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Full AccountEdge Budgeting Software Review – All you need to know about AccountEdge

accountedge budgeting software

The process of creating budgets has always been an essential process in business management. While a very good budget can be operationally and financially beneficial to the user, the process of manually creating a budget is not too far from being error-free.

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Budgets are used for creating market targets and financial goals, as well as providing a clear and quantitative goal for performance. The process of creating and staying true to your own manually created budget could turn out a bit too hard, which is one of the reasons why the use of a budgeting software would prove to be useful with businesses as well as for personal uses.

The use of budgeting software according to many finance experts ensures the success of businesses in the areas of finance. Budgeting software is definitely not new; however, the technology has in fact been around for a quite long time.

In addition, it is not a necessity to be a qualified accountant in order to use automated budgeting software. While there are many budgeting software available, AccountEdge budgeting software is highly recognized as one of the best budgeting software.

What is AccountEdge?

AccountEdge is an on-premise budgeting software that helps small businesses manage financial goals, bank accounts, expenditures, balances while at the same time keeping track of the businesses’ annual budget.

accountedge budgeting softwareIn addition, AccountEdge budgeting software is specially designed to help your budgeting needs as well as other accounting needs such as banking, financial, expenses accounts and credit cards, accounts monitoring such as liabilities, income, equities and expenses.

This best budgeting software allows the users to set up recurring transactions just once which the repetitive process of having to input it severally. The AccountEdge helps to keep track of fuel usage and reimbursements of employees and company vehicles.

The software also has a data auditing features which helps users to make sure their business data is protected, and balanced. It also keeps a stored back up of the company file, as well as allowing you to lock-down reconciled and balanced financial data. In addition, AccountEdge budgeting software allows users to process double-entry journal entries for equity, liability, assets, income, and expense accounts.

Also, this budgeting software provides current information about turnovers, profits, and operating balances between financial years. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly data transactions can all be inputted towards a goal, with a reminder to record before hitting the books. It also runs regular reviews to make sure the figures are in balance and reconciled for every financial year.

Additionally, AccountEdge budgeting software gives you the advantage to choose from over 100 charts of accounting budgeting templates or to create your own personalized list of accounts to set your business up to your taste. For instance, each item on a transaction line can be applied to one department or even split between several other departments so that your reporting is streamlined. Also, each contact card is assigned a specific department which can be overwritten on particular transactions.

Besides, AccountEdge budgeting software makes the perfect budgeting software for small businesses as it provides business insights; which helps to estimate important financial information needed. Therefore, with AccountEdge budgeting software, you do not need to worry about your accounting needs.


Easy to Use

AccountEdge budgeting software helps users to automate accounting tasks such as tracking sales and purchases, building and tracking inventory, running payroll, making budgets, and many more. This budgeting software comes with dynamic tools that can turn any employee into an accounting expert within hours of usage.

Cost-effective solution

AccountEdge is an efficient application which provides business users with robust account management tools to handle their needs. For instance, businesses do not need to hire consult accounting agencies or hire expensive accountants to manage their account books when they can get comprehensive accounting solution i.e. for a one-time fee plan starting from as low as $499 for a lifetime.

Error-free budgeting solution

With AccountEdge budgeting software, businesses can automate budgeting without fear of making errors or omissions. Financial reports are readily available to the business owners as well as their performance in financial management; this instils financial discipline in business owners which prevents them from making a rash business decision that may affect their budget.

Effective payment system

accountedge budgeting softwareWith AccountEdge budgeting software, business users can make or receive payments from Checkout payment gateway in completing a business transaction. Therefore, eCommerce related businesses can receive online payments by integrating AccountEdge with their online store. This helps in automating sales, orders, and profits tracking.

Mobile application

Although AccountEdge budgeting software is available via the desktop platform as an on-premise accounting solution, business users can also access its full-scale platform via their iOS mobile devices. Hence, users can perform several functions such as access contacts, record sales, maintain lists, enter expenses, create activity slips, sync with the AccountEdge desktop application with Dropbox cloud storage, and many more.

Reliable customer support

AccountEdge customer service system is reputable as being one of the best in the accounting fields. Although they offer a referral program where they pay referrals $100 per sale, they also provide a free AccountEdge guide for your accountant.

On the other hand, AccountEdge users get access to reach out to the support team for various issues through email, phone support, and their social media. Also, they provide users with a knowledge base to handle basic technical issues.

