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Full 10to8 Club Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About 10to8


No matter the type of business you are in, whether its consultancy, or you’re a practitioner in a particular field, your service business will always rely on the ability of your clients to attend their scheduled appointments.

However, for many clients, they tend to cancel without notice for various reasons. Probably they scheduled appointments when your staff are unavailable or they just forgot about the appointments altogether.

This is why better client coordination comes in handy as you get to significantly reduce no-shows and cancellations significantly, thereby bringing back business, while building trust with customers.

10to8 is the best club management software and online booking system grounded on this mission as it eliminates the tedious scheduling tasks from you so you can focus on your passion and what matters to your work.

What is 10to8?


10to8 is an online club management software for appointment management, booking, and customer communication. It is used by small businesses and large enterprises to generate more business while helping you manage and organize time, and ensuring customers know where they should be and when.

Communication with clients is more transparent and efficient, preventing schedule conflicts, and reducing no-shows, with little administration work for you.

The cloud app offers volume appointments through its enterprise-grade features, and can drive more customers to businesses including tutors, beauty and salons, teachers, tradesmen, sport and fitness, and professional services all of which are appointment-reliant.

It also boosts your revenues in effect, and grows based on the needs of your business. 10to8 offers a 4-tiered set of price points to match the number of users and appointment volumes on a monthly basis.



Unrivaled Features

With 10to8, there’s a lot you can do like know when customers have opened and read reminders, and respond directly from your calendar, plus much more with its amazing features.

Glowing Reviews

10to8 enjoys great positive reviews from its users from dozens of industries who have tried out the club management software, and loved it.

Ease of Use

Anyone can use 10to8 with minimal training, whether they’re tech savvy or not.

Access on any device

You need not install any app, because you can access 10to8 from any location and device.

Clear, Transparent pricing

10to8 has a free plan that has most of the features so you only get to pay for what you use.


The software is based on research done in-house and continuous impact evaluation from 10to8’s technology.

Connect to 500+ other apps

To resolve your unique needs for scheduling, you can use custom reports, or 10to8’s API, Microsoft Flow, and Zapier.

Outstanding in-house support

10to8 quickly and efficiently answers your inquiries and questions.

Continuously improving

10to8 is always getting better and better with new improvements released on a weekly basis.


You can reduce the time spent on administration as well as the rates of no-shows while increasing efficiency and your bottom line.

Customer retention

It is hard enough building customer loyalty, but, with 10to8, you get a seamless experience that creates both longevity and loyalty.

Proven impact

Save millions with each calendar year using 10to8 as it is proven to do this for its enterprise customers.


10to8 offers enterprise on boarding that is both tailored and personalized for your organization’s needs. A dedicated and qualified account manager is at hand to offer continuous support, overall guidance and training to ensure you benefit most from its integrations and features.

Your Data In Safe Hands

With 10to8, system admins and IT project managers can rest assured that data leaving the network is transmitted and encrypted, using SSl, including data between your browser and 10to8 servers, and between clients and systems.

Simple and secure scheduling at scale

10to8 is the enterprise choice partner, designed to seamlessly collaborate among big teams, with an impressive feature set, bank rate security, and more than 500 cloud solutions.

Booking system can be trusted

10to8’s free online booking system enjoys the trust of more than 42,625 businesses across the globe in more than 10 languages. You can start free, without credit cards, and start taking customer bookings today. It is also free and easy to set up.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite apps

10to8 integrates with PayPal for taking online payments, Google Calendar to sync appointments, WordPress integration with a free plugin, and Facebook to take online bookings through your business page on the platform.



Professional communications

10to8 provides automated, branded and personal communications in a professional style. You can send automated SMS or emails for clients to confirm and/or remember appointments while knowing if they received, opened and read the messages. You can also brand or customize your shop front and all clients communications. Finally, 10to8 lets your customers request cancellations, changes or respond to reminders. You can also send personal SMS messages from your calendar. It works with email, SMS, Facebook and Slack.

Simple online booking

With 10to8, you can let customers book free slots while online, decide how, when and what can be booked through the manual approval for booking requests, and take payments online via Stripe, PayPal and SagePay at no additional cost. It works with weebly, Facebook, PayPal and WordPress.

Effective coordination

Coordinate multiple calendars, staff, locations and rooms seamlessly with 10to8, while tracking changes, payments, and notes as well as history on appointments and customers. You also get to control access so staff only can see their bookings. You’re allowed to limit the access to view-only. It works with Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud.

Modern Platform

10to8 software provides instant, cloud-based updates which are displayed on your screen – this can be updates from staff or clients. It is 100 percent secure with bank-rate encrypted security and data protection regulation compliance. You can also connect using any device without installations, and print your calendar if you like. It works with iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox Mozilla, and Google Chrome.

