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Full Affise Affiliate Marketing Review – All you need to know about Affise


For this review, we’ll be covering Affise, an affiliate marketing platform. In the fast-paced world today, products begin to get obsolete the moment they are launched. The reason? Competitors are ever willing to make a better one and eat into your market share.

This means if you are serious about making a good profit from your hard work, you must prepare to move fast. One sure way is to leverage digital marketing. Performance marketing helps you show your product to potential customers and secure their loyalty before a game-changing competitor shows up on the scene.

But marketing is both time and effort consuming. And most businesses would rather contract it out. That’s why they go to affiliate marketing platforms to get marketers to do the heavy-lifting for them.

What is Affise?

Affise is an online affiliate marketing platform that implements performance marketing. Its structure integrates the big three players in the online marketing world. The Entrepreneurs, the marketers, and publishers.

It simplifies all the processes of online marketing. And helps all parties make a good profit from their efforts. It achieves this goal through its many tools and features. These tools can help to optimize marketing and communication between the three groups.

The platform also allows for segregation of control. While each party works with one another, they are separated enough that they can work without the other interfering too often.

How Does Affise Work?

The Affise platform is based on the model for performance marketing. In this type of marketing, results are the metrics that determine payments.

The merchant who needs the services of the marketer sets a target that the marketer must meet. The marketer only gets paid after meeting the set target. Because of this structure, Affise is suitable for marketers that run on CPA models.

On the platform, Affise refers to the businesses as advertisers. The affiliates are the ‘Network.” And the ad networks are the ‘publishers.’

How They Work Together?

First, the advertiser creates an offer.

An offer is a product or service which the advertiser wants to promote to customers. In the offer page, he sets all the required details. Some of the crucial information includes the name of the product and description. Other information like the target expected is also included.

Once the offer is complete, the advertiser posts it to the Affise marketplace. It is here that the affiliate comes in. If he believes that he can handle the demands of the advertiser, he contacts him and accepts the offer.

Now the affiliate network could be an agency or a single marketer. But in most cases, they don’t have direct access to the potential customers. Because of this handicap, they go on to contact the publishers.

Publishers are those people who have platforms with direct access to the customers. These platforms may be blogs or social media pages.

Once the affiliate finds a good publisher, he gets to work. He crafts a formidable marketing campaign for the product and begins the promotion.

After a successful campaign, the marketer gets paid by the advertiser. He also pays the publisher for using her platform for the campaign.

The diagram above summarizes the entire workflow.

Features of Affise

Organising and executing an impactful marketing strategy is no mean feat. The rigorous study you have to put in and the monitoring involved is challenging. But the Affise platform tries to take away most of this work. Their enviable toolset will be very useful to you in the entire marketing campaign.

1. Pixel and Postback Control

Pixel and postback tracking are two ways to track the actions of a potential customer on your link. For pixel tracking, when the customer clicks on your link, this action gets stored and saved as a cookie in their browser. The information in this cookie then gets extracted and sent to your campaign server to determine the customer’s action.

For postback tracking, there is no need to store cookies on the browsers. The postback generated a session tag for the user’s action instead. So, in this case, your customer’s action get transferred to your campaign records directly.

Affise offers these two tracking methods to ensure that your campaign gets monitored with ease.

2. Fraud Protection

You’d wonder how it’s possible to get defrauded in this system. Well, the internet is a powerful tool and can be used for as much good as evil.

Affiliates involve themselves in fraud for a couple of reasons. But the most obvious is to get payments for commissions they didn’t earn.

Here’s how they can perpetuate this fraud:

  • Using proxies to mask their IP addresses
  • Using automated click software
  • Diverting links from another hardworking affiliate.

Affise leverages technologies like FraudScore and Forensiq. These tools detect ad fraud in real time and alert you once something goes amiss.

3. Complete API Support

The need for API support is ever increasing in today’s marketplace. Most marketers are getting ingenious about their traffic sources. Hence, the need for APIs.

Another important reason is the need for mobile integration. Using mobile platforms to manage and launch marketing is also another effective way to reach out to customers.

Affise provides robust documentation on how to use their API to create custom applications. These applications can be used both on the web and on mobile devices. They can communicate with the Affise network. And also retrieve your essential campaign information with little effort.

Some of the pieces of information that you can access with this API are your campaign statistics. You can even manage your offers, affiliates, and accounts. The documentation is robust enough to guide you through the process.

4. Custom Report Calculations

Reports are one of the surest ways to determine the health of a marketing campaign. They show you the relationship between your strategy and its actual performance in the market. And can provide information to help you decide when to pivot or change direction.

Affise reporting tools are some of the best in the affiliate marketing game. The tool allows you to create up to 50 different slices of your data for you to study. These slices or breakdowns offer a more in-depth understanding of the market and your consumer. Using this information, you can then decide on how to improve your campaign strategy.

5. Event Tracking and Custom Goals

Marketing goals are different for all advertisers. Some may want to channel customers to download an application. And others want them to click on links. For you as an affiliate, you must take note of these goals before you accept to promote their products.