Key features of AccountEdge budgeting software

This user-friendly budgeting software comes with various features which makes it exceptional, accountable and overall distinguishing among budgeting software. They include:

Account templates

accountedge budgeting softwareAccountEdge budgeting software comes with a ‘Chart of Accounts’ template which consists of a comprehensive list of several business account types which can then be customized for account tracking.

Some of the account types include equities, assets, liabilities, incomes, and expenses, etc. With any of the of the available account template, new AccountEdge users can kick-start their account management processes or create a new one for personalized usage.

Electronic payment

With AccountEdge budgeting software, businesses are provided with a platform which enables them to make or receive payments, print checks, make electronic payments, prepare bank deposits, and reconcile their business accounts. Also, AccountEdge users can use their bank statement to reconcile their accounts.

Time Billing

accountedge budgeting softwareAccountEdge also enables time-bound business users to bill activities such as employee hours, customer, or activity billing rates. Therefore, businesses can track their employees by using employee hours with timesheets. Also, business users can build an invoice from the tracked time, create activity slips and timesheets, track current ongoing projects, track time remotely, and many more.

Payroll management

With AccountEdge, a business can either sign up for ‘AccountEdge Full Service Payroll or pay their employees directly. For instance, business owners or managers can keep tracks of sick time, vacation, health care deductions, and 401k which can then be used to process employees payment. In addition, payroll can be processed dynamically while staff salaries are directly deposited electronically.

Consolidated journal entry

AccountEdge budgeting software can be used for journal entry most especially in situations while the account is being used for recording sales and purchases. This enables business owners or the concerned employee to be able to create important reminders related to business activities.


Businesses can easily import and reconcile their bank account statements in real-time with AccountEdge. Business owners can upload their downloaded credit card and banking statements into their AccountEdge account for up to date account reconciliation. Also, businesses can make or receive payments as well through AccountEdge.

In addition, AccountEdge comes with ‘Spend money’ tool which enables users to make electronic payments or write checks for basic receipts, donations, or even order bills. Therefore, businesses can virtually carry out banking operations from within their business environment.

Contact management

With AccountEdge budgeting software, businesses can manage employee, vendor, and customer contact information; this can then be used for marketing mailings, sales orders, purchase orders, seasonal greetings, and many more.

In addition, AccountEdge also enables users to attach documents to their contacts and also set up reminders on when to contact them. Also, business owners can track their customers’ contact information using their name, email address, mailing address, photo, and many more. On the other hand, their contact information can then be used to auto-fill invoices and quotes.

Customized letters

AccountEdge enables businesses to create personalized letters from their set of letter templates which can be sent to their contacts. Some of the letter templates include thank you notes, collection notices, advertising, and many more. Hence, businesses can reach out to their clients, employees, or vendors with their on-brand message.

Document management

Files can be attached to records in AccountEdge budgeting software; these files can several file formats such as documents, images or scans. Accounting officers can make scans of paying bills and invoices, which can then be attached to expense transactions or purchases.

With AccountEdge budgeting software, businesses can keep handling important business documents such as contracts, agreements, employee and vendor contact cards, and many more.

Other features of AccountEdge budgeting software includes:

  • Activity Log
  • Activity Slips
  • Business Insights
  • Create and Track Quotes, Orders, and Invoices
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple – Billing Rate Levels
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay Liabilities
  • Payroll Timesheets
  • Prepare 1099’s
  • Prepare Payroll Tax Forms
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Print Receipts
  • Process Web Orders
  • Purchases Register
  • Retainer, Escrow, and Trust Accounts
  • Salesperson Commissions
  • Timesheets
  • Track Mileage Reimbursement
  • Transfer Money


accountedge budgeting softwareAccountEdge budgeting software is a fully featured desktop application software which is available on Windows and Mac desktop platforms.

Here is the one-time pricing plan for AccountEdge Pro:

AccountEdge Pro

  • New user – $499
  • Old user (optional upgrade) – $359
  • Multi-user/Network Edition upgrades – $399

Note: AccountEdge provides a 30-day free trial for intending customers to test out all its features.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac

Locations Serviced: Worldwide

Pricing model: One-time payment

Supported Language: English

Typical Users: Freelancer, Small Business, Mid Size Business, and Large Enterprise

Mobile Applications: iOS.

Integrations: Dropbox, Shopify, AccountEdge Cloud, Checkout.

Deployment: On-Premise

Support Details

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