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Full 3Dcart eCommerce Software Review – All You Need to Know About 3dcart


3Dcart E-commerce software is a cloud solution for businesses to create and manage online stores. It provides functionalities to create manage and process orders and receive payments for their goods and services.

The software company was founded in 1997 and has its headquarters in Tamarac, Florida, United States.

The software aims to help retailers and manufacturers maximize their opportunities. This is achieved through the numerous features and tools available to users of the software.

The solution also provides numerous marketing tools. This can help users gain more visibility and customers in an already crowded online space.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the features, benefits, and cons of using this software. By the end, you’ll know enough to decide if it is good enough for your business.

What is 3Dcart

3Dcart is a cloud-hosted solution for online retailers and wholesalers to make sales. It works by integrating all the processes involved in marketing in one place.

The tool provides numerous integrations and features to help you manage your online store. These include inventory and payment management tools.

Its intuitive website design tool allows you to create and manage a stunning website. They provide over sixty mobile-optimized templates for you to choose from.

You can use the drag and drop feature to customize the template to reflect your brand’s identity and image. And the good part is that you don’t need to know how to code to use this tool.

The software also integrates a marketing solution to help new businesses gain marketing traction fast. Its security features ensure that your customer’s information is protected as well as their safety when using your site.

Overall, it is a safe and robust tool for creating and managing online stores for small, medium and large businesses alike.

How Does 3Dcart Work?

3Dcart is offered as a Software as a service solution. This means you have to sign up to use the software tool for your business. Thankfully, the company offers a 15 day free trial for new businesses. You only need to supply your email, telephone number, and name to the tool. You’ll receive an email containing your trial credentials shortly afterward.

Using your trial credentials, you can sign in to your new account. This trial account allows you to experience all the tools and features of the software. You can’t accept orders at checkout or point your account to a custom domain name though.

After exploring the free-trial, you can easily upgrade to a paid account. The paid account provides you access to the locked features. Also, you can easily migrate your designs and settings to the paid account.

In the event that you need more time to set up your store, 3Dcart is willing to provide a free 30-day window. You can design your site and add all your products during this time without getting charged. However, as soon as the 30 day period elapses, you’ll get billed for the monthly subscription fee.

Benefits of 3Dcart

1. Powerful Design and Customization

NThe designer baked into this tool is easily one of the most intuitive. The Designer features a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create stunning layouts for your store websites with little effort. The software also features over 60 responsive templates for both mobile and desktop viewing. The templates are designed for different type of businesses and industries. You can choose one according to your business’ niche.

2. Top-notch Customer Service

The 3Dcart tool offers one of the most responsive customer support and features. The tool provides a forum for their users. It also features a robust documentation and help-center module too. If you prefer to contact support you can reach them via phone, email and live chat.

3. Integration with Square

You’ll never have to worry about payments anymore as the solution works seamlessly with Square module. This integration allows you to receive credit card payments from your customers without errors. Also, you can implement discounts and loyalty bonuses too.

4. Numerous e-commerce Tools and Features

The tools available for this software are too numerous to count. The software provides more than enough tools to handle product development, order processing, and shipping. Other tools include the design and marketing tools to help you gain traction organically.

5. Security

The 3Dcart software provides industry-certified security for your business and customers. All their credit card details are protected by multilayered encryption technology. Your store information and products are also secured on cloud storage with high-level information protection tools.

Cons of 3Dcart

1. Mobile Use Requires Strong Internet Connection

While the tool displays your store information correctly on pc, it’s a tad slower on mobile devices. The reason is that mobile browsers are not as powerful as the PC counterparts. This handicap causes the heavy graphics to load very slowly on mobile phones compared to the PC. And in areas of poor internet connectivity, it may not load at all.

2. The Learning Curve is Quite Steep

The tool features hundreds of tools that can be combined in a vast number of ways for different results. This makes its learning curve a bit steeper than its competition. However, once you pass this phase, you’ll master plenty powerful toolset combinations.

Features of 3Dcart

1. Shopping Cart Tools


The shopping cart tools work in harmony improve your conversion and boost sales. The tools provide deep integration with payment solutions such as Square and stripe. It also provides modern cart features such as:

  • Ability to save abandoned credit cards
  • Wishlist
  • Gift registry
  • Gift wraps and shipping optimization tools

The tool also helps you calculate tax and other legal fees that apply to your product’s destination.

2. Store Design Tools

The store design tool optimizes your store setup process for speed and beauty. You can create a modern and powerful store in a much shorter time than it would take to code them. It features a WYSIWYG editor and multiple templates. These templates can be customized to reflect your brand identity and image.  Other tools include

  • Powerful blog
  • Content Managment System
  • Email design and customization
  • Carousels for Homepage
  • Mobile responsive templates

You can also contact support for help if you run into issues while setting up this tool.

