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Full Applause Test Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Applause


What is Applause?

Applause is a top test management software used by companies across the globe.

It offers some of the best digital experiences to its clients by developing authentic, realistic human input at every phase or stage of the software.

Applause is responsible for software tests, research, and usability feedback. The application can work across different outlets, for instance, mobile phones, digital wearable, smart cars, web pages, and desktops.

With the increase in technology, the days when product testing was done in the laboratories are long gone. Laboratory tests take a lot of time and resources to find the end product which is preferred by the consumers.

Therefore, there is a need to provide real-time testing of mobile applications to get quality insights on the application’s usability, feasibility, and scalability.

The materials, products, and programs designed by Applause provide fast feedback and exploratory testing of the product for the end users. The real-time testing approach helps the business in testing applications in real time situations, and on actual devices, different locations, and different platforms.

As one of the world’s leading crowd testing providers, Applause connects the applications and websites in the mobile devices, desktops, web pages, products and in-store experience to the uTest.

Consequently, uTest testers provide an easy way of testing a wide variety of Android devices and iPhone applications. These application testers are thorough and fast in the testing and managing process.

Applause focuses on real-world testing for the desktops, mobile apps, and web. Such tests are concerned with developers’ testing the software outside of the laboratory and in the real world where the product is scrutinized beyond a basic functional level.

Applause also provides users with an SDK (Software Development Kit) containing a set of programming tools that assist the developers in creating the applications for a specific platform.

The software developing tool in Applause equips the application developers with tools that allow them to quickly build high performing mobile applications for the tablets and smartphones.

Applause has a mobile application software development kit for bugging, debugging and crash reports on Android and Windows mobile devices.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, Applause has developed an ideal test of 360 degrees application quality, which determines the variety of various applications as a gateway to different brands and businesses. You can bring together a vast range of testing services and application quality tools that enable the company to achieve the 360-degree application quality.


Provides everything you need for a competitive edge

Applause offers capabilities to develop the right application with the right automation, build, shape, interface, design, and security.  This gives you a competitive edge over other companies that try to transform the software by bringing high-quality applications for faster marketing.

Thorough testing

Companies can conduct thorough crowd testing which allows the application to obtain real data and insights with the professional testers.  Crowd testing is a form of testing where a crowd sourced medium is used to connect the testers from other users around the world for testing projects.  When it comes to applications such as games and e-commerce applications, crowd testing is the best solutions to test the apps. When the application is checked externally, harsh and varying conditions of the application may be faced which make it easy to weed out some of the defects in the application. Corporations like Google and Microsoft trust the use of crowd testing as a method of testing their applications.


Consumers look for security when considering test management software. With security testing, they can know how the app will work on the security standards on the application by finding, fixing and preventing security susceptibility. The testing features are thus result oriented, which gauges the likability of the application to the users and how they review the product.

Personal customer support

Applause provides a customer relationship that personal in nature. This enables users to have a one-on-one relationship between the application and the user. Applause assists most clients by providing testing services for their software products such as performance testing, security testing and functional testing for quality assurance. It also has an email and social media support center.

Value-driven cost structure

Applause’s cost structure is value-driven, which focuses on the lean structure of the application, offering cheap value prepositions and high automation degrees, plus outsourcing of expensive functions. The most significant cost element is the cost of services provided and the variable expenses. These primary drivers that make up the cost structure are in the area of sales and marketing, fixed costs, consumer support and operations. Through personal services, Applause aims to provide consumers with a premium proposition on the value.

Feedback from real people on real devices

The main channels that Applause benefits from are its sales and business development teams, who promote its offerings through social media pages, summits, conferences, and websites. These main channels provide feedback from real people on real mobile devices, in actual locations.

Five value propositions: Convenience, Innovation, Brand, Accessibility, and performance

Applause offers five value propositions such as convenience, innovation, accessibility, brand, and performance.  In doing this, the test management software offers accessibility where its consumers can use its solution on all devices, carrier combinations and operating systems for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Works with your schedules

Clients get a simpler life in the applications testing cycle, which happen on the clients’ schedules. Users take these tests at their convenient time because the application can run with any frequency on a daily, weekly, or occasional basis.

Full service

Applause gets you results on your own schedule without the overheads, while giving you dedicated technical and project leaders who manage all the aspects of your project.

Beyond just testing

Customers expect more from your digital platforms than just work. Applause helps you deliver engaging and intuitive experiences, while driving loyalty with your target customers.

Driven by software

Applause lets you see your results in real time and you get to communicate directly with its community, plus, it integrates with your bug tracking system.

