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Full 360Facility Fixed Asset Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About 360Facility


What is 360Facility?

In an era where the world is your office, using a software you can rely on to manage your people, property, and asset is a must. You can’t simply rely on the possibilities and report from your people. Well, not unless you trust them completely.

But then again, you just can’t take the gamble. This is especially true if you have hundreds or even thousands of square footage under your wing.

You need to be sure things are being done right and on time all the time. You need to have the assurance that when things don’t happen as planned, you have an automatic review of the tasks so changes can be made.

This is where the 360Facility comes in. Powered by Accruent, this software recognizes how your human resources and physical resources work together for your business to achieve its mission. The latter, consisting of real estate, assets, and facilities, take a huge chunk of the budget thus the need to increase its operational functionality.

Why spend almost 30% of your corporate non-payroll expense to manage assets when you can have a strategic facilities management?

It is critical that you have a fully integrated system of recording that would reflect crucial data to reduce cost and drive profitability. Without this, some information can be overlooked, mismanaged, or lost.

The 360Facility allows you to do all of these, and more. Property management and asset maintenance are made more efficient.  These are being done with a reduced cost and an improved operational efficacy.

Yes, this cloud-based software optimizes the management of your physical resources so you can fully attain your mission. The automation of the work processes can also considerably cut your expenses.


Who is the typical customer of this software?

Large corporations or mid-sized companies that engage in facility management will find the software very useful for organizing and keeping track of their various assets. Right now, the product is being used in real estate, healthcare, education, and financial services.

When looking for work management solutions software, consider the following:

Is it easily customizable?

Every organization’s needs are different so you can’t expect a single application to be universally applicable. Don’t expect a one-size-fits-all product so the software should have the personalization function.

Are there support systems in place?

The developer should have a support system such as addressing problems and queries from the end-user. This is especially crucial if it’s the first time for your organization to install a software. The other support system is live training and webinar so you can fully maximize the potential of the application.

Is it easy to use?

How else can you maximize the value of your investment when you spend all your time learning all the features of the software? All that time spent soaking in the basics would have been better spent looking for business leads and expanding your business. With this, you should also include the speed of the feedback mechanism.

Is it flexible and scalable?

Chances are, you are not going to use the software alone. You will have to authorize your workers and partners so they can gain access to the application. It’s important that the program will allow you to collaborate with others quickly and easily.

Are there many features?

Of course, this question is relative. A large-scale business would want a product with several features that will complement its operations. If you are a small company, you want fewer features not only because it costs less but more importantly, it fits with your organization’s needs. The important thing is to determine what you want to do and if the product features will work toward achieving your own goals.

Fortunately, 360Facility checks all the boxes when it comes to finding the effective work management tool for your company.

360Facility Benefits

The 360Facility is geared toward providing an all-in-one solution for real property and assets management industry. You will no longer miss important schedules or milestones while, at the same time, enhancing your efficiency and strategies.

The cloud-based tool will help you organize your schedule and also your to-do list. The centralized communication feature will immediately route important tasks to the proper agent, which means you limit the mistakes and confusion. Work orders will also be included in the automation process.

All the necessary information regarding your labor cost and work hours, future assignments, pending workloads, completed projects, and expenses are clearly presented in an easy-to-read report. Scheduled maintenance reports are also outlined so you don’t miss out on the preventative works.

Another benefit of this software is the ease-of-use. Even those who are not familiar with fixed asset management software products will not have a steep learning curve.

The software is also fully scalable although you have to pay extra as your company grows. The good news is that the starting price point is quite affordable so you don’t really worry as much when you upgrade later on.

Your customers will be fully invested in the company because the software allows them to submit and review requests. Even if you are not physically present in the apartment, for instance, to speak with tenants, they won’t feel your absence. They have a way of contacting you and airing their concerns and grievances. They may also provide their suggestions on how you can better improve the facilities and services.

360Facility Features


Assess facility conditions – The tool will help you evaluate the status of each of your asset. You can also automate the maintenance schedule so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business, such as scaling up.

Real-time reporting and updates – Real-time reporting will provide you feedback as it happens. This ensures no time-lag in your response mechanism. Your customers will appreciate so much this feature because it limits the number of pending projects on your schedule.

Allows tenants to submit and review requests – You are totally engaged with your customer base by knowing their feedback.

