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Full 247HRM HR Software Review – All You Need to Know About 247HRM


247HRM is a Human Resource Management software which handles all HR needs comprehensively. It centralizes all Human Resources related functions and enables proper management of employees to actualize their full potential.

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Let’s get to the details of this software; its benefits, features, disadvantages and technical details.

What is 247HRM?

247HRM simplifies HR managerial activities from hiring to onboarding, payments, taxes, time tracking, and performance appraisals. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the performance of an employee and enables the Management board to make course corrections.

The technological advancement and availability of HR applications have altered the industry. These improvements have redesigned the role of Human Resource Personnel; making it easier and better.

Who can Use 247HRM

This HR software is usable by both small and large organizations. The availability of lower rate packages enables StartUps to use this software to optimize his performance. Let me make a list of users below:

1. StartUps

There is a lot of ways to maximize Human Resources in a new establishment while remaining flexible. Hiring and onboarding of new members shouldn’t be as tricky as it was during the Personnel era.

StartUps just like Small Businesses require flexibility and continuous adjustments in policies. The mode of operations is modified frequently to attain the best shape.

Most Start-Ups tries to avoid HR problems as they believe it will restrict their flexibility. Most think that it doesn’t give room for innovation.

But the truth remains that business with poor HR management is bound to run into confusion and unfavorable working condition. 247HRM enables flexibility in enterprises, especially during the hiring and onboarding processes.

StartUps can actively cultivate an Office Culture using this HR software. HR programs motivate employees and improve productivity.

2. SMEs

247HRM is beneficial because of a couple of reasons. The vendors of this software adapted to the need for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME).

At first, they have a low price that is affordable to small businesses. Not only that; small businesses can request for a custom quote from the vendors at lower rates.

Human Resources Management is an essential goal which the 247HRM software is actively offering the SMEs.

3. Agencies

Both the price and features of 347HRm makes it an ideal program for agencies. It enables agencies to actualize the full potential of its workers.

4. Enterprises

Enterprises are larger organizations than SMEs. A large number of employees are working, and each member or team needs supervision.

247HRM enables enterprises to assign and monitor tasks efficiently. It empowers the Hiring team in spotting the skills needed in prospects.

Vendor of 247HRM

The 247HRM is a software developed and distributed by Interbiz Solutions LLP. An HRMS solutions company which has been active in for over 12 years.

Interbiz Solutions LLP is an Indian firm. Address: 501, Indra Dhanush.

The 247HRM has been in the market since 1996. The software has been the choice of most Indian companies since then.

HR Management in View

It is reasonable to state that the primary asset of an organization is its personnel. All attributes of an establishment; productivity, quality, profitability, and customer satisfaction depends extensively on the coordination, training, and motivation of its employees.

Inadequate human resource management hurts the entire image of an organization. The adverse effect of insufficient HR management is either instant or long-term.

A poor HR system leads to poor team building, employees’ discomfort, decreased productivity, and unmotivated team. It may cause employees to quit, thereby leading to loss of business.

One cannot neglect the importance of an efficient Human Resource Management. Providing efficient HR management is where this HR software comes to play. The software adapts perfectly to the needs of employees in an organization.

247HRM Competitors

There are lots of HRM software; each one has its unique features and accomplishments. To help in broadening your knowledge and helping you to make an excellent choice.

Let’s compare 247HRM and few other HRM software below.

According to user reports, 247HRM competitors are GreytHR, Keka HR Payroll Platform, ADP Vista HCM, Saral PayPack, HRMantra, and PeopleAppex.

All these competitors have their unique features and adaptation. For prospective buyers, it requires a detailed analysis of each program.

Pricing, features and excellent team dedication keeps 247HRM competitive in the industry.

Pros of 247HRM Software

The benefits of this software are numerous. It has used its excellent features to provide a lasting solution to HR problems.
Lets quickly take a look at the benefits:

1. Supports Multiple Location Management

A lot of challenges arises when it comes to managing employees. These problems are quite often when a business has branches in different locations.

247HRM integrates all staff performance such as logged hours, weekly tasks, and break times and lots more to a simple front desk. Ability to access employees’ information enables the management to track the performance of its workers at distant locations.

2. Automated HR Processes

This HR software provides a systematic way of handling processes in a working environment. It unifies the time of specific activities such as the time for commencement of work, time for lunch, and time for closure. A systematic way of work provides unison in the ethics of an organization.

3. Excellent Staff Communication

Another great benefit of the HR software is that it provides a communication medium between staff members. It facilitates communication between the management and employees through end to end file transfers.

4. Good Value for Money

Though the price for the 247HRM premium packages is quite high for small businesses, it offers relatively low priced packages for small businesses. Offering mini-premium packages for small businesses shows excellent value for money.

Referring to the excellent value for money, 247HRM offers an excellent HRM platform which has a lot of premium features at a meager price. The software is pretty simple, and employees can learn to use it in no time.

5. Easy to Use

Another great benefit of the 247HRM software is that it does not require much training before one can use it. It is specifically beneficial to new members.

Similarly, 247HRM has Self Service feature which makes it easy for a new member to learn certain operations on his own. I must say the developers are doing a great job with this program.

6. Customer Oriented

According to many users, the 247HRM vendors listen to customer instructions and make necessary adjustments to suit their needs.

From the vendors themselves; “We have been upgrading 247HRM software to keep up with the dynamic needs of our customers”. They have been focusing on providing a single and efficient platform for HR needs.

