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Full Appointment Plus Online Booking Software Review – All you need to know about Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus Scheduling Software

What is Appointment Plus?

In today’s modern age, businesses are always in a hurry and you need a way to keep up with fast paced operations. When it comes to finding a scheduling software that will benefit you, you want to be able to have one that is automated like Appointment Plus. It is a scheduling software that is designed to keep up with your modern business operations. It allows you to have online scheduling and to schedule appointments quickly and efficiently.

Appointment Plus operates in more than 16 countries world wide and has thousands of users. Some of the most renowned businesses from Fortune 500 downwards are using this scheduling software for managing their appointments. It is also designed to meet the requirements of more than 100 different industries.

In 2001 Bob La Loggia and his wife Stephanie worked on the idea that if there were a scheduling software that could solve the painful problem of customers having to call in to make, change or cancel appointments with service providers. Today more than 500 million appointments have been booked through this online scheduling software. They also have expanded their support team for the expanded development initiatives.

Whether you are looking to schedule interview, meetings, classes, appointments, reminders and other similar things, you can do it through this scheduling software. It was designed for you to have ease of use and get through this task quickly and efficiently. Appointment Plus software has become one of the worlds leading scheduling software on the market.

Appointment Plus software and their entire team are committed to helping you get the most scalable, user-friendly and configurable scheduling system you can find. It is a vision that they work towards everyday in order to provide you with a useful tool in managing appointments.

Benefits of Appointment Plus Software:

You want a scheduling software that allows for online scheduling and helps you with managing appointments. Therefore, it is essential that you see what benefits Appointment Plus Software has that will make it suitable for you.

  • There are several customization options you can use to make it more suitable for your company. This way you only need to see what you are going to use.
  • You can choose from some of the latest resources to help you understand and utilize the software to it’s full potential. Appointment Plus has available resources for subscribers on their blog.
  • It is an online scheduling tool that adheres to business best practices and helps you with time management so that you can focus on more critical projects that require your attention.
  • This scheduling software is designed to streamline the way you schedule appointments and facilitates a convenient way for your customers to make managing appointments easier and more feasible. It is straight forward and your staff will enjoy its simplicity.
  • There is the 24/7 self-scheduling operation that allows your customers to book appointments when it is convenient for them. This way even if they remember at midnight, they can hop online and book their appointment.
  • This online scheduling tool was designed to scale with your business as it grows.
  • You can book a free demonstration of this scheduling software so that you can see if it will benefit you and how it does. This is not to be confused with a free trial.
  • It is fully secure to help protect your company against intrusions and information breaches. They are committed to making sure that your scheduling process remains only for the eyes within your company.
  • This scheduling software is fully API supported to integrate seamlessly within your pre-set business procedures.
  • There are over 500 preference settings that you can utilize to suit even the most specific scheduling process.
  • It will integrate fully with the core technology that you use on a daily basis.
  • This software is nimble, robust and fully responsive giving you the freedom you need in scheduling technology.
  • There is 24/7 access that is cloud-based to your schedule with automatic syncing with your current calendar and it updates in real time.

Appointment Plus Features:

As with benefits, you want to be sure that you are getting the features that will make this software worth your time. Without going over the same things you already saw in the “benefits” section, here is an overview of the various features Appointment Plus Software has for you.

Have customer engagement that is seamless.

You can delight your current customers and future customers by allowing them online scheduling anytime, anyplace at the touch of a simple button. You don’t have to worry about your customers not showing up or the endless phone calls your staff would have to deal with otherwise. It is a way of scheduling appointments in an automated fashion that will send out email notifications and even text reminders to your clients. You can also schedule appointments by pairing this scheduling software with your social media posts and all your marketing promotions.

Get dynamic robust reporting from Appointment Plus software.

You can keep a close eye on your business by being allowed to track your customer appointment history, your various services and all your product purchase trends through the reporting option. This also allows you to have a clear line of sight into your no-show rates. Grab all your data for sales and marketing efforts by taking it to the next level with customized reports or by using the built-in report templates.

Keep on top of your staff and all administrative work.

