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Full 1 & 1 Review – All You Need To Know About 1 & 1 Webhosting

1 & 1 Web Hosting
1 & 1 Web Hosting

1 & 1 Web Hosting Review

As one of the world’s leading web hosting service provider, 1 & 1 provides its users with affordable and comprehensible internet products to easily create their ideal web presence. Not only do they offer web hosting services, but they also deliver high-end servers as well as email solutions. With the company’s unique approach to the industry of web services through their wide array of products, 1 & 1 has become a one-stop internet shop for people who wish to make their presence known on the internet.

1 & 1 first introduced their web service business in the United States in September 2003. Ever since the launching of their complete product line up in the United States in January 2004, the company has taken a spot as one of the country’s top five web host. 1 & 1’s primary data center is located in Lenexa, Kansas. This 55,000 square foot facility for their North American clients was built in September 2008 and houses more than 40,000 servers.

Since its establishment 26 years ago, the company has successfully made a mark and launched its product in the international market. More than 7,000 employees work for 1 & 1 all over the world. Their products are currently available in 10 different countries from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, and the United States.

Businesses and private users who wish for a solution for their web hosting needs can be guaranteed with 1 & 1’s mission to deliver high-quality service to their clients. 15 million customer contracts are already made and more than 19 million domain names are managed by 1 & 1. Be a part of this family and let your website grow with 1 & 1.

1 & 1 Features

You will find 1 & 1 as a more comprehensive web hosting company compared to the others. Yes, it offers the usual web hosting types: shared, dedicated, managed, VPS, Cloud.

Yes, it has its MyWebsite tool to help you build your own website in a matter of minutes. It has its control panels for managing your websites, and the usual dashboards for monitoring it with statistical data. This also includes the usual support for programming languages and scripts such as PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. The website builder tool also has extra functions:

  • Website templates
  • Logo maker
  • SEO check

Once you have built your website, 1 & 1 also maintains an AppsCenter which is regularly updated with free website plugins and extensions.

So, what is new with 1 & 1 hosting? 1 & 1 is a one-stop shop for the needs of businesses. It does not stop at offering inexpensive web hosting which starts at $0.99 a month, clearly the lowest in the market. It also offers a plethora of services for special needs of customers; it guides its customers to the multitude of choices available for making their online presence reach their target markets. 1 & 1 boasts of its more than 7000 workers worldwide and in-house web marketing experts to boost your SEO ranking and reach the most number of audiences.

1 & 1 Web Hosting

Its top features reflect 1 & 1’s corporate image as a world-class IT company with global operations and offices in several countries. 1 & 1 passes the world standards in speed and uptime tests. Due to their geo-redundant server, 1 & 1 boasts of its 99.99% uptime and if it fails to deliver this, you can receive a web hosting credit. It offers outstanding features in its services:

  • Scalable Performance – with just a click, customers can upgrade or downgrade their web resource requirements
  • HTTP/2 – the latest data transfer protocol lends faster transfers and gets higher SEO rankings
  • PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 Beta with OPcase – for compiling speed and unique security
  • Up to 768 MB PHP Memory Limit – a higher maximum limit for scripts prevent unwanted problems
  • Gzip – provides a reduction of up to 70% data transfer, leading to higher SEO ranking
  • Smart SSD Technology – performance optimization with server and storage on the same machine
  • SSL Wildcard Certificate – for protection of domains and the unlimited subdomains allowed with 1 & 1 hosting package
  • SiteLock – this is included in the pro packages which helps actively protect your website against unauthorized access, malware, and other malicious intentions from hackers
  • Data Storage Redundancy and Web Page Recovery – your data is stored in at least another location in 1 & 1’s 67 data centers worldwide, allowing for instant data recovery
  • Latest technology – 1 & 1 makes sure that they keep up to date with the latest technology in the market. They provide their clients with the newest Intel® processors, enterprise hardware components, as well as NVMe technology for your website’s optimal performance.
  • No Hidden Costs – with 1 & 1’s flexible packages, customers get unlimited when it says unlimited.

We need to mention that 1 & 1 is one of the very few who can offer Microsoft Windows hosting for those who have developed MS Windows based web applications. Most web hosting servers run on Linux and some specialty Windows applications are not supported. 1 & 1 offers support for both. For clients who prefer to use Windows, you are not left out for there is now a solution for you.

For people who wish to set up an efficient and secure online store, 1 & 1 provides you with three products to build your online store. For an easy online store builder with a professional look, there is the eCommerce Website Builder. You can even easily connect your products to eBay, Amazon, and other popular online marketplaces. WordPress Hosting with WooCommerce is also available so you can integrate seamlessly with WordPress. If you prefer hosting with an open source shop, Magneto Hosting can give you a flexible and fully scalable online shop system.