3. Order Management Tools

The order management tool helps you to automate customer order processing. All the fees for shipping as well as estimated time of arrival are computed in this tool. The tool syncs with eBay and Amazon for improved customer services.other features include:

  • CRM
  • Customer segmentation tools
  • Drop shipping support tools
  • Customer account management tools
  • Returns management module

4. Product Management Tools

The product management tools help you manage your products and goods listed on your site. The tool provides a toolset that can double as an inventory management module. You can estimate how long it would take for your product to run out. Hence you can automate the reorder processes to restock optimally.

The tool also allows you to create waiting lists for products that are unavailable at the time of order. Other features include:

  • Product question and answer feature
  • Customer review module
  • Upsell and cross-sell management
  • Purchase order management tools

5. Marketing and SEO Tools

These tools help you gain traction to your store organically. You can also run campaigns to improve conversion of visitors to your store. The powerful email marketing module allows you to follow up with interested visitors and gradually convert them to customers.

You can also create gift cards and user-unlockable discounts. If your product is just starting out, you can take advantage of the tell-a-friend feature to build traffic organically too. Other tools in this segment are:

  • Google analytics support
  • Customer reminders
  • Daily deal and group deals
  • Advanced store statistics tool
  • Social media integrations
  • Bonus points
  • Redeemable products tool

6. Robust Security

The security features of this software protect your accounts and your customer’s details from attacks. The tool integrates an SSL feature to your website to provide top-notch web protection for users of your site. You can also take advantage of the daily backup feature to keep your account stored on another server. Other features include:

  • FTP access
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • IP blocking feature
  • Staff security role permissions
  • 99.94 percent uptime

Price and Pricing Model

The 3Dcart software is offered on a tier-based pricing plan. All its features get segmented into different tiers. Each of these tiers suits different business scales and types. You should choose a tier that affords you all the features that you need and no more. Currently, there are four tiers.

Startup Store

The startup store tier is the simplest tier available. Like the name implies it is best suited for startups and small businesses seeking to get their products out there. The tier features zero transaction fees and up to 100 product listings. The perk is that you cannot have more than one staff on this account. This plan costs $19 per month.

Basic store

The basic store improves upon the offering of the startup store. You can have two staff on your account. You also get an unlimited product listing. And as usual, you don’t get to pay any transaction fees. Other features in this plan include SEO tools, product reviews and shipping management. This plan costs $29 per month

Plus Store

The plus store allows you to have up to 5 users on your account. You also get an unlimited product listing for your goods and zero transaction fees. Other features include CRM, customer groups and marketing newsletters. Support for this plan is also better than the basin and startup stores. The plan costs $75 per month.

Pro Store

The pro store is the most impressive plan offered by the tool. You can have up to 15 users and enjoy the features of the plus plan. Other features include autoresponder rules, auto-ship for recurring orders as well as loyalty programs. This plan costs $229 per month.


This plan is offered on a quote basis. You have to contact customer support to determine the tools and the pricing for their use. In this plan, you only pay for the tools and features that you use for your business. Send a request to the support team, and they’ll help you decide on the tools that are important for your scale of business.

Platform Supported/Technical Details

The 3Dcart software is offered only as a cloud service. The company procures and maintains all the server and memory hardware for the tool. You only need to sign up to use this tool for your business.

However, because the tool is available as a cloud service, you must be connected to the internet to use it. The software supports access from the following operating system. You must, however, have a modern browser installed for the tool to work properly.

1. Windows OS

2. Linux OS

3. Chrome OS

4. Mac OS

The software also supports mobile platforms. But the features and tools are not as robust as their desktop counterparts

Customer Support

Customer support for the 3Dcart software is responsive and smart. You can expect to have your queries resolved speedily. The support agents will guide you through the entire process of troubleshooting and correcting your problems.

Channels Available

The 3Dcart customer support is available on multiple platforms. You can contact them through email, telephone as well as by using support tickets. They also offer live support and priority support for their top-tier plans.


The support agents are available 24/7 during working days. They are also available for emergency and priority supports during weekends and holidays.

Training, Help Center, Documentation

They offer in-depth training materials and resources to guide new users. The materials will guide you on set up and troubleshooting of your account in case of problems.

Their help center and documentation also provide sufficient materials and guides to help solve any setup troubles

In Conclusion

The 3Dcart software is arguably the most full-featured online store solution available today. Its intuitive design and remarkable toolset ensure that you do not lack options for your store. The customization breadth also ensures that you preserve your brand identity and design. The learning curve is a bit cumbersome. But once mastered, this tool offers a lot more than many others in this niche.