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Best 1&1 Self Service Web Hosting Review in 2019

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting
1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

 Doing business today is immensely dependent on internet technology. Most companies are now aware of incorporating digital marketing strategies to make use of the opportunities offered by the internet. The market online is like a gateway for businesses to maximize their reach and grow their profits significantly.

There are currently over 1.9 billion websites found on the internet making the competition very tight. Without a doubt, businesses and organizations should prepare themselves to face the challenges brought by the expanding online market. To make sure that you are prepared to venture into the digital market, it is very important to learn about how web host providers could help you.

The best web hosting services platforms will not only provide you with services related to the collection, storing, managing, processing and sending data from your end to reach your target consumers online. They will also ensure that your site runs on a safe and efficient platform to keep your performance on top of the game.

But keeping an online presence will eat a portion of your capital. Well, you may always choose cheap web hosting or even free website hosting services. But there are other platforms that give free domain and free hosting when you avail their package. That’s why it is best to compare web hosting service providers prior to getting a package or a plan. Before choosing a plan, it is best to review your company profile and your plans.

It is easier to pick a subscription plan if you know what you need to achieve your targets. You should also know about the following key concepts: domain hosting, domain registration, types of web services such as VPS, or dedicated server, and how to purchase a domain name, among others.

Digital marketing is measurable and you can easily quantify your performance. Once you know the size of your company and your vision, you’ll get the web hosting package fit for your organization.

When you want to keep your business in its best form at this era of digital marketing, you would need to get help from reliable web hosting service providers like 1&1 Ionos.

About 1&1 Ionos

1&1 Ionos, originally known as Ionos was established in 1988. The company, which has already grown as Europe’s largest domain hosting company, has been a website hosting service of choice among small-sized and medium-sized companies. The recognition is not surprising given that 1&1 Ionos came in the web hosting services three decades ago.

This 2018, 1&1 decided to combine its services in web hosting, server products and applications with the ProfitBricks’ cloud solutions, turning it into 1&1 Ionos. Today, as one of the members of the United Internet group, 1&1 Ionos is touted as an expert in IaaS and in providing solutions for those who want to make their presence felt online with excellent IT and web services. The company is currently managing over 8 million clients, hosting over 12 million domains around the world with the help of their 2,000-strong workforce in 40 countries.

Over the years, 1&1 have brought in the top of the line web hosting services. We know that marketing your products and services using only your social media accounts is limited. The more serious a business is, the more important it is for organizations like yours to have your own site ready. You need to know about concepts such as web hosting, domain name registration,

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

Here are some of the products offered by 1&1 Ionos plus some of the services you might want to look at when you are just starting to get your own website up and running:

