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Full 10to8 Online Booking Software Review – All you need to know about 10to8

10to8 Scheduling Software

What is 10to8 Software?

10to8 software is a transparent booking system that allows you to communicate with your clients much more efficiently. It will help to reduce no-shows, prevent scheduling conflicts and allow clients to book times to meet you online. It is all done with little administrative work for you. It has won various awards for being one of the best booking software on the market. The awards it has won are; 2017 Supreme Software Aware and the Great User Experience Award.

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10to8 software serves any company or practice that revolves around having to have clients book appointments. This scheduling software has helped to book over 6.8 million appointments worldwide that were kept. 10to8 software has over 35000 users globally. They will serve businesses such as Accountants, Salons, Doctors’ offices, Teachers, Instructors and so much more.

The primary goal of this booking system is to help rid the world wasted time. This means that they created a cutting-edge scheduling software that is available to anyone. It will have a dramatic impact on the way you conduct business and book appointments. 10to8 is a successful scheduling software that will help with time organization by helping you to meet all your appointments. It is designed to make sure that you and your clients will always be on time with no miscommunications.

This scheduling software was founded in Cambridge by a surgeon named Bruce who always wanted his patients to know when their appointment time was and where it would be at. He also wanted his patients to know what extra services his dental practice offered. That is what led to the development of 10to8. He wanted to help with time organization and client interactions. 10to8 software became available for the public to book appointments online in 2014.

Since it’s public release, thousands of businesses worldwide have started to use 10to8 scheduling software to help increase the efficiency of their booking system. This scheduling software became an effective tool to help cut back on wasted time and resources.

Benefits of 10to8 software:

There are many great benefits to using 10to8 software. As a time organization tool, you will be able to see if these benefits are what you are looking for. Here is an overview of some of those benefits.

  • It will help you to have clear communication with your clients that is professional. There are automated SMS and emails that can be sent to your clients that will remind them of their appointments and reduce no-shows.
  • Clients can communicate effectively with you. This scheduling software allows your clients to change their scheduled appointments and even make cancellations from the reminder you send out. This will also enable you to respond.
  • It will help you, your staff and your clients to all be on the same page regarding appointment times and places. You can easily coordinate with multiple parties and make sure you all are in the loop.
  • You will be able to manage your staff through a 360-degree view of their availability and resources. This will allow you to optimize time efficiency through the apps internal communication system.
  • 10to8 software is scalable. No matter what size of business you have, from sole proprietor to large Enterprise, there is custom features that will work for you.
  • There are permissions and roles that will let you control the access to all booked appointments, who can see them and what modifications need to be made.
  • There is a free trial you can utilize before determining to purchase it.
  • The ability to increase your revenue through the embed booking form that you can integrate into your website, newsletters and social media.
  • It is accessible for all devices no matter what you choose to use.
  • Through the payment processing tool, you can get paid faster and more securely. You can even receive advanced deposits from your clients that will ensure no wasted time. It will help you with time management and efficiency.
  • You can integrate 10to8 Scheduling software with all of your favorite apps. These apps can include Google, Paypal, WordPress, Facebook and Outlook among many others.
  • This booking system will help to cut back on interruptions while working with other clients.
  • There is a downloadable app for your smartphones or tablets.
  • You only need to pay for what you will use as it is fully customizable.
  • 10to8 Software is so easy to use that you only need minimal training. You can be up and running to book appointments swiftly.
  • This scheduling software will give you recommendations based on what you need. This is done through in-house research and their constant evaluation of their technology.
  • There are a variety of different features that can used to suit any industry that you work in that are specific and detailed.

10to8 Software Features:

You know that there are a variety of features you can use with 10to8, but what are they? You want to be sure that you will only be getting what it is that you need the most. Here is a look into some of the most commonly used features.

Get updates in real-time.

This booking system allows for the scheduling of appointments by your clients through their client portal. With this, you will get the updates to your calendar in real time. As a result, you will never miss an appointment or be unaware of changes to appointments time that were previously scheduled. You will always be able to know what your day will entail the minute you look at your calendar. It is updated in real-time allowing you to know what, when and where each appointment will take place.

