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Full Admitad Affiliate Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Admitad


Admitad is an affiliate marketing software, which helps businesses to monetize their traffic. Alexander Bachmann established the company on October 1, 2009. It launched on March 1 of the following year.

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Some notable advertisers that have used Admitad in managing their affiliate program include Qatar Airways, AliExpress, GearBest, Papa John’s, ASOS, Booking.com, and many more.

Also, they provide publishers with tools, techniques, instant payment, access to offers in a different market segment, and prompt technical support.

The company connects thousands of brands and publishers all over the globe. With their years of experience in affiliate marketing, they help their partners to monetize and develop their projects. Furthermore, their expert team of developers and account managers is continually contributing to growing their campaigns.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what this affiliate marketing software can offer your business.

What is Admitad Affiliate Marketing?

Admitad is an affiliate marketing software that gives advertisers and publishers the right technology to execute high-yield affiliate campaigns. Also, it is an excellent network tool brings publishers and advertisers together.
Admitad is a network of CPA (cost-per-action) affiliate program. It gives advertisers a reliable source of sales and publisher a new business models that help them to monetize traffic.

The software gives advertisers access to revenue across the globe, the revenue they usually wouldn’t get their hands on. It helps them gain new customers, and they only pay for results. Publishers also gain global services and innovative products that’ll help them monetize their traffic.

Admitad helps to boost your sales and increase your traffic through effective affiliate program promotion. They have a roster of up 770,000 publishers from across the globe. The software provides expertise on traffic management and also rates, engagement, moderation of publishers, and others. Admitad promises to ensure the success and growth of your affiliate programs.


Unmatched Transparency

One of the main priorities of the software is transparency. As an advertiser, you are well aware of who your publishers are, as well as details of the advertisement deals (such as rates, ad spaces, etc.).

One of the features of Admitad is BrandGuard. It protects from brand bidding by monitoring key queries on search engines. BrandGuard helps advertisers know how they want to manage and track their resources on a search engine before they launch their affiliate program or place their ads.

Another advertiser tool that helps with transparency is ICStuffer. It analyses and tracks the quality of the traffic streaming in through an advertiser campaign. ICStuffer can locate and filter out low-quality traffic. It also helps with determining if incoming traffic is due to fraudulent actions. This helps to protect your brand from the harmful effects of brand traffic

Expert Training and Learning

Affiliate Network Marketing can be a complicated and challenging field to maneuver. However, Admitad makes it easy for publishers and advertisers to understand. The software has training content and courses, as well as analytics from the Admitad Academy.

This helps to educate publishers and advertisers alike about the difficulties of affiliate marketing. The goal of Admitad is to arm their partners with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

Unique, Top Class Expert Advice

Delivering top-notch customer service is equally important to Admitad. They use a client-centered approach to provide users with guidance and expert advice on their affiliate marketing campaigns. Enjoy 24-hour access to their team of account managers always ready to dispense knowledge and advice whenever you need it.

Publisher Advocacy

Additionally, Admitad goes the extra mile to cultivate relationships with diligent and promising publishers. Users benefit from having a dedicated representative that’ll be responsible for dealing with all their concerns and questions.

Your Admitad representative will push for your interests when negotiating with advertisers. Furthermore, they’ll help you come up with solutions for any situation that may arise. The representatives will also share their experience and advertise you on how best to grow your business.

Direct Contact with Advertisers

With Admitad, you’ll get a chance to negotiate regularly with managers, advertisers, and top publishers. Also, it gives publishers and advertisers they know each other personally.


Lack of Instant System

Although there are email and direct contact, the system still lacks instant support. The software could do better with an instant chat system. With an instant chat system, publishers can get in contact with assistance in real time.


Admitad has several tools for both advertisers and publishers alike. Let’s look at what it has to offer to both parties.

For Advertisers

The advertiser tools were created to give you the best use of CPA advertising. These tools will ensure you make optimal use of your affiliate program. They include

Coupons and Promo Codes

The tool helps you generate traffic and sales by connecting you with buyers interested in discounts and deals. With coupons and promo codes, your program will become more appealing for publishers.

XML Feed

You can increase traffic to your website by using the XML feed of your online store. Link the XML feed with prices and description of goods, and use it to attract price comparison websites.

Anti-fraud Services

The anti-fraud tools make it easy to detect any violation a publisher commits when working with affiliate programs. Some of these violations include brand biding and cookie stuffing.

Bonus Program

This is another excellent tool to promote your affiliate program. If at any point you feel your program has stopped growing, you can use the bonus program to attract more traffic and motivate publishers.


This tool allows you to negotiate with influencers and bloggers about the promotion of your goods and services. Epicstars is the ideal tool for raising brand awareness and strengthening customer loyalty.

Referral Link

Invite your partners to join Admitad’s affiliate program with the referral link.

