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Full Allplan Architecture Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About Allplan Architecture

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The phrase ‘Building Information Modeling’ has been bandied around the AEC industry a lot lately. But, what is it actually about?

As much as it sounds a little futuristic, BIM is a concept that was born in the 70s, with the ArchiCAD Laiserin created in 1987, the first iteration of BIM software, and the first CAD software that was usable on PCs.

If you’re involved in construction of buildings with complex designs or tight restrictions, BIM software help you analyze and design different systems pretty fast.

A great example is the Shanghai Tower, build by global architectural firm Gensler, who used BIM in their design process, and integrated it across their projects and offices. But this isn’t to mean it is reserved for skyscrapers only, it can be used in many areas of the building environment including roads and marine.

As much as people presume it is relevant only to AEC professionals, and is akin to CAD software, BIM has so many capabilities that we’d only scratch the surface if we began to discuss each one.

Its integration has been successful in the AEC industry what with its benefits and its wide use and relevance to any and every type of scheme, including residential ones.

Allplan Architecture is one such BIM software currently being used in the building and construction industry.

It is not only universal, but precise, and the ultimate BIM solution that gives full control to AEC professionals over their projects, plus the creativity, flexibility and freedom to produce great designs and drawings.

What is Allplan Architecture?

Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture is a universal building information modeling software tool used in the construction and building industry. It is directly connected to Allplan Bimplus, a cloud-based BIM platform, and this makes it a complete BIM solution.

With this BIM software, you can choose to work fully in 3D, or work with 2D and 3D in combination, and this is beneficial when it comes to planning and implementation.

The main strength of Allplan Architecture can be found in its precision and its reliability across the stages of planning, particularly with quantity takeoff.

Users can apply various approaches with Allplan Architecture especially in generating drawings and designs, including 2D and 3D object-oriented modeling.

Finally, it delivers features for collaboration so that users can work on projects from any location, and coordinate with multi-disciplinary teams.

Allplan Architecture comes in four different variations:

  • Allplan Share for direct collaboration and connections to other tools through its open API
  • Allplan Environment that considers the real terrain and urban environment
  • Allplan Workgroup Manager to create clear synergy effects
  • Allplan License Server for effective management and optimal use of licenses

We’ll look into these four variations in-depth when reviewing the features of Allplan Architecture, but first, let’s see what benefits it brings as you use it in your construction and building firm.


allplan architecture

BIM-aided design

Allplan Architecture lets you begin building virtually first, and then translate that into reality. It displays whatever errors and/or conflicts early enough, even during design stage, while avoiding any construction related delays.

Design freedom

With Allplan Architecture’s integrattion with Siemens Parasolid modeling kernel, you get more freedom to create your 3D models.

High level visualization

Allplan Architecture is also integrated with Maxon’s CineRender, which lets you create high quality visualizations efficiently and intuitively straight from Allplan platform.

Precision everywhere

With BIM models, drawings that come from this software are always up to date. Its powerful layout and tools for design also offer precision to the maximum when you generate these drawings.

Reliable quantity takeoff

Allplan Architecture is also easy to integrated with Allplan Share, which is also a BIM solution for managing building tasks and projects. It integrates with an add-on from the Share platform. If you combine Architecture with Bimplus, the Share add-on gives users enhanced capabilities for collaboration. They can also easily access model data from BIM and work on these same models regardless of what their discipline is and what location they’re working from.

Summary of benefits

Allplan Architecture is the ultimate software AEC professionals that provides full control over creativity and over your project. It is designed to produce detailed drawings and deliver unparalleled quality of information. You can be more successful using this BIM solution and fulfill tasks such as:

  • Defining functional and physical properties
  • Deliver professional visualizations and drawings
  • Have traceable and reliable costs and quantities


allplan architecture

Allplan Architecture is touted as the ultimate solution in BIM software for architects, what with its full control over creativity and over your projects. It is designed to give detailed drawings while enabling unparalleled quality of information.

Below are the powerful features that make all this possible.


This is the new or latest feature with Allplan Architecture 2018, and helps you find all the tools you require for specific tasks through a series of ribbons. It is structured based on the various tasks and roles such that function groups are available to you for example the modeling, visualization and drafting. Just like you’d find things in a neatly arranged toolbox, you will also find the necessary functions for Allplan in the related group and get right to your work immediately.

Automatic scalability

Regardless of the screen or device or monitor you are using, Allplan Architecture is adaptable as it automatically adjusts its scalability based on the user interface of your screen and its size or resolution. This allows you more flexibility when selecting the device you’ll work with, and gives a user experience that is consistent and convenient.

IFC4 for advanced data export

With Allplan Architecture, sharing different kinds of BIM model data such as free-form geometry is possible without losing anything. This ensures your quality is improved, and the precision is also significantly improved for your BIM model data. Additionally, the IFC4 feature gives you better control across your project, making decision making process much easier with all stakeholders in the construction project involved.

Sections and views

Allplan Architecture has a new labeling function that makes sure the labeling of onjects is consistent and correct within the views and sections. Labeling is linked with the BIM model information, so all the changes are updated automatically in all views and sections that the BIM model is linked to.

Realistic visualization

Through Maxon’s CineRender, visualization developments increase and their quality improves. This feature is integrated into Allplan Architecture 2018 and lets users perform physical rendering for results that are more realistic. It also significantly improves the representation quality of the animation window.

3D modeling capabilities (integration with Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens)

Allplan integrates with Parasolid product lifecycle management software and this applies advanced, yet versatile techniques for 3D modeling. It can also produce renderings which users visualize models and designs that are more realistic. This software provides information management and data export features for you to share data easily with your stakeholders and partners, plus exchange data smoothly across projects in the BIM.

Simplified collaboration via Allplan Share

Allplan Share and Allplan Architecture combination benefits you as it gives direct collaboration with your design team or partners globally with the same data from Allplan. Share is based on Bimplus and this gives even more functions like Task Board, Model Viewer, and Revision Control. It also reduces administrative effort while saving on local server costs.


In order to get the pricing details for Allplan Architecture, you’ll need to get in touch with the vendor who will give you a quote for the small and medium business, as well as enterprise pricing plans. It is thus only available upon request.

However, you can test the full version of this BIM software for 30 days at no cost and without any obligation. Download it and experience all the benefits of Allplan Architecture.

Technical details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch

Pricing: Quotation based

Customer Types: Small and medium businesses; large enterprises

Deployment: Cloud; Open API

Support details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support
  • Training
  • Support tickets
  • Serviceplus network
  • International service portal
  • Global Allplan community