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Full AccuLynx Construction Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About AccuLynx


What is AccuLynx?

AccuLynx is a business intelligence solution that offers customer relationship management and sales management to businesses engaged in the construction industry, particularly those engaged in the roofing business. AccuLynx provides its users with a suite of digital tools and features designed to cater to the management and administration needs of contractors and construction companies. Software users include home builders, general contractors, property managers, and more. It sets itself apart from the rest of the business intelligence platforms catering to CRM and sales management by offering tools specific to the needs, processes, and workflows. AccuLynx is particularly useful in the roofing industry with features that include project management, scheduling, accounting, service management, and more. It is an all-in-one powerful and complete platform that encompasses every aspect of your business process.

First and foremost, AccuLynx is a customer relationship management solution designed to help contractors better manage clients, bids, and other contacts such as suppliers and subcontractors. But it doesn’t stop there. It also offers tools to help improve other processes in the construction and roofing business, including sales management, project estimates, materials pricing and ordering, and more. Not only does it provide users with a comprehensive application to keep track of what’s happening in the organization, but it also provides them with insights and analytics into the company’s history, records, and growth – allowing users to better understand the direction their company is going and empowering them to make better business decisions.

AccuLynx is trusted by thousands of contractors who found the powerful, efficient CRM platform they were looking for in its suite of tools and features. To name just a few of its biggest and most successful customers, AccuLynx is used by the ABC Supply Co, Allied Building Products, Owens Corning, and General Aniline and Film, better known as GAF Materials Corporation, one of the biggest construction companies in the industry.

AccuLynx deviates from the generic, off-the-shelf pricing systems users often see in business intelligence platforms. Instead of following the fixed-subscription pricing plan trend, it aims to deliver a custom solution to cater to all of its client’s specific needs. To achieve this, it employs a quote-based pricing system, which allows it to tailor-make for its users the business intelligence solution they need.


AccuLynx users can enjoy multiple benefits from the platform that is built specifically for the construction and roofing industry, featuring tools and instruments not present in generic business intelligence solutions. These benefits include:

Optimize your sales process

AccuLynx makes a lot of the sales-related tasks and processes in roofing and construction so much easier and more streamlined. It makes processes move and perform faster by giving users access to documents, correspondence, and project progress all in one place, while at the same time making it easy to see what needs to be done to further deals and make more money. With an optimized sales process, users can enjoy faster deal closing and greater revenue and success for their organization.

All-in-one platform for your company

With AccuLynx, there’s no need to rely on other platforms so you can keep time-wasting clutter and redundancy at the absolute minimum. On this platform, everything is organized and centralized, including sales, customer relationships, materials, production, project performance, and more. AccuLynx is a one-stop shop that helps users better understand how their business is going, so they can be equipped with the information they need to drive the organization towards the direction they want.


Streamline tasks to get more done and in record time

By streamlining processes, improving workflow, cutting down on repetitiveness, and redundancy, AccuLynx allow users to get much more work done and in less time. It lets users not only save on time and expenses but frees up energy and other resources that they can allocate towards other beneficial endeavors.

Real-time information at your fingertips

AccuLynx updates in real-time, so users can enjoy the accurate information on everything that’s going on in their business. It speeds up processes so they can always stay one step ahead, instead of a couple of steps behind. With its real-time updates and communications, all the information a user needs to make the best decisions for the organization are always available. Whether it’s an update on the latest closes, notifications regarding material deliveries or real-time progress report on current projects, AccuLynx delivers them on-the-dot.

Access your platform anytime, anywhere

With a robust and fully optimized platform, AccuLynx users can access all of their information and business intelligence tools anywhere they are and anytime they need it. The AccuLynx mobile platform is powerful and a full-featured add-on. So no matter where a user is, he’ll be able to exercise the same level of control and administration on connected devices.

Know your business on a more intimate level

AccuLynx gives users the insights they need to make intelligent and effective business decisions based on much more than just raw data. It not only provides the latest and most up-to-date information regarding business performance but also intelligently monitors history. It archives sales, correspondence, communications, and they are kept by AccuLynx to make it easier for users to review performance, growth, and the overall direction the company is taking.

The best support and training services in the industry

Top-notch support and training provided by AccuLynx to all users ensure that everyone who has access to the AccuLynx business intelligence platform will be able to maximize its power and potential. With AccuLynx, users never have to find themselves in the dark, because they are always afforded with excellent guidance and training to help them utilize the AccuLynx platform effectively. The developer’s success lies in their users’ success, and developers continue to allocate more than adequate amounts of resources to help users achieve their goals.



AccuLynx comes with an extensive suite of tools and features, all of which are designed with the contractor and roofing business in mind. These features include:

Customer Relationship Management

Manage contacts, clients, bids, and even suppliers through the AccuLynx customer relationship management platform. AccuLynx guides users through every single step of the customer lifecycle – from lead to close – so that every tool a user needs to manage projects and close deals is afforded to them. AccuLynx not only allows users to sell more but also sell smarter and more efficiently.

