added tech support in your native language or time zone.

Unlimited support plan

This offers full support throughout the year for an unlimited number of tech support incidents.

Limited support plan

For a select coverage over the year for a fixed number of pre-paid tech support incidents.

Personal assistance and premium resources and materials on Archibus Building Operations Management are included.