  • Full 1&1 domain registration – Building your brand would require you to buy a domain name that will be your address online. It’s more like a business address where people can look you up. 1&1 Ionos helps you in finding that perfect domain name. When you register your domain hosting with 1&1 Ionos, you will get a professional email address with a 2GB space that will be connected to your registered domain name. Don’t worry if you need more space since you can upgrade for more space anytime. Their domain registration also comes with one SSL Wildcard Certificate that will help you increase your ranking when people search using Google. Setting up a domain in 1&1 Ionos is also easy with their one-click activation. You may easily connect your domain with your social media profiles, email, and hosting. The 1&1 Ionos also boasts of having a domain transfer lock to make sure unauthorized third parties cannot get your unique domain name so that when your clients perform a domain name search, they will not miss out your brand. 1&1 Ionos also helps those who need domain transfer.
  • WordPress Hosting – 1&1 Ionos offers Managed WordPress Hosting service that gives you a more efficient management of the most popular content management system. The WordPress is quite easy to set up with the help of 1&1 Ionos’ assistant guides. And once you have your WordPress managed by 1&1 Ionos you are also assured of the security of your site. Their infrastructure will give you the latest security technology. You will also be protected from malicious attacks, malware, and the inconvenient downtime. Aside from these, 1&1 Ionos will ensure that when WordPress releases a new version, you get to have your site updated automatically.
  • eCommerce Hosting – 1&1 Ionos also provides eCommerce website builder service where you can choose from creatively designed templates to house your data, images, and videos that you can easily sync with Google, eBay, and Amazon. Their eCommerce website builder will also give you the freedom to design your own site. You can add products in just a few clicks and go live to start earning a profit. If you want to highlight a portion of your online store you can do so with their step-by-step wizard guide. Their built-in SEO is also very responsive making sure you rank higher on search engines. Their eCommerce hosting comes with a free Wildcard SSL certificate to keep you and your customers safe. They also offer multiple payment methods and customizable delivery options.
  • Colocation Hosting – When you get a colocation web hosting service, you need to have your own server. The host would provide you with the cooling, power, internet uplink and security. But you would need to rent space in the 1&1 Ionos’ data center and use their bandwidth too. Colocation hosting can be compared to having a dedicated server. The only difference is you own your hardware which allows you to do whatever you like to it without any limitation. You may upgrade it if you wish too. You are also responsible with your own storage, and back up procedure. However, once your hardware fails, you’re the one responsible for getting a replacement for it and not the host. That will be far more expensive than other forms of hosting services.
  • Self Service Hosting – The self-service web hosting is similar to the colocation web hosting. It’s a do-it-all-yourself type of hosting plan. After buying the servers, you will be responsible for installing and configuring the software. You should also make sure that you have sufficient power, cooling, storage, security in your own data center, administrator for the system, and bandwidth among others. It’s like you are your own web hosting company. This type of hosting service will work best for those who are ready to build their own data center.

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

Benefits of Getting A Self Service Web Hosting

One particular advantage of having a self-service website is the ability to take full control of everything. Since it is a do-it-yourself, all you need to do is ensure you get the servers you need and have all the needed software installed. Running a self-service web hosting means you need to have the in-house technical experts to ensure you can run your website on your own. You may reduce the number of downtimes as much as you like since you are not dependent on others and you don’t get to share your server with a different organization.

Since you do everything on your own, you should be able to build something similar to a small data center where you can place your hardware, the space you need and the staff that will assist you in the operation. While you can say that it’s closely similar to having a dedicated server, your only limit when it comes to choosing a self-service web hosting is your resources.  You may put up a data center with as many servers as you like and construct your own cloud similar to Google or Amazon.

When Do You Get A Self Service Hosting?

You know when you are ready to get a self-service hosting. Preparing for a self-service hosting will be your best option when you generate a high amount of revenue from your massive website and you have the resources to put up your own mini data center. Self-service hosting is for big businesses, similar to Amazon and Google, who rely their profit generation on their website and they need their sites smoothly running and not experiencing any downtime.

Here are some of the things you need to ensure if you choose to have a self-service hosting

  • Systems administrator
  • Server hardware
  • Bandwidth
  • Data center
  • Cooling
  • Backup power
  • Data integrity plus back up

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

You get your own network to build and manage and you have no one, except yourself, to take the blame when you fail. It is very expensive since you need to ensure you have cooling solutions, security for your virtual space and security for your data center infrastructure as well. You also need to hire staff members, who are highly-competent IT experts, to take turns in managing and do the troubleshooting in your data center. Many things could go wrong when you are left on your own to manage your hosting. As told earlier, it is only for big enterprises who have the capacity and resources to put up their own data center and manage their own hosting.

If you are just a starting freelancer or a small business entity, you might want to opt for a free web hosting service or check out cheap hosting services offered by 1&1 Ionos. You may also check out the cloud hosting service of 1&1 Ionos if you need to upscale your site.

Guide to choosing cloud or server

1&1 Ionos offers a lot of options for businesses to suit their needs. When you are unsure of what type of web hosting service to get, remember that servers are for small to medium personal or business sites, while clouds work best for large enterprises who are experiencing website traffic surges already.  1&1 Ionos also has an enterprise cloud for companies that require a more sophisticated IT infrastructure.

