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Full ActiveConversion Conversion Optimization Software Review — All You Need to Know About ActiveConversion


Sales and marketing often operate as two distinct entities, although they have a symbiotic relationship. Below, we’re looking at a CRO tool called ActiveConversion–which feels like part CRM, part optimization platform, and part business intelligence software.

Sounds promising, right? We certainly were intrigued by the prospect of an optimization platform for a B2B industrial niche.

ActiveConversion diverges from the usual pool of conversion optimization tools, as it’s kind of a niche product. Where most of the options we’ve looked at in the past cover B2C and e-commerce verticals, this platform serves the industrial B2B space.

The SaaS tool gives those high consideration sales and marketing teams a way to capture leads without necessarily gathering their email details through a range of some clever sleuthing methods.

At a glance, this platform looks like it brings together everything you need to generate leads, track their progress, and see how your campaigns are performing.

Let’s take a look inside to see how it holds up.

What is ActiveConversion?

Well, the tool automatically identifies leads when buyers are looking at your site. The goal is, to uncover who is interested in your ads—basically, these are prospects who are already looking for the products and services you sell.

What’s unique about ActiveConversion is this platform taps into a marketing niche that doesn’t always get top billing—B2B. Specifically, industrial B2B.

ActiveConversion is best suited for manufacturers, energy services, engineering, and professional services—high consideration services that require a ton of research up front.

The benefit here is, ActiveConversion speaks to that audience that requires a little more than you’ll get from a tool that casts a wider net or speaks more to SaaS solutions and e-commerce.

At a glance, it’s clear that the makers of this solution have set out to create something that makes sense to their audience. They’ve created content for users working in sales or marketing, laying out different use cases for both roles.

Below, we’ll look at some of the features and benefits you’ll get with the tool, as well as the types of organizations that will get the most use out of the platform.

ActiveConversion Benefits

Tangible results for industrial companies

Marketing and advertising can get pretty tricky for industrial companies The lead generation system are a little different than your average clothing shop, and these services require a hands-on sales approach and a lot of consideration.

With ActiveConversion, the key benefit is locating those people who are already looking for what you have to offer.

See who’s looking at your site

Turn existing website into a lead magnet. ActiveConversion allows you to track interested website visitors and see which ones have engaged with your content most.

Not only will you see who has clicked on your site, but you’ll also get to see when they come back—gaining new insights into the buyer’s journey.

Email Marketing

Not every conversion rate optimization platform does email marketing well. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to boost engagement with prospects that are already interested in your product or services. With email marketing and nurturing, you can set up campaigns directly in the platform, so no lead slips through the cracks.

Pass Leads to Your Sales Team

ActiveConversion allows you to pass leads along to your sales team. The software automatically scores leads, making it easy to identify the best opportunities for conversions.

The bridge between sales and marketing comes in handy here–marketing sets it all up, while sales can quickly understand how to tailor their pitch to those most likely to buy.

Assign Leads to Sales

ActiveConversion makes it easy to assign opportunities to your sales team. Sales reps will receive automated notifications each time a new lead is assigned to them. You’ll also receive an alert if leads perform a new action online. As a result, the sales staff have a rich opportunity to follow up with prospects and close more deals.

Additionally, sales reps can follow leads as they move through the buying cycle, which allows them to reach out when the prospect is most likely to be receptive to the pitch.

ROI Analysis

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you need to be sure you’re investing your marketing dollars wisely.

Companies determine their ROI based on meeting sales goals or capturing a certain number of leads.

But, some leads are low quality, and it’s better to have that information before spending your time and energy reaching out to people who don’t quite meet your criteria.

Additionally, you might be collecting a ton of leads and making sales, but don’t know where your best performing campaigns are. That means you’re wasting money that could be better used elsewhere.

ActiveConversion’s solutions provide more visibility than most marketers typically see. They’ll code various ad sources and efforts, telling you which efforts generated a response, and what type of response that came out of those efforts.



The dashboard shows you the numbers—front and center. Log in, and you’ll see how many companies are looking at you, your prospect count, and the number of leads filling up the pipeline. Look over to the right-hand corner, and you’ll get a list of campaigns. Click to view how each campaign is performing. Ultimately, the tool is built to track success, and judging by the dashboard, this is clear from the outset.

Targeted Media Audiences

To help you get more mileage out of your advertising efforts, ActiveConversion has partnered with a selection of media partners that can help you reach the right people. Partners include industry-specific outlets like EventWorx, EnergyNow, Shale Magazine, and more.

These are all tradeshow publications, which present your solution in front of a captive audience. This includes people interested in energy, shale, and so on, just like you.

According to the official website, these partnerships can provide you with roughly 10x more leads than you’d get from the same tradeshow or media spend.

