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Full Engagedly Review – All You Need To Know About Engagedly


In the pre-Internet days, businesses used to give their employees a performance review once a year. But these days, once a year is simply not good enough. To deliver their best work, employees need constant reviews, feedback, and goals. Management needs to learn how to deliver these things effectively. Engagedly has been proven to fulfill this need.

What Is Engagedly?

Engagedly is a cloud-based platform which simplifies certain human resources tasks for managers. This includes performance reviews, feedback, goals setting, recognizing excellent employee work, and more.

By using these features, and automating as much of it as possible, employees get near-constant management feedback. Management in turn save more time, making them more productive as a result.

Engagedly Benefits

Companies who are looking for an online cloud platform like this may be tempted to give Engagedly a go. But are the available features all that your company needs? Or is anything missing?

Let’s take a look at what is on offer.

  • A Performance Management System – to keep accurate records of how your employees are doing.
  • 360 Multirater Feedback – with this, feedback is not restricted to the management. Instead, the possibility to offer feedback is also opened up to the employee themselves, as well as co-workers and clients.
  • Give Real-Time Feedback – employees may have issues on a day-to-day basis which requires management input. This can be done here.
  • Set Goals For Employees – tell your employees what the company goals are and what they can do to help get the business there.
  • Send Out Employee Surveys – get the current mood of the company on various topics by sending out surveys and questionnaires.
  • Motivate Employees With Social Recognition – recognize good work by awarding points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards and other items. Social collaboration also helps make a closer team.
  • Encourage Your Employees To Learn New Skills – a learning section can be created and points can be awarded for the hardest working. Create a knowledge-base for the new hires.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting – find out what is going on in your company right now and identify high achievers.

Engagedly Features

Let’s now dive in and take a closer look at each feature to help you better decide if Engagedly is for you.

Give Better Employee Performance Reviews


It’s not easy doing performance reviews. Employees dread what their manager will say, and the manager doesn’t want any awkward scenes. But the whole process can be changed so it can be seen instead as a constructive exercise.

With Engagedly, you can put the employee front and center of their own review. They will receive helpful detailed feedback on where they are going right and wrong.

Seeing problem areas will help them become more productive. Recommend training so the problem areas can be corrected.

Solicit Employee Feedback From Various Sources


360-degree feedback is the latest trend in human resources management. Instead of one manager solely giving employee feedback, comments are instead invited from a wide variety of people.

This can be anybody from co-workers to other managers to the employee themselves. It ensures fairness because one person’s bias cannot completely ruin an assessment. It also gives the employee a major say in their own reviews since they can give their opinions.

Give Real-Time Feedback To Eliminate Problems


Every day, when an employee works through an assigned task, there may be a problem preventing that task from being finished.

Since the employee does not want to ruin their goals performance or staff reviews by finishing late, real-time feedback can keep things moving along at a brisk clip.

Staff can leave feedback on the issues they are facing and management can reply back. This also helps to improve the lines of communication between staff and management.

Set Company Goals To Get Everybody On The Same Page


How many employees can say with absolute certainty that they know what their company goals are? If you don’t make it clear from the start, workers cannot work together to do what the company needs to achieve.

With Engagedly, you can set clear goals and then specify to each staff member what they have to personally do. Keep track of progress and see who is outperforming or lagging behind.

Set Employee Surveys To Ask Your Staff a Question


Sometimes you have a quick off-the-cuff question for your staff and you don’t want to make asking that question complicated. That’s where sending out employee surveys could prove beneficial.

Customizable questionnaires means you can set up the questions any way you want. Get replies sent straight back to your dashboard and see right away what the mood is in your company on an issue.

Motivate Your Staff With Social Rewards

social rewards

Humans are competitive beings. We like to win at things and we crave recognition. This is why gamification is becoming a big thing in the workplace. By turning goals and performance into a game with prizes, you encourage healthy competitiveness.

With Engagedly, you can award points to staff for doing good work such as meeting a goal or doing a task well. These points can be exchanged for gift cards or management can specify your own preferred gift.

Overall, social engagement results in a closer-knit friendlier team which boosts productivity.

Encourage Workplace Learning


Even if you haven’t been at school for a long time, learning should never stop. You should always try and improve yourself to heighten your chances of promotion.

Engagedly has a workplace learning feature where you can leave training videos for staff to watch and follow. Help the new hires on their first day by creating an onboarding process and a knowledgebase.

Instantly Generate Workplace Reports


Finally, no workplace platform would be complete without the ability to generate key reports. Crunch the numbers and view vital analytics to identify your top-performing employees, the ones poorly performing, and much more.

Engagedly Pricing

Engagedly’s pricing structure is based on individual quotes, which are tailor-made to each company’s needs.

Before receiving a quote, you can ask Engagedly for a demonstration of the platform to see if it is the right solution for you. Then a custom-made package will be put together for you.

Not having any indication of pricing up-front makes it difficult for companies on a budget to know if they can afford Engagedly.

Engagedly Technical Details


Engagedly is a cloud-based platform which means it does not need any particular operating system or device to make it run. Instead, as long as you have access to the Internet, you are all set to go.

Engagedly Support Details

Engagedly has the following support options available for their customers and prospective customers.

  • Email – it is however a “sales” email, so it is not completely clear if support queries can be sent here.
  • Snail-Mail Addresses – Engagedly has four physical offices in the world. A corporate office in the US, an R&D office in India, and an office in the UK and Australia. With the exception of the R&D office, customers can probably send letters to the company the old-fashioned way.
  • US Phone Number – unfortunately not toll-free though. The number is from Missouri.
  • Social Media Channels – Engagedly has social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Messages sent there will likely be replied to if the customer tags the company.
  • A Company Blog – frequently updated, the blog provides lots of actionable advice and tips.
  • Webinars & Videos – lots of information can be found here on how to more effectively use Engagedly’s services.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – a knowledgebase of all possible questions you may have, along with their solutions. Fully searchable and detailed, this should be your first port of call.


By prioritizing your employee’s professional performance, you will end up with staff who are highly trained, highly motivated, and feel highly appreciated. By showing them the company’s goals and providing them with feedback and reviews on how to get there, you will be rewarded with long-term gains. Engagedly is the tool to get you there.