1 & 1 Web Hosting

Prices and Packages

1 & 1 has a variety of products and services available for you to choose from. From domain names, shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting, 1 & 1 have got it all covered. When you choose 1 & 1 as your web host, whatever your business needs, you’ll be sure to find a solution right for you.

Shared Hosting

Basic – This package will cost $0.99 per month within the first 12-month term. Upon renewal, it will cost $7.99 per month.

  • 25 gigabyte RAM, scalable up to 2.5 gigabyte RAM
  • 100 gigabyte Storage
  • 1 Website
  • 25 Databases (1 gigabyte SSD)
  • 500 E-mail Accounts
  • 1 Domain which is free for 12 months
  • SSL Wildcard Certificate

Unlimited Plus – This will cost $4.99 per month on the first term, and then will change to $9.99 per month after.

  • 3 gigabyte RAM, scalable up to 6 gigabyte RAM
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Databases (1 gigabyte SSD)
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • 1 Domain which is free for 12 months
  • SSL Wildcard Certificate

1 & 1 Web Hosting

Unlimited Pro – This will cost $8.99 per month on the first 12 months, and then will be $14.99 per month after renewal.

  • 5 gigabyte RAM, scalable up to 9 gigabyte RAM
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Databases (1 gigabyte SSD)
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • 1 Domain which is free for 12 months
  • SSL Wildcard Certificate
  • SiteLock Basic
  • Content Delivery Network with Railgun


VPS Hosting

Cloud M – This will start at $4.99 per month within the first 12 months, and then will be $9.99 per month after renewal.

Cloud L – This will cost $9.99 per month within the first term and after renewal, it will be $19.99 per month.

Cloud XL – This will cost $1 per month within the first six months, and then it will be $29.99 per month afterward.

Cloud XXL – This will cost $29.99 per month within the first 12 months and after renewal, it will be $39.99 per month

Cloud Hosting

1 & 1 has the best value cloud sever available in the market. Their cloud hosting service is also the multi-award winner of Cloud Spectator in March 2018.

1 & 1 also one offers cloud hosting to users with operating systems of Linux or Windows. Those using Windows will have to add an additional $5 per month per vCore for Windows Server 2012 and $10 per month per vCore for Windows Server 2016.

Cloud Server M – This will cost $9.99 per month

Cloud Server L – This will cost $19.99 per month

Cloud Server XL – This will cost $29.99 per month

Cloud Server XXL – This will cost $49.99 per month

Cloud Server 3XL – This will cost $129.99 per month

Cloud Server 4XL – This will cost $249.99 per month

Cloud Server 5XL – This will cost $349.99 per month

1 & 1 Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

If you need a hosting solution that is uniquely yours, 1 & 1 offers a dedicated server with different processors, speed, RAM, hard-disk space, and RAID.

The High-Performance Server starts at $50 per month for the first three months depending on the features you need.

The Value Server starts at $40 per month on the first three months depending on the features you need.

1 & 1 Money Back Promise

If you’re dissatisfied with the product or service, 1 &1 provides its clients with a 30-day money back promise which starts on the date the initial order was placed. Refund only applies to the setup fees and monthly fees of MyWebsite, Mail Basic, Linux and Microsoft Shared Hosting, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Domain Names and eShops.

1 & 1 Web Hosting

Technical Support

For users of a web service, it’s always important to have a reliable and active support team. When you encounter a problem on your website it should be solved immediately or else you will lose money. Website downtime should be avoided at all costs, but sometimes it can still happen.

So what do you do when your website suddenly doesn’t function properly? What happens when the website is operating a bit slow? If you don’t know how to fix it on your own, a quick call or message to a technical support team can help you solve these problems.

Luckily, 1 & 1 has a customer support team available for your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For clients who wish to speak with a technical expert directly, they can contact 1 & 1’s support through their number (1-866-991-2631). Users can also send their inquiries and concerns online using the website’s Online Contact Service or chat box provided on their website. For those with minor issues or those who simply wish to tackle the problem themselves, there is a Help Center available in the website full of guides, instructions, and information regarding 1 & 1’s product and services.

1 & 1 Web Hosting


So should you buy or shift to 1 & 1 web hosting?

If you’re a beginner who wants to start their website for the first time or someone who wants to start a new business, then this web hosting service might be for you. They also offer powerful products and services for medium to large business. 1 & 1 has been on the business for a long time and has expanded its operations to several countries.  It also is advanced with new technologies on hardware and updated software versions. Don’t hesitate to check them out. To help you decide further here are some of the benefits and problems you might encounter with 1 & 1.


  • There are great deals and discounts for first-time clients and these mostly lasts for 12 months
  • 1 & 1 provides offers most affordable web hosting packages in the market
  • A one-stop shop with its wide feature options for all your web hosting needs
  • An amazing 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Provides a scalable performance in all their web hosting packages
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Non-techie people may find that this is not easy to set up so it is best to read and understand the instructions and guides very well
  • The live-chat feature sometimes doesn’t have any available agents to answer your concerns so if you’re