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

Pricing and Features of 1&1 Ionos Enterprise Cloud

If you are a big company that has a vision of expanding your business more, you might want to look at 1&1 Ionos Enterprise Cloud. This is regarded as a business cloud for companies and can easily handle your workload. For eCommerce apps, the enterprise cloud helps it remain up and running despite the influx of website traffic on peak loads. It’s SaaS solutions also work smoothly assuring you that you get the things needed on your site. It is cost-efficient and helps you in storing your backups redundantly.

With 1&1 Ionos enterprise cloud you can pay for what you use without a fixed contract. 1&1 Ionos offers the best value for only $6 per 30 days for a reserved IP address. It also charges the following price for your cloud infrastructure:

  • 1 core – This costs only 2.4 cents per hour for AMD and 5 cents per hour forIntel® Core™ and AMD
  • 1 GB RAM – This costs 0.71 cents per hour
  • 1 GB Storage – This costs 5.33 cents every 30 days for HDD and 32 cents per 30 days for SSD
  • 1 GB Traffic – The costs starts at 9 cents for outgoing traffic and it allows incoming and internal traffic without extra charge.

The Enterprise Cloud comes with free services, too such as:

  • Internal traffic
  • Storage input/output operations per second (IOPS)
  • 24/7 telephone and email support
  • Firewall
  • Billing per minute
  • No fixed contract period

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

Support details

The reputation of 1&1 Ionos in customer support is excellent. The pledge to deliver the best customer service by pooling experts to help those who need professional cloud consulting. The experts even help you to cut down on costs by 20 percent using the Enterprise Cloud. To identify what solution you need for the requirements of your cloud architecture, they will help you determine what type of infrastructure you need.

When you choose their Enterprise Cloud, you get all your bases covered with their knowledge base filled with helpful instructions and documentation. They also provide a strong community to help you.

Their online help for data center designer gives you the basic step-by-step guide. On their website, you can easily find helpful topics on setting up your DCD and other links related to your data center. They also have several APIs to answer all your needs including Billing API, Cloud API, Activity Log API, and Reseller API among others. They have an intensive page discussing tools you need and a library that gets updated regularly by ProfitBricks.

Their community is also very supportive and they have a set of tutorials and webinars for users.  Other instructions about 1&1 Ionos web hosting products and services are found in their Help Center online. But, if you happen to have difficulty in finding what you’re looking for, they have a 24/7 customer support on standby. You may reach them via phone call. Those who wish to speak to their experts may also do so by using their Contact Support service.

1&1 Self Service Web Hosting

List of service providers that offer web hosting services

You may buy servers or cloud storage on from web hosting service companies. There are a lot of companies in the market, however, before you pick any web hosting service provider, you would need to check your business profile and your plans. This way, it is easier to narrow down your choices depending on which company can offer you the best value for your needs. 1&1 Ionos remains one of the most reliable web hosting service providers given their reputation molded by their 30 years of experience. Here is the list of top 30 web hosting service providers:

  1. 1&1 Ionos
  2. HostGator Web Hosting
  3. InMotion Web Hosting
  4. GoDaddy Web Hosting
  5. Bluehost web hosting
  6. Wix Web Hosting
  7. Tsohost Web Hosting
  8. Weebly Web Hosting
  9. SiteGround
  10. iPage
  11. Bluehost
  12. DreamHost
  13. WestHost
  14. Hostinger
  15. A Small Orange
  16. A2 Hosting
  17. Midphase
  18. NameCheap
  19. GreenGeeks
  20. Hosting24
  21. Site5 Hosting
  22. Web Hosting Buzz
  23. JustHost
  24. LunarPages
  25. FastComet
  26. HostNine
  27. FatCow
  28. Arvixe
  29. HostMetro
  30. WebHosting Pad


Each of these company offers a different set of plans for web hosting services. So whether you are a small or an already large company, choosing the right plan will depend on the type of your business and the goal that you would like to achieve in the future.