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Full A&B POS Software Review – All you need to know about A&B POS

A&B POS software

Are you interested in acquiring a POS system that will facilitate the growth of your business operations – one which offers a competitive edge for retailers and restaurants through possessing intuitive features, is easy to use, has powerful tools and mobile capability? You shouldn’t worry anymore because A&B POS software has been designed to meet these needs. With A&B POS solution, you’ll get all the capabilities that you expect from a modular POS system. Furthermore, A&B POS application will let you use only the features that you need as a startup, small or medium-size business, or even an enterprise-level business.

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So, now that you’ve gotten a picture of what you should expect from A&B POS software, you should then ask yourself – what are the types of problems that A&B POS application will solve? Below are different problems that this POS system will handle perfectly.

The need to have a quick and regular way of knowing the performance of your business

Solution:  With A&B POS application, you will be provided with a cloud portal through which you will be able to easily access the statistics, KPIs, and metrics relating to almost any aspect of your business such as comparative and historical sales data, sales performance, and breakdown of sales by period among other things.

The need to expand your customer base and engage more your current customers

Solution:  A&B POS solution offers your customers A&B Quick Cards which act as incentive or loyalty rewards cards and they can be used as prepaid cards that can be easily reloaded. In this case, you’ll be able to attract new customers and keep them continue buying from you.

Your restaurant payment options being limited to cards and cash

Solution: With the use of A&B POS application, you’ll get access to multiple cashless payment options that leverage the most recent technologies which include EMV chip-based cards apart from the traditional magstripe debit and credit cards and payment apps such as AndroidPay and ApplePay.

What is A&B POS Software?

A&B POS software is a POS system that is scalable and flexible and it can grow with the expansion of your business operations. The solution offers a competitive edge for retailers and restaurants as a result of its intuitive features, ease of use, powerful tools, mobile capability, and simplicity.

A&B POS application

With A&B POS solution, you will be provided with all the capabilities that you expect from a modular POS system that will only allow you to use the features that you need as a startup business, small or medium-sized business, or enterprise-level business.

The key functions of A&B POS application will enable you to simply and flexibly monitor and manage orders, sales, deliveries, pricing, menus, budget, employee schedules, labor cost etc.

Also, the POS system comes with graphical themes for its user interface, security controls, sales and employee performance reports, and multiple payment options.

In short, A&B POS software is a complete POS system that streamlines your restaurant and retail processes for the purposes of enhancing customer experiences and driving your business to success.

More importantly, A&B POS application is more than just a POS system. It offers a lot of capabilities necessitated by features like real-time data on sales, robust analytics, a reliable and secure platform, hardware options, and loyalty programs. These additional functions and features of A&B POS software are very important for any retail and restaurant operation in addition to guaranteeing the safeguarding of customer payments and transactions.

A&POS software provides you with the means to retain customers, the insights for improving the performance of your business, and easily give you the hardware to match with your software.

As an end-to-end POS system for small and enterprise businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors, A&B POS software promises to integrate extensively with your existing POS software or hardware, merchant accounts, and e-commerce websites. The system is securely centralized in order to offer 24/7 user access.

By being cloud-deployed, you’ll be able to have a cloud-based overview using a web-based desktop computer, tablet or mobile devices and you will access portal features like real-time store metrics, sales reporting, up-to-date business intelligence, performance and trend analytics, and historical departmental breakdowns among many other things.

By supporting EMV and other smart payments that are compliant handling, A&B POS software consolidates every credit card transaction regardless of the type or brand into convenient viewing and single statements. With Interchange-plus pricing, you’re promised greater visibility into commission payments to credit card companies and A&B POS.

This service also includes fee account reviews to find out if transaction fee savings can be made. Furthermore, the features and functions of A&B POS application go on to include order taking, employee scheduling, ticketing, time cards, interactive table layouts, ability to create unlimited and customizable menu items, and budgeting tools.

Benefits of A&B POS

Different POS systems come with different pros and cons. Some of the benefits that you will realize from using A&B POS solution include the following.

A&B POS software is simple and easy to use POS solution

As a user of A&B POS application, you will access features that are simple and easy to use. Some of the features that make A&B POS solution a user-friendly application include a Clickable Ticket, Easy to navigate, Interactive table layout, Time card and budgeting, Transfer, Combine, and split tickets, Simple Order flow, Forced and advanced modifiers, Monitor restaurant sales report, Create employee schedules, Settle tickets from the order screen and many other features.

A&B POS solution

A&B POS application is a flexible POS system

By using A&B POS solution to manage the business operations of your retail or restaurant establishment, you’ll realize that the POS system is flexible in many ways. Some features of A&B POS software that makes it a flexible application includes an intuitive graphical interface, several graphical themes, ability to create unlimited menu items, order types, menus, modifiers and modifier actions, and more.

Furthermore, A&B POS application gives you the ability to share items in different ways, hold and fire items to the kitchen, deep security control, and multiple pricing levels.