Powerful reporting with live reports

10to8 provides this through its live dashboard for tracking business metrics and growth, while receiving targeted advice. It prevents no-shows as you can see upcoming appointments and incoming requests that are no-show risk free, plus custom reports run regularly to view data by service, staff member or customer.


10to8 offers 99.99 percent server uptime so it is a reliable club management software.

Trusted technology

10to8 is scalable, and built on rock-solid frameworks that are open-source, and built on mobile-first architecture.

Free online booking page

With 10to8, you can increase your presence online and your SEO using the free online booking page that is easily integrated with your business page on Facebook, thus customers can book and pay easily from any location and device, 24/7.

Automated reminders and notifications

10to8 offers automated appointment notifications and/or reminders to customers, which impacts on reducing no-shows. The reduction can be up to one no-show in every 900 appointments according to a 2014 customer survey.

Unlimited Services

You can add all the services you provide on your free booking page online.

Group Bookings

Based on what you offer, you can set one on one, or group bookings.

Chat with Clients

A two-way conversation via chat with clients is available without the interruptions that come with phone calls.


10to8 has integrations with more than 500 apps. Among the tasks you can fulfill include:

  • Adding new customers to your list on MailChimp
  • Sending documents before and/or after an appointment
  • Receiving SMS messages for 10to8 appointments
  • Exporting appointments in Google Sheets
  • Sending new customers to Insightly
  • Promoting your booking page on Twitter with every booking
  • Adding new customers to a list on AWeber
  • Adding new customers from PipeDrive to 10to8
  • Sending calendar events from Office 365 to 10to8
  • Creating Xero invoices for appointments in 10to8

Calendar Sync

You can stop double bookings by syncing with multiple external calendars.


This helps keep every practitioner, client and/or admin on one page about appointments. Each change, booking, cancellation, follow up message and document is communicated via email and/or SMS with all parties. To ensure successful coordination, internal notes can be shared for staff about appointments.

Customizable bookings online

Each booking is synced automatically and instantly to all devices so users can see available slots to prevent no-shows. With this, you can access the software from any device with offline access and optimized apps, manage complex location/staff/room/resource rotas seamlessly. You can also let clients pay online with SagePay, PayPal or Stripe, and sync two-way with external Outlook, Exchange, iCal or Google calendars.

Unique URL

10to8 provides a unique URL with which you can make a good first impression for client interactions e.g. https://username.10to8.com – this can be shared with prospects and helps them schedule group bookings or one on one services.


You can create services tailored to your business, and decide which type of service, available times, duration, price and booking restrictions. Once done, add staff members, business information, payment methods, and availability times. Customers then book services and select the best schedules accordingly. A short form is provided by 10to8 at the end of the booking so customers can fill in their contact information.


This is where new messages, booking requests, and change requests are collected. You can reject/approve requests, and/or respond to messages from customers.

Appointment slides

These open windows so you can add notes, view booking details, make changes to bookings, and send customers messages. If you’re always away from your desk, turn on Calendar syncing that combines personal calendars and 10to8 in your favorite calendar app to prevent double booking. You can switch between new and old calendar design depending on your experience.

Clearly, 10to8 has ideal features for the best club management software, including room bookings and client management, for more booking flexibility and power. With these in your business, you can manage bookings with much ease as you build personal relationships with customers. It also prevents double booking, reduces no-shows, and expands reach via multiple payment processing and booking systems.

These are some of the biggest pain points for service providers, so if you relate, why not give 10to8 a try today?



All plans include unlimited SMS messages, but you can contact the vendor for bespoke pricing for your country. You can also choose pricing based on monthly or annual plans.

Small Business: FREE for good

  • SMS included
  • 2 staff logins
  • 100 appointments per month
  • Support: Online
  • Branding & SMS: not applicable

Basic: $9.6 per month

  • SMS included
  • 2 staff logins
  • 100 appointments per month
  • Support: Online
  • Branding: customizable

Grow: $20 per month

      • SMS included
      • 3 staff logins
      • 300 appointments per month
      • Support: Online and Phone
      • Branding & SMS: customizable

Bigger businesses: $40 per month

  • SMS included
  • 6 staff logins
  • 600 appointments per month
  • Support: Online and phone
  • Branding & SMS: customizable

Enterprise: Bespoke per month

Devices: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows Mobile

Language Support: Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish

Pricing Model: Free, Monthly payment

Customer Types: Small and medium; Large Enterprises; freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Live support
  • Phone
  • Training