Using the most configurable scheduling software in the industry, your staff can be managing appointments and call the shots. There is a unique and modern administrative dashboard that is easy to use and is configurable. You will have the ability to set multiple users and access levels. Plus, the mobile apps will allow you and your staff to efficiently set the parameters around your scheduling process.

Have a scalable enterprise-grade scheduling software.

With the use of modern and advanced technological features your can feel secure knowing you will be equipped for the long haul. Appointment Plus software is backed by a very powerful cloud-based scheduling API that is built to meet the needs of multiple locations. It can also handle advanced system integrations.

Get the most out of third-party integrations.

One of the most robust tools this scheduling software has is that it is designed to handle many complex updates between your primary platforms. The API is designed to handle even the most complex synchronization of data between your and third parties and this includes triggers. These third-party applications include constant contact, Google, iContact and MailChimps among many others.

Pricing details of Appointment Plus Software:

There are four different enterprise level pricing structures that you can choose from. With yearly payment, you can get 2 free months from any one of these packages.

Bronze Package:

For $49 per month you can get up to 10 users and 500 appointments. You also can have reoccurring appointments and text plus email reminders for ease in managing appointments. There is also the ability for customer payments, website integration and Facebook integration. You can also use even scheduling with multiple access levels.

Silver Package:

This package includes up to 10 users and 500 appointments. It can also help in managing appointments by allowing recurring appointments, text reminders, email notification, and allowing for customer payments. There is also the feature of website and Facebook integration. There is also event scheduling, multiple access levels, staff filters, the ability to offer packages, location staff sharing and service exceptions. You get all this for $69 per month.

Gold Package:

This payment option costs $99 a month and it includes has all the features that are included in the silver package, but with it you can also get service exceptions, room sharing, analytics reporting, templates, IP Address restrictions, multiple appointment and extra appointment fields.

Platinum Package:

This one is the most elite of the all the packages and it comes with a similar price tag. It’s costs $199 a month and it includes up to 11 plus users and up to 1000 plus appointments. It also comes with all the features in the Gold package with the addition of sub services, location attributes, location lockup, Custom Fields, PO numbers on Grid and dedicated links.

There is the option for enterprise pricing that is fully customized. However, in order to receive a quote for this, you will have to get in touch with a representative at Appointment Plus. This way they can get the information they need from you to be able to give you a comprehensive quote.

Appointment Plus Software Technical Details:

This scheduling software with online bookings is very versatile. This is because it is cloud-hosted. As such, it is compatible with any device you want to use it on including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is also compatible with any operating system. This software also comes with full API capabilities, as mentioned in the “benefits” section.

The primary language that is supported is English. You would have to contact them to find out if they support any other languages.

Support Details:

A company that proclaims to be able to cater to Fortune 500 companies would only be able to do so if it has great support for its users. With each package you get a complimentary onboarding session that will help you get situated with the new software. The other support options you have are:

  • Phone: With a toll-free North American number and a local number, you can call in with questions and issues.
  • Live Support: You do have the option to get technical support via live chat support options. This allows you to get remote help fairly quickly.
  • Training: There is the opportunity to enrol in in-depth training you can get to help you become an expert with your new scheduling software.
  • Help Center: You can also make use of the very comprehensive help center that has answers to the majority of common issues.


For an enterprise scaled software to help you schedule appointments, this one delivers on many levels. The fact that there is full customization and the ability to have third-party integrations that will make this scheduling software a seamless integration within your existing business process.

If you are just starting out or you already have a large enterprise, this software is able to grow with your company and suit any scheduling situation you may have. From their online scheduling to managing appointments, Appointment Plus Software delivers. With their commitment to business best practices and their full range of flexible options, you could have a real contender with this software.  This fully scalable way for managing bookings can help to ease the pressure on your staff as it cuts back on a great deal of the administrative work.

Overall, it is a great scheduling software that can be used for online bookings, generating reports and so much more. As always, you want to be able to do your homework. With the price tag on Appointment Plus Software, you want to be sure that you are getting exactly what you want and will not be disappointed.