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Full 4Pay Networks Payments Mobile Payments Systems Software Review. All you need to know about 4Pay Networks Payments


What is 4pay Networks Payments?

4Pay Networks Payments is a mobile payment solution enabling businesses to accept payments easily and securely through a variety of payment channels. Originally founded in Hamburg, Germany under the name of MobileView, it was effectively rebranded under the name of 4Pay in 2017, when it had €20 million of revenues. 4Pay currently handles a transaction every 0.25 seconds.

The company has the avowed objective of making B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) communication an experience to be enjoyed, and to make mobile payments easier for anyone, wherever they are in the world, through the use of their smartphones. Currently operating in more than 30 countries worldwide, it aims to set new standards when it comes to make secure online and mobile payments, sending than a billion SMS messages which are encrypted end-to-end for the recipient.

4Pay claim to be the first Mobile Payment Super Aggregator in the world, and are connected globally to 300 merchants and 120 mobile carriers. They offer a white label payment hub which, combined with their unique “Identhorization” module, allows users to register, buy, and to pay for goods and services with just a few clicks. They also offer a range of other mobile payment services – including SMS campaigns, voice, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Users are offered, with 4Pay, multiple payment options when it comes to their product services. These include credit and debit card, PayPal, carrier billing, and SEPA direct debit (within Europe).



4Pay’s API is scalable so businesses can adapt it according to their needs. It consolidates payment processes under one umbrella and offers used a wide range of mobile payment options. It can be customised to suit internal payment processes, and ensure that, when it comes to payments and their security, that organisations are complaint with local law, industry standards, and guidelines.

Convenience and Speed

From a customer viewpoint, the application offers a convenient and fast payment solution. Payments can be made in an instant through secure channels from wherever they are in the world, without having to be physically present to hand over payment, or deal with lengthy queues or deal with tedious paperwork. From the business perspective, offering customers flexible payment solutions helps drive revenue and business growth.

Offers a safe and secure payment options for customers

The vendor is mindful that security is a paramount concern for people who make payment via online channels. To address this, whenever a customer makes a payment over the 4Pay network, the system uses the unique IP address of their smartphone as the identifier. This obviates the need for a customer having to input sensitive personal and financial information. It further engenders trust – knowing they have a reliable and secure payment method encourages customers to make more mobile payments in the future.

Innovative Payment Solutions

4Pay offers innovative payment solutions like Carrier Billing, where users pay for online goods and services by charging them against their mobile phone bills. Ideal for many emerging markets where only a tiny fraction of the population actually holds a credit card, it is also a popular payment option in more developed economies because of its security and convenience.  Carrier billing is secure because no personal data need to be input during the payment process, and it can be used across multiple platforms. And given that over billion people hold a smartphone or suitably-enabled device, the potential market is enormous.

By integrating with 4Pay merchants are able to collect payments via direct carrier billing in over 30 markets using their network of 120 carriers.  A key feature that differentiates carrier billing from other mobile payment methods – such as mobile wallets and Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions – is that there is no reliance on an underlying banking infrastructure. This means that even those with no access to a bank account or products such as credit or debit cards, are able to buy products and services online, provided they have a mobile phone and have sufficient credit in their account cover the cost of their purchases.

It should be noted that the commercial terms charged for direct carrier billings differs between mobile operators, even within the same country. Additionally, direct carrier billing typically offers lower pay-out rates to merchants than card-based payments. However, this is more than offset by the significant increase in reach and conversion rates.


Carrier Billing

One of the payment methods offered by 4Pay is Carrier Billing. Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is an online payment method that enables users to buy online goods and services against their mobile phone bill. It is commonly used to buy content, such as music streaming, on any digital platform.  Available to all smartphone and enabled phone owners, all that is needed to confirm payment is that a device needs to have a valid SIM card.

Carrier billing is particularly popular in emerging markets like India where only 2% of the population have a credit card. With globally the number of mobile phone owners outweighing those who own a credit card, carrier billing offers much greater payment coverage – especially for the “unbanked” – than more traditional payment methods. And, even in more mature markets where the percentage of bank cards is much higher, many customers prefer to use carrier billing for its security and simplicity.

For the merchants, too, there are benefits – statistics suggest that conversion rates on average at up to 10% higher with carrier billing than they are with credit cards.

It is a convenient means of payment because users do not have to sign up for additional accounts or complete any forms. Payments can be completed in a matter of seconds within a totally secure environment. The risk of identity theft is not an issue because no payment data is transmitted during the payment process itself. And card-not-present fraud is made impossible because direct carrier billing requires the user, on every occasion, to confirm the payment via a physical smartphone or device.

In order to collect payments, a merchants needs to create an account with 4Pay, and then define what, and for how much they wish to sell. They then need to integrate 4Pay’s payment button – which can be fully white-labelled- -inside of their window. Clicking on the button takes the users to a payment window, which is hosted by 4Pay. The customer then enters their phone number, and indicates which services, goods or digital content they wish to buy.

