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Full AdvancedMD Medical Practice Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About AdvancedMD


What is AdvancedMD?

AdvancedMD is an automated medical office software designed to create a centralized workflow across healthcare ecosystems. It is an intelligent solution for healthcare organizations that help them increase productivity, minimize operational costs, and engage communities through patient-centric approaches.

The system provides technologically advanced features designed to help healthcare organizations and patients at the same time. AdvancedMD utilizes cloud-based features to keep patients engaged in their health and care management. Hospitals and providers find it easy to use AdvancedMD as it helps them manage the bill, easily access patient information, and assign tasks and responsibilities seamlessly.

In addition to the software’s managing capabilities, it also helps providers connect with pharmacies, government agencies, research centers and more. AdvancedMD uses an online platform to reach out different entities for a much better healthcare service.


Patients also find benefits in using the software. Patients are given access to their records in a chronological way through the patient portal. The patient portal provides numerous tools to keep patients informed about the status of their health. The portal opens up a lot of possible options by allowing patients to get self-help alternatives to manage their health. It is time-efficient, convenient, and cost-efficient for patients to utilize online features than setting up appointments.

Using AdvancedMD can also promote the hospital’s reputation. A hospital with a great reputation tends to have higher trust ratings and eventually get more financial support. AdvancedMD offers reputation management tool to the administrative department to manage the hospital’s popularity among the community. Patients can rate the services online and helps doctors assess patient’s satisfaction rate.

AdvancedMD Benefits

Disseminate Information Conveniently and Easily

AdvancedMD management suite offers the convenience through advanced technological features. Sending information across the healthcare continuum gets easier with the use of cloud-based services and mobile integration. Patients get full access to their records using the system’s patient portal. Information is directly transmitted from the main dashboard based on the results of the recent medical activity. Additionally, patients can keep track of the progress using time-sensitive and real-time notifications.

Management and providers can easily share information within the healthcare network. Mobile applications make it easier for each individual to stay connected for any emergencies, news, or policy updates. This approach makes information accessible anywhere without the need for medical practitioners to be around their desk. Information can be accessed online through mobile devices and web browsers. This is exceedingly beneficial for patients who need immediate support and must be monitored closely.

Doctors and health practitioners can easily keep up with their schedules by using an automated scheduling system. Users can easily schedule and re-schedule appointments to create a much more convenient timeframe. It effectively helps medical professionals to keep track of their activities and be on time for any event and emergencies.

Increase Profitability and Reduce Operational Cost

One of the primary uses of the AdvancedMD is to make sure that hospitals are able to keep track of critical metrics. The software’s managing capabilities extend to monitoring performance points and expense levels. Reporting and analytics feature offers unlimited possibilities to help hospitals improve the existing workflows. Real-time information is provided through the smart EHR dashboard. AdvancedMD utilizes data analytics features to help healthcare organizations find opportunities to increase revenue and minimize the cost of each operation. Performance trackers are being posted to the EHR dashboard for monitoring. Administrative members can easily pinpoint failing metrics and improve it using the options provided through data analytics. This effectively improves performance by strengthening KPIs that would lead to better revenues.

While the smart dashboard provides opportunities to identify performance and cost modifiers, the software’s personal telemedicine does the job to expand patient care and increase revenue. Telemedicine provides new approaches to treating more patients without keeping them in line. Patients can get in touch with their doctors using virtual healthcare sessions. Appointment dashboards and one-click EHR scheduling features engage more patients online. Using an online conference meeting, doctors can easily communicate and provide a virtual healthcare experience. This approach effectively eliminates the geographical barrier and helps lessen the gap between patients and excellent healthcare services.


Gauge Patient Satisfaction Better

AdvancedMD helps improve patient satisfaction rate by allowing patients to rate the services rendered to them. Surveys help healthcare organizations tremendously in improving the quality of health care service provided to their patients. Providers and hospitals can quickly identify which causes unsatisfied patients and improve patient engagement practices.

The software analyses patient feedback through survey and allows users to generate a report based on the data collected. This helps hospitals focus on improving patient experience throughout the medical continuum. AdvancedMD empowers hospitals to create positive patient experience before admission and post-discharge.

Utilizing a range of systematic indicators such as death rates and length of stay for hospital benchmarking is something that has been used by hospitals in ages. However, it doesn’t really assess the quality of patient experience in a healthcare environment. AdvancedMD targets interactions as the key takeaway in improving the patient experience. The system effectively checks strengths across the series of interactions with patients, staff, and boundaries of care both inside and outside of the premises.

Reduce Time Needed To Perform Tasks

Dealing with monumental tasks requires a lot of time, especially in hospitals. Using an automated system, it reduces the time needed for jobs to be completed. AdvancedMD takes care of data gathering and analyzing processes internally and systematically. This means that there’s less human intervention and it takes seconds for methods to be implemented.

Prescribing medicines would not take up much of your precious time. AdvancedMD takes prescription methods online and provides a seamless transition from patient to pharmacies. No need for taking notes on data pads or the lengthy data comparisons that would take forever to complete. AdvancedRx, the HIPAA-compliant prescription tool used by the software. AdvancedRx is a user-friendly interface that doesn’t only help doctors with the prescription, but it also tracks controlled substance directly from the pharmacy down to the patient. Patients save time by going to the hospital for a prescription or a refill. Everything can be done online fast and convenient.


