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Full AbiWord Productivity Software review – All you need to know about AbiWord Productivity Software


What is AbiWord?

AbiWord, it is an open source and freely accessible word processing tool specifically developed and crafted by a crew of volunteers all over the world to authorize numerous word processing tasks and projects. With the assistance of multiple languages and running on various operating systems, AbiWord is a part of huge project which is called as AbiSource. It is an open source project which was proposed by SourceGear Corporation and intended to develop a cross-platform office suite.

AbiWord is deliberated as one of the exclusive word-processor as because of its ability to deploy is safer environments and operated on multiple operating systems and platforms. Along with this, the software’s extensive assistance for internalization allows to hold an enormous user-base. This word processing office suite can also be extended to other kind of word processing operations like personal needs and fun typing actions. AbiWord engages in supporting of other features as like Microsoft Word.


AbiWord, one of the fastly growing office suite is becoming a state-of-the-art Word Processor. Embedded with various benefits and features, this software is suitable for solving the needs of daily work, personal requirements or may be useful for some good kind of fun type activities. The below discussion on AbiWord highlights will let you know more on this software. So, let’s have a look on those

  • Supported with cross-platform

The one thing that makes AbiWord to hold a strong position is its ability to work on multi-platform word processing program. Users can easily access this software that is practically running on various operating systems without having any complication of investing more time of porting issues.

Users can install and run the software on their choice of operating system either it may be Linux, Windows, QNX, freeBSD or Solaris. As this software can be installed on any operating system, it makes use of the functionalities of such system. Also, it can benefit from utilizing the functionality of image loading or printing of a specific system.

  • Extensive Interoperability

Besides being a complete cross-platform word processing software, AbiWord holds extensive interoperability. It is developed to manage various kinds of documents like Microsoft, WordPerfect and OpenOffice.org documents. It can also support creating of Rich Text format documents and HTML web pages. This ability allows AbiWord to gain more collaboration with its team where can easily create and share files as required by their team members.

  • Content rich documents

AbiWord helps for its users to create content that look more organized and includes of well-qualified layouts. With the help of its high-end layout options, they can be able to create documents which are highly formatted, arranged and customized as needed for their personal or professional use.

Also, with these kinds of layout options one can integrate this software for scientific research and other activities too. They can enhance the beauty to their documents by creating tables, specifying bullet points, creating lists, endnotes, multiple formats and styles, footnotes. So, including all these options will make a document to look good and provides more anxiety to read that grabs the user attention.

  • Support of various languages

Other authoritative feature that is included in AbiWord is its ability to support multiple languages. The office suite is almost available in all the common languages and other kind of non-common languages. It supports a built-in spell checker that verifies texts and documents in correspondence with international dictionaries. Because of this, spelling errors are automatically prompted even those ones that are often overlooked.

  • Mail merge and command line

AbiWord also offers mail merge functionality that allows users to automatically create some hundreds and thousands of form letters in less span of time. They can also can modify the information that they have already entered on special fields within the document templates. And then, fill up those templates with data collected from various sources that consist of comma separated text files, relational databases and tabbed text documents.

Besides this, AbiWord also has a strong command line that comes up with it. This added benefit allows users to create print documents, form letters also convert documents to any type of file form the command line itself.

  • Expandable plugin system

As a comprehensive system, this word processing office suite is available with an extendable plugin system that allows users to broaden its functionalities to other party systems. In addition to these, it also elongates its capability to other systems where those are no longer designated as state of the art. It also consists of set of plug-ins that can be used for importing images, files and other kind of summarizing texts.


The latest version of AbiWord which is AbiWord 2.8.1 holds multiple unique and productive features that gains more audience to its sight. The updated version of this office suite is supported for Ubuntu and Puppy Linux machines as because it is “hard wired” into the start-up documents. So, let’s have on the features of AbiWord.

 An open door for more enhancements

Attracting all kind of customers, business professionals and other clients, AbiWord include appealing features such as real smart quotes and support of high quality True Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

It also includes the ability of users viewing multiple pages side by side. As because of this, many of them can get more use of it out of the real estate on their large-screen monitors.

Supporting the feature of collaborative writing, AbiWord now presents its users with the capability of categorizing text written by various writers using different text highlight colours. This kind of real-time editing and editing of files happens only for those that are stored on abicollab.net.server.