Project Management

Monitor job progress and set certain milestones for construction and roofing projects tasked to your company. Track deliveries, supplies, inventories, schedules, costs, and more to achieve your desired project targets without going over budget and without getting behind schedule.

Multiple Locations and Branches

For companies with several locations across different states, or even different countries, AccuLynx can be set up in such a way that it becomes easy to manage within all branches and locations. Users are also provided with unprecedented control and management abilities that allow them to effectively and efficiently manage locations and branches remotely.

Production Management

Users can make use of a shared calendar to help track and manage deliveries and construction crews as well as assign tasks, schedule activities, and set goals and deadlines. With AccuLynx, it’s easy to manage even the biggest projects, even if they’re long-term because the tools you need to stay organized and efficient are all available on a single, powerful platform.


Accurate Estimation

AccuLynx provides users with an invaluable tool in deal closing and project management for the construction and roofing business with an accurate estimation. This feature allows users to create custom estimates based on several factors from an extensive library of templates with the power to include company information, roof dimensions, material costs, taxes, and profit margins – all in just a matter of seconds.

Real-time Materials Pricing and Ordering
In partnership with Allied Building Products and ABC Supply Company, AccuLynx provides users with real-time information regarding market-competitive prices for construction and roofing supplies. It allows users to manage budgets easier and create accurate and effective project cost estimates. For a more convenient use, project managers can place orders for materials directly from the material supplier using the AccuLynx platform.
Customer Portal

AccuLynx provides users with a useful hub on which they can communicate, collaborate, and share ideas, progress, and reports with clients and subcontractors. Using the Customer Portal, AccuLynx users will be able to better serve their clients’ needs. By providing its users with a means to drive up customer satisfaction and increase collaboration on projects and contracts, AccuLynx also drives up success for the organization.

Aerial View Roof Measurement

Get accurate and on-the-fly roof measurements from a variety of aerial roof measurement companies and providers all on one powerful platform. With AccuLynx, there’s no need for users to create separate accounts or resort to frivolous third-party communications and middlemen to get the aerial measurements they need.

Smart Documents

Communicate with clients better by using AccuLynx’ built-in Smart Documents. This feature automatically collects and archives relevant information regarding customers, projects, contracts, and estimates. It also has the additional digital signatures feature which has the ability to let clients sign in-person or online on any platform or device.


Unlimited Storage

With AccuLynx, users never have to worry about running out of storage or having to buy more. AccuLynx provides users with unlimited storage for all their documents, photos, videos, and correspondence.

Sales Rabbit Integration & QuickBooks Integration

AccuLynx integrates seamlessly with these popular sales and financial platforms automatically. It eliminates file duplication and task redundancy to improve efficiency throughout the organization.

Advanced Reports

AccuLynx Advanced Reports allows users to go into greater detail regarding the processes and overall performance of their business and organization. Featuring full-blown reports that go into drastic detail, users are given total visibility of their business and how it’s performing. The birds-eye view that AccuLynx offer lets users measure sales performance, project progress, production, and finances. This way, the project managers are better equipped and more informed to practice successful leadership and make effective decisions for the organization.

Native Mobile Application for Android and iOS

Access the power of the AccuLynx platform anywhere you go with the native applications available both for iOS and Android devices. Stay on top of the business with all the information a user may need, updated for them in real-time.

Commission Management

Manage sales and commissions seamlessly with AccuLynx. Determine, request, or monitor commissions for every contract and receive metrics on your best performing sales teams, so you can reward them accordingly.


AccuLynx follows a quote-based pricing system that lets the developers craft custom solutions for a user and offer these solutions at custom prices. AccuLynx deviates from the industry trend of fixed-price subscriptions and instead offers users with a custom pricing that’s tailored to their needs and budget.  Users only have to pay for the features and tools they need.

Interested businesses and organization can contact AccuLynx directly or request a quote here. For those who would like to try AccuLynx or receive a product demonstration, you can also request a demo here.


Technical Details

AccuLynx is a powerful, extensive, and optimized platform designed to run on multiple systems and devices. Any operating system capable of running the latest versions of the following web browsers should be able to run AccuLynx effectively and without any issues.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

AccuLynx is also available in the native mobile application for iOS devices and Android devices. Users may obtain the native mobile applications from the App Store or the Google Play Store, respectively.

AccuLynx is available in the English language only.

Support Details

The software developer provides its customers with two options for customer support. Live Customer Support via telephone may be reached on Mondays through Fridays, any time between 7 AM and 6 PM, Central Standard Time (CST).

Users can email AccuLynx any time but expect a response only during the designated Customer Support office hours. For either email or telephone support, AccuLynx users may refer to the following:

Live Customer Support: (608) 473-3800
Email: support@acculynx.com

Basic training for the use of AccuLynx is also offered upon purchase of the product and may be included in the quote as requested. To request a quote with the inclusion of training services, visit their website here.