AdvancedMD Features

Smart Dashboards and Reporting Suites

AdvancedMD utilizes customizable and intelligent dashboards to present information as efficiently as possible. Smart dashboards provide limitless possibilities in enhancing organizational workflow and strengthen key metrics. Application users can easily tailor results based on their needs to provide infographic solutions and help medical organizations advance towards their goals. The dashboards are also highly configurable with several customization options to choose from. Users can select from several pre-installed themes that are highly compatible with any medical or support department.

ReportCenter is AdvancedMD’s medical billing reporting suite that enhances financial performance indefinitely. ReportCenter helps administrative departments to understand financial trends and provides key performance indicators around collections, accounts receivable, productivity, patient demographics, scheduling, cancellations, and no-shows. The feature allows quick and clean report generation, fast access to recent and favorite reports, and importability to the universal file format for file sharing. In addition to the software’s reporting capabilities, AdvancedMD also provides analytics to dig deeper within data patterns. Advanced Insight helps administrative departments create strategic decisions in improving performance and grow the practice.

Patient Empowerment Features

AdvancedMD focuses on empowering patients to proactively get involved with their health and care management. The system provides several key patient improvement tools for a better patient experience. AdvancedMD allows patients to get track of their medical history by providing them access to their records online. The patient portal is an effective tool to keep updated about the patient’s healthcare results. It is a command center for patients for them to take control of their medical activities.

The system also allows patients to keep in touch with their doctors using a simplified messaging feature. Advanced Messaging feature is an email and text messaging platform that is a huge step up from the default text and email messaging. It allows convenience and freedom for patients to use the messaging platform that they prefer. Additionally, messages are filtered based on their needs. Hospitals and providers sent countless updates regarding medical breakthroughs, healthcare plans, and newsletters that are completely irrelevant to their need and would annoy patients more. Patients can set the type of messages that they would like to receive to have a timely, meaningful, and effective exchange of information.


iPhone and iPad integration

Using paper is a thing in the past unless you’re in the toilet. AdvancedMD mobile applications, specifically using iOS mobile devices. Mobile devices have been proven to improve productivity by allowing users to access critical information conveniently anywhere and anytime. Doctors and medical practitioners can never be in one place most of the time. Using mobile devices, it allows them to stay on top of everything and be updated for any event or critical treatment that could help save lives. Mobile applications remove geographical boundaries and provide doctors more freedom to get into places and still keep track of their patient’s progress.

Advanced MobileDoc is AdvancedMD’s mobile platform and is completely HIPAA compliant. Using the Advanced MobileDoc, doctors and medical practitioners can connect their practice data from the hospital’s systems and dashboards. Additionally, it conveniently allows doctors to edit and update their schedules through the advanced scheduling module. Information requests and schedule edits are sent directly to the hospital’s databases and keep your bosses updated. Advanced MobileDoc includes features to help doctors monitor their patients. The mobile application taps into the patient’s registry through patient charts and appointment check-in status. Doctors will know how the patient is doing or if the patient has been moved to a different room or have undergone surgery. They can also conveniently create checklists to monitor activity and prescribe meds electronically in just one click.

Advanced Prescription Methods

Setting up prescriptions could be one of the most time-consuming practices that doctors have to do. With AdvancedRx, doctors and medical professionals can prescribe meds fast and safe. The feature allows doctors to check the patient’s medical records online. Using a standardized platform, doctors can be sure to have the right diagnosis based on the patient’s recent medical activity and medical history. Patient’s data can be accessed across the healthcare continuum. Critical Information including recent operations and medicinal intake can be easily traced using the advanced prescription feature.

Additionally, it helps doctors review prescriptions provided by other medical practitioners. The dashboard includes a medical list on top of the medication histories, options on creating formulary plans, and links to preferred pharmacies. Attending physician can easily create follow-up treatments based on the formulary record provided on the patient’s profile.



AdvancedMD offers a flexible pricing option depending on the features you need for your business. The software pricing allows buys to build their own bundles and select features that are applicable. There are pre-defined bundles to choose from showing core PR and EHR products and features. Pricing details are only available upon request or on a quote-basis.

Technical Details

AdvancedMD’s set of features are compatible with computer operating systems such as:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

In addition to computer operating systems, mobile applications are also available to download in iOS devices. Online dashboards are web-based applications. The application utilizes ActiveX controls to add all necessary functions to a browser of your choice. For Internet Explorer 9 users, you need to upgrade your browser to up to the current version. Installation and support guides are available in the English language. AdvancedMD is highly recommended for start-up, small, and medium-sized healthcare organizations. They also provide hosting services and installation using cloud servers. It is open API and allows third party software integrations.


Support Details

Interested parties may contact AdvancedMD through different channels. Tech support concerns can be addressed by sending a support ticket on-site. For general inquiries, interested parties may send questions through email at info@advancedmd.com or contact them through phone at 801-984-9500. For current clients, contact information is 888-700-9060.

AdvancedMD provides additional resources, guides, recordings and training videos on how to effectively use the product. Developers can also join discussions, webinars, and learning solutions all available on-site. Demos and videos are also available for more information about the features and how it works.