Implementation of various comments and annotations is even more effective in the updated version. This allows to annotate any kind of text with a remark that will show up when hovers on it with a mouse. The list of all remarks is listed on the footer area of each and every page.


AbiWord also makes use of rewritten printing framework as based on a 2-D graphics library which is called as Cairo. Cairo delivers persistent results either on any kind of output media that takes benefit of exhibiting hardware expedition when available such as through the X Render Extension.

Cairo also supports various output devices like PostScript, PDF, Win32, X Window system, Quartz, image buffers and SVG file output. Also, supports experimental output for OpenGL, beOS, OS/2, DirectFB and XCB.

So, with the inclusion of all these AbiWord produces enhanced and better image printing. As a substitute of printing based on the GTK port, AbiWord now depends on the gnome print system. This kind of printing scenarios impresses many customers.


As AbiWord is free word processing program, it can be available to its users at free of cost. Users can access all the features and benefits of AbiWord without investing a single dollar. You can make use of this comprehensive office suite for all your business or personal needs at free. So, one may not have to face any kind of enterprise pricing issues.

Technical details

AbiWord has various technical functionalities that permits users to run the software on various operating systems and devices. The devices supported by AbiWord are Linux, Mac, Web-based and Windows. The supported languages or the languages that AbiWord is in availability are English, Chinese, German, Hindi, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Spanish,French and Japanese.

The supported pricing model of this software is for free and it is available for all kind of business enterprises such as for small businesses, Medium-scale, large-scale enterprises and for freelancers too.

Support Details

AbiWord provides its support to its users through many ways like email, phone, conducting live training sessions, live support and through ticketing issue raising methods.

Also, there will availability of user manuals, documentation guides, blogs and other reference websites where the users of this website can go through these and seek the support from them.

When you find no appropriate answers for your questions, either in user manuals or FAQs section in the official website. There are some more couple of ways to resolve your issues. Those are

Going for user’s mailing list – It is the place where people can ask questions regarding how to install, how to use AbiWord and any other kind of doubts. In general, you will be receiving response for your questions just within a day.

The other option that is in availability is through Internet Relay Chat – You can join in the #abiword IRC channel that is accessible through irc.gnome.org and let developers answer for your questions and doubts in real time. The response may differ at sometimes, it may depend on how many people will be available for the channel.

So, users must feel free to ask a question without any hesitation.


As AbiWord is more extendible and capable word processing program, one finds so easy to make use of this and has a very low learning curve.

Some of the word processing office suites can accomplish in adjacent to the level reached by Microsoft Word. But, you may not find out those kinds of distended and rarely used feature sets collaborated in these proprietary applications. In addition to these, AbiWord has appropriate functionalities and exceeds the expectations for typical writing operations those are done in either small-scale or large-scale business settings.

AbiWord is comparably a small and need very few resources to run with than any other writing applications. This kind of reduced size allows AbiWord to the hands-down choice of Linux OS developers or other portable or collaborated configurations. So, these scenarios make AbiWord as a unique choice for older hardware systems where RAM may be the issue.

The plug-in system in AbiWord stands as added functionality for AbiWord users. These may include document importers, a thesaurus, image importers and a text summarizer.

You can also find additional alternatives for the presentation and spreadsheet applications. However, AbiWord delivers most creative and smart-looking word documents with the involvement of just little training. So, these kinds of writing options suits well for the present-day requirements.

So, at the bottom line, AbiWord assists you in achieving all your operations just from a single place. Helps to handle all your information in a more secure and protected way. In addition to all these, you can also configure security settings from a comprehensive administrative console, email, call or seeking for 24/7 assistance. Maintains all your information in one place with protected access from your computer, phone, or tablet. You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on any file with no other email attachment needed.

The software offers the best and unique document processing tips that enhances engagement with your global audience.

Finally, we came to know that AbiWord is an affordable office solution that works in the way you really wish for. AbiWord provides you with a collaborated and complete view for all your business requirements and needs from a single interface.

In addition, AbiWord makes it availability easy for users to share data and information among its tools. Using these tools, they can also share a general spell checker that has multiple options where they can modify and synchronize their information across all the tools. The word processing application helps users to have more focus on their writing concepts that allows their documents to look more beautiful and detailed. AbiWord provides a spreadsheet application that has the capability to pull in data from various sources.

Gathering all the customer reviews, feedbacks and AbiWord reviews all over an extensive range of social media sites. The information is then offered in a simple way to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with AbiWord. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.