Special Promo

This tool helps you attract the attention of publishers when you need it. You can announce the launch of a program, or publish the date for an upcoming large-scale deal using this tool. It is available in several promo formats such as a banner, or an email newsletter.

For Publishers


With the moneylink tool, you can monetize your content platforms for blogs and forums. You can use it to search for brand names, product names, and common links in the text. It then converts your search results into affiliate links. This helps to protect the SEO and the original look of the links.

Coupons and Promo Codes

Place the best deals you get advertisers on your website or in your social media community. Likewise, you can include it in an email newsletter to increase traffic and improve conversion rate.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension tool makes it easy to get Deeplinks and coupons. Once you visit the advertiser’s webpage and open the extension, you’ll receive a Deeplink generated to the page. You’ll also get a list of program codes, which are still valid.

XML Feed

The XML feed is essentially the advertiser’s product catalog. It has the images, names, prices, and description of the products. If you’re planning to run an affiliate store, mail out flypages, or start a price comparison website, then you’ll need an XML feed.

Integration with Google Ads

If you’re planning on advertising with Google Ads, then you can set up automatic conversion that sends from your Admitad account to your Google Ads account. Once you’ve collected enough data, you can optimize the conversion cost with Google automated strategies.

Admitad API

This programming interface gives you full access to all the functions of a publisher account. With Admitad API, you create your apps, obtain statistics, set up automatic Deeplink generation, and more.

Lost Orders

This tool is perfect for owners of loyalty programs and cashback services. You can use it to send requests that’ll allow you review orders the system didn’t track for whatever reason.

Guest Access

Invite your helpers and colleagues to be a part of your account. They create their guest accounts, but you’ll control the sections they can access.

Broken Links

Get a prompt notification anytime an ad creative is deleted, or a program is suspended. That way, your traffic won’t go to waste.

Postback URL

If you’re a publisher with your analytical system, then this tool is for you. Get access to over twenty types of data on actions and clicks. The data is then transferred from Admitad’s server to your server. You can use it to increase the conversion rate of your ads and optimize work.

Cookie Checker

Some website owners tend to lose money because of visitors that run Ad Blockers. This feature will notify you about users with limited website functionality. You can then prompt said user to disable the blocker.


This feature lets you mark your affiliate links and carry out further statistical analysis on them. You can mark the links with up to five variable parameters. These are keyword query, traffic type, city, etc.

Deeplink Generator

With this feature, you can produce affiliate links that’ll direct visitors to any page you need on the advertiser’s website.

Link Checker

If you’re the type that manually adds your Deeplink of SubID to affiliate links, then you may need to verify them in the link checker. It ensures that all your links and SubID data are functioning correctly on your ad space.


The ReTag feature is placed on the advertiser’s website, and from there you can easily integrate with your service. Example of such services is email or banner retargeting. It is usually a simple integration process.


Admitad’s pricing model evolves and continuously changes to be able to meet with advertiser and publishers need. Here are the pricing models they are currently using.

CPA (Cost Per Action)

This is an online advertising pricing model. In it, the advertiser pays the publisher for specific action a user performs. It only applies if the publisher brought the user to the advertiser’s website. There are different classes of CPA; these are  Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Sale (CPS).

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

The CPS model rewards a publisher anytime a user on the advertiser’s website makes a purchase. The reward is usually a percentage of the total order. Cost Per Sale is the most commonly used pricing model in affiliate marketing.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

This model is typically used with online services, online games, and financial offers. Leads usually refer to any activity associated with personal data input. These actions include filing an application, placing a subscription, or registering on a website. The cost is usually fixed.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

In this model, you pay before downloaded and installing any application. It typically refers to the download and installation of mobile apps. However, it can also apply to desktop software. Most times, advertisers have to pay a fixed price for every app downloaded.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

In this pricing model, the advertiser pays the publisher anytime a user clicks on a link, text, or banner placed by the publisher. The cost of each click is calculated individually, and it depends on several parameters including traffic quality.

Technical Details

Device Supported

Admitad is a web-based affiliate marketing software.

Languages Supported

The software supports English, Hindi, Polish, and Russian


Since it is web-based software, it is cloud hosted.

Support Details

If you need any help or have a question about the software, you can send an email to their support team. The company also has several offices in various locations all over the world. Each site has a team of professionals ideally suited to dealing with the unique needs of each region. Visit their contact page to get more information about the Admitad office in your area.

Wrapping Up

After looking that all that Admitad has to offer, including the features for advertisers and publishers, it seems the software might be beneficial your business.

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, Admitad affiliate marketing software has the tools that’ll help you succeed. Grow your business with tools like fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking, fraud prevention, Ad blocks, and many more.

admitad also has an in-house platform that increases your chances of working with international brands from US, UK, Western Europe, India, and Russia.

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