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Full Amazing Chart EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About Amazing Chart


The Amazing Chart EHR software is a full-featured modern electronic health record tool to help clinics and hospitals manage patients records masterfully. The tool leverages a robust set of features to automate the entire process of patient management.

It was founded in 2001 by a practicing physician. He understood the pains and rigors of handling patient information and sought to rectify them.

The result was the Amazing Chat EHR software. The software has grown consistently over the years and in 2017, Harris Healthcare acquired the tool to add to their range of healthcare software.

The tool is one of the easiest to use and master in this niche and has consistently won awards in this segment. The tool also ranks as the best solution in the category of ease and use by the MesdScape EHR support.

Today the software offers more than a simple EHR solution. It now integrates to work with your hospital workflow and processes with ease.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the benefits and cons of using this software for your clinic or health outfit. We’ll also analyze the features and tools. Only you can decide if it is a good fit for your business needs.

What Is The Amazing Chart EHR software?

The Amazing Chart EHR software is a powerful all-around tool for managing and storing patient’s Health Records. The tool is an entirely online tool. Hence, you can access it anywhere and update information even while outside the hospital.

The tool provides excellent solutions for independent health workers, like doctors, clinicians, and even interns to manage their patient’s records. It provides stellar documentation tools that allow you to create a health profile for your patient without having to type in a lot of information.

The tool comes with a robust set of tools and options to allow patients and interns to create charts, symptoms lists, prescriptions and other medical documents on the fly.

It also integrates with payment solution to ensure that you can receive your payments after services rendered. The payment tool sends invoices and notifications to your patients when payment is due. This way you can automate your payment process.

Its best feature yet is the reports section. This report section shows you the state of your business financials as well as the health profile chart of your patient’s overtime.

In essence, it is a fantastic tool for solo health workers looking for a flexible EHR solution.

How Does The Amazing Chart EHR Software Work?

The software is an entirely online tool, hosted on a secure cloud server. You can access the tool by registering to use it on the platform’s website. The company provides an excellent free trial tool to help you make your decision about using the software.

To register for the free trial, click on the free trial option. The next page will require some information about you and your business. You’ll fill out a form with this information and submit. Once the form submits successfully, a pop up will confirm that an agent will contact you to set up the free trial session.

The session is simply a tour of the tools and its functionalities. You would be able to do everything that you can do with the original tool and its features.

If you get convinced with the free trial, you can easily subscribe for a full version.

Benefits of The Amazing Chart EHR software

1. Effective For Solo Practitioners

The software tools are very suited to the use of an independent practitioner. They can easily access the tools and features on the cloud and make changes and updates as they move. The accessibility of the software on mobile further improves this feature improving the overall productivity of the solo health worker.

2. Functional Intuitive User Interface

The user interface of the software is both intuitive and functional. The navigation is optimized to improve the overall user experience. The user interface is uncluttered with all the menu buttons and required options arranged neatly to improve overall workflow and not hinder productivity.

3. Numerous Tools and Features

The software easily ranks very high for the number of features available. The tool provides excellent EHR services and features in addition to other necessary tools like the report and billing tools. You can also extend the functionality of the software using the plugins feature.

4. Excellent Resources, Documentation and Help Material

The software provides both training materials and offers training services for users. You can schedule the training for remote or in-person training. They provide webinars and live training online for users to understand the software better. Their resources pages also come with excellent information about the software and how to use it for any of the purposes of its design.

5. Great For e-Prescription

You can send e-prescription and lifestyle recommendations to your patients using the e-prescription portal. The portal is secure and cannot get compromised. The prescription tools can also be used to track and monitor drug consumption habits of your patients.

6. Secure and Compliant With Meaningful Use Policy

With the software hosted on a secure server, it is immune to hackers and other malicious attackers. It is also compliant with the latest HIPAA compliance policies supporting the meaningful use policies. Your patients can rest assured that their data and information is only available to those they give their authorization.

Cons of The Amazing Chart EHR software

1. Tool is Expensive

The price for using the software tool is very much on the high side. The tool is expensive compared to other similar solutions that offer equivalent benefits. Also to add new features you have to use the addons tools. These tools are charged separately and do not come with the primary plan. This cost means that you have to shell out more money if you intend to use the tool to its full potential.

Features of The Amazing Chart EHR software

1. Charting Tools

The charting tools help you optimize your documentation process by preventing double entries for each patient. It provides all the information of your patient on one single interface and shows their history with your health outfit. You can easily update the information to reflect any new changes in the patient lifestyle or health.