A&B POS solution is powerful

Some of the features present in A&B POS software, that makes it a powerful POS system include Delivery management, Control labor cost, Measure employee productivity, Tip pool management, Custom, and Graphic reporting, Integrated credit card processing, 86 menu item countdown with substitution, Menu coursing and more.

A&B POS application is more efficient

With the use of A&B POS software in your retail or restaurant business, you will be able to raise the efficiency of your business with regard to a secure processing of sales transactions and reduce the complexity through centralized deployment.

Accessible anytime from anywhere

You can access the A&B POS online portal from anywhere at any time through a web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone to view sales analytics and real-time reporting.

A&B POS solution offers secure payments

This POS system is EMV ready and supports the technical standards for securely accepting payments through smart/chip credit, debit and prepaid cards via contact, contactless or mobile apps.

With the consolidated statement, A&B POS unifies every full secured credit card transaction, regardless of type or brand, into one view, while interchange-plus pricing reveals exactly where commission payments are going.

The payment processing technology embraced by A&B POS software will integrate with an increasing number of vendors and programs for the POS hardware and software that are currently used in the business, in addition to any e-commerce solution or website.

A&B POS is an all-in-one POS system

With A&B POS software, you’re guaranteed of a full stack, feature rich POS system for your retail and restaurant business. The built-in technologies and features included in this POS system are flexible and simple to use. The features have already been mentioned in the benefits we’ve explained above.

Just to emphasize more, A&B POS application will help you to schedule employee assignments and tasks, keep tab of orders and sales, and control every activity from a dashboard that is graphical and interactive.

A&B POS application reinforces customer loyalty through its loyalty programs

With the flexible loyalty programs offered by A&B POS software, you will be able to entice more new clients, retain existing ones, and increase sales. The POS system provides a Quick Card program that is a one-stop “starter” gift card solution that has been designed and customized to align with your brand. This card can be used as a prepaid card, promotional card, incentive for clients, and a reward card for employees.

With A&B POS solution, you’ll access on-cloud business intelligence

Through the cloud portal provided by A&B POS software, you’ll be able to access business intelligence that allows you to have a real-time understanding of your sales data. Using the graphical dashboard present in this POS system, you’ll be able to access easy-to-read and relevant business data, comprehensive analytics, KPIs, and thus you’ll be able to know the performance of your business and get actionable insights that will guide your decision-making.

A&B POS system - business intelligence

Features of A&B POS application

A&B POS solution provides numerous features as already mentioned and these features include the following.

  • POS management
  • Loyalty programs
  • Labor cost management
  • Cloud portal
  • Employee scheduling
  • Step by step setup wizard
  • Metrics & analytics
  • Hardware options & accessories add-ons
  • Real-time sales data
  • Delivery management
  • Historical sales data
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Multiple graphical themes
  • Business intelligence
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Sales & performance reports
  • KPIs & performance statistics
  • Tip pool management
  • Time card & budgeting
  • 24/7 support

A&B POS software - Budget History

Let’s summarize some of the capabilities enabled by the features of A&B POS application.

Loyalty programs

Using A&B Gift Cards, you will be able to increase your sales, generate more profit, and attract new customers using this flexible program for any size of business. The Quick Card is a “starter” gift card program while for merchants who need a design that uniquely fits their brand, they can get the Custom Card Program. As a user of A&B POS software Gift Card program, you will, therefore, choose a program that is right for you.

With this POS system, you’ll select a gift card from professionally designed gift cards. This means you’ll select a gift card that has been uniquely designed to reflect the needs of your business. A&B POS solution allows you to customize your gift cards to include the name of your brand, and any other relevant information at the front side of the card. A&B POS will deliver your gift cards within a period of between 1 to 2 weeks.

A&B POS gift cards are more than just a gift card as you can use them as a promotional card, prepaid card, merchandise return, employee rewards card, or as a customer incentive.

Real-time sales data

You can access A&B POS application from anywhere and at any time and also you’ll be able to access business intelligence while you’re on the move. The graphical dashboard interface provided by A&B POS system allows you to view easy-to-read and relevant business data.

Business Intelligence

Make your business stay ahead of the competition by making better decisions as a result of key metrics and analytics that is easy-to-understand. With A&B POS solution, you can use its cloud portal that provides you with insights via a visual dashboard that is accessible using your tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. You can freely, quickly and easily access business intelligence while you’re on the move with the monthly support plan offered by A&B POS.


A&B POS software is priced based on quote. You can contact the vendor to ask for more pricing details.

Technical Details

A&B POS solution supports the following devices – Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and web-based.  The application only supports the English language. The pricing models for A&B POS application are free and quote-based. Business types supported by this POS system include small businesses, medium businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers. The application is deployed on-premise and through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

Sellers of A&B POS software provide support to users through Email, phone, live support, training, and tickets.


Sales: (888) 330-3974 ext 1

Support: (888) 330-3974 ext 2 |English

Support: (888) 330-3974 ext 5 |Spanish

Merchant Service: (888) 330-3974 ext 3


Facebook: AB POS Solutions

Twitter: @ABPOSus

Google +: AB POS Solutions

YouTube: AB POS Solutions

You can contact A&B POS at abposus.com.

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