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Full Active Takeoff Construction Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Active Takeoff

Active Takeoff
Active Takeoff

What is Active Takeoff?

Active Takeoff is a powerful cost estimating project management tool used by companies in the construction industry. It’s a takeoff software composed of a collection of programs used to create an effective project cost estimation. The term “taking off” is basically a process used in construction work denoting to elements that are measured and accurately priced to produce bills of quantities. It is commonly a requirement of design before a project launches and when specifications have been prepared.

Developed by Quoter Software, a Canadian BI developer founded in 2002, Active Takeoff is both functional and agile. The construction cost estimating software is simple and easy to use with a simple interface that allows users to easily understand data and information. It is a powerful tool that boosts productivity by simplifying work processes. Active Takeoff lessens project paperwork and automates dragging procedures that would otherwise take time to accomplish. It provides accurate calculations with for engineers and project managers to create project visualizations and cost estimations in less time.

Active Takeoff is an on-premise solution suitable for businesses of different sizes. It can be used as a primary cost-estimation tool for construction managers, homebuilders, finishing contractors, real estate developer, and design firms to name a few. The software has a standalone calculator supporting both the metric and imperial systems and has several take off applications which can generate accurate project and materials estimation. The conversion calculator is also extremely useful for allowing users to have a good calculation of dimensions and sizes and the automatic scaling simply speeds project processes.

Active TakeoffIt can accurately measure project areas including floors, walls, roofs, and siding so developers and project managers can accurately calculate the costs of drywall installation, paintings, tiles, and all accessories used for finishing.  Active Takeoff is also highly integrative with MS Excel which makes the software convenient. Project estimations can be exported to your local terminals and shared with team members for collaboration. The annual subscription offers solid technical support including the ticketing portal for technical issues and a robust knowledge base for product orientation and training.

Active Takeoff was developed to save project managers lots of manual time and help them track project areas that are already taken off. It has a powerful tracking table that allows you to view project quantities and a custom scaling feature that allows you to customize dimensions based on actual project measurements.

The software also has a lineup of colors and hatches which can be used to generate a powerful presentation. Active Takeoff is a user-friendly construction cost estimation tool with tools and features that allow you to simplify takeoff processes saving time, money, and resources.


Active Takeoff is a Canadian SaaS tool developed for the ever-growing need of the construction industry. It boasts to be the easiest and the most user-friendly estimating and takeoff solution in the market with a robust set of tools to simplify work process and boost productivity. Active Takeoff is a very convenient and handy tool that can be used even by non-tech-savvy workers. It is an intuitive tool that can be easily deployed and integrated into your existing platforms. The software currently supports systems running Windows with several pricing models.

Importing construction plans with Active Takeoff is quite painless. The project management software allows users to simply choose files that need to be imported and process it for compatibility within the system. Active Takeoff is fully compatible with projects and files created in PDF format, scanned, or graphically structured. It allows users to fully automate processes eliminating the need for manual tools and paper-based materials. The software also allows you to save on costly digitizers which are often needed during cost estimation and project actualization. The BI tool saves you time from work processes, money caused by manual labor and materials, and space due to clutter.

The software does not only offer a cost-effective way of actualizing projects, but it also brings in a better way of handling project accuracy and detailing. Active Takeoff has an array of built-in palette that allows users to actualize project costs by coding. This internal capacity of the software is one of its most valuable feature that allows you to produce precise estimations and reports without manually going to the same process over and over. The software prevents estimation confusions saving you time and money in the process.

Active Takeoff also integrates easily with pitch converters and estimation extension to give you a robust program that can cut down on calculation errors. Integrating other tools within the software allows you to measure areas accurately and improve your take off plans and blueprints. The project management tool also allows users to derive estimations for interior and exterior plans including the tiling, painting, drywall, insulation, and concrete layouts. The software eliminates problems like bypassing certain elements of the construction project, which often derails the entire project proposal.

Active Takeoff

Another important design and construction aspect Active Takeoff effectively address is the tallying of markups and pricing adjustments. This part of a project actualization is often the most important detail missed by managers. With Active Takeoff, markups, costs, and adjustments are accurately detailed and cleaned-up as cost evaluation progresses. This internal Active Takeoff process helps you create a solid report without going through the same tasks over and over again. The software gives you accurate estimations so you do not have to re-do the entire report. It saves you time especially with projects that are under a time constraint.

Active Takeoff provides an unparalleled user experience with its robust tools and functions. It is one of the most recognized cost estimation BI tool in the homebuilding and design profession. Aside from its superior performance, Active Takeoff is an easy to use tool that does not require a long learning curve. Users in the industry can quickly adapt to its use and will find the software convenient. It is loaded with literally hundreds of tools that automate work processes for faster results. Active Takeoff also has an elegantly structured user interface making every project conceivable from start to finish. It has accurate calculators allowing you to have a solid estimation of the project regardless of size and complexity.