Fast, high quality results

Applause’s community members are constantly rated by their customers and are available 24/7. Speed doesn’t come at the expense of its quality.

Proven results

Applause lets you innovate faster by increasing your release velocity by 150 percent, save money by reducing testing lab costs by 75 percent, delight your customers by increasing customer conversion and retention rates by 10 percent, and lowering risks by reducing the number of critical bug fixes by 50 percent.



Manual Testing

Applause can discover the critical bugs in applications before consumers do. The bugs can profoundly affect the consumers’ experience with the mobile or web platform. Manual testing enables the application to use traditional questions and answers, which are noted by the users and Applause app. By using crowd testing as a method of testing the application, target consumers can provide real issues on actual devices which appear in the actual world conditions. The team of experts in the application use manual testing to deliver the most actionable and relevant results at any time.

Automated Testing

A global community of mobile and web engineers provide automation services through Applause, which get the customers up and running combined with the background and professional service provided. With the ever-growing complexity of technology and competition, automated testing offers a solution to produce high-quality, reliable and robust software. Your business benefits from increased testing efficiency and effectiveness, plus faster time to market. Applause’s functional automation test includes:

  • Applause Automation framework based on Selenium and Appium
  • Respiratory, device lab, continuous integration setup
  • Abstraction layer and script development by Applause’s engineering community
  • Test case writing
  • Dashboard showing device logs, fail and passes activity, and screenshots
  • Documentation and training
  • Access to applause automation practice leads community engineers.

Payment Testing

With this feature, Applause lets the users validate that every transaction at any location is successful. Applause enables users to approve payments within the worldwide network of Applause software experts. These payments are made by real people with real payment instruments that let users authenticate every payment transaction. However, with the expansion of technology and markets, payments testing become overwhelming and sophisticated. This payment testing feature enables users to make payments with different platforms at different regions. Also, they can minimize the negative impact of time wastage through flexible payment transactions. Finally, payment testing ensures that the customers’ experience improves through successful shopping experiences via payment transactions across various payment circumstances.

Omnichannel Feedback and Testing

This is a multi-channel sales program approach, which provides customers with an all-in-one shopping experience. In order to drive customer loyalty and improved conversion rates, the channel must work in harmony with the consumers from online to in-store.  The feedback and test approach of the feature is realized when users provide a documented, step by step reaction on the actual results against the expected results.

Security testing

With Applause security testing feature, security personnel provide coverage benefits and speedy results of the crowd. Security testing should be given the highest priority for internet applications. It can reduce the chances of security breaches in the application by uncovering security issues and how to tackle them. Given the numerous risks of cyber-attacks and hacking, security testing is an integral feature in Applause, due to the use of crowd sources who present security risks from the users. A team of researchers bring different viewpoints and creativity to security testing through evaluation of varying security risks possible.

Accessibility assessment

This is one of the most crucial elements where making assessments on Applause is accessible. Accessibility is considered to be the central aspect when designing assessments in the application. In a society, there are different users of the application, so, if the company does not consider the accessibility assessment of disabled learners, they could unintentionally be disadvantaged from poor accessibility. Accessibility assessment ensures that the application maximizes on an all-inclusiveness and accessibility of the assessment. Applause provides an expert-led assessment by delivering all the human perspective to the problems offered such as poverty, disability, illiteracy, and needs.

Usability studies

Many consumers need experiences with products that they love and appreciate. By removing internal bias, the app can deliver better customer experiences by minimizing shopping cart abandonment. Applause applies the usability studies feature to improve the customer conversations and engagement with feedback that is taken into action.

Applause for Amazon Alexa


This is a recent offering by Applause that provides benefits and capabilities other approaches of test management or software testing can’t match. It includes:
  • In the Wild Testing that measures user experiences for Alexa apps rapidly in any location – home, car, office or in other devices
  • Real Voices that validate Alexa’s Utterance voice testing for various dialects, languages, age groups, and gender
  • Unlimited Device Coverage leveraging 2.4 million real devices in Alexa’s community plus thousands of testers who own their Alexa enabled hardware
  • Testing Diversity that incorporates Alexa certification requirements and best practices with full range of automation, testing, payment, accessibility and feedback services
  • SaaS Platform to extend development teams and performing test management through integration of bug tracking systems in Applause
  • Proven Results with Internet of Things that leverage Applause’s experience in testing with leading brands that build web, IoT, mobile and voice apps


Applause pricing is available upon request. To get a custom quote, contact the vendor directly.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows mobile

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Quote-based

Customer Type: Large enterprises; Medium business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, On premise

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support