Keep on top of your staff day-to day.

There are a couple features with this scheduling software that can help you to manage your staff. You will be able to know when an employee is absent and you can manage their absence right from whatever device you are using. This will help you with time management as you can handle absent employees’ schedules right away. You will also be able to take a day off yourself and you can update your calendar accordingly by rescheduling any appointments you had that day. Your clients will receive notifications of your absence and be able to clearly see your rescheduled times through an SMS or email.

Run all your reports in one simple place.

The reporting tool of this scheduling software will allow you to run custom reports based on what trends you want to see. These reports can be ran regularly so that you can see things like data by individual staff members, all service activities and even individual customers. This will allow for complete transparency in the growth of your business and help you to see where you are at in terms of activities. This can be done right from your live dashboard.

Effectively manage your business from one automated location.

Through the coordination tool you will be able to coordinate multiple staff members, all calendars, rooms and even various locations from one, easy to use place. You can all track all changes, look at client’s history and appointments, take notes on various activities for future reference and even keep on top of payments made. This can all be done through the Audit log and Payments feature. Always have complete control over what your staff can access and limit access to view-only so that you are the one to make changes if any happen at all.

Payment Details of 10to8:

This scheduling software offers you a wide range of payment options so that you only pay for what you use. Each plan is depending on the number of appointments and staff logins you need.

Forever Plan:

This one is free of charge. It allows for 100 appointments per month and you can have 2 staff logins. It includes SMS and email reminders as well as online support.

The Basic Plan:

This one is $9.60 a month. With this plan you can have 100 appointments per month, 2 staff logins, you can personalize SMS and email reminders and company branding. You also have access to online support.

The Grow Plan:

For $20 per month you get up to 300 appointments per month and 3 staff logins. Plus, you get the same features as in the basic plan.

The Bigger Business Plan:

You pay $40 a month and get 600 appointments, 6 staff logins plus the personalized SMS and email reminders. You will also get online and phone support.

The Enterprise Plan (Also knowns as BESPOKE):

With this plan you get unlimited appointments per month, more than 6 staff logins (As many as you need), branding and SMS that is fully customizable plus online and phone support. This one is priced based on your enterprise.

Each plan, other than the free one, offer you a free trial period so that you can be sure you are getting the plan that suits your needs best. This trial period is for 30 days.

Also note, if none of these plans suit your needs, you can contact 10to8 Software and they will work with you to custom develop a plan. You also have the option to change plans if you feel the one you got isn’t enough or too much.

Payment options are either done yearly or monthly.

Technical Details:

As 10to8 scheduling software is 100% cloud-hosted, it has the ability to work on any device with any operating system. You even download an app for any Android phone via the play store and for any iOS device through the iTunes store.

Languages that are supported: English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and Swedish. You are sure to find support in your language.

Support Details of 10to8 Scheduling software:

Support is key to helping you utilize any software to the best of your ability. There are a variety of support options that are offered for this booking system.

  • Phone: You can call in and talk to a live representative in any of the languages listed above. This will allow you get real-time answers to any questions you have. Please note that this is only offered to certain paid plans. There is only an international number listed that you may call.
  • Email: This allows you to email in at any time and receive a response in a timely manner. This is offered to all the various plans.
  • Live support: Each plan enables you to get in contact with a representative via online chat. You will be able to get real-time answers once your chat request has been accepted.
  • Training: There are a variety of training features that are offered through 10to8. You can learn what you need to know by taking various webinar training classes.


10to8 Software is a true scheduling software contender among others who have a booking system. The fact that there is a free option for smaller businesses and for trial periods makes it especially appealing. The customization option of each plan is also something that is worth considering, so you don’t have to be limited to only what each plan offers.

If you or your staff are mobile workers, the fact that you can download the apps onto your mobile devices makes it very convenient. Even having access to the app after your businesses hours will help you to always stay on top of your business and this is important to business owners such as yourself.

Overall, there are a lot of great features and benefits to 10to8. It is definitely worth looking into if you are wanting a way to simplify your time management. It is easy to use and fully transparent, letting you always see into your business from reports, to staff and appointments.

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