Once the purchase has been confirmed, 4Pay checks with the mobile operator partner to which the customer has subscribed, to make sure that they have enough credit on their account to support the purchase. They then notify the carrier to deduct the payment against their mobile phone balance, and request the merchant to provide the service or goods for which the customer has paid.

4Pay offers a range of options to pay for goods and services using carrier billing – via the web, smartphone, or SMS.

 Web Billing: With Web Billing, 4Pay enables customers to pay quickly for web content easily and quickly through their mobile phone bill. With no registration required or extra costs incurred.

Mobile Billing: Mobile billing which offers higher conversion rates than traditional payment methods like credit cards or direct debits, enables customers, with one just click, to pay for digital products directly, with the bill debited against their mobile phone bill.

SMS Billing: For those merchants who want to make digital content available as a subscription service, 4Pay offers SMS billing. Users just need to select non-tariff short codes as the input channel to send out their subscription services automatically.  Individual payment options include:

Premium SMS: Designed to support online services like sweepstakes, chats, or voting, 4Pay enables subscribers to price various short codes separately.

Premium MMS (Multi-Media Services): This works in a similar fashion to Premium SMS services – but with multi-media instead. This service is useful for those online retailers to who to monetise the value of multi-media content, such as audio, video, or visual assets.

Premium Voice: This solution offers merchants a potentially lucrative marketing channel, with simple payment by phone, for services such as call centers or information hubs.  Again billing is supported via mobile phone bills.


Messaging is still the most widely used feature of mobile and smartphones, and 4Pay has developed a variety of effective marketing solutions that enable users to deliver their message on a one-to-one basis directly to an individual customer. This helps with targeted marketing campaigns, and the acquisition of new customers.


4Pay’s SMS product offers the highest delivery rate to uses with minimal latency, thanks to the vendor’s tier one carrier network. 4Pay supports bulk SMS marketing campaigns, or it can even off merchants an entire SMS gateway.

RCS (Rich Communication Suite)

RCS has been described as the future of mobile communications. Part of the new Advanced Messaging standard which is designed to substantively improve the messaging functionality which is installed on mobile phones as standard, RCS, along with text messaging, allows for higher quality picture messaging up to 10 MB in size, group chats, location sharing, and video calls.

Unlike SMS, this new technology can be integrated with contact apps, as well as sharing groups and contacts. RCS, in short, aims to go beyond the functionalities offered by existing messaging apps. It can also be used by users to share their location, media and other content whilst they are in the midst of a telephone conversation.

Support for RCS is not yet universal, and for the system to work, both parties must be using a compatible app and network. However, in case one party does not support RCS, it is designed to default back to SMS or MMS. RCS is supported by GSMA (Global Systems for Mobile Communications Association), a global network of companies and network operators who are continuously engaged on creating unified standards for the industry. Google’s Android devices support RCS through its Messages app.

By leveraging the capabilities offered by RCS, 4Pay customers are able to create highly personalised, feature-rich marketing campaigns, which enable them to interact more closely with targeted groups.

Multi-Media Services (MMS)

For those retailers wanting to send valuable, relevant and engaging content to targeted groups of consumers, then MMS may be an appropriate solution. MMS is most commonly associated with sending photographs from camera-equipped handset. However, its uses in a commercial context extend to means of delivering entertainment and news content to consumers, as well as supporting marketing initiatives and promotions such as videos, product images, and scannable coupon codes.


With this service, 4Pay translates SMS messages into a voice call which can, in the right circumstances, be a much more effective way of reaching individual consumers or targeted groups.

Short Codes and Long Numbers

4Pay’s speed dial numbers and long numbers – virtual mobile numbers which are used for machine delivery and communication – allow users to communicate with their target group in a two-way manner. The service is based on PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) of the European Union, and enables customers of banks, both businesses and consumers, to enable third-party providers to manage their finances, like Facebook and Google.

Number Look-Up

With this service retailers and online marketers able to validate their customer lists and see how many phone numbers and customer details are still active. They can also obtain a more granulated view of their customers, and identify where they are from and segment them into groups.


Pricing is on a quotation only basis – interested parties should contact the vendor directly for more information. There is no free trail available, but prospective customers can arrange to receive a product demo.


4Pay is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows and Mac operating systems. As the solution is predicated on mobile payments and communications, it is fully supported on Android and iOS devices.

It offers a mobile payment management API through which businesses are able to consolidate, centralise and simplify the way they handle their mobile payment processes.

4Pay Networks is supported by a range of technical solutions and partners, including Apache Tomcat, Docker, Java and My SQL.


Direct support is available from the vendor through email or phone on a 24/7 basis.

Language support is available in both English and German, as is their website.