While the bulk of the offerings on the site enable more visibility online, these media partnerships present an opportunity to advertise offline. And, not to worry, they will still track your results.

Advanced Analytics

This tool comes with built-in analytics, which aim to help consumers track and monitor results from one central location.

Learn which campaigns are working and which need some extra love. The built-in analytics tool allows you to see how you can improve your budgeting skills and find the highest quality leads.

The analytics features are pretty fantastic. This is one of the more attractive benefits you’ll get from the tool. The dashboard pulls together all of these various metrics, in a way that goes beyond what say, Google Analytics might do.

Lead Scoring

ActiveConversion automatically scores leads by tracking user behavior.

Scoring leads allow users to see whether a lead is sales-ready or if they’re just passing through. See whether your visitors downloaded a white paper, watch a demo, or look at a specific page multiple times. 

These behaviors signal to the ActiveConversion algorithm whether a lead is hot, cold, or somewhere in between.

This way, your sales team spends less time trying to figure out which leads deserve priority status, and which probably aren’t going to buy.

This automated lead scoring system means that sales reps can focus in on interested prospects instead of wasting time and energy on cold calls.

Sales Cycle Insights

Accelerate your sales cycle by focusing in on the leads that are ready to make a buying decision. The platform gives salespeople insights and alerts into prospect activity, so your team can pounce at the right opportunity.

Additionally, sales staff will spend less time pursuing dead-end leads and more time focusing in on those consumers who are serious about their products.

Industry Breakdown

The ActiveConversion website does more than divide functionality into sales and marketing roles; they also look closely at how you can apply the tool to various industries.

For engineering and construction, you’ll get a quick rundown of how you can use ActiveConversion to win more bids.

The platform claims to help users secure more new projects by identifying the best opportunities before your competitors get to them.

Additionally, the platform gives users the chance to show potential clients what they’ve got to offer. The platform has built-in proposal tools, tracking features, and trade show monitoring ROI features.

For service providers, the technology aims to deliver consistent business opportunities, so you’ll have a consistent revenue stream, despite off-seasons and downturns.

Track Proposal Status

Industrial services that rely on submitting and securing bids to earn business stand to see some major benefits by adding ActiveConversion to their toolbox. Here, you’ll be able to get a snapshot of who is looking at your site.

But as your leads move through the industrial equivalent of the buyer’s journey, you’ll also be able to see how proposals are moving through the pipeline, eliminating the back and forth and waiting periods associated with this larger deals.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer on how much this tool costs. You’ll need to contact the team to learn more about pricing.

While we didn’t see any price list on ActiveConversion’s site, Capterra mentioned that the starting price is $395.00 per month.

It’s not surprising that the platform is a bit of an investment–the companies this platform serves tend to do deals worth massive amounts of money, so $400 a month is likely no big thing.

Still, if you’re a newcomer to the industrial services space, you’re going to want to give this some serious thought.

It’s also worth pointing out that this platform works best if you are running ads on a regular basis. If you haven’t focused much on your advertising strategy or don’t have much traffic, you might want to work on those elements before you shell out for an advanced analytics tool.

Support Details

Sales and Marketing Guide

ActiveConversion does a good job of catering to those sales and marketing teams that fall into the industrial services business. These teams are often behind the curve when it comes to having the latest, greatest marketing tools at their disposal.

As such, it’s nice to see that the makers of this platform have put together a comprehensive look at how both sales and marketing teams can gather leads and create messaging that targets interested prospects.

Case Studies

The ActiveConversion website highlights some case studies that show how their tool has helped companies across the industrial and B2B spectrum land more clients and grow their business.

While the guides are obviously somewhat promotional, prospective users may find these insights helpful, as they do a good job showcasing just how this tool could fit into their business strategy.

Where ActiveConversion Falls Short

It’s worth pointing out that while ActiveConversion shines in a lot of critical areas, it’s also missing some of the features that could make it even more valuable.

For example, we came across one user that mentioned you couldn’t make segmented lists. Which, as we know, is an essential piece of email marketing, retargeting, and all sorts of campaigns.

What’s the Bottom Line on ActiveConversion?

Ultimately, we were pretty impressed with this platform. ActiveConversion truly brings something new to the table. We like that the focus is on connecting the sales process with marketing. These two departments, though they depend on one another, don’t always work together. Here, ActiveConversion bridges the gap for better results.

With ActiveConversion, users receive notifications as leads make their way through the buying cycle. The platform makes it easy for users to connect with tradeshow publications, which provide another avenue for lead generation.

Still, the tool starts at about $400 a month, which for the companies it targets, isn’t a bad deal, but you’ll still need to consider this solution against your other options.

Ultimately, the price point shouldn’t be much of an issue. Based on the web content posted here, the ideal customer is likely part of a larger company. Ideally, a company that benefits from paying for insights over-relying on guesswork.