Still, on the commitment of this HR software vendors, they are making sure that this software reduces paperwork drastically and minimizes time on the day to day HR processes.


247HRM does not have many cons. So I will talk about the ones that are available:

1. Old UI

The UI of this software is old fashioned. An improvement would be appreciated. It will enable the 247HRM software to appeal to the younger generation.

2. Payment Method

To me, I don’t like a monthly payment method. It is too frequent and leads to constant notifications and a call to action.

It will be better if a recurring subscription can be enabled so that users can pay for a given number of months at once.


The widespread of the 247HRM software is strictly a product of its excellent features. Competing in the same market with a lot of HR Management products is tricky. Below are the elements of this software.

1. Statutory and Income Tax Compliance

247HRM software integrates with tax portals; this ensures compliance with states regulation as it automatically settles employees’ taxes as at when due.

It automates planning and savings to enable workers to meet their needs. It reduces stress by attending to regulatory bills without employees’ effort.

2. An Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard of the 247HRM software provides all human resources and payroll processes on a single platform.

It simplifies all the HR management needs; encompassing time tracking, performance tracking, and appraisals. It provides an integrated and simplified performance overview for easy administrative assessments.

The 247HRM dashboard keeps all staff members updated through SMS alerts and mobile notifications. It eases communication and information dissemination.

3. Satisfies HRM Needs

247HRM provides all the tools and information needed by the HR team for perfect operation. It manages the managerial needs of an organization; from skill assessments, letters, performance, to file management.

4. Expense Report

247HRM has an easy to use environment and provides payment reports in a simplified way. Management automats Reimbursements, and track actions easily.

Steady performance report enables the Management to analyze project performance over a specific period. With regular Reports, the workload during yearly assessments reduces.

5. Attendance and Leave Management

247HRM has excellent Attendance and Leave management features. It gives room for an Administration to assign workers’ leave and manage presence according to its terms.

It generates attendance forms and timesheets to enable the administration to track performances.

6. Skill Management

The 247HRM’s skills inventory package provides a solution to finding employees with the right skills for a given office. It occupies an organization with qualified workers.

Already, the employment of the right personnel improves productivity. It directly maximizes the accomplishments of an establishment.

7. Performance Appraisals

The 247HRM has Multiple-rating feature. It promotes transparency in an establishment; board members can rate an employee’s performance according to their assessments.

Appraisals are also given to well-rated employees to encourage their hard works. It strengthens dedication among workers.

8. Custom Workflows

247HRM creates a workflow that suits the current HR needs. It integrates all processes in a department and ensures effective use of resources.


The 247HRM software offers four payment plans. The price corresponds to the features of each package. Below are the four purchase options for 247HRM packages:

1. Bronze

The Bronze package costs Rs. 999 per month. This amount is equivalent to USD 13.56.

Features of the Bronze package

  • It supports 30 Employees
  • Payroll Management
  • Free Updates
  • Free Support
  • Automated BackUps
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Leave Management
  • Income Tax Management


247HRM Silver costs Rs. 1,999 per month. This amount is equivalent to USD 27.13.

Features of the Silver package

  • It contains all elements in Bronze
  • It supports 30 Employees.
  • Customizable workflow-based events
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Online Leave Management
  • Document Management
  • Ticketing
  • Employee Self Service
  • Communication Management
  • Employee File Management

3. Gold

Price: Rs. 2,499 per month. This price is equivalent to USD 33.91.

Features of the Gold Package

  • The Gold contains all elements on the Silver package.
  • Supports 30 Employees
  • Talent Management
  • SMS Alerts
  • Salary Budgeting
  • Skill Matrix

4. Ultimate

Price: Rs. 3, 999 per month. This price is equivalent to USD 54.21.

Features of the Ultimate Package

  • The Ultimate Contains all elements on the Gold package.
  • It supports 30 Employees.
  • Consolidated Reports
  • ERP JV
  • Reimbursements
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Charts with drill-down capability

Technical Details of 247HRM Software

We will discuss the technical details of the 247HRM software under the following categories: Compatibility, Language Support, Pricing Model, Market, and Deployment.

1. Compatibility

247HRM works perfectly on different Operating Systems. It supports devices that run on the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-Based

2. Language Support

The 247HRM supports only the English language presently.

3. Pricing Model

The 247HRM runs a monthly payment plan for all product packages.

4. Market

247HRM software has an extensive market. Just like my states above, the users of this software ranges from StartUps to Enterprises.

5. Deployment

247HRM undergoes Cloud Hosting method.

Support Details

The 247HRM’s support team are doing a great job. According to customer’s assessments, I couldn’t find any complaints about delayed responses or poor customer service.

So I can state that the 247HRM Customer Support is excellent. Click Here to contact 247HRM Customer Service.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up my review on 247HRM software, I will make my suggestions.

Firstly: Comparing the price of this software with its counterparts, one will discover that the 247HRM is relatively cheap; good value for money.

Secondly: Users Satisfaction is high. Most Users are very impressed with the performance of this software.

According to performance survey on FinanceOnline, 247HRM scored 8.0. Regarding customer satisfaction, this software satisfies virtually all its customers. Statistically, there is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

With just my two reasons above, I can proudly say that 247HRM is an excellent choice for any organization that requires HRM programs.

To purchase 247HRM software, Click Here.

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