Ease of setup and integration – Active Takeoff easily integrates with systems and application like Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF Programs, and PrioSoft Contractor’s Office. These tools are essentially needed with your day to day operations and something that Active Takeoff easily works with. The software is ideally useful for small and medium businesses, as well as, large enterprises who’d like to gain better workflow processes. The BI tool is very easy to set up and it allows a multi-user configuration for data sharing with many users. The user interface is highly intuitive allowing even first-time users to quickly set the software up for use.

Straightforward tools with a low learning curve – Active Takeoff was developed to support people working in the construction industry. The main user interface has understandable icons and tools presented in a streamlined way to prevent confusion. The main interface is also elegantly crafted to provide users with an extra boost when creating reports.

Import PDF and Image Plans – Active Takeoff has a simple way of letting users import PDF or Image formatted plans. A few clicks would let you work on the specific project with detailed accuracy. Active Takeoff intelligently works for varying sized businesses and enterprises and allows users to generate wall foundations, concrete slabs, and several other internal and external detailing needed for cost estimation.

Active Takeoff

Robust toolset for various estimation purposes – With tools and functionalities like Openings in Parameters, Automatic Adjustments, Area Tool, and Parameter from Openings, Active Takeoff is the only software you’ll need to generate an accurate report of how much a project or even a part of the project will cost. The business management software has an agile toolset which makes workflow faster and estimations accurate.

Accurate conversion of the draft-to-estimation report – One of the most powerful features of Active Takeoff is its ability to read your entire draft and formulate an accurate estimation report. It can generate an extensive report down to the last detail, an attribute of the BI tool you almost won’t find anywhere else. Precise reading of your draft is made possible because of the powerful calculators which measure angles, pans, areas, perimeters, and length based on actual measurements.

Paperless and no extra digitizer workflow – The construction estimation and takeoff software enable your business to cut back on resource expense because you can generate the needed plan and estimation report on the tool itself. This eliminates the need to have piles of paper on your desk and extra printing fees that often becomes too costly. The estimation management software also allows you to work seamlessly with integrated platforms for faster report generation. You also don’t need to have an extra construction digitizer because the software mainly functions as one.

Automated calculators – Active Takeoff is known to have the most useful calculations that can accurately compute sizes and dimension of different types of roofs. Roof calculations can be a little bit taxing for other software especially if they are multi-pitched, flat, or complex. Active Takeoff makes it easy where even roof angles are quickly and automatically determined. It also provides the most ideal materials required for construction along with the estimated costs.


Active Takeoff

Unlike other cost estimation software in the market, Active Takeoff sets itself apart by offering a one-time fee for software license and use. When opting for the one-time payment, users do not have to renew their license every month and they do not have to pay for software use on a regular basis. They can either get the software with all its functionalities for one lump sum payment per user or get access to users for the license and the annual fee. Either way, both enterprise packages contains the full software with Live Online training and documentation.

The developers also offer a 14-day free trial period before committing to full use. Interested parties can download the free Active Takeoff software version by clicking this link. Please note that you have to provide your email address to receive product and technical support and also to be able to download software updates during your trial period.

If you are interested with Active Takeoff, you can either pay a one-time payment of $698/user or can opt for a $599+$99 both for the software license and the annual fee. The enterprise pricing plan allows you to get the full product and technical support along with free software update downloads. The software does not offer any add-on purchases and you get the full power including all commands and functionalities of Active Takeoff.

Technical Details

Active Takeoff

Active Takeoff is an on-premise platform fully supporting the Windows OS. It runs effectively on Windows XP or higher. You need to have the Microsoft .NET framework version 4.6 or higher installed to run the software properly.

Additionally, you have to have at least 2 GM of RAM, but to get the full capabilities of Active Takeoff, developers recommend at least a RAM of 4 GM for maximum running efficiency. You also need to have at least 500 MB of HDD space to fully install the software and its components. Screen resolution required is 1680 x 1050 pixels or higher.

Mac users can also install the software, but it requires a Virtual Machine component. You need to have Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion installed to fully run Active Takeoff. Based on recommendations, Parallels Desktop works better with regards to graphics quality and response time. Mac users can download Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac here.

Support Details

Users can contact Active Takeoff by calling (+1) 887-565-3117 for US and Canada or (001) 450-700-2160 for the rest of the world. Customer Service is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

If you are experiencing technical problems you can generate a support ticket on their Contact Us page.

First-time Active Takeoff users can get a full documentation of the software with its features and functionalities by visiting this link.