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Full Appcues Customer Experience Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Appcues


What is Appcues?

Appcues is a customer experience software solution to help businesses add a layer of customer experience management to their products and services. It features a system that provides companies with a seamless and well-built solution to onboarding, feature adoption, and Net Promotion Score (NPS) surveys. It aims to improve customer conversion, retention, and brand loyalty by allowing businesses to showcase their value and the best of their products and services.

Essentially, Appcues is a tool that adds better and more effective customer experience properties to existing products and services. It manages, monitors, and promotes digital user engagement so that businesses can be informed of how engaged users are on their platforms. The software consequently provides support, manage flows, and make decisions that improve the platform, optimize efficiency, and maximize the customer experience.

Appcues features a codeless design and can be used by anyone in the organization. Support teams, customer relationship managers, sales managers, human resources departments, and more can use the Appcues platform to create user onboarding flows. It maximizes the reach and effect of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. And issues seamless and on-the-fly announcements to keep customers well-informed and well-aware of product value, and more.

AppcuesThis platform is built on the idea of building better user engagement to promote better customer retention. Appcues serves an effective solution to helping developers and organizations communicate with their clientele more efficiently. Whether it’s helping them make full use of the platform, encouraging them to try the latest features and additions, or keeping them informed about the most up-to-date news and announcements. Appcues is also fully customizable with a powerful styling engine so it can work seamlessly with your organization and further efforts towards an effective and positively recognized brand image.

Appcues is used and trusted by over 900 companies and organizations around the world. Many of the most popular platforms that are known to deliver excellent user experiences rely on Appcues to help them in that pursuit. IndieGoGo, one of the most popular crowdsourcing platforms on the web, used to hardcode announcements directly onto their platform. But with Appcues, they were able to reinvent the way they communicated with customers, using the platform to deliver in-app messages and announcements seamlessly on the Appcues experience layer. Other companies share similar success stories – Amplitude uses Appcues for their feature tours and NPS surveys, Canva saw 10% better activation in just 2-3 weeks of using the platform, and organizations around the world are seeing better results everywhere with Appcues.

Appcues is available at fixed-rate subscriptions for the Starter Plan and the Starter Plan, but follow a quote-based pricing system for users interested in the Enterprise Plan. With a sort of hybrid pricing system like this, Appcues ensures that it caters to the needs of SMBs (small to medium businesses), CX managers and professionals, and even those of larger organizations and enterprises.


Appcues is a great customer experience software solution that enables businesses and organizations not only to deliver greater value to their customers but also to orient their clients to the complete value of their products and services. The benefits of its user’s experience are as follows:

Showcase your value

Appcues main strength is that it allows users, clients, and customers to better understand the value proposition of the products and services a company or organization offers. It provides teams with tools and features that help them showcase product value. Its streamlined and effective onboarding flows have helped companies around the world provide unparalleled customer experiences.

Built-in capabilities for NPS surveying enable them to monitor value and customer satisfaction. Feature adoption flows created on the Appcues platform encourages and promotes the use of new and additional features, so that users are better informed and better equipped with the tools they need, provided for by the organization.

Increase your conversions

Appcues allows users to make the most of customer experiences to increase conversation rates significantly. On this platform, flows are easily customizable to cater to specific client needs. With deep personalization capabilities, product and service demonstrations can more effectively show potential clients how solutions can be applied to their businesses, cater to their specific needs, and solve their specific problems. Storyboard That, one of the most popular storyboard creation tools available on the market, reported 112% in user conversions from Trial users to Paid subscribers. The company attributes the increase in sales performance to the Appcues approach to onboarding and user experience.

AppcuesEmpower your users to adopt new features

Rolling out new features is one of the most difficult parts of customer retention and engagement. Far too often, new features are ignored, neglected, or remain unknown to current and existing users – meaning that the investment towards developing additional features will make no significant returns, and the overall value of the product or service is diminished.

With Appcues, organizations can direct and re-orient its users every time a new feature is developed and subsequently released onto the latest builds of the platform. Using better and more effective flows to promote customer engagement and positive experience, the platform empowers users to adopt new and more effective features.

CMAP Software, an international organization that develops cloud-based applications for businesses and project managers, reported a 300% increase in new feature adoption among its users. With more users aware of the additional functionality of the platform, they are better engaged and less likely to seek out the competition.

Self-service product demonstration

Appcues allows businesses and organizations the means to create self-service product demonstrations. Using this unique tool, users can do away with time-consuming processes and workflows and instead provide clients and customer direct access to product demonstrations. With self-service product demonstrations, interested users don’t have to wait for representatives.

Instead, they can jump right into the product or service and gain a better understanding of how it works, how it feels, and how it will apply to the more specific needs of organizations. Bynder, a leading digital asset management platform, makes use of Appcues to create self-service product demonstrations, which they report significantly increased the speed of sales by streamlining the sales process.