Vendor Management – You can keep track of all the activities of your vendors, as well as access the work orders in real time.

Key control – Think of this as the magic button that provides with a God’s view of all the personnel assets and where are they, location-wise, at present time.

Track documents – Insurance, contacts to sell, and contracts to lease … these are very important documents that you can keep track of using this software. You won’t ever have to worry about misplacing a legal paper ever again as you can access it with just one click.


  • It’s an effective tool to help mid-sized businesses and large enterprises simplify their day to day operations.
  • The dashboard is easy to navigate so that limits the confusion for the user
  • The features are intuitive, especially for those who’ve tried other similar products
  • It’s hosted in the Cloud so you can access it across different devices
  • It’s easy to set up and also easily scalable so you can use it to connect to your many branches and departments
  • Good value for money, especially if your organization needs a lot of structure


  • It takes a bit of getting used to because of the multiple features of the program
  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Giving access to authorized users can be tricky



Unfortunately, the pricing of this software is not readily available. You will have to call the company for a quotation since the product will be customized according to your size, available workload, and goals.

However, users may choose from the three basic models:

  1. Perpetual license – This means that you pay a fixed price for the intellectual property of the product, as well as its peripherals. The fee will include the price of installation, customization, and also the integration of this software with your own existing systems. The fixed cost, however, is a misnomer since you still have to pay for upgrades, maintenance, patches, and updates. The premium license is higher but you will likely pay only a fixed cost.
  2. Software-As-A-Service – Instead of the technical staff of Accruent going to your office to install the program, you can access it via the Internet. There are two pricing structures for this. You can either pay monthly for a specific period or through a subscription. One drawback is that you get less flexibility compared to the perpetual license as customization and integration options are not available. The good news is that you also pay less.
  3. Commercial open source – The open source option allows the user to pay only for the software without the license fee. However, this option may not be ideal for companies without in-house developers because the task of maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting the software will be left to you.

There are other variables that will impact the cost, as well. For instance, expect to pay more if you opt for the vendor to migrate all your data into the application. However, the migration cost will also depend on the amount of information to be transferred, the software that is being used by your company, the tools being used and their availability, and the technological divide between the new and old processes.


Another variable is the customization option. A fully customizable app will fetch a premium cost. There’s no word yet on a third-party integration of this product, but queries from multiple sources can be implanted into this software for a more accurate reporting. The predictive analysis may be available for premium users.

Some may balk at the simplicity of the default dashboard design but it can be configured at higher packages.

Technical details

The 360Facility fits both mid-sized businesses and the large enterprises. Its deployment is through the Cloud.

Supported devices:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Cloud

Supported languages:

  • English


  • Cloud
  • SaaS
  • Web-based

Support details


The developer of the 360Facility has both the email and phone support. The customer may contact for technical support 24 hours in a day or seven days a week. There’s also live training to further learn its functions and optimize its use in your own systems.

You also get access to an online community of users who are ready to give their advice or recommendation on any issues surrounding the software.

The developer also organizes webinars to help end users learn about new functionalities and features of the product, any updates on the user interface, as well as the features you didn’t know, existed in order to boost operational efficiency and enhance productivity. This could be part of the package or you can hire a third-party vendor to conduct in-house training of your staff.

The main goal of each organization, apart from generating as much profit as possible, is customer satisfaction. The 360Facility will help you achieve that by limiting the number of mistakes and also anticipating their needs. The latter is extremely crucial to making your customer happy.

With this software, pending requests won’t be gathering dust since you can view them on a single click. Workers are automatically deployed to address the complaints. You can also track down your expenses and spillage, which are instrumental in laying down your budget. By identifying the gaps in your system, you can come up with solutions in order to cut down your operational costs.

A graphical analysis also provides the user with a complete picture of the systems, processes, operations, and market. It’s a handy tool to have for a real property or asset management business.

There are other software products on fixed asset management that exist in the market today. For instance, you can count the EZOfficeInventory, PowerPlan Fixed Asset Suite, Quick FMS, Asgard, and Assetware Tracking among its competitors.  But we can say that 360Facility is right up there on the top in terms of performance and features.

Of course, you do have to assess your own systems and processes to determine the cost-value of the technology. In the end, any new investment can be narrowed down to one question: Do the benefits outweigh the costs?