All interactions between the customer and the affiliate links are events. These events can detect a pattern in the behavior of the potential customer. And can inform your campaign decisions.

Affise provides robust event tracking and monitoring tools. When a group of predetermined events takes place, and a custom goal is achieved, the platform alerts you.

6. Smart Caps and Automation

This tool can is available to both the affiliate and the advertiser. It is an advanced monitoring tool that focuses on optimizing campaign through limiting spending.

You can customize the smart caps to monitor how much you spend on a campaign. When the campaign hits your determined budget ceiling, it’ll get halted until you decide to resume it.

Using the platform, you can monitor your campaigns’ conversions for actual engagement. You determine a specified conversion cap such as clicks or downloads. As soon as the campaigns reach this goal, it gets halted too.

The smart caps feature is one of the most flexible features of Affise. It can help you save a lot of funds for other marketing campaigns when used optimally.

7. Referral Rewards

In the case where your campaign gets complicated that your affiliate can’t handle it alone anymore, you can use the referral feature. This feature allows your affiliate to bring in a new partner to help with your marketing.

Because the affiliate is bringing a new partner, you don’t have to create a new offer in the marketplace again. Your affiliate benefits from the referral. In this case, they get a bonus on the sales that the new referral makes for your offer.

The referral rewards feature can see your campaign succeed much earlier than expected, especially if this new referral is skilled.

8. Carriers/ISP and Device Tracking

Due to the new marketing techniques that favor segmentation, this tool is beneficial. Usually, customers are tied to their ISPs. And this information is useful to track their behavior.

Moreover, the marketing strategy for targeting mobile phone users differs from those targeting PC users It’s important, you want to know what devices your customers use.

The device tracking feature of Affise is robust enough to track down the devices used to access your links. It also monitors the lSPs and presents these findings in a well, organized report for your perusal.

9. Account Control

A lot of tools in the Affise platform ensure that you are in sole control of your campaigns. This tool provides you with an affiliate management software.

You can monitor the performance of your affiliates and communicate with them fast. For affiliates, the platform provides a channel to help you interface with both advertiser and publishers.

The platform takes care of payments and billings in-house. So you don’t need another software to process and disburse payments either to partners of affiliates.

Benefits of Affise

Apart from their 30-days free trial, Affise has lots of attractive benefits. The platform has a reputation for excellent customer service, AI-powered marketing, best-in-class tracking and reporting, and more. Let’s explore the platform’s key upsides.

1. Awesome Customer Service

If you are using the Affise platform, their stellar customer service has to be a high-point. The support personnel are polite and pay rapt attention to your complaints before helping out. It is also commendable that they respond fast. They are also available round the clock, hence taking away the stress that comes with different time zones.

2. Integration of AI in marketing

Studying all the reports and tracking information can prove daunting even for the most astute marketer. And a poor understanding of the report can cause you to implement a poor strategy that can hurt your business eventually. The automation and use of Artificial intelligence in Affise abstracts this problem and lets you focus on what’s important.

3. Superior Tracking and Reporting

The goal of tracking is to glean as much information about the target market and customer as possible. This way, you’re sure you have all the best information on hand to craft your marketing campaign. Affise provides a full-featured tracking tool that can monitor all your links and their actions. The reporting tool also provides detailed reports in a simple format for you on the dashboard.

4. Flexible API

Creating a custom web application that connects to the Affise platform is no longer a big deal. All the information that you need to achieve this goal is documented in an orderly fashion. So if your goal is to create a mobile application or PC software for your campaigns, you’ll have no issues.

5. Abundant Guides and Resources

The tools provided by Affise can be overwhelming to a new user. Not to worry, they offer a thorough guide on each step you need to take to get your campaign off the ground. The guides are both in text and video formats. So you can choose which one applies best to your learning patterns.

6. Superb Communication Channels

During campaigns communication is essential. This gives you ample time to react and adjust your strategy as the market changes. Affise provides an excellent interface for you to contact both advertiser and publishers. This way you can stay up to date with the campaign and its progress.

Platform Supported

Affise is a cloud-hosted solution for affiliate marketers. It supports all platforms and devices as long as they can connect to the internet to access the portal. If you want to improve the mobile experience, however, you can create a custom mobile application using their flexible APIs.

Pricing and Price Model

The Affise team uses a three-tier pricing system. The tools and features available get better with each tier.
You can choose from:

1. Professional: This tier is limited to 10,000 conversions per month. You get access to numerous other features as well as 24/7 customer support. It costs $299 per month.

2. Enterprise: You get 40,000 conversions each month plus all the features included in the professional tier. It costs $499/month.

3. VIP: This tier is flexible. You can customize the tools that you intend to use. In this case, you have to contact Affise for a quote for the tools you plan to use.

Customer Support

Customer support is available all day to every customer. The response is also fast, and the service is generally, exceptional. You can contact them through email, phone calls, and Skype. There is also provision for live support too.

In Conclusion

Affise is a robust all-around solution for marketers and businesses alike. Their plethora of tools and the excellent guides will ensure that you are getting the most out of your campaign. The customer support is always available and pricing, reasonable. You should consider using the service if they meet your needs.