Maximize onboarding processes and workflows

User onboarding processes and workflows are a big part of ensuring positive customer experiences and achieving higher levels of digital customer engagement. With Appcues, businesses and organizations can maximize user onboarding outcomes. Yotpo, an innovative and effective commerce marketing platform, uses Appcues and reports increases in user engagement by 42% and retention by 50% shortly after integrating their system with the Appcues platform.

AppcuesMake lasting first impressions

First impressions are important anywhere, and in business and commerce, it pays to make a positive and lasting first impression on the market. With Appcues’ tools and features to help onboarding processes and direct user attention to the value of products and services that would otherwise have been obscured, users can make lasting impressions that will make a mark in the minds of their users.

Measure your success

Appcues comes with several analytics tools and options to help users monitor customer experience, manage key performance indicators and critical success factors. Use performance metrics to measure your success, and derive from your data important insights that will help you make sound business decisions.

Integrate with the best in the business

Appcues can integrate with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Segment, Intercom, and more.


The features of the Appcues platform varies from pricing plan to pricing plan. But all editions of the Appcues software solution provide the same baseline and essential tools to drive customer experience and engagement forward.

  • Unlimited Flows
  • Appcues Goals
  • BI & Analytics
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Custom Styling
  • Extensive Knowledge Base Access
  • Excellent Customer Support


AppcuesAppcues is priced in a way that is beneficial to both small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises, corporations, and conglomerates. It follows a fixed-price subscription model for its mid-range offerings – the Starter plan and the Standard plan – which are both oriented towards SMBs (small to medium businesses). The Enterprise Plan, however, is designed for larger companies with more complicated flows and larger customer bases. Appcues Enterprise is available at quote-based pricing, with quotes provided to interested users upon request.

Starter Plan – $199/month, or $159/month at annual billing

Appcues Starter provides users subscribed to it with the essential functionality of the Appcues platform. It is oriented towards smaller businesses and startups who need an effective platform to help them establish themselves with great user experiences. For $199 per month or $159 per month, if opted for annual billing, the Starter plan provides access for up to four (4) team members and 2 Appcues Goals. The features that come with the Starter Plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited Flows
  • Personalization and Target Audience
  • Flow Analytics
  • Customizable Styles
  • Standard Integrations
  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base Access

Standard Plan – $299/month or $249/month at annual billing

Appcues Standard is an extension of the Starter Plan that provides users with more robust tools and features, enabling them to promote and encourage the growth of their business and their market. For $299 per month or $249 per month, if opted for annual billing, the Standard plan can accommodate up to twelve (12) team members, and set up to 5 Appcues Goals. The features of the Standard Plan are as follows:

  • All Starter Plan Features and Functions, plus:
  • Priority Customer Support and Services
  • Customer Success Management
  • Advanced Market Targeting and Behavioral Segmentation
  • A/B Analysis and Testing
  • Unbranded Flows (Omission of the ‘Powered by Appcues’ Branding)
  • Advanced and Custom Integrations
  • Content Localization

Enterprise Plan – Price Available Upon Request

Appcues Enterprise is the premium Appcues option that provides larger organizations with the most powerful tools on the higher-capacity platform. The Enterprise Plan does not come with a fixed rate for the subscription. Instead, users may request a price quote from Appcues, who will then evaluate the organization’s needs and usage to tailor-make a custom platform. The Enterprise Plan accommodates up to 10 Appcues Goals and unlimited users and team members. It features:

  • All Standard Plan Features and Functions, plus:
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Custom Invoices and Contracts
  • Improved Data Security
  • Advanced User Access and Permissions

Free Trial – 100 Appcues Requests

Appcues offers a fully-featured free trial for its services, which will end after the Appcues flows have been viewed 100 times by users and customers.

Technical Details

AppcuesAppcues is designed to work on most modern devices and is fully optimized for the latest web platforms. The list below details all the devices and systems that are compatible with the Appcues software solution. Below, there is also a detailed list regarding the supported languages of the platform, the business model and pricing system at which users can avail of the product, the types of business and organizations the software caters to, and the deployment options available to its users.

Compatible Systems

  • Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Linux OS
  • Mac OS

Compatible Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Supported Language(s)

  • English

Pricing System

  • Subscription Based
  • Annual or Monthly Billing Options
  • Quote-based (Enterprise Plan only)

Customer Types

  • SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses)
  • Large Enterprises

Deployment Option(s)

  • Hosted (Cloud)

Support Details

Appcues provides its users with effective and timely support through a live chat support channel. Live Chat Support can be contacted and availed of within the Appcues application, so users and teams can receive almost instant support and issue resolution. It also offers in-depth training and learning resources to help organizations use the platform effectively as well as follow in the best practices in their respective industries. For general inquiries and sales concerns, users may also send Appcues Support an email using contact form linked below:

Email: Appcues Contact Form

Training and Learning Resources are available to help users create effective and masterful onboarding flows. These resources can be availed of at the Appcues User Onboarding Academy, linked below:

Training: Appcues User Onboarding Academy

Users who are already subscribed to the Appcues platform can also receive instant support through the in-app Live Chat Support platform to help them resolve issues almost as soon as they occur.