2. Template Tools

The template tools also simplify patient record documentation process and improve overall productivity. You can use the different templates available for the scenarios of their design. This way when you want to capture patient information or send a lab test request you don’t have to create a custom template from scratch.

3. E-Prescription Tool

The e-prescription tool allows you to send a digital copy of a patient’s prescription to their email or portal account. The prescription tool follows all the required safety policies and meets all the health requirements. Hence it is safe and legal to use it with your patients. It is SureScript certified and powered by NewDrop services.

4. Scheduling and Appointment Tools

The scheduling and appointment tools allow you to create appointment and schedules for your patients. They can also request for these appointments during your free hours. Once the appointments get booked, you can set notification and reminders to help you stay aware of them.

5. Patient Portal

The patient portal is an account on your EHR software that allows your patients to manage their health information on your platform. You can use the tool to increase the level of interaction with your patients. It also allows you to exchange sensitive documents like test results securely. This tool helps to reduce the number of appointments that you get from them

6. Messaging Tools

The messaging tool helps to improve the collaboration of your team. If you have more than one staff, this tool is handy. You can use it to give instructions or follow up on assigned tasks completion. You can also use the tool to assign patients to staff and give them the required clearance. It features an electronic sticky note to help with productivity too.

7. Reporting Tools

The reporting tool helps you to query your database for patient information. The tool provides a handful of helpful queries that you will frequently use. You can also write your queries if you need to get a custom set of information from the database.

8. Billing Tools

The billing tools provide excellent billing solution for your health outreach. You can use the tool to send invoices and payment requests to your patients. It also features a notification tool that helps you send reminders via email or text to follow up on their payments. It also handles the bill generation automatically.

Pricing and Price Models

The Amazing Chart EHR software uses a combination of tier-based pricing and flexible pricing for the product. The smaller compact features start at a flat rate. But as soon as you need to add new features, you’ll have to pay independently for them. Currently, there are five distinct plans available. And two of them uses the flexible pricing model.

1. Amazing Chart EHR

The tools in this plan include:

Annual Support



Database Updates

It costs $1495 to use annually, and this cost is per clinician.

2. Amazing Chart In The Cloud

Fully Hosted

Remote Access

Data Backup

No VPN Required

This plan costs $202 monthly and allows you to have up to three users on the account.

3. Amazing Chart Practice Management


Insurance Eligibility

Claims Submissions


This plan costs $299 per clinician monthly.

4. Amazing Chart Medical Billing

Revenue Cycle Management

Real-Time Reporting

Claim Analysis

Extensive Follow-Up

You have to contact the sales team to know the pricing for this plan

5. Amazing Chart Population Health

Quality Management Dash

Care Gap Analysis

Proactive Patient Alerts

Patient Risk Management

The price information for this plan is not on the website. You’ll have to contact sales support for further information.

Amazing Chart Add-ons

These add-ons are additional features that you can purchase for your software to improve its overall functionality. The Amazing Chat team lists these add-ons on their website pricing page.

They are:

  • Interfaces – for lab and other hospital equipment
  • Secure Backup – to protect your data from inadvertent losses.
  • Reminders – to remind your patient for payment and health appointments
  • Patient Communication – to help you interact with your patients
  • Chronic Care Management – to assist you effectively manage chronic health cases
  • Patient Portal and
  • Immunization Submissions

Platforms Supported and Technical Details

The Amazing Chart tool is cloud-hosted. The company manages the cloud server and network as well as the memory hardware. You don’t have to provide this infrastructure yourself. All you need to do is register for an account to secure a space for your business.

Accessing The Software

Since the software is cloud-hosted, you can access it on any computer or supported device like you would a web application. The computer must have a supported modern browser installed. You must also have an active internet network connection.

Supported devices include:

1. Windows OS

2. Mac OS

3. Linux OS

4. Chrome OS

5. Android OS

6. iOS

Customer Support

The support for this tool is impressive. The support team is always on standby to help you solve any issues that you may have with the tool. They are also very patient and polite while responding to your queries.

Channels Available

The support team is available on some channels. You can reach them via:

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone
  • Email and support tickets

Training, Documentation, and Resources

The company provides excellent training support for the tool. They offer their training in different formats depending on your choice. There is an option for an in-person or remoter training.

They also provide excellent support materials and resources to help you better understand and use the tool.

In Conclusion

The Amazing Chart EHR software is one of the most full-featured EHR software available. Their numerous features and tools make the entire process of patient management a breeze. Their smooth and intuitive navigation also simplifies all your workflow for improved productivity.

Although the tool is quite expensive compared to other solutions, it is still a robust EHR tool for what it does.

So, now you can try out the Amazing Chart software and see if it’s